2016 Rivers Home International, River Don, Scotland

Country: Scotland

Venue: River Don

Dates: 22nd to 25th June (incl)

Match Date: Friday 24th June


  1. Scotland (48 fish) 2340 fish points 44 placing points
  2. Wales (44 fish) 2132 fish points 51 placing points
  3. England (38 fish) 1944 fish points 52 placing points
  4. Ireland (26 fish) 1249 fish points 56 placing points

Accommodation: Thainstone House Hotel, Inverurie 

IMG_1371 - Version 3

Congratulations to Scotland for a decisive victory.

AT Team England FF were represented by: Andrew Scott (captain), Andy Cliffe, Phil Dixon, Chris Richardson, Simon Robinson, Cameron Craigs (reserve), and Mike Tinnion (manager).

Full results: iffarivers2016

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