AT TEFF Bank Home International Team Manager Appointment

342807422_640073177465743_5396122421598139450_n The Angling Trust reports: “Following last week’s splendid Bank National Final, at Chatton Fishery, Northumberland, AT TEFF’s executives are pleased to announce this year’s Bank National Co-ordinator and England International angler, Lee Cartmail, as the Team Manager. Lee has a long and fruitful relationship with competitive game angling, AT TEFF Team England, and the open match circuit.
Lee will be organising the team’s attendance and accompanying them during the event at Newhaylie Trout Fishery, on the Firth of Clyde in North Ayrshire, Scotland overlooking the Isle of Bute & Arran. This isn’t Lee’s first time, as he took on the impressive role of Manager & Captain at last year’s 5-Nations Championships at Macroom, Ireland.
Paul Page, ATTEFF, said ‘I was fortunate to attend the Bank Final on the 7th of May. It was a very well attended and organised event. Lee Cartmail did a sterling job, keeping tight control over rules and compliance etc.
It’s my pleasure to hand the reins over to Lee for the bank team manager’s job. Lee was unable to take up the role last year, as he was already committed to managing and fishing the 5NFFC. It seems so fitting he take the bank team manager’s role in 2023.
He’s organised and run all the Qualifiers and National Final this year, and it will now maintain continuity for Lee to be appointed as the Bank Team Manager. I’m very pleased to see Lee appointed as the 2023 Bank Team Manager and to see him take the new team to Scotland in October.’
Congratulations to Lee and the team representing England at this year’s Bank International, good luck guys.”


AT TEFF Bank National & Qualifiers 2023 – Round-up


5th February 2023 – Toft Newton

The Angling Trust reported: “Lee Cartmail commented: ‘This fished hard on the day’ adding ‘It was our first qualifier and early in the year, meaning the weather could have a massive impact on how it fished. The venue is well stocked with no shortage of trout, however it simply fished hard as any venue can. It transpired the winner, Garry Morris, used a DI5 to win the qualifier, and a few fish were taken higher in the water column, by anglers fishing Glass lines. However, the majority of fish fell to the DI7, fished super-slow, flies generally chosen by each angler’s specific preference.”


19th February 2023 – Ellerdine Lakes

The Angling Trust reported: “The weather was sunny with no breeze in the morning, and sunny & breezy in the afternoon. Anglers are fishing for a top 8 placing and qualification into April’s final.
The whistle blew 09:00 on the dot, followed by near-instant rods bending into Meadow Lake fish, not on Saturday’s hotspots, however, the fish had moved around the lake. After the first three of the morning’s pegs fished, we had 11 of the competitors on the scoreboard with one angler taking a commanding lead and another two hard on his heels.
The afternoon session certainly slowed down for most anglers, but three were still catching steadily enough. Sadly two anglers never got in the scoreboard, but that’s fishing, we have all been there, even practised match anglers have their off days”.
Results: 1. Brian Blackett 13 fish 20 pts, phenomenal angling! 2. Gareth Tilley 9 fish 14 pts 3. Phil Shaw-Browne 6 fish 10 pts 4. Alan Clark 5 fish 8 pts 5. Andrew Whilaby 5 fish 8 pts 6. Tony Baldwin 4 fish 8 pts 7. Danny Williams 4 fish 7 pts 8. Stephen Pattinson 3 fish 5 pts In no specific order: Jim Rigsby 2 fish 4 pts Matt Collinson 2 fish 4 pts Ronald Howard 2 fish 4 pts Colin Fitzpatrick 2 fish 4 pts Andy Stones 1 fish 2 pts
A huge thank you to Edward & Jane Upton for their generous hospitality this weekend, massively appreciated by all our competitors.
Catching up with Ellerdine’s top performer Brian Blackett, it became obvious, Brian had done his homework and had drilled into what the fish needed on the day. “I practiced Saturday landing six fish on a DI3 counting five to twenty seconds down, using Apps Bloodworm almost solely. I also landed fish on the Bung set a seven foot, supporting a Shammy. This wasn’t effective today, however. The lake had really settled down after Saturday’s wind and fish spread, I narrowed my attack down to focusing on the DI3 fishing a single Apps, landing thirteen fish off seven pegs.”



26th February 2023 – Thrunton Long Crag

The Angling Trust reported: “James Stephenson (last year’s Final winner) trundled Red Apps Worms, as well as pulling olive lures on a Fast Glass, to become top of the list at this qualifier and will be a rod to watch [in the National at Chatton]. He’s one of the country’s most in-form bank anglers and knows the venue well.”


9th April 2023 – Elinor

The Angling Trust reported: “Nineteen anglers fished this final round, approximately fourteen of whom practised on the Saturday, sensibly getting their eye in and tweaking pre-perceived thoughts about venue conditions and subsequent tactics.
Most opted for a floating line approach; damsel lure on its own, or with a couple of nymphs, alternately Top Hats or CDC-style dry fly, or the usual junk under a Bung.
Elinor is a well-managed water and stuffed with fish, however the majority had decided to take the Bank Holiday off, always an issue early season, or with a bit of a change in the weather or general conditions. Anglers had to dig deep on the day, total concentration being paramount, as every chance would count.
The day ended with 34 fish caught, giving a rod average of just under 2. This rod average doesn’t do Elinor justice, but as ever that’s fishing!
May we thank Bradley for the use of his outstanding fishery, we will see you next spring for a return heat without question.
Results Qualifiers, with top eight proceeding to the final: 1. Dave Franklin 5 fish 9 pts 2. Tony Fox 4 fish 8 pts 3. Ron Howard 4 fish 7 pts 4. Billy Thompson 3 fish 6 pts 5. Craig Crompton 3 fish 5 pts 6. Colin Fitzjohn 2 fish 4 pts 7. Nick Tomkins 2 fish 4 pts 8. Mark Miles 2 fish 4 pts 9. Graham Willis 2 fish 3 pts 10. Andrew Stones 2 fish 3 pts, with the following rods in no particular order landing one fish for 2 pts; Iain Scott, Simon Lee, Steve Fish, Conor Metcalfe, Brian Lillie, Bernie Maher, Josh Shuttleworth.
The winner of this event, David Franklin, did it in style with no practice on the run-up to the date, relaying on knowledge of the venue, and fishing the venue as it seemed to require on the day. Fishing quite delicately with small black nymphs on the floating line.
Congratulations to all our qualifiers. A big thank you also goes out to Lee Cartmail our organiser, who without doubt runs a cracking match and tirelessly supports his competitors throughout the day.”



National Final



30th April 2023 – Chatton Trout Lakes

The Angling Trust reported: “Chatton fished tougher than during practice, just as expected but for the anglers who put the time in there would obviously be fish to catch. The weather was changeable as were the various insect hatches. When the flies did hatch the water would boil in front of anglers.
This doesn’t mean it fished easy during the hatches. In fact, it was quite the opposite, as several anglers described how they watched trout rise, only to refuse the real thing and turn away from a chironomid that was about to alight from the surface.  342488329_256377436791286_3355384894446952622_n
The fish had become quite wary of most of the usual go-to offerings, so it was a case of knowing the venue, its moods, and the subtle tweaks that turn a take or offer into a hook-up and landed fish. Dries, and small ones at that, were the order of the day. With Ali Tait leading the charge for a very well-earned win, and the kudos that comes with lifting the AT TEFF National Bank Angling Champion for 2023.
The team for this year’s Bank International is also chosen from today’s positions with the following anglers having the opportunity the represent the nation in Scotland this Autumn. This year’s team crossing the border will be Ali Tait, Paul Runec, David Neilson, Gareth Tilly, Brian Blackett, Josh Piper, and James Stevenson (Reserve).
This is a fully North East-based team, showing the form of the anglers locally, and it’s great to have a full international team so close together with the obvious chance to meet, talk and practice.
Congratulations to Ali, this year’s International Team, and all our qualifying anglers who travelled from every corner of the country to fish today. Thanks to Lee Cartmail, all our amazing volunteers, and the guys at Chatton who made this day so special.”


Bank National Rules 2023 2022-international-bank-fly-fishing-championship-rules

Bank National Coordinator: Lee Cartmail – 07783 833803

The Angling Trust reports: ‘Following the appointment of Lee Cartmail as this year’s Team England Bank Manager last week, Danny Williams caught up with some of our talented Bank National qualifying anglers…
First up is Brian Blackett who qualified at Ellerdine Lakes, near Telford, Shropshire. We asked Brian about how he tackled Ellerdine.
“I had got a little practice in on the Saturday, landing six fish on a DI3 counting five to twenty seconds down, using Apps Olive Bloodworm almost solely. I also landed fish on the Bung set at seven foot, supporting a Shammy. This was effective, but not enough to rely on, and just for picking up the odd fish from pegs where the worm wasn’t working.
“To the match itself, the lake really settled down after Saturday’s wind and it looked like the fish were well spread, I narrowed my attack down to focusing on the DI3, fishing a single Apps, landing thirteen fish off seven pegs.”
DW: How about your approach to Chatton, then?
BB: “I did some careful practice on the Friday and Saturday, with Friday fishing very well. I tried several methods, even pulling as it works there sometimes, and you must give it a go. I also tried a few bung set-ups and rigged up a dry fly too.
“On the Saturday it was much harder, undoubtedly reacting to the angling pressure in the run-up to Sunday’s match. On the day I set up a natural Shammy under a bung at around ten foot, the App’s worm on another rod, and the dry as the fish were becoming shy but still up in the water. The Black & Pearl Tophat was my most effective pattern.”
Garth Tilley also qualified on Ellerdine and had a similar approach to this qualifier.
GT: “I fished the Olive Apps on a DI3 Sweep with a steady roly-poly. The practice session I had there was quite hard, but this approach seemed to find the fish, including the Spartics, that showed down the inside. I even had a rainbow that would have gone ten pounds on its own, with my last two fish falling for a size 14 Black Buzzer.
“I know Chatton quite well, so have an idea what generally works and what doesn’t, I did practice on the Saturday and found it was fishing hard, and two Blobs attached to a DI5 fished to a countdown and keep contact worked steadily.
“On the day, my start was a bit of a disaster as I snapped a rod straight and was down to carrying just two set-ups or keep swapping line to mix up the methods more. I had a bung on to begin with, but this wasn’t doing the job so I switched to a Greys Deep-seeker with either the Worm or Blobs.
“Most of my fish fell to these, with two coming to the dry fly towards the end of the match.”
Paul Runec qualified on Thrunton Long Crag.
PR: “I practiced with James Stevenson and James Pickersgill the day before the match and we felt the three go-to methods we should settle on were pulling with various flies, the Bung at distance, and Midges fished at any point they showed.
“Once we got a feel for what was and wasn’t working, we tried everything else, just to see what wouldn’t work as much as what would.
“As for Chatton, I got up there several times for a look, and practice, then on the day I found that I soon left the pulling out and predominantly fished a Slow Glass line with an Olive Apps attached. This brought me nine fish off three pegs in the morning and three off two pegs in the afternoon to qualify.”
Josh Piper booked his place by qualifying at his local Thrunton.
JP: “I know it well and feel quite confident on there. It was bright sunlight that day and I opted to fish Damsels on a Slow Glass or Dries if the fish began rising to them.
“I began with the Damsels on the Slow Glass or dries when appropriate, then later in the day swapped to a DI3 pulling slow, the key was to count down to ten, then retrieve with a slow figure of eight.
“For Chatton, I practiced on the Saturday and it was tough with few fish being hooked or landed though I did find fish falling to the indicator close in.
“On the morning I set up two Blobs under an indicator fished ten feet down which brought me two early fish and worked again at my second peg landing two more fish.
“I carried on with this until the third peg after dinner, when I found I needed to swap to the dries, staying on this for the last peg too.”
DW: So Josh, how he felt making it into the team for the second year running?
JP: “I loved everything about this, qualifying and working with the rest of the boys in practice and the match at Garnffrwd.
“We didn’t manage the placing we wanted here, but then we didn’t get as much practise as I would have liked. As for this October at New Haylie Trout Fishery in Scotland, all the boys in the team live a short distance from each other and we should get a couple of looks at the venue before we fish it proper.
“We’ve a buzz going already and it’s exciting to be doing this again, fingers crossed we can do better than in 2022.”
This year’s National Champion, Ali Tait, gave us the lowdown on how he landed the prestigious trophy.
AT: “I qualified on Thrumpton as several of the other current team members, I know this place well and have fished it since it opened.
“I had decided that the pressure of practicing anglers would stop the popular pulling approach during the qualifier, so I opted for either nymphs or dries for this, like Chatton too, really. I had a good steady match here with nine fish off seven pegs in all.
“As for Chatton, it’s my local water, I’ve fished it for over fifteen years or so, I watched how it became harder to tempt fish on the Saturday, but knew we would have better conditions on the day.
“I decided to stick with nymphs or dries and found fish from the off, but only three in the morning. I really felt adrift from the leaders and decided to set a target for ten more during the afternoon.
“Retuning after lunch I had two fish from the off on the dries and stuck with this, ending with twelve fish off six pegs, but had to go light in the end using size 18’s and 20’s dries.”
We couldn’t speak with all our qualifiers and still have the news of how James Stevenson and David Neilson managed to bag their places, so we’re leaving you with knowledge that this is still to come. We may find out more about the approach to various venues and techniques that the elite match anglers use to land such sought-after Team England places too.’

Bank National Championship Update

The Covid Pandemic has disrupted the normal timetable and progression of events that lead to the identification of a Team to represent England in Bank Internationals. As a consequence, the recent Bank National Final has produced an England Team for October 2022 from Qualifiers etc. that started back in 2019.

The usual timetable and progression of events is for:

Qualifiers to be held November – March.

Semis to be held April.

Final to be held in May, for the winners to represent England in October that year.

To restore this timetable, the 2022 Bank National Championship will start with Qualifiers in November 2022 leading to a final in May 2023. This will result in the Team to represent England in the 2023 Bank International to be hosted by England.

To support the Bank International Team, we are considering to take the opportunity during January – April 2022 to organise Cash Prized Bank Fundraising events, with the proceeds being ringfenced for the benefit of Bank International Team Members. This is still work in progress and the details will be posted by the Executive when confirmed.

AT TEFF 2021 Bank National






Elinor Fishery hosted this year’s AT TEFF Bank National, with 27 anglers fishing hard in awkward conditions for the prestigious trophy and places in the AT TEFF England bank team for 2022.

Congratulations James Stephenson on taking 1st place, Josh Piper on his runner-up position, and Andy Taylor for pushing them hard for 3rd.

Well done Lee Cartmail on running the event so smoothly, as well as all the guys who either fished or stewarded.

Lee Cartmail reports: 27 anglers made Sunday’s National Final at Elinor, bright sunshine and strong winds were not ideal conditions that day. Elinor is a phenomenal fishery and has a competition track record second to none. It had been well stocked leading up to this event, but wasn’t giving her fish up lightly on Sunday and rightly so, England caps have to be earned. Anglers needed to dig in deep and make every chance count, fine margins separated the top 9 anglers. I’d personally like to thank Ed Foster for hosting a superb venue and supplying some of his regulars to control today. Also, huge thanks to Kirsty from the Angling Trust for controlling again today, and all the work she does behind the scenes.








2021 AT TEFF Stillwater Championship – National Final update


After discussions today with the fishery a decision has been made not to use Chigborough for the National Final.

We will be returning to Chigborough for a heat in the winter for the 2021/2022 season.

The National final will be fished at Elinor on Sunday 24th October 2021.

Book tickets on the Angling Trust website here>>

Organiser: Lee Cartmail

2019 Bank National Final

Congratulations & well done to all those who fished in the AT TEFF Bank National Final on Sunday 5th May. The 24 had to work hard making it through the qualifiers and the eliminators to achieve a spot in the final! The top 7 anglers were selected to represent England in the Bank Home International in Ireland:

Andy Taylor
David Neilson
Phil Shaw-Browne
Gareth Tilley
Graham Willis
Andrew Taylor
Gary Morris

Best of luck in Ireland guys!

Thank you to Lee Cartmail who does all the hard work running all the matches & does all the organising & results – it’s much appreciated and it wouldn’t run without you! Thank you also to Ed & Jane Upton at Ellerdine Lakes for hosting the match.

Full Results (see table right for fish caught & points):

🏆 Champion – Andy Taylor
2. David Neilson
3. Phil Shaw-Browne
4. Gareth Tilley
5. Graham Willis
6. Andrew Taylor
7. Gary Morris
8. James Stephenson
9. Mark Harrison
10. Craig Barr
11. Colin Fitzjohn
12. Joel Bilner
13. Sean Brooks
14. Dave Johns
15. Graham Watts
16. Steve Cullen
17. Leigh Pond
18. Mark Haycock
19. Andrew Scott
20. Jim Burtle
21. Brian Lillie
22. Alec Harvey
23. Colin Harris
24. Ian Watts

[Photo credits: Lee Cartmail]

2018-19 Bank National Qualifiers


Maximum 20 anglers per heat.

Minimum 10 to constitute a heat.

Top 6 qualify for semis, regardless of number of entries.

Entry Fee £15 per heat (to be paid in advance via online booking system – see below) + £15 Fishing Permit (to be paid on day at venue)

Maximum entries 160.

8 Heats

4 North – Sharpley, West House, Press Manor, Toft Newton

4 South – Innis, Walthamstow, Blackdyke, Ellerdine

2 Semi Finals

North Semi – Thrunton Long Crag, Northumberland – Sunday 10th March 2019 – Organiser: Lee Cartmail

South Semi – Elinor, Kettering – Sunday 17th March 2019 – Organiser: Lee Cartmail

24 anglers per Semi Final – top 12 progress to Final.

Entry Fee £15 + £15 Fishing Permit (both to be paid in advance via online booking system – see below)


Ellerdine – 24 anglers – Sunday 5th May 2019 – Organiser: Lee Cartmail

Entry Fee £15 + £15 Fishing Permit (both to be paid in advance via online booking system – see below)

AT TEFF Bank National Semi-Final Results

The last few months have seen some of the top bank anglers qualifying through to the semi-finals, and into the grand final of the AT TEFF Bank National for 2018-19. The two semi-finals were held at Thrunton Long Crag Trout Fishery in the North, and Elinor Trout Fishery in the South, with 12 from each 24-angler match going through to the grand final in May at Ellerdine Lakes.

Thanks must always go to Lee Cartmail who does all the leg work for all the qualifiers, semi-finals & the final as well, and does a grand job of it.

Qualifiers are:
Dean Appleby, Jim Burtle, Alec Harvey, David Neilson, Brian Lillie, James Stephenson, Phil Shaw-Browne, Colin Harris, Sean Brooks, Gareth Tilley, Andrew Taylor, Mark Harrison.

Leigh Pond, Andrew Scott, Mark Haycock, Craig Barr, Dave Johns, Gary Morris, Andy Taylor, Graham Willis, Ian Watts, Colin Fitzjohn, Graham Watts, Joel Bilner

Invites & emails to follow today for everyone

Best of luck to all in the Final!

Heat Dates


Sunday 4th November 2018 – West House – Organiser: Lee Cartmail – Qualifiers: 1. Rob Frame 2. Colin Harris 3. Peter Crowe 4. Peter Davidson 5. Brian Lillie 6. Brian Davies – Qualifiers: West House Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 18th November 2018 – Sharpley Springs – Organiser: Lee Cartmail – Qualifiers: 1. David Neilson 2. Gareth Tilley 3. David Leeman 4. Ian Scott 5. Andrew Taylor 6. Paul Pratt – Qualifiers: Sharpley Springs Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 2nd December 2018 – Toft Newton – Organiser: Lee Cartmail – Qualifiers: 1. James Stephenson 2. Dean Appleby 3. Alec Harvey 4. Josh Piper 5. Phil Shaw-Browne 6. Ben James Fox – Qualifiers: Toft Newton Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 27th January 2019 – Press Manor – Organiser: Lee Cartmail – Qualifiers: 1. Richard Haines 2. Jim Burtle 3. Mark Harrison 4. Andy Taylor 5. Steve Cullen 6. Sean Brooks – Qualifiers: IMG_4132


Sunday 4th November 2018 – Innis – Organiser: Dave Johns – Qualifiers: 1. Stephen Wiggins 2. Alex Johnstone 3. Graham Watts 4. Andrew Willoughby 5. John Huckings 6. Matt Kingdon – Full Results: Innis Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 18th November 2018 – Ellerdine – Organiser: Ed Upton – Qualifiers: 1. Craig Barr 2. Dave Johns 3. Phil Dixon 4. Richard Lindsey 5. Ant Meadows 6=Andy Taylor 6=Mike Dixon – Qualifiers: Ellerdine Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 16th December 2018 – Walthamstow No5 – Organiser: Andrew Green – Qualifiers: 1. Andrew Scott 2. Sean Brooks 3. Steve Cullen 4. Mark Haycock 5. Billy Bridgeworth 6. Joel Beeney – Full Results: Walthamstow Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 24th February 2019 – Blackdyke – Organiser: Mick Loy / Lee Cartmail

Rules & Standard Briefing

AT TEF Bank National 2018-19 Rules & Match Briefing


Tickets on sale from 8th October. All entries must be via the Angling Trust Events (Game)  booking system at

Note: You must be an Angling Trust member to compete in the Bank National Final.

Bank National Coordinator

Lee Cartmail – mob: 07783 833803 

AT TEFF Bank National Restructure

AT TEFF has undertaken a review of the Bank National and has produced the following document outlining our approach to the competition and changes will be implanted for the 2018/19 Bank National.

AT TEFF Bank National Restructure 2018-19 & beyond – FINAL

AT TEFF Bank National Restructure 2018-19 & beyond – FINAL

Ben Thompson, Senior Competitions & Performance Manager, AT TEFF

AT TEFF National Bank Championships 2017

National Final – Chatton fishery – Sunday 6th May 2018


National Champion: Gareth Tilley – 8 fish – 5 pegs – 13 pts

AT TEFF Bank Team Manager Alan Jenkins with 2017/18 National Bank Champion Gareth Tilley

2. Andy Taylor – 8 fish – 4 pegs – 12 pts

3. Alec Harvey – 8 fish – 4 pegs – 12 pts

4. Ed Upton – 7 fish – 5 pegs – 12 pts

5. Lee Cartmail – 7 fish – 4 fish – 11 pts

6. Mark Harrison – 7 fish – 4 fish – 11 pts

7. Brian Lillie – 7 fish – 3 fish – 10 pts

Full Results: 2018 Bank National Final Results 2018 Bank National Final Results

Brilliant day at Chatton Trout Fishery today for the AT Team England Fly Fishing Bank National Final. 105 fish caught between 24 anglers in challenging conditions giving a rod average just shy of 4.4 fish per angler. Congratulations to Gareth Tilley on becoming National Champion 2017/18. The England Squad for the Bank International in October at Chatton Trout Fishery is: 1. Gareth Tilley, 2. Edward Upton, 3. Andrew Taylor, 4. Alec Harvey, 5. Lee Cartmail, 6. Mark Harrison 7. Brian Lillie (reserve), Manager Alan Jenkins. Congrats to everyone for reaching the final and a huge thank you to event organiser Alan Jenkins and to all the controllers who gave up their day to support the event. Finally a massive thanks to the excellent team at Chatton Trout Fishery for their amazing hospitality, a fabulous fishery and always well looked after!

L-R Brian Lillie, Andy Taylor, Alec Harvey, Ed Upton, Gareth Tilley, Mark Harrison, Lee Cartmail & AT TEFF Bank Team Manager Alan Jenkins

This competition consists of 3 stages:

  1. Local Qualifiers (4 North, 4 South)
  2. Regional Eliminators (1 North, 1 South)
  3. National Final

1. Qualifiers

8 qualifying events will be held around the country between June and November. Note: Entries for qualifiers will close on the Wednesday prior to the qualifier being fished. A maximum of 24 rods are available of each event. The top 6 anglers from each qualifier will progress to either a Northern or a Southern Regional Eliminator, depending on the venue from which they qualified. Entry fee is £15 per event, there are no restrictions on the number of events you can enter. Fishing fees are additional to your entry fee and are payable on the day of the event. Entries for the next qualifier will be opened the day after the previous qualifier.

Each stage of the competition will be fished to FIPS Mouche rules.


Enter via the Angling Trust Game Fishing Events website page here >>


Press Manor – Sunday 4th June 2017Results: 1. Rob Frame 2. Peter Davison 3. Colin Harris 4. Tim Gilchrist 5. Lee Cartmail 6. Jim Tuck (top 6 qualify)

Chatton – Sunday 9th July 2017 Results: 1. Gareth Tilley 2. Carl Nixon 3. Alec Harvey 4. Trevor Wadds 5. Craig Crompton 6. Rob Sharpe (top 6 qualify)

[Sharpley – Sunday 10th September 2017 – CANCELLED]

Knitsley Mill – Sunday 15th October 2017 Results: 1. David Neilson 2. Chris Micallef 3. Aaron Copeland 4. Conor Metcalf 5. Lee Wilkinson 6. Jack Hardy (Fish caught: 61 – rod av: 4.6 – Top 6 qualify)

Sharpley – Sunday 3rd December 2017 Results: 1. Steve Greathead 2. Andrew Taylor 3. Simon Lee 4. Ben Race 5. Iain Scott 6. James Stephenson (top 6 qualify)


Innis – Sunday 9th July 2017 Results: 1. Jed Stone 2. John Huckings 3. Paul Jones 4. Steve Wiggins 5. Alex Johnstone 6. Dave Johns (top 6 qualify)

Ellerdine – Sunday 12th November 2017 – Results: 1. Mark Harrison 2. Ollie Jenkinson 3. Graham Kennerley 4. Anthony Meadows 5. Ed Upton 6. Jimmy Edwards (top 6 qualify)

Rib Valley – Sunday 3rd December 2017 – Results: 1. Paul Heskey 2. Ed Foster 3. Bill McIllroy 4. Lee Bartlett 5. Ian Watts 6. Sean Brooks (top 6 qualify) 

Blackdyke – Sunday 28th January 2018 – Results: 1. Craig Barr 2. Brian Lillie 3. Dave Franklin 4. Richard Lindsey 5. Tom Finney 6. Jonathan Fromant (top 6 qualify)

Please note Tom Finney caught 8 fish during the match however his first 5 fish were disqualified after an official inspected his fly and found the barb was not fully crushed down. In line with AT TEFF rules, fish caught prior to and during the session where the official inspected the fly, were removed from Tom’s score card which reduced Tom’s overall catch of 8 fish to 3 fish which were caught in the afternoon. The local organiser reported the infringement to AT TEFF, the incident was reviewed by the AT TEFF executive and a final decision made. Tom’s score minus the disqualified fish was still sufficient for him to take 5th place, and to qualify from the heat and progress to the South Regional Eliminator.

2. Regional Eliminators

Northern: Thrunton Long Crag, Northumberland – Sunday 11th March 2018

Results: 1. Conor Metcalf 2. Gareth Tilley 3. Andrew Taylor 4. Lee Cartmail 5. Peter Davison 6. David Neilson 7. Rob Sharpe 8. Rob Frame 9. Alec Harvey 10. Tracey Tuck 11. Trevor Wadds 12. Lee Wilkinson (top 12 qualify)

Southern: Elinor Trout Fishery, Kettering – Sunday 18th March 2018

Results: 1. Craig Barr 2. Tom Finney 3. Ian Watts 4. Jed Stone 5. Mark Harrison 6. Steve Wiggins 7. David Perks 8. Ed Foster 9. Ollie Jenkinson 10. Brian Lillie 11. Dave Johns 12. Anthony Meadows (top 12 qualify) Reserves: Mick Loy & Alex Johnstone

Alan Jenkins reports: 117 Fish Caught, for a Rod Average of 5.08. Congratulations to all the qualifiers and all competitors who fished in near-Arctic conditions, and special thanks to the controllers for their efforts recording fish caught and checking flies, and especially their good humour considering the conditions.

Entry fee to a Regional Eliminator is £15, with the top 12 placed anglers from each of the Regional Eliminators invited to fish in the National Final.

3. National Final

The AT TEFF National Final will be held at Farmoor 1 reservoir on Sunday 6th May 2018. Entry fee is £15. 24 anglers will compete for the title of National Bank Champion and a place in the 2018 England Bank team.

Please note: To compete in the Bank National Final you must be a valid member of the Angling Trust. You can join here >>

National Final Rules: ATTEFF FINAL RULES

The Bank National co-ordinator is Jim Tuck. You can contact Jim Tuck with any queries on 07985232437.

AT TEFF National Bank Championships 2016

National Finals – Chatton Trout Fishery

Saturday 6th May 2017 – AT TEFF National Bank Finals – Individuals

Saturday 6th May 2017 – AT TEFF National Bank Finals – Individuals


National Champion: Glen Appleby – 10 session pts – 17 fish pts – 27 total pts

2. Ben Race – 9 session pts – 15 fish pts – 24 total pts

3. Gareth Tilley – 9 session pts – 15 fish pts – 24 total pts

4. James Stephenson – 11 session pts – 13 fish pts – 24 total pts

5. Ed Upton – 9 session pts – 13 fish pts – 22 total pts

6. Colin Harris – 8 session pts – 13 fish pts – 21 total pts

7. Lee Cartmail – 7 session pts – 12 fish pts – 19 total pts


Sunday 7th May 2017 – Fritz n Flies Pairs National Bank Finals



Knitsley Mill heat – Sunday 12th June – Results: (Individual) 1.Jim Tuck 2.Gareth Tilley 3.Trevor Wadds – (Pairs) 1. Jim Tuck & Rob Frame – 14 fished – 48 fish caught – Rod av. 3.4

[Farmoor heat – Sunday 19th June – CANCELLED]

Sharpley heat – Saturday 25th June – Results: (Individual) 1.Anth Meadows 2.Deam Appleby 3.Rob Frame – (Pairs) 1. Dean & Glen Appleby

Innis heat – Sunday 26th June – Results: (Individual) 1.Roger Truscott 2.Gavin Perry 3.Len Nottle


[Westlow Mere heat – Saturday 2nd July – CANCELLED]

[Press Manor heat – Sunday 3rd July – CANCELLED]

Chatton heat – Saturday 9th July – Results: (Individual) 1.James Stephenson 2.Lee Wilkinson 3.Craig Crompton – (Pairs) 1. Lee Wilkinson & Conor Metcalf

Aldin Grange heat – Sunday 17th July – Entry Forms – Individual Aldin 17th july IND Pairs Aldin Grange 17th july pairs

Langley Dam heat – Saturday 23rd July – Results: (Individual) 1.Chris Micalleff 2.Conor Metcalf 3.Peter Davison – (Pairs) 1. Chris Micalleff & Peter Appleby

Thrunton heat – Saturday 30th July – Results: (Individual) 1.Simon Robinson 2.Howard Robison 3.Brian Davis – (Pairs) 1. Trevor Wadds & Brian Davis


Chatton heat – Sunday 21st August – Results: (Individual) 1.Carl Nixon 2.Brian Lillie 3.Robbie Bell – (Pairs) 1. Howard Robison & Jack Hardy


Thornwood heat – Saturday 24th September – Entry Forms – Individual Thornwood 24th sept IND Pairs Thornwood 24th sept pairs

Westlow Mere heat – Saturday 24th September – Entry Forms – Individual Westlow Mere sat 24th sept IND Pairs Westlow mere 24th sept pairs

Press Manor heat – Sunday 25th September – Results: (Individual) 1.Colin Harris 2.Tim Gilchrist 3.Bernie Maher


Knitley Mill heat – Saturday 5th November – Results: (Pairs) 1. Mal Robinson & John Pringle 2. Andrew Taylor & partner

Elinor heat – Saturday 5th November – Entry Forms – Individual Elinor IND 5th nov Pairs Elinor pairs 5th nov

Ellerdine heat – Saturday 26th November – Entry Forms – Individual Ellerdine 26th Nov IND Pairs Ellerdine 26th nov pairs

January 2017

Black Dyke heat – Sunday 15th January – Entry Forms – Individual Black Dyke 15th jan 2017 IND Pairs Black Dyke 15th Jan 2017 pairs

Aldin Grange heat – Sunday 22nd January – Entry Forms – Individual aldin-22nd-jan-ind-2017 Pairs aldin-grange-22nd-jan-pairs-2017

Rib Valley heat – Sunday 29th January – Entry Forms – Individual Rib Valley 4th dec IND Pairs Rib Valley 4th dec pairs

AT TEFF Greys National Bank Championships 2015

National Finals – Farmoor 1 

Saturday 7th May 2016– Individual Final


National Champion: Iain Barr – 15 fish – 23 total pts 13164266_270784306598930_853868296636651110_n

2. Jim Tuck – 13 fish – 21 total pts

3. Dave Johns – 12 fish – 19 total pts

4. Rob Frame – 11 fish – 18 total pts

5. Paul Runec – 12 fish – 17 total pts

6. Andrew Scott – 10 fish – 17 total pts

7. Charlie Abrahams – 10 fish – 17 total pts


Full Results : ATTEFF national final IND 2016 FARMOOR TROUT FISHERY national

(Images courtesy of Thames Water Farmoor fishery/Angling Trust)

Sunday 8th May 2016 – Fritz ‘n Flies Annual Pairs Final

Champions: Dave Johns & Peter Runnells – 14 fish – 24 total pts

2. Peter Crowe & Brian Lillie – 15 fish – 23 total pts

3. James Stephenson & Paul Runec – 13 fish – 22 total pts

4. Alex Johnstone & Tony Chipman – 13 fish – 21 total pts

5. Dean Appleby & Glen Appleby – 13 fish – 21 total pts

6. Chris Micalleff & Peter Appleby – 13 fish – 21 total pts


Rules: ATTEFF RULES 2016

Heats(dates and forms will be added as available)


Sunday 3rd – Walthamstow – Results: (Individual) 1. Tony Fox 2. Marco Volino 3. Harry Fox 4. Andrew Green – (Pairs) 1. Tony Fox & Harry Fox 2. Andrew Green & Andrew Smith – Full Results: Greys Bank Results

Saturday 9th – Knitsley Mill – Results: (Individual) 1. Paul Runec 2. Conor Metcalf 3. Colin Harris 4. Robbie Dodds – (Pairs) 1. Conor Metcalf & Lee Wilkinson – Full Results: Knitsley Mill Ind + Pairs 9-5-15

Saturday 9th – Blithfield (Individual & Pairs) CANCELLED due to lack of entries

Sunday 17th – Farmoor 1 – Results: (Individual) 1. Steve Cullen 2. Vince King 3. Jim Dillon 4. Frank Daley – (Pairs) 1. Steve Cullen & Phil Longstaff 2. Frank Daley & Vince King – Full Results: Farmoor heat

Sunday 24th – Chatton – Results: (Individual) 1. Rob Frame 2. Simon Robinson 3. Richard Haughton 4. Ryan Matthews – (Pairs) 1. Jim Tuck & Rob Frame – Full Results: Chatton + Pairs 24-5-15

Saturday 30th – Sharpley Springs – Results: (Individual) 1. Anth Meadows 2. Jim Tuck 3. Phil Burgess 4. Robbie Dodds – (Pairs) 1. Glen Appleby & Dean Appleby – Full Results: Sharpley + Pairs 30-5-15


Saturday 6th – Langley Dam  – Results: (Individual) 1. Anth Meadows 2. Robbie Dodds 3. Lee Cartmail 4. James Stephenson – (Pairs) 1. Anth Meadows & Robbie Dodds – Full Results: Langley Dam + Pairs 6-6-15

Saturday 13th – Aldin Grange – Results: (Individual) 1. Chris Micallef 2. Colin Harris 3. Ben Race 4. Jim Tuck – (Pairs) 1. Chris Micallef & Peter Appleby – Full Results: Aldin Grange + pairs 14-6-15

Sunday 21st – Thrunton – Results: (Individual) 1. Gareth Tilley 2. Brian Lillie 3. Peter Crowe – (Pairs) 1. Brian Lillie & Peter Crowe


Saturday 11th – Knitsley Mill – Results: (Individual) 1. Peter Crowe 2. Ryan Matthews – (Pairs) 1. Ryan Matthews & Carl Malpass


Sunday 9th – Innis – Results: (Individual) 1. Dave Johns 2. Peter Runnells 3. Steve Wiggins


Saturday 26th – Westlow Mere – Results: (Individual) 1. Simon Caddy 2= John Oliver & Jack Hardy

Sunday 27th – Press Manor – Results: (Individual) 1. Bernie Maher 2. Graham Kennerly


Sunday 4th – Chatton – Results: (Individual) 1. Trevor Wadds 2. Peter Davison 3. Robbie Bell – (Pairs) 1. Simon Robinson & Andrew Scott

Saturday 31st – Chatton – Results: (Individual) 1. Lee Wilkinson 2. Brian Davis 3. Malcom Robinson – (Pairs) 1. James Stephenson & Paul Runec


Sunday 8th – Barnsfold (Individual & Pairs) Entry Form (Individual) Barnsfold 8th nov ind (Pairs) Barnsfold 8th nov pairs

Saturday 14th – Elinor – Results: (Individual) 1. Paul Haskey 2. Andrew Scott 3. Iain Barr – (Pairs) 1. Paul Haskey & Ed Foster

Sunday 29th – Blackdyke (Individual & Pairs) Entry Form (Individual) Blackdyke 29th nov IND (Pairs) Blackdyke 29st nov pairs


Sunday 6th – Innis (Individual) Entry Form (Individual) Innes 6th Dec IND

Sunday 27th – Rib Valley (Individual & Pairs) Entry Form (Individual) Rib Valley IND 27-12-15 (Pairs) Rib Valley 27-12-15 pairs

TEFF Greys National Bank Championships 2014

National Finals, Elinor:

Individual NationalSaturday 11th April SAM_0544

1. Craig Barr (National Bank Champion) 8 fish from 6 session – 14pts

2. Dean Appleby – 8 fish from 4 session – 12pts

3. Phil Dixon – 6 fish from 3 sessions – 9pts

4. Simon Robinson – 5 fish from 3 sessions – 8pts

5. James Stephenson – 5 fish from 3 sessions – 8pts

6. Conor Metcalf – 4 fish from 2 sessions – 6pts


7. Peter Appleby – 4 fish from 2 sessions – 6pts

8. Richard Slater – 3 fish from 3 sessions – 6pts


Team FinalsSunday 12th April

1. Team Loomis (Andrew Scott, Phil Dixon & Simon Robinson)

Alan Jenkins, AT TEFF Bank Team Manager, reports: Elinor Trout Fishery in Kettering hosted the England Bank Stillwater Final on 11th April 2015 for competitors hoping to make the England team and fish the International at Woodford Fly Fishery, Carrickfergus, N. Ireland, in October.

Forty six anglers fished in blustery conditions around the fishery from allocated pegs – four in the morning, and four in the afternoon.

The overall winner, and National Bank Champion, was Craig Barr, catching eight fish, using a floating line with a Damsel fly being the most successful method, followed by Dean Appleby, Phil Dixon, Simon Robinson, James Stephenson, and Conor Metcalf. Reserves are Peter Appleby and Richard Slater.

The three-man Team event was fished the following day with Team Loomis taking the honours – Andrew Scott, Phil Dixon and Simon Robinson.

My thanks to Jim Tuck for organising the event, and to Ed Foster for the use of Elinor Trout Fishery.

Alan Jenkins, AT TEFF Manager

Results: ELINOR 2015 IND Final Results

Bank Rules: Rules for Bank National 2014

Please Note: Minimum Entry for Team Heat to Proceed: Two Teams

Heats(further dates and venues will be added)

Seighford – date to be confirmed


Saturday 12th – Toft Newton Results – Individual:1. Jim Tuck 2. Anthony Meadows 3. Rob Frame 4. Brad Mackie – Team:1. Chatton Chasers (Jim Tuck, Rob Frame) – Full Results: Toft Newton

Sunday 13th – Press Manor Results – Individual:1. Simon Robinson 2. Jim Tuck 3. Rob Frame 4. Dave McKenna – Team:1. (Anthony Meadows, Dave McKenna, Brad Mackie) – Full Results: Press Manor

Sunday 27th – Rib Valley Results – Individual: 1. Lee Bartlett 2. Bart Farmer 3. Richard Slater 4. Geoff Makin – Team: 1. Team Elinor (Ed Foster, Richard Slater, Paul Haskey) – Full Results: Rib Valley

Sunday 27th – Ellerdine Results – Individual: 1. Terry Phillips 2. Colin Harris 3. Ed Upton 4. Harry Upton – Full Results: Ellerdine 27-4-14


Saturday 3rd – Blithfield Results – Individual: 1. Phil Burgess 2. Craig Barr 3. Rick Saccone 4. Jim Tuck – Team: 1. Wurzells (Phil Burgess, Craig Barr, Andy Axon) – Full Results: Blithfield 3-5-14

Sunday 4th – Walthamstow Results – Individual: 1. Mike Heritage 2. Vince King 3. Kevin Blackwell 4. John O’Regan – Team: 1. Walthamstow Wanderers (Frank Daley, Mike Heritage, Vince King) – Full Results: Greys Bank Results

Saturday 10th – Knitsley Mill Results – Individual: 1. Ben Race 2. Conor Metcalf 3. Chris Micallef 4. Blythe Palmer 5. Brad Mackie 6. Anthony Meadows – Team: 1. Consett Budgies (Lee Wilkinson, Conor Metcalf, Bill Thompson) – Full Results: Kintsley Mill 10-5-14 KnitsleyMill10-5-14

Sunday 11th – Sharpley Springs Results – Individual: 1. Robbie Bell 2. Jim Tuck 3. Dean Appleby 4. Glen Appleby 5. Peter Appleby – Team: 1. Triple As (Peter Appleby, Glen Appleby, Dean Appleby) – Full Results: Sharpley Springs 11-5-14


Saturday 7th – Elinor – HEAT CANCELLED

Saturday 14th – Bankhouse – Results – Individual: 1. Steve Cochrane 2. Paul Runec 3. Tracey Tuck 4. Jack Hardy – Team: 1. Rainbow Warriors (Tracey Tuck, Lee Cartmail, Steve Cochrane) – Full Results: Bankhouse 14-6-14

Saturday 14th – Seighford Results – Individual: 1. Andy Taylor 2. Phil Dixon 3. Mike Dixon – Full Results: Seighford 14-6-14

Sunday 15th – Chatton Results – Individual: 1. Steve Cochrane 2. Mark Howard 3. Stew Younger 4. Evan Miller 5. Ryan Matthews – Team: 1. Blobbies (Mark Howard, Trevor Wadds, Brian Davis) – Full Results: Chatton 16-6-14


Saturday 12th – Langley Dam – Results – Individual: 1. Jim Tuck 2. James Stephenson 3. John Maquire 4. Blythe Palmer – Full Results: Langley Dam 12-7-14 

Sunday 13th – Higham Lakes – HEAT CANCELLED – new date to be confirmed – Entry Forms – Individual: Higham 13th july 2014 IND Team: Higham 13th july TEAM.2014

Sunday 20th – Innis – HEAT CANCELLED – new date to be confirmed – Entry Forms – Individual: Innis 20th july 2014 IND Team: Innis 20th july TEAM.2014

Sunday 20th – Farmoor 1 Results – Individual: 1. Baz Reece 2. Jim Dillon 3. Harry Fox 4. Kevin Blackwell 5. Andrew Green – Team: 1. Team Fox (Harry Fox, Kevin Blackwell, Andrew Green) – Full Results: Farmoor 20-7-14


Saturday 2nd – Thrunton Fly Fishery Results – Individual: 1. Peter Crowe 2. Bernie Maher 3. Jim Tuck 4. Peter Davison 5. John Cooke – Full Results: Thrunton 2-8-14

Sunday 24th – Barnsfold Results – Individual: 1. Steve Smalley 2. Fred Bainbridge 3. Tim Gilchrist – Team: 1. Team Westlow (Andy Miller, Evan Miller, Tim Gilchrist)


Saturday 25th – Rib Valley Results – Individual: 1. Andrew Scott 2. Geoff Makin 3. Jeff Wilkinson – Team: 1. Pitsford Pirates

Sunday 26th – Innis Fishery Results – Individual: 1. Dave Jones 2. Andy Cottan 3. Peter Runnells


Sunday 7th – Aldin Grange – Team heat – Entry Form: Aldin Grange 7th Dec TEAM 2014

TEFF Greys National Bank Championships 2013

Chatton Fishery, Sat-Sun 5th-6th October 

Bank Team Manager Alan Jenkins with Individual Bank Champion Steve Cochrane

Bank Team Manager Alan Jenkins with Individual Bank Champion Steve Cochrane

Individual Final (Sat 5th October)

1st Steve Cochrane (2013 Greys Bank Champion)

2nd Chris Micallef

3rd Bernie Maher

4th Mark Harrison

5th Ryan Matthews

6th Terry Phillips

7th Brian Laddie

8th Dean Appleby

9th Paul Fenny

10th Rob Frame


Team Final (Sun 6th October)

1st Jubilee FF (2013 Greys Bank Team Champions)

(Paul Runec, James Stephenson & Lee Haslam)

2nd Chatton Chasers (Jim Tuck, Rob Frame & Gordon Swain)

3rd G Loomis (Simon Robinson, Andrew Scott & Phil Dixon)

4th Stonebridge As (Peter Appleby, Glen Appleby & Dean Appleby)

5th Team Morton (Terry Phillips, Andy Taylor & Mark Harrison)

6th Goonies (Colin Harris, Anthony Meadows & Dave McKenna)


Report by Bank Team Manager Alan Jenkins: TEFF Bank Final 2013

Note: Bank National moved to Chatton trout fishery

As of today, 21st August 2013, due to an Environmental Agency issue, Westlow Mere trout fishery has been closed to the general public.

The venue for 2014 was to be Chatton trout fishery, which has now been brought forward to hold this year’s event.

Could I ask anyone who has qualified for this year’s Individual or Team Final, and who will not be attending, to please email me at ASAP

Jim Tuck

National Finals, Chatton Trout Fishery:

Individual – Saturday 5th October

Team – Sunday 6th October

Heats(further dates and venues will be added)


Sun – 3rd Chatton (Individual & Team) 18 fished – 12 individuals & 5 teams – Individuals: 1st Gordon Swain 2nd Simon Robinson 3rd Andrew Scott – Teams: 1st Chatton Chasers 2nd Blobbies
Sat – 9th Wansford (Individual & Team) 13 fished – 12 individuals & 3 teams – Individuals: 1st Lee Haslam 2nd Jim Tuck 3rd James Stephenson – Teams: Jubilee Flyfishers
Sun 17th – Sharpley Springs (Individual & Team) 23 fished – 18 individuals & 5 teams – Individuals: 1st Glen Appleby 2nd Anthony Meadows 3rd Dean Appleby – Teams: 1st Stonebridge AAAs 2nd Goonies
Sat 23rd – Toft Newton (Individual & Team) 13 fished – 12 individuals & 1 team (2nd team pulled out due to adverse weather for travelling) – Individuals: 1st Rob Frame 2nd Neil Deakin 3rd Peter Appleby – Team: Toft
Sun 31st – Knitsley Mill (Individual & Team) 23 fished – 13 individuals & 5 teams – Individuals: 1st Paul Runec 2nd Trevor Wadds 3rd Blyth Palmer – Teams: 1st G Loomis


Sat 6th – Seighford (Individual & Team) 23 fished – Individuals: 1st Mark Harrison 2nd Tim Gilchrist 3rd Terry Phillips – Teams: 1st Marton
Sun 14th – Aldin Grange (Individual & Team) 14 fished – 12 individuals & 2 teams – Individuals: 1st Josh Fenton 2nd Ryan Mathews 3rd Tracey Davison – Teams: 1st Rainbow Warriors
Sun 21st – Westlow Mere (Individual & Team) 14 fished – 12 individuals & 2 teams – Individuals: 1st Colin Harris 2nd Harry Saxton 3rd Mike Dixon – Teams: 1st Seighford Sharks
Sun 21st – Walthamstow reservoirs (Individual & Team) 12 fished – 12 individuals & 2 teams – Individuals: 1st Mark Thomas 2nd Jim Dillon 3rd Lee Bartlett – Teams: 1st London Irish – Full Results Greys Bank Results
Sat 27th – Langley Dam  (Individual & Team) 19 fished – 8 individuals & 4 teams – Individuals: 1st Gareth Tilley 2nd Steve Cochrane – Teams: 1st Goonies


Sat 4th – Bushyleaze (Individual & Team) 13 individuals & 2 teams – Individuals: 1st Adrian Judd (unable to fish the final) 2nd Dave Wortley 3rd= John Page & Howard Leatherdale – Teams: Southern Feds                                                                                         Sat 25th – Bank House (Individual & Team) 11 fished – 9 individuals & 1 team – Individuals: 1st Graeme Kennerly 2nd Malcom Proudlock – Team: Westlow Wackers


Sun 21st – Innis Fishery (Individual)11 fished – 1st Paul Jones 2nd Dave Jones               Sun 28th – West House (Individual) 12 fished – 1st Andy Taylor 2nd Peter Crow 3rd Chris Micallef


Sat 3rd – Press Manor 12 fished – 1st Bernie Maher 2nd Andy Miller 3rd Adam Hirst

Sat 10th – Knitsley Mill (Individual & Team) 13 fished, including 2 teams – Individuals: 1st Mark Howard 2nd Ben Race 3rd Bill Thompson – Teams: 1st MBB

Sun 18th – Innis Fishery (Individual & Team)Individuals: 1st Peter Runnalls 2nd Dave Higgins 3rd Len Nottle – Teams: 1st Innes 1

Sun 18th – Aldin Grange (Team) 1st Consett Budgies 18pts 11 fish 2nd Derwent Valley Fly Fishers 18pts 10 fish

GREYS TEFF National Bank Championship 2012.
The route to the England Bank Team.


This year we have decided to run to the same format as 2011.
Greys will also continue their support as our sponsor.…. Greys are a market leader in Still Water Fly Fishing and we feel that this partnership is an immense benefit to the competition.

Due to the success of last year’s Finals we will return to Westlow Mere Fishery this year. Individual Final will take place on Saturday 6th October. Team Final on Sunday 7th October.

Stop Press: We can now confirm that Sky Sports will be attending the TEFF Greys National Bank Championship Final on Saturday 6th October.

Congleton & District Fly Fishers Ltd.


We will be holding a total of 16 Individual Heats. This will allow for 48 Individual Finalists. The top 3 anglers from each heat will qualify through to the Final. A minimum of twelve anglers per Individual heat.

The top six finishers from the Individual National Final will have their details forwarded to the TEFF for ratification on eligibility to form the 2013 England Bank Team along with seventh and eighth place who will make up the reserves.

Team Event.

The Greys Team Championships have been well supported by Greys again this year with some great prizes to be won !

A list of Individual and Team National qualifiers will be published shortly.

2012 Individual Qualifier Invitation 2012 ind invite

2012 Team Qualifier Invitation 2012 team invite

Greys Bank Rules Greys 2012 bank rules

Individual Final Qualifiers: the following have qualified for the Greys Individual Final at Westlow Mere on Saturday 6th October: Greys Individual Final qualifiers

Entry forms have been posted or emailed, so if you are on this list and have not yet received a form they are available above. Those marked with a (C) are already confirmed for the Finals. The closing date is the 22nd September so please get your forms and entry fee back by then.

Team Final Qualifiers: the qualifying teams for the Team Final on Sunday 7th October are: Greys Team Final qualifiers


National Final, 6th October – Individual

Champion – Gordon Swain (7 session pts) (13 fish) 20 pts

2. Glen Appleby (5 session pts) (11 fish) 16 pts

3. Howard Croston (5 session pts) (10 fish) 15 pts

4. Rob Frame (6 session pts) (9 fish) 15 pts

5. Phil Dixon (5 session pts) (9 fish) 14 pts

6. Andy Taylor (4 session pts) (8 fish) 12 pts

7. Tim Gilchrist (4 session pts) (8 fish) 12 pts

The top six will form the Team England FF Bank team for the 2013 Bank Home International in Scotland, plus one reserve.

Full Results: greys2012individual

Sky TV Tight Lines coverage:,26691,12976_8297369,00.html

National Final, 7th October – Team

Team Champions – Chatton Chasers  (13 session pts) (36 fish) 49 pts

Jim Tuck (1 fish) Gordon Swain (20 fish) Rob Frame (15 fish) 

2. Stonebridge Triple AAA (16 session pts) (28 fish) 44 pts

Peter Appleby (9 fish) Glen Appleby (14 fish) Dean Appleby (5 fish)

3. G Loomis (13 session pts) (18 fish) 31 pts

Simon Robinson (5 fish) Andrew Scott (9 fish) Davey Parker (4 fish)

4. Team Hardy Greys (10 session pts) (14 fish) 24 pts

Howard Croston (2 fish) Phil Dixon (7 fish) Fred Bainbridge (5 fish)

Full Results (teams): greys2012team

Full Results (individuals): greys2012teaminds

Heat Reports

Aldin Grange heat – Sunday 13th May

12 Individual entrants and 3 x Teams competed today in what can only be described as atrocious conditions. Anglers rotated along the lodge bank of the top lake and were subject to a continuous battering from the strong winds. The water soon coloured up turning the fish off. In contrast fish could be seen rising in the clearer calmer water of the upwind bank.

The match was fished to full c&r which adds a touch of early pressure as any tie on fish number will then revert back to time of first caught fish. Davey Parker was the quickest off the mark landing a fish 2 minutes after the start. Trevor Wadds was next in line followed by Fred B. then Glen Appleby. Only 4 out of the fifteen rods landed a fish on the first peg. No anglers caught on the second. The third move saw Howard Croston & Simon Robinson both land two fish, Howard then went on to land a further two fish from his fourth peg putting him ahead at lunch. 15 anglers landed a total of 19 fish before lunch.

Robbie Bell was in the running when he landed two fish after the lunch break, however the afternoon session was soon to harden up. Andrew Scott took a credible 2 fish to dry fly in choppy conditions and Fred B. landed 3 from 3, close in. A further 15 fish landed during the afternoon for 15 rods, giving a total of 34 fish, a credible amount on the day.
Well done to all – just for fishing in such harsh conditions.

Full results Aldin Grange Greys

Bushyleaze heat – Saturday 5th May

19 anglers fished the Individual heat and 3 Teams on a day when the fishing was hard but fair. Being one of the few non C&R or pegged heats, this competition was fished to a 6 fish limit, with a flat rate bonus of 1lb per fish if the 6 fish were weighed in before 2 o’clock (9.30 start). Only 4 anglers managed this, and a further 8 managed their limit by the end of the day.

With an average weight of 3lb 5oz and the biggest fish of the day falling to Andrew Campbell of 7lb 8oz, Bushyleaze lived up to its star billing.

Biggest bag of the day of 23lb 4oz also fell to Andrew but unfortunately he did not manage it in time to get the bonus.

The Odd Bods (Howard Letherdale, John Page & Nick Barley) took the Team heat with 15 fish for 62lb 6ox (including 12lb 0f bonus), ahead of the Outsiders (Less Cooke, Pat Cooke and Pat Damant) with 18 fish for 60lb 10oz (including 6lb 0f bonus).

The Individual heat was even closer with 1oz deciding the winner (Nicholas Barley 28lb 9oz ahead of John Pearn 28lb 8oz) and 3rd qualifying place being decided on the weight of the biggest fish (Less Cooke 26lb 4oz big fish 5lb 1oz over Howard Leatherdale 26lb 4oz big fish 4lb 10oz).

Full results Bushyleaze Greys heat

Seighford Lakes heat – Saturday 5th May

17 Individual competitors and 3 Teams entered the Seighford Lakes heat of this year’s Greys National Bank qualifiers.
Fishing was challenging due to a cold North Easterly, however a few fish were rising, and most anglers set out to target them. Terry Phillips and Dean Appleby got off to a great start by landing 2 fish each before their 3rd peg. Mike Dixon’s late morning charge saw him amongst the leaders at the half way stage.
Following a hearty Seighford lunch the anglers returned for the afternoon session. In contrast to the morning, the afternoon fished much better with fish more readily to take. Most pegs produced.
Best methods were dries & nymph fishing, although the Apps bloodworm proved to be the overall winner by adding a further 4 fish to Mike Dixon’s tally shortly after lunch. A great day was enjoyed by all and good luck to all those going through to the finals from Seighford Lakes.


1st Seighford Sharks      11 fish
2nd Trio’s                          2 fish
3rd Serial Blankers          0 fish

Individual qualifiers

1st Mike Dixon        7 fish off 3 pegs (first fish 2lb 10oz)
2nd Terry Phillips  7 fish off 3 pegs (first fish 2lb 8oz)
3rd Phil Dixon        4 fish off 4 pegs

Full Results Seighford Lakes heat

Walthamstow heat – Sunday 22nd April

The Walthamstow heat of the Greys Bank Championshipsaw 12 individuals and 4 teams work their round the reservoirs in our usual rotating format. On the day the slightly more coloured No4 proved tricky, with the bulk of fish coming from No5.

Individual winner Jim Dillon won easily with a total of 8 fish, including a seven pounder, on a slow intermediate and his usual Charlie Farley, with Mike Heritage, Clive Morgan and Andrew Green behind him on 5 fish.

London Irish repeated their win of last year, one fish ahead of the Walthamstow Wanderers, but a good 13lbs in front, thanks to Jim’s bag.  Rain made the last session uncomfortable but there were still fish to be had for those who persevered.

Full Results Greys Bank Walthamstow

Barnsfold heat – Thursday 19th April

This was a fair match with fish in every peg and rising well – although fish did fall to a number of different methods, naturals kept high in the water was a sure thing. Barbless hooks and feisty Barnsfold trout weren’t a good combination on the day with many anglers seeing a share long range release. Qualifiers are Simon Robinson & Ton Waslander.

1st Simon Robinson 12 fish.
2nd Ton Waslander 11 fish.
3rd Steve Smalley 10 fish.
4th Fred Bainbridge 7 fish.
5th Warren Langridge 7 fish.
6th. Laurance Crossley 5 fish.
7th Terry Phillips 5 fish.
8th Graham Kennerly 2 fish.
9th Ken Moore 2 fish.

Well done all.

Rib Valley Qualifier – Team & Individual Heat – Saturday 21st April

Despite a bright, calm start the morning session produced 70 fish, mostly from either end and the Golf Course bank, with just three from the barren Rib Bank.

With a couple of short heavy showers in the afternoon the fishing became much harder although both ends of the lake still produced most of the fish. This session saw 32 fish caught, with again, just three from the Rib Bank.

The team event saw Team Hanak UK (Steve Cullen, Lee Bartlett & John Emerson) finish with 28 fish, just one ahead of Sonic Sports Pitsford Pirates (Charlie Abrahams, Jeff Wilkinson & Bart Farmer) on 27.  Lee Bartlett won the individual heat with 14 fish, 2nd was Jeff Wilkinson with  12, 3rd Steve Cullen with 10 and 4th Charlie Abrahams on 8.

Team Results: 2012 Team Results

Individual Results: 2012 Individual Results


Winning Team: 2012 Team Qualifiers pdf

Top 3 Individuals: 2012 Individual Qualifiers pdf

Ellerdine Qualifier – Team & Individual Heat – Sunday 15th April

12 individuals and 3 teams entered this heat, which was won by Team Mixed, consisting of Dennis Drury (Oswestry), Chris Huston (Portsmouth) and Lyndon Ford (Mold), who fished a mixture of Orange and Black lures on slime lines for a 20lb bag.

As some large rainbows up to 20lb had been stocked the week before, it was decided that all fish should count as 2lb to make it a fair match.

In the Individual heat, first place went to Dennis Drury, who released 8 fish; 2nd was Andy Taylor with 7; and 3rd was Chris Huston with 6 fish. On a very windy day, all anglers caught with no blanks for a rod average of 4.8.

Innis Qualifier – Individual Heat – Sunday 12th February

The first heat of the Greys National Bank Championships took place at Innis Fishery near St Austell in Cornwall.

Sunny conditions and cold weather greeted the twelve anglers that took part.  They came from as far afield as Tiverton in Devon and St Agnes in the West of Cornwall. No fresh stockies were put in prior to the match in order to make it a fairer competition, thus making the fishing challenging for all anglers.  However, two anglers caught their six fish limit and thirty three fish were caught throughout the six-hour competition.

First place went to Steve Wiggins of Holsworthy, second place went to Dave Johns from St Austell, and third place went to Alex Bobba from Tiverton.  A second heat is planned at Innis, however this is subject to the competition’s availability – date to be confirmed.

West House qualifier – Team & Individual – Sunday 8th April

15 individual anglers and 4 teams took part in the first of this year’s TEFF Greys National Bank Championships (Northern Heats). The conditions at West House were quite good with medium winds and plenty of cloud cover.

There was a cracking turnout with ten internationals alongside some very experienced small water anglers.

Peter and his son, Dean Appleby were fast out of the blocks, both landing a fish within two minutes of the start, which proved vital in the Team stakes. As the match was fished to full catch & release, any ties would revert back to ‘time of first landed fish’. Peter went on to land a further three trout on his first peg to pulling tactics, putting him well in front, with most of the field catching one or even none.

Although fish were rising, a very difficult but fair match followed, with anglers quickly realising they needed to dig in and work hard for a take. Peter Crowe fished well using his local knowledge to good effect, switching various different methods to keep in contact throughout the day.

Chris Micallef got off to a slow start but settled into nymphs and dries landing an impressive six fish in the afternoon session, putting him in top spot.

Thanks to Dave and all at West House for looking after us, they even provided cheese burgers and drinks at lunch !

Results: Westhouse Lakes heat