How do I get in an England Team?
For Home Internationals (v Ireland, Scotland & Wales – in Loch-style, Rivers or Bank disciplines) you first need to reach the appropriate National through Qualifiers organised by the Federations. Doing well enough in the National gains you a place in the England team for the following year, subject to formal approval by the TEFF International Committee (TEFFIC). 
To be eligible for selection to World and European championship teams you must first achieve certain Selection Criteria More information. Teams are chosen from those eligible by the TEFF International Committee (TEFFIC).
Which Federation Qualifier should I fish?
There is no geographical requirement about which Federation Qualifiers you fish; ie even though you live in the South East you are still free to fish in Midlands Federation qualifiers, for example. 
You can also fish Qualifiers in different disciplines under different Federations; ie doing the Southern Rivers Qualifier and the Peninsula Loch-style Qualifier, for example. 
Most competitors find it best to do their Qualifier on a water they fish regularly and therefore know well.
(The one exception to this rule is the Army Federation, where membership is restricted to serving members of the Regular Army, TA, NRPS, MOD (A) civilian staff, ex servicemen and dependants. More information)
Who decides where Nationals are held?
The venue for Loch-style Nationals currently rotates between Grafham, Bewl, Rutland and Chew, the four approved venues. Other venues may be added to this list once approved by the Committee. 
Venues for the River and Bank Nationals are chosen by the Committee from a number of proposed venues. For organisational reasons the Rivers National venue usually remains the same for two consecutive years.  
What are the Competition Rules?
There are separate rules for Loch-Style, Rivers and Bank Qualifiers and Nationals.
For World and European events, FIPS-Mouche rules apply.
How do I get a TEFF Badge?
Badges, Zingers, Ties and other TEFF merchandise are available from John Ball, Treasurer. All profits go to TEFF funds. 
Why is the ‘Confederation of English Fly Fishers‘ (CEFF) now ‘Team England Fly Fishing’ (TEFF)?
Following the merger of the Confederation of English Fly Fishers with the Angling Trust, it was believed that pulling all national fishing teams (Coarse, Fly and Sea) together under the ‘Team England’’ banner would attract more sponsorship. Accordingly, the Confederation of English Fly Fishers (CEFF) became Team England Fly Fishing (TEFF).
Why did the Confederation (as was) join The Angling Trust?
The Angling Trust (AT) is the new, single organisation representing all game, coarse and sea angling in England. It is the governing body for all angling, seeking government funding to develop the sport at all levels, and protecting your rights as a fisherman. It is our belief the AT will be the route through which sports grants will be available to fund teams and develop the sport throughout the country. More information
For every Qualifier I fish TEFF charges £20, on top of normal fishing fees. What happens to this?
This money goes towards adminstrative costs of running all TEFF events. Such income is ring-fenced to ensure it is retained by TEFF, and not passed on to the Angling Trust.
Why do I have to be a member of The Angling Trust to fish a National?
Given that TEFF’s own charges are used solely for running its own events (see above), the Angling Trust still requires your support in order to represent all fishermen at every level. For that reason, all National competitors must have valid membership of the Angling Trust. You will find information on AT membership
Who runs the World and European Championships?
World and European Championships are run by FIPS-Mouche, or the Fédération Internationale de Peche Sportive Mouche (International Sport Flyfishing Federation). This is the flyfishing arm of CIPS, the World regulating body for competitive fishing in all disciplines. You will find more information at the CIPS website