Coronavirus Update: Angling Trust Support Hub & Helpline now available

The Angling Trust has created a dedicated resource hub for anglers, clubs, fisheries and other angling organisations.

Go here>> for the dedicated area for individual anglers. All the Angling Trust’s latest guidance around staying safe whilst fishing, as well as updates around the hundreds of events and competitions managed by the Angling Trust which have been impacted by COVID-19.

Go here>> for the dedicated area for angling clubs and other organisations. All the Angling Trust’s latest guidance for clubs, fisheries and other organisations, plus details about the Angling Trust support team who are dedicated to working with angling organisations to access funding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2020 Rivers Qualifiers, Rivers National Final & Rivers Home International

Due to the current Covid-19 virus outbreak, the AT TEFF Executive have agreed the following courses of action:

2020 River Qualifiers and National Final

The outstanding River Avon, Ure and Dee Qualifiers are cancelled and entrants will receive a refund of the entry fee. A refund process will be set up next week. The Rivers National Final is also cancelled. The Qualifier and National Final programme will restart when circumstances allow. The River Itchen and Test Qualifier results will stand.

2020/21 Rivers Home Internationals

If the 2020 Rivers Home International is cancelled, the 2020 team will be rolled over to compete in 2021. The outcome of the delayed Qualifier and National programme (as per above) will form the Team to fish in 2022.

If the 2020 Rivers Home International goes ahead, the 2020 Team will fish it. Assuming the Qualifier and National Final programme can be restarted to complete before the end of April 2021, there should be time to form a team for 2021.

Further information will follow in due course

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2020 Loch-style Teams & Loch-style Qualifiers

In light of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and its impact on this year’s Loch-style Internationals, the AT TEFF Executive has taken the decision to ‘hibernate’ this year’s events.

This means that the Loch-style teams due to fish in Spring and Autumn 2020 will roll over to 2021. Whether this is at the same venues is yet to be decided. This action means that this year’s Loch-style qualification process has been cancelled.

As and when further information is available, it will be posted on this website.

AT TEFF Executive

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Angling Trust Tri-Masters


NEW DATE: Sunday 18th April 2021 at Draycote Water

Angling Trust communication: “As you may be aware, the Angling Trust has taken the decision to postpone all competitions for the next four weeks due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19. The Angling Trust Tri-Masters has been included in this, so the competition has been cancelled for this year and will instead be taking place next year.

The new date is Sunday 18th April 2021 at Draycote Water. More details will follow at a later date once we have them.

A refund for your ticket will be issued this afternoon to all those booked on, back onto the card that you paid with.

Thank you for your understanding and hopefully we will be able to get going again with competitions soon!”

New Date: Sunday 18th April 2021 at Draycote Water.

Whether you’re an established team, or three fishing pals who fancy a go at competition fishing, then this catch and release match could be for you.

Sponsored by: Flyfishstore

Three, 3hr fishing sessions
Fish two sessions with your team mates and control another team for one session.
Barbless or de-barbed flies to fishery rules.
Fishing from drifting boats only.
The team with the longest combined length of fish over the three sessions will be the Tri-Master Champions
Cash prizes for the first three teams (amounts based on entries) with vouchers from FlyFish Store for fourth, fifth and sixth.
Timed to coincide with the superb buzzer fishing at Draycote!!

Teams wishing to enter must book in on the Angling Trust online booking system at

There will be cash prizes for the top three teams along with vouchers from our sponsors Fly Fish Store for teams fourth to sixth and medals for the team Champion

£2,550 total
1st – £1,200.00
2nd – £750.00
3rd – £600.00
4th – Flyfishstore vouchers
5th – Flyfishstore vouchers
6th – Flyfishstore vouchers

*subject to entries and based on all participants being individual members of Angling Trust. Prize pool may increase once final entry is known.

Maximum 34 teams
Fishery rules apply
Full catch, measure & release match
Barbless or de-barbed hooks only

All in entry fee covers fishing permits, boat hire, admin costs and prize pot.

Option 1: £140.00 3 individual members of AT
Option 2: £150.00 2 individual members of AT + 1 non member
Option 3: £160.00 1 individual member of AT + 2 non members
Option 4: £170.00 3 non members of AT

Angling Trust announces NEW Boat Fly Fishing Competition – The Angling Trust Tri-Masters

The Angling Trust are pleased to announce the launch of their NEW Boat fly fishing competition the Tri-Masters, following on from the success of the Loch Style Team Championships which it launched three years ago. The Tri-Masters is for teams of three anglers, whether these are established teams of three or three fishing friends who wish to get together to try their hand at competition fishing.

The Tri-Masters is a one day match to be held at Draycote Water on Sunday 19th April 2020. The match will be fished to the same format as the Loch-Style Team Championships where there will be three, 3 hr fishing sessions which will see each team member fish two sessions with one of their team members and act as a boat steward for one session, stewarding another team. The competition will be fished on a catch, measure and release basis where the boat steward will measure and record the fish caught. The team with the longest combined length of fish over the three sessions will be the Tri-Master Champions.

There will be cash prizes for first, second and third with Fly Fish Store vouchers for fourth, fifth and sixth from our sponsors Fly Fish Store.

The match will be fished from drifting boats to fishery rules, therefore there are no restrictions on the flies you can use. The full set of rules can be found on the Angling Trust website at

Teams wishing to enter this competition must book in on the Angling Trust online booking system at

For further information please email Angling Trust Competitions Support Officer Andy Taylor at

Angling Trust Competitions Support Officer, Andy Taylor said “The Tri-Masters has been a competition we wanted to launch based on the success of the six-angler Loch-Style Team Championships. It was evident that anglers wanted to fish this match but couldn’t find six anglers to form a team, hence this new three-angler competition. The relaxation on the rules around flies you can use will hopefully bring in new competitors who would like to have a go at a boat competition but don’t have the International size flies to do so. We welcome competitors who are new to the competition circuit along with established teams. This could be a great opportunity to watch some of the best anglers on the competition circuit. We decided to hold this competition early in the season to avoid clashes in the congested competition calendar and to coincide with the superb early season buzzer fishing at Draycote.”

Ifor Jones, Fly Fish Store Fishery Manager, said “Having first discussed this Tri-Masters format with the Angling Trust over two years ago, we are excited that Draycote has been chosen to host this first event, and we are providing £450.00 worth of sponsorship. The three angler, Tri-Masters team, one-day format fished to Draycote fishery rules, with no restriction on barbless or debarred fly patterns used, is the ideal opportunity for anglers to try their hand at competition fishing.”


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AT TEFF 2019-20 Bank National Qualifiers


The AT TEFF Bank Southern Regional Eliminator due to be held on Sunday 29th March has been postponed as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

You can see the Angling Trust’s latest statement on the coronavirus outbreak here>>

Angling Trust staff report that for now, the events are postponed only & ticket sales paused, and should hopefully be rearranged to a date later in the year. Once this has been decided they will update everyone with all the information and reopen the ticket sales.

This situation means that the date for the Final will be moved as well to allow those in the Southern Eliminator to fish the match and take up their place in the Final.

The AT TEFF 2019-20 Bank National Qualifiers are live now!

12 qualifying events will be held around the country between October and March. A maximum of 24 rods are available for each event and a minimum of 8 rods are required to constitute a heat.

Fishing fees for each heat will be £17 and are additional to your entry fee. Fishing fees are payable direct to the fishery on the day of the event.

See each individual event on the booking site for event specific details:
Rules, briefing & maps available on each event page.

Bank National Coordinator is Lee Cartmail, so please contact Lee for any queries about matches & the AT office for any queries about booking your ticket.

13th Oct 2019 – Maran Lakes (North)
27th Oct 2019 – Chigborough Fishery (South)

3rd Nov 2019 – Siblyback (South)
17th Nov 2019 – West House (North)
24th Nov 2019 – Barnsfold Fishery (North)

[1st Dec 2019 – Bessy Beck (North) – NB: Date re-arranged due to bad weather]
8th Dec 2019 – Ellerdine Lakes (South)

12th Jan 2020 – Bessy Beck (North) – Re-arranged date (see above)
19th Jan 2020 – Bank House (North)

2nd Feb 2020 – Westlow Mere (South)
[16th Feb 2020 – Blackdyke (South) – NB: Date re-arranged due to bad weather]
23rd Feb 2020 – Press Manor (North)

1st March 2020 – Woolaston Trout Fishery (South)
8th March 2020 – Blackdyke (South) – Re-arranged date (see above)

15th March 2020 – Toft Newton (North Eliminator)
29th March 2020 – Elinor (South Eliminator) – now postponed (see above)

National Final
10th May 2020 – Chigborough Fishery – also postponed (see above)

36 anglers will compete for the title of National Bank Champion and a place in the 2020 Team England Bank squad.

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AT TEFF Northern Regional Eliminator, Toft Newton

AT TEFF Bank National 2019/20 Northern Regional Eliminator, 15th March 2020 at Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Market Rasen

Sunday 15th March brought the first semi-final of the 2019/20 Bank National at Toft Newton Trout Fishery for the qualifiers from this season’s Northern heats. 34 anglers were fishing for the top 17 places and their chance to fish the National Final at Chigboro’ Trout Fishery in May. Many anglers had practiced at the venue in the weeks leading up to the competition with Di5 lines and FABs being the method on the rumour mill, with the fish caught at depth on a slow retrieve. As seems to be the norm for many of this year’s matches, it was wind and rain which greeted the anglers at the 8.00am briefing.
Four of the 2018/19 bank team were competing in this match. Joel Beeney took the first fish of the match at 9.04am and current National and International champion Andy Taylor took five fish off his first peg. The fishing was good for the remainder of the morning session with those anglers leading the way at lunch having taken seven fish.
After lunch the trout continued to play ball with fish taken on both sections of the lake. By the end of the match 261 trout had been caught giving a good rod average of 6.5. Fish were caught from both sections of the reservoir with 103 trout taken from the South bank (pegs 1-17) and 113 trout caught from the West bank (pegs 18-34).
Nine anglers managed to catch ten or more fish, with Josh Piper taking first place with 15 fish for 22 points. Second was Andy Taylor with 15 fish for 21 points, and third was Colin Fitzjohn with 14 fish for 21 points.
The successful methods varied, with some anglers catching on the Di5 with FABs, whilst others caught pulling Zonkers on a Fast Glass, Nymphs and Cormorants on a floater or short tip line or the bung. The fish were close in with many trout taking right under the rod tip.
1. Josh Piper, 15 fish, 22 points
2. Andy Taylor, 15 fish, 21 points
3. Colin Fitzjohn, 14 fish, 21 points
4. Simon Lee, 13 fish, 19 points
5. Joel Beeney, 13 fish, 19 points
6. Gwyneth Mooney, 12 fish, 18 points
7. Mark Harrison, 11 fish, 18 points
8. Brian Lillie, 10 fish, 16 points
9. James Stephenson, 10 fish, 16 points
10. Sean Brooks, 9 fish, 14 points
11. Phil Shaw-Browne, 9 fish, 14 points
12. Paul Kitchen, 9 fish, 14 points
13. Graeme Bell, 9 fish, 14 points
14. Terry Wood, 8 fish, 13 points
15. Mark Rose, 7 fish, 13 points
16. Billy Thompson, 6 fish, 12 points
17. Alec Harvey, 6 fish, 11 points

The top seventeen anglers will now fish the final at Chigboro’ Trout Fishery on Sunday 10th May. Joining these finalists will be the qualifiers from the Southern Eliminator at Elinor Trout Fishery on Sunday 29th March. [now postponed as a result of the coronavirus outbreak – see Angling Trust statement here>>]

The AT TEFF would like to thank the team at Toft Newton Trout Fishery for hosting this qualifier and Lee Cartmail for again running a superb match. In addition, a big thank you to Neil Deakin for helping control on the West bank!

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AT TEFF Blackdyke Qualifier

AT TEFF Bank Qualifier 8th March 2020 at Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk

Sunday 8th March brought the last bank qualifier for the 2019/20 campaign at Blackdyke Trout Fishery in Norfolk. Fifteen anglers fished this rearranged qualifier, which was originally cancelled due to the storm conditions that were forecast on the original date. The wind however was there to greet the anglers on their arrival, making casting and fishing tricky for those anglers competing at the second attempt.
The match was nearly twenty minutes in when the first fish was caught at 9:19 by Billy Thompson. The first session was unusually quiet, however things picked up in the second session with John Hardy and Paul Kitchen taking three fish each. At lunch 12 anglers had caught with it all to fish for in the afternoon sessions.
The afternoon saw anglers continue to catch with a final tally of 52 trout for a rod average of 3.5. Tactics varied but it was the indicator with shammies and shimmies and a Di3 with lures fished quickly which accounted for the majority of the fish.
It was tight at the top with four anglers catching six fish, with fifth place catching five and several anglers catching four. The top six now go to fish the Southern semi-final at Elinor Trout Fishery on Sunday 29th March.


1. Paul Kitchen, 6 fish, 10 points
2. David Neilson, 6 fish, 10 points
3. Leigh Pond, 6 fish, 10 points
4. Jeff Wilkinson, 6 fish, 9 points
5. John Hardy, 5 fish, 8 points
6. Mark Rose, 4 fish, 7 points

The AT TEFF would like to thank the team at Blackdyke Trout Fishery for hosting this qualifier, and providing breakfast and lunch for the competitors, and Lee Cartmail for running the event.
Next up is the first semi-final for anglers in the Northern section at Toft Newton Trout Fishery on Sunday 15th March, with the Southern semi-final at Elinor at the end of the month. The final takes place on Sunday 10th May at Chigboro’ Trout Fishery.

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2020 Rivers National & Qualifiers


River Qualifiers Entries & Results spreadsheet: 2019-2020 Rivers Qualifiers Entries Results (d)

November 2019

Sunday 3rd November – South East FF Federation – Lower Itchen fishery (Official Practice: Saturday 2nd November) – Organiser: Tony Fox – Results: 1. Mike Heritage 2. Sean Brooks 3. Jim Dillon 4. Cameron Craigs 5. Mark Thomas 6. Jay Curry – Full Results: Lower Itchen qualifier results 3-11-19

February 2020

Sunday 2nd February – R.Test, Wherwell – Organiser: Baz Reece – Results: 1. Peter Buckey 2. Gavin Walsh  3. Alex Adams 4. Trevor Hayman 5. Mark Thomas 6. Mark Withyman – Full Results & Report: Wherwell qualifier results 02-02-20

Saturday 29th February – R.Dee, Llangollen [CANCELLED]

April 2020



June 2020

Saturday 20th June – R.Dee, Llangollen – Llangollen & Maelor AA water – NOTE: THIS QUALIFIER HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 VIRUS OUTBREAK – SEE ABOVE

2020 Rivers National Final

River Ebbw – Saturday 8th-Sunday 9th August – NOW CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 VIRUS OUTBREAK – SEE ABOVE


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AT TEFF Press Manor Qualifier

AT TEFF Bank Qualifier 23rd February 2020 at Press Manor Trout Fishery, Ashover, Chesterfield

Thirteen anglers fished the final northern section qualifier for the 2019/20 AT TEFF Bank National at Press Manor Trout Fishery. Heavy overnight rain made for horrendous driving conditions with many roads flooded. However, all thirteen competitors made it safely travelling as far as Cornwall, Essex, Rugby and Newcastle to try and secure a place in the Northern Regional Eliminator at Toft Newton in March.

The heavy overnight rain coloured the fishery and along with the strong gusty winds the fishing was going to be tough. Steve Cullen was first into action with a rainbow pushing double figures shortly after the 9am start. In the first session several anglers managed to bring a fish to the net despite the terrible fishing conditions.

At lunch most of the field had caught and with the leading anglers on three fish it was all to fish for after lunch.
The wind showed no mercy after lunch and when the sun broke through the fishing became even trickier. By the final whistle the thirteen anglers had caught 44 fish. Even event organiser Lee Cartmail netted a fish as he rescued a rainbow trout from the outflow on the lake!

The successful methods in the coloured water were black lures fished on fast or slow glass lines just a few feet down with coloured patterns fished under the bung close in also taking fish. There were several good trout caught in the 4-10lb bracket with a nice mix of blue trout and rainbows making up the bags.

It was tight at the top with Craig Crompton taking first place with 6 fish for 11 points, with Steve Cullen second catching 6 fish for 9 points, and current national champion Andy Taylor third with 5 fish for 9 points. The top six now go to fish the Northern semi-final at Toft Newton on Sunday 15th March.

1. Craig Crompton, 6 fish, 11 points
2. Steve Cullen, 6 fish, 9 points
3. Andy Taylor, 5 fish, 9 points
4. Andrew Willoughby, 5 fish, 8 points
5. Sean Brookes, 4 fish, 7 points
6. Joel Beeney, 3 fish, 6 points

The AT TEFF would like to thank Press Manor, Bernie Maher and his team at Press Manor for hosting this qualifier, and Lee Cartmail for running the event.
There are just TWO qualifiers now left for this year’s competition – these are Woolaston Court Trout Lakes on Sunday 1st March, and the rearranged heat at Blackdyke Trout Fishery on Sunday 8th March.
The Woolaston Court heat is now closed for entries, however the Blackdyke heat is open for anyone wishing to enter until midnight on Sunday 1st March 2020. This will be the last opportunity to qualify for the semi-final in the South. To book on to the Blackdyke qualifier then please go to the Angling Trust Events website at

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2020 Loch-style Qualifiers – Dates

Stocks 1 – Sunday 19th April (entries open 1st April 10.00am)

Grafham – Friday 24th April (entries open 1st April 10.00am)

Bewl – Sunday 3rd May (entries open 1st April 10.00am)

Carsington – Sunday 3rd May (entries open 1st April 10.00am)

Eyebrook – Sunday 10th May (entries open 1st April 10.00am)

Blithfield – Friday 29th May (entries open 1st May 10.00am)

Chew – Saturday 30th May (entries open 1st May 10.00am)

Blagdon – Saturday 20th June (entries open 1st June 10.00am)

Rutland – Sunday 28th June (entries open 1st June 10.00am)

Stocks 2 – Sunday 28th June (entries open 1st June 10.00am)

Draycote (repechage) – Sunday 19th July (entry by invitation only)

National Final: Draycote – Saturday-Sunday 26th-27th Sept (entry by invitation only)

Entries are to be made via

Individual heat prices are available from the individual qualifier pages. Please note that the ones currently reading £999 are still pending a price from the organiser so will be amended once we have that info!

Entry limit is 3 per person across all Qualifiers (excluding Repechage).
Please read the documents linked on the booking site as it contains the amended & updated Rules & FAQs for 2020.

2020 Loch-style National Qualifiers Poster: AT TEFF Loch Style National Poster 2020

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