2016 European Fly Fishing Championships, Poland, 3rd-9th October 2016

The 2016 FIPS-Mouche European Fly Fishing Championships will be held on the 3rd-9th October in the Slupsk area of Central Pomerania, Poland, on the River Lupawa and Swan Pond.

Programme: logo2

3rd Oct – Opening Ceremony and Captains’ Meeting

4th Oct – Official Practice Sessions 1 & 2

5th Oct – Competition Sessions 1 & 2

6th Oct – Competition Session 3

7th Sept – Competition Sessions 4 & 5

8th Sept – Award & Closing Ceremony & Farewell Dinner

You will find more information at the official website here, and on their Facebook page here.


Team England FF will be represented by Ben Bangham, Andrew Croucher, Mike Dixon, Scott Nellins, Andy Cliffe and Martin Dixon (manager).

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2017 Rivers National Qualifiers

November 2016

Sunday 6th November – South East FF Federation – Lower Itchen fishery (Official Practice: Saturday 5th November) – Organiser: Tony Fox – Email: tony7fox@aol.com Mob: 07885 411654 – 17 St Johns Road Loughton Essex IG10 1RZ – Entry Form & Letter: riversqualifierletter2016

Sunday 13th November – R.Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA waters – Fished to a minimum 20cm size limit with fishing for grayling & trout in season – HQ: Hand Hotel, Llangollen – Joint Organisers: Mike Mason & Martin Dixon – Rivers Qualifier Entry Form: rivers-qualifier-entry-form Rivers Qualifiers Rules: rivers-qualifiers-rules Llangollen/Maelor AA Map: Maelor Angling WHOLE STRETCH Rivers Risk Assessment: NATFINRISKASSESSMENT2016

January 2017

Sunday 22nd January – R.Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA waters – Fished to a minimum 20cm size limit with fishing for grayling & trout in season – HQ: Hand Hotel, Llangollen – Joint Organisers: Mike Mason & Martin Dixon – Rivers Qualifier Entry Form: rivers-qualifier-entry-form Rivers Qualifiers Rules: rivers-qualifiers-rules Llangollen/Maelor AA Map: Maelor Angling WHOLE STRETCH Rivers Risk Assessment: NATFINRISKASSESSMENT2016

February 2017

Saturday 4th February – River Test, Wherwell – Organiser: Andy Croucher: 2 The Meadows, Gobowen, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 3JD – Email: andycroucher@hotmail.co.uk – Mobile (Norway): 0047 41840553

How to Enter: (a) Complete the first page of the admin instruction (see below), and send this via email to the organiser (andycroucher@hotmail.co.uk). Your place on the competitor list (or position on waiting list) will then be confirmed via email by the organiser. (b) Send a cheque for £30 made payable to ‘Angling Trust’ and a signed copy of the first page of the admin instruction to the organiser. This must be received before 27th Jan 2017. When your cheque is received the organiser will confirm your entry into the competition via email.

Costs: £30 AT TEFF Entry Fee (Cheque made payable to ‘Angling Trust’ sent to organiser by 27th Jan 2017). £20.50 Fishing Fees (payable in cash during registration on the day of the competition). Total cost £50.50. There is no admin fee for this competition.

Admin Instruction: wherwell-qualifier-2017

Note: A maximum of 30 entrants only will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The qualifier may be cancelled if there are less than 12 entries.

March 2017

Sunday 5th March – R.Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA waters – Fished to a minimum 20cm size limit with fishing for grayling & trout in season – HQ: Hand Hotel, Llangollen – Joint Organisers: Mike Mason & Martin Dixon – Rivers Qualifier Entry Form: rivers-qualifier-entry-form Rivers Qualifiers Rules: rivers-qualifiers-rules Llangollen/Maelor AA Map: Maelor Angling WHOLE STRETCH Rivers Risk Assessment: NATFINRISKASSESSMENT2016

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AT TEFF National Bank Championships 2016

National Finals – Chatton Trout Fishery

Saturday 6th May 2017 – AT TEFF National Bank Finals – Individuals

Sunday 7th May 2017 – Fritz n Flies Pairs National Bank Finals



Knitsley Mill heat – Sunday 12th June – Results: (Individual) 1.Jim Tuck 2.Gareth Tilley 3.Trevor Wadds – (Pairs) 1. Jim Tuck & Rob Frame – 14 fished – 48 fish caught – Rod av. 3.4

[Farmoor heat – Sunday 19th June – CANCELLED]

Sharpley heat – Saturday 25th June – Results: (Individual) 1.Anth Meadows 2.Deam Appleby 3.Rob Frame – (Pairs) 1. Dean & Glen Appleby

Innis heat – Sunday 26th June – Entry Forms – Individual Innis 26th june IND Pairs Innis 26th June pairs


[Westlow Mere heat – Saturday 2nd July – CANCELLED]

[Press Manor heat – Sunday 3rd July – CANCELLED]

Chatton heat – Saturday 9th July – Results: (Individual) 1.James Stephenson 2.Lee Wilkinson 3.Craig Crompton – (Pairs) 1. Lee Wilkinson & Conor Metcalf

Aldin Grange heat – Sunday 17th July – Entry Forms – Individual Aldin 17th july IND Pairs Aldin Grange 17th july pairs

Langley Dam heat – Saturday 23rd July – Results: (Individual) 1.Chris Micalleff 2.Conor Metcalf 3.Peter Davison – (Pairs) 1. Chris Micalleff & Peter Appleby

Thrunton heat – Saturday 30th July – Results: (Individual) 1.Simon Robinson 2.Howard Robison 3.Brian Davis – (Pairs) 1. Trevor Wadds & Brian Davis


Chatton heat – Sunday 21st August – Entry Forms – Individual Chatton 21st aug IND Pairs Chatton 21st aug pairs


Thornwood heat – Saturday 24th September – Entry Forms – Individual Thornwood 24th sept IND Pairs Thornwood 24th sept pairs

Westlow Mere heat – Saturday 24th September – Entry Forms – Individual Westlow Mere sat 24th sept IND Pairs Westlow mere 24th sept pairs

Press Manor heat – Sunday 25th September – Entry Forms – Individual Press Manor sun 25th sept IND Pairs Press manor 25th sept pairs


Elinor heat – Saturday 5th November – Entry Forms – Individual Elinor IND 5th nov Pairs Elinor pairs 5th nov

Ellerdine heat – Saturday 26th November – Entry Forms – Individual Ellerdine 26th Nov IND Pairs Ellerdine 26th nov pairs


Rib Valley heat – Sunday 4th December – Entry Forms – Individual Rib Valley 4th dec IND Pairs Rib Valley 4th dec pairs

January 2017

Black Dyke heat – Sunday 15th January – Entry Forms – Individual Black Dyke 15th jan 2017 IND Pairs Black Dyke 15th Jan 2017 pairs

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2016 Autumn Loch Style Home International, Llandegfedd

Country: WALES

Venue: Llandegfedd Reservoir

Dates: 20th to 24th September (incl)

Match date: 23rd September

Accommodation: Holiday Inn, Newport


  1. Scotland   35 fish  59lbs 1.50ozs
  2. Ireland   37 fish  57lbs 15.00ozs
  3. England  30 fish 47lbs 4.00ozs
  4. Wales   26 fish 38lbs 13.00ozs

Best Basket: Andrew Duncan (Ireland) 7 fish 12lbs 9.500ozs

Heaviest Trout: Peter Aucterlonie (Scotland) 2lbs 1.500ozs

Top English Rod: Phil Thompson 7 fish 12lbs 5.500ozs

AT TEFF was represented by: Stephen Peart (manager), John Hardy (captain), Craig  Barr, Dale Burgess, Ian Colclough, Peter Elliott, Harry Fox, Tom Gott, Gary Haskins, Mark Miles, John Pearn, Bill Rankin, Mark Rooney, Philip Thompson & Graham Willis.

Congratulations to Scotland on a tight victory.

Full Results: iffa2016autumn


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36th FIPS-Mouche World Championships, Vail, Colorado, USA, 10th-18th September 2016

The 36th 2016 FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship was held on the 10th-18th September in Vail, Colorado, USA, on the Eagle, Colorado and Blue Rivers and Sylvan Lake.

Programme: 12079154_1650500555232081_1197386586085814879_n

11th Sept – Captains’ Meeting, Parade of Team, Opening Ceremony and Welcome Dinner

12th Sept – Official Practice Sessions 1 & 2

13th Sept – Official Practice Sessions 3 & 4

14th Sept – Competition Sessions 1 & 2

15th Sept – Competition Session 3 & Free Session 4

14370408_883907395073569_9214554503143758042_n16th Sept – Competition Sessions 5 & 6

17th Sept – Conservation Symposium, Medal Presentation, Closing Ceremony & Awards Banquet

You will find more information at the official website here, and on their Facebook page here. 14316874_1180477728639281_957295021541654610_n

John Horsey also covered this event on his Facebook page here, as did FIPS-Mouche here.

Team England FF was represented by Howard Croston, Phil Dixon, John Horsey, Simon Robinson, Andrew Scott and Paul Page (manager). dscf2404

Session 1: England scored two 13th places (Phil Dixon and John Horsey – on the lake), a 14th (Andrew Scott), and a 15th place (Howard Croston), finishing in 17th place out of 22 teams. France took an early lead, ahead of Slovakia, with Spain 3rd and the Czech Republic in 4th place. session-1-teamss 14344767_1157238277666227_7468618314191818840_n

Session 2: A better performance saw England move up to 14th place, with a 5th place for Howard Croston and 6th places for Simon Robinson and John Horsey. Although Team USA moved into 2nd place, France extended their lead at 46 points to 68, with Spain and Slovakia both on 72 in 3rd and 4th place, and the Czechs 5th with 73.  session-2-teamss-cumm Individually, Jon Stagg of Australia was in the lead with 3 points, one ahead of France’s Sebastien Delcor and Pat Weiss of the USA.

Session 3: Despite another 6th place to Simon Robinson, England slipped  to 15th place in this session. Team USA continued to do well, closing the gap between them and the French (still in 1st place) to just one point, 85 to 86. Spain also had a good session, remaining at 3rd place with 93 points. session3-teams-cum With a 1st and two 3rds, Sebastien Delcor of France is currently in 1st place, one point ahead of Lance Egan (USA), with Julien Daguillanes (France) 3rd, and Pat Weiss (USA) 4th, both with 9 points. session3-indivs-cum

[Session 4 is a free session. The next competition session, Session 5, begins at 9.00am (local time) on Friday] 

Session 5: Phil Dixon got a 4th in his section, and Howard Croston an 8th, but England ended this session in 16th place. Spain continued to improve, moving up to 1st place overall with 106 points, ahead of France with 120 and the USA with 123 points. session5-teams-cum A 2nd place moved Julien Daguillanes of France into the Individual lead with 11 points, one ahead of Lance Egan (USA) on 12, with Jordi Cortina (Spain) 3rd with 13 points. session5-indivs-cum

Session 6: Andrew Scott came 4th in his section in the final session, with Phil Dixon getting a 6th place and Simon Robinson a 7th on the lake, to see England finish the championship in 15th place. Spain extended their lead to end up the World Champions with 133 points, with France 2nd with 150 points, and the USA 3rd with 162 points. session6-teams-cum team-winners Individually, another 2nd place saw Julien Daguillanes become World Champion (with a 7th, two 1sts and two 2nds) on 13 points, with Jordi Cortana (Spain) 2nd with 14, and Lance Egan (USA) 3rd with 18 points. session6-indivs-cum








Out & About Fly Fishing Champs – Practice Sessions

Google Earth Virtual Tour

The America Cup, Inc. brings The World Fly Fishing Championships to USA

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2016 Loch-style National Final, Chew Valley Lake, 10th-11th September 2016

The 2016 Loch-style National Final was fished at Chew Valley Lake on 10th & 11th September.

Top 10 places + Qualifiers for 2017 Home International Loch-style Teams: index_002-version-2

  1. Mike Dixon (14 pts) – 2016 National Loch-style Champion 
  2. Mark Miles (19 pts)
  3. Tom Gott (26 pts)
  4. Mark Haycock (27 pts)
  5. Nikki Long (34 pts)
  6. Mark Rooney (35 pts)
  7. Phil Shaw-Browne (35 pts)
  8. Thomas Bird (38 pts)
  9. Iain Barr (38 pts)
  10. Antony Donnelly (42 pts)

Other qualifiers: John Braithwaite, David Bromley, Roger Truscott, Ed Foster, Andy Cottam, Dave Summers, Mark Tremain-Coker, Tony Fox, Alex Johnstone, Steve Smalley, Mark Rose, Ed Smith, Tom Speake, Nick Dunn, Ryan Feber, Craig Barr, Andy Taylor & Matt Kingdom.



Full Results here

Congratulations to all the qualifiers for doing well over what was a tough two days!

Loch-style Co-ordinator Ian Colclough reports: This final was again held over two days with 102 anglers from all parts of England competing. Anglers had reached this stage having qualified through various heats around the country throughout the year.

Practice days were extremely challenging with bright sun and strong winds making the fishing difficult. Day One of the Final saw a change to overcast skies and near calm conditions. However this did not make the fishing any easier and many experienced anglers struggled to catch. Day Two was relatively calm but the sun reappeared and the fishing became even more difficult. Many large trout also came to the scales and some anglers were fortunate to latch in to one or two of these. The results were tight and anglers who prospered on Day One found that they slipped out of the top slots on Day Two, while others crept up to take an England cap.

Many methods were employed, from dry fly fishing to pulling lures and nymphs. 

The 28 top anglers will form the two England Teams for next year, and will fish at either Chew in the Spring or Menteith, Scotland in the Autumn.

Press Release: press-release

The Angling Trust reports: Mike Dixon has been crowned this year’s Angling Trust Team England Fly Fishing National Loch-Style champion after a challenging two-day final held at Chew Valley Lake.

Mike’s splendid performance over both days saw him land eight fish to 3lb 10oz to pip last year’s champion Mark Miles.

Over 100 anglers had qualified for the ATTEFF final through a series of heats held all over the country but found catching tough right from the start of practice days when they were greeted with bright sunshine and strong winds.

Day one of the final saw a change in the weather with overcast skies and near calm conditions but the fishing remained tough with many experienced anglers struggling to catch. With the sun returning for day two, the fishing didn’t get any easier.

It resulted in a tight competition which saw a number of anglers who prospered on day one slipping out of the top spots by the end, including overnight leader John Hardy who failed to add to his tally of six fish on day one.

Eventual winner Mike Dixon, however, maintained his form over both days. His five fish on day one put him in eighth spot with a total weight of 10lb 9oz, and on day two he finished sixth on the day and first overall after landing a further three fish with a total weight of 8lb 7oz.

Runner-up Mark Miles followed up his three fish on day one – the best weighing 4lb 3oz – with seven on day two, while third place went to Tom Gott who found five fish on day one and three on day two, the best on both days weighing 2lb 12oz.

Biggest fish on day one was landed by Matt Kingdom at 6lb 3oz while Andy Haskins took the honours on day two with a fish of 4lb 14oz.

There were 189 fish caught on day one with 135 on day two. With the conditions proving challenging, many anglers resorted to a variety of methods from dry fly fishing to pulling lures and nymphs.

The 28 top anglers will form the two Angling Trust Team England Fly Fishing teams for next year and will fish at either Chew in the spring or Menteith, Scotland, in the autumn.

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2016 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada: 28th August-1st September CWFFC_Logo_Bilingue

15 teams are competing in this non-AT TEFF event, including South Africa (Women & Men), England (Women & Men), Australia (Gold & Green), Canada (White & Red), Scotland (Women & Men), the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, and Wales.

The event consists of 5 sessions over two and a half days on three lakes and two river sectors. The three lake sectors are Lac Barrière, Lac Renversi and Lac des Îles. The river sessions are on the Rivière du Diable.

England is represented by:

Women – Sheena Goode (Manager), Andrea Smith & Lynda Steele.

Men – David Grove (Captain/Manager), Stephen Ebdon, Andrew Gooding, Bernie Maher, John Tyzack & Stuart Wardle.

After the first session, Australia Gold were leading, ahead of Canada Red, with England Men in third place. Dave Grove won his session, with Stuart Wardle and Bernie Maher both getting 3rd places.

After some good performances by the Canadian teams in the second session, Canada Red moved into the lead with 37 points, with Canada White second on 51, and New Zealand third on 56 points. England Men dropped to 6th place. Canadians made up the top six individual places, with Dave Grove 8th.

In the third session Canada White moved into first place, with 71 points, with Australia Gold second on 78, and Canada Gold third on 79 points. England Gold remained at 6th with 92 points. Keefer Pitfield of Canada White was the top individual with 5 points, while Dave Grove moved up to second with 6 points, one point ahead of Michael Nolan of Australia Gold. Bernie Maher was 14th.

Canada White continued to do well in the fourth and final sessions, winning the team championship with 112 points, well ahead of Scotland Men who finished 2nd with 154 points, four ahead of Australia Gold in third place. England Men finished in 6th place. Individually, Canadian anglers took the top four places, with Dave Grove finishing in 7th place. Kenneth Ferguson and Campbell Baird from Northern Ireland were 5th and 6th, while Robert Irvine of Scotland Men finished 10th.

You can find out more about this event here, and on their Facebook page here

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2016 Rivers National

This was fished on Llangollen/Maelor AA water of the River Dee, Llangollen.

1st. Andrew Scott – Total Fish 40 – Total Fish Points 1913 – Total Placing Points 4

(2016 National Rivers Champion) 

2016 National Rivers Champion: Andrew Scott

2016 National Rivers Champion: Andrew Scott

2nd. Phil Dixon – Total Fish 29 – Total Fish Points 1416 – Total Placing Points 6

3rd. Steve Cullen – Total Fish 18 – Total Fish Points 901 – Total Placing Points 7

4th. Andy Ford – Total Fish 12 – Total Fish Points 643 – Total Placing Points 9

5th. Fred Bainbridge – Total Fish 26 – Total Fish Points 1267 – Total Placing Points 10

6th. Simon Robinson – Total Fish 25 – Total Fish Points 1193 – Total Placing Points 10


2nd: Phil Dixon

2nd: Phil Dixon 

3rd: Steve Cullen

3rd: Steve Cullen 

Full Results: RIVERS FINAL 2016

Report by Martin Dixon, Organiser:

With the river well rested and settled water conditions at last! I was confident that the Dee would fish well, and so it proved.

The Monday was dry and still, and from the off anglers were catching on a variety of methods. Beat A, above Llangollen, was expected to produce the most fish, and though grayling, browns and the odd sea trout were caught consistently, it was Beat B around the Golf Course which produced the most fish, with Andrew Scott taking two first placings in the afternoon. 

Again large numbers of fish were caught on the Tuesday. Over the competition over 400 fish of 20cms+ were caught, measured and safely returned. By far the greatest numbers came off Beat D, the Country Park. In the morning Andrew Scott had another two firsts, so that Phil Dixon in the afternoon knew that his excellent, consistent performance could only be good enough for second place. Beat C, the dreaded Ddol Isaf was inconsistent, though large numbers were caught in the wood where Steve Cullen and Andy Ford enjoyed excellent returns. 

4th: Andy Ford

4th: Andy Ford

Thanks to the Hand Hotel who always look after anglers very well, especially in our qualifiers and this final. Many thanks to the Llangollen/Maelor club for the use of their excellent waters.  

5th: Fred Bainbridge

5th: Fred Bainbridge 

Reserve: Simon Robinson

Reserve: Simon Robinson

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2016 Rivers National

2016 Rivers National: Llangollen Maelor AA water, R.Dee – 1st-2nd August 2016

The Rivers National Final will return to the Dee in 2016. The event will be based at the Hand Hotel and fished on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd August.

Final Rivers Qualifier Results & Allocations: 2015-2016 Rivers Qualifiers Entries Results (j)

NB: There were seven cases of Pre-Qualifying, where entrants who had already qualified, finished in a qualifying position a second or third time. When this happened, their qualifying place was given to the next highest finishing entrant in that Qualifier. These were: 1. Cameron Craigs: Having already qualified on the 24th Oct 2015, his reserve place on the 8th Nov 2015 went to Andrew Green, and his qualifying place on the 6th Feb 2016 went to Martin Burgess – 2. Martin Dixon: Having already qualified on the 24th Jan 2016, his qualifying place on the 3rd April 2016 went to Mark Withyman – 3. Phil Dixon: Having already qualified on the 24th Jan 2016, his qualifying place on the 13th Mar 2016 went to Tom Speak – 4. Andy Cliffe: Having already qualified on the 13th Mar 2016, his qualifying place on the 3rd April 2016 went to Chris Richardson – 5. Tom Gott: Having already qualified on the 13th Mar 2016, his qualifying place on the 3rd April 2016 went to Ian Greenwood – 6. Chris Richardson: Having qualified on the 3rd April 2016, his reserve place on the 13th Mar 2016 went to Carl Nixon – 7. Ian Greenwood: Having already qualified on the 3rd April 2016, his qualifying place on the 24th April 2016 went to Stan Moore.    

Finalists Pack – for all Rivers National Final Qualifiers: 


Llangollen/Maelor AA Map Maelor Angling WHOLE STRETCH

Rivers National Beat Rotation NATFINBEATROTATION2016

Rivers National Event Timetable NATFINEVENTTIMETABLE2016

Rivers National Risk Assessment NATFINRISKASSESSMENT2016

Organiser – Martin Dixon

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2016 Rivers National Qualifiers

2016 Rivers National: Llangollen Maelor AA water, R.Dee – 1st-2nd August 2016

Some dates have already been arranged, others will be added in due course. Note that following a vote taken at the 2013 TEFF AGM, you can enter as many Rivers Qualifiers as you like, and are no longer restricted to just the one.

To clarify:

1. An individual will be allowed to enter and fish as many River Qualifiers as they wish, as long as they have recognised the unique cut-off date for each of the various River Qualifiers, and providing they have paid for each Qualifier they have entered, including the TEFF Entry Fee, the Federation Surcharge, and the Fishery Charge.

2. It is up to each entrant to decide and manage which Qualifier they enter. However, if they successfully qualify at more than one Qualifier, the earliest qualification will stand, and any subsequent qualifications will be awarded to the next in line at that particular Qualifier.

3. The number of entrants that fished each Federation Qualifier will be used to decide the number of places in the National Final awarded to each Federation Qualifier on a pro rata basis.

Final Allocations, Entries & Results Spreadsheet: 2015-2016 Rivers Qualifiers Entries Results (j)

October 2015

Sat 24th October – Southern FF – R.Test, Broadlands Estate – Organiser: Simon Lucas – Overall Results: 1. Howard Croston 2. Cameron Craigs 3. Adam Sinclair 4. Malcolm Hunt 5. Lewis Hendrie 6. Andy Ford – Results: Broadlands qualifier results 2015 – More details on Southern FF web page

November 2015

Sun 8th November – South East FF Federation – Lower Itchen fishery – (Official Practice: Sat 7th November) – Organisers: Tony Fox & Mike Heritage – Overall Results: 1. Harry Fox 2. Harry Green 3. Lee Bartlett 4. Tony Fox 5. Mike Heritage 6. Cameron Craigs – Results Letter: Rivers results letter 2015 – More details on South East Federation web page

January 2016

Sun 24th January (Reserve date: Sunday 31st January) – Severn Trent Federation – R. Dee, Llangollen/Maelor Angling waters – Overall Results: 1. Martin Dixon 2. Phil Dixon 3. Scott Nellins 4. Gilliaum Vermeulen 5. Steve Cullen 6. Chris Richardson – Overall Results – Qualifier 24.01.16 – More details on Severn Trent Federation web page

February 2016

Sat 6th February – R.Test, Wherwell – Organiser: Andrew Croucher – Overall Results: 1. Simon Robinson 2. Andy Croucher 3. Cameron Craigs 4. Martin Burgess 5. Trevor Hayman 6. Ben Bangham – Report & Full Results: AT TEFF River Qualifer Wherwell Report Feb 2016

March 2016

Sun 13th March – Severn Trent Federation – R. Dee, Llangollen/Maelor Angling waters. – Overall Results: 1. Tony Baldwin 2. Phil Dixon 3. Tom Speak 4. M Tyndall 5. Andy Cliffe 6. S Clarke 7. Tom Gott  – Full Results: Severn-Trent Fed – Dee qualifier results 13-3-16 – More details on Severn Trent Federation web page

April 2016

Sun 3rd April – Northern FF Federation – R. Dee, Maelor – Overall Results: 1. Martin Dixon 2. Andy Cliffe 3. Tom Gott 4. Mark Withyman 5. Chris Richardson 6. Ian Greenwood – Full results: 2016 Score Card (River Dee) Results Summary – More details on Northern FF Fed web page

Sun 24th April – Northern FF Federation – R. Ure, Wensley – Overall Results: 1. Fred Bainbridge 2. Jon Barnes 3. Andrew Scott 4. Ian Greenwood 5. Stan Moore 6. Mike Dixon – Full results: 2016 Score Card (River Ure) Results Summary 2016 Score Card (River Ure) Results Summary – More details on Northern FF Fed web page

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