2018 Rivers National Qualifiers

2017-2018 River Qualifiers Entries & Results spreadsheet: 2017-2018 Rivers Qualifiers Entries Results (e)

November 2017

Sunday 5th November – South East FF Federation – Lower Itchen fishery (Official Practice: Saturday 4th November) – Organiser: Tony Fox – Results: 1. Mike Heritage 2. Andrew Green 3. Jay Curry 4. Baz Reece 5. Andy Ford 6. Tony Fox – Full Results: Lower Itchen results 2017

January 2018

Saturday 27th January – River Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA Waters – Qualifier Cancelled. Date now Saturday 21st July (see below). Preference given to 27/1/18 Entrants. Fished to a minimum 20cm size limit with fishing for grayling & trout in season – HQ: Hand Hotel, Llangollen – Organiser: Carl Nixon, Northern Federation – Entry Form and Risk Assessment 27-01-18 00538 (PP)

February 2018

Saturday 3rd February – River Test, Wherwell – Organiser: Andrew Croucher – Results: 1. Adam Sinclair 2. Alex Adams 3. Andrew Green 4. Andy Ford 5. Cameron Craigs 6. Andy Deacon – Full Results: Wherwell Results 3rd Feb 2018

Saturday 17th February – River Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA Waters – Organiser: Carl Nixon, Northern Federation – Results: 1. Mark Withyman 2. Kevin Moran 3. Peter Scholes 4. Tom Hunt 5. Paul Runec 6. Tom Speak – Full Results: Qualifier 17.02.18 

April 2018

Sunday 8th April – River Ure, Wensley – Bolton Castle Estate waters – Organiser: Paul Page – Fished to a minimum 20cm size limit with fishing for trout – HQ: Three Horseshoes Inn, Wensley, Leyburn, N. Yorkshire. DL8 4HJ – 2018 River Ure Qualifier Entry Form, Rules & Risk Assessment 2018 River Ure Qualifier Entry Form_ Rules & Risk Assessment – 2018 River Ure Beat Map 2018 River Ure Beat Map

Friday 20th April – River Eden – R. Eden, Sandford – from Black Syke Bridge upstream to Warcop (Appleby AA water) – Organiser: Jeremy Lucas ­– Trout only; from 12 to 20 competitors – In this event (and in any practice days), IFFA rules will apply. Additionally, there will be a strictly enforced rule to preclude the use of the ‘bung’. Any form of foam or cork bodied indicator fly will not be allowed. Dry flies used in methods such as trio and duo, should be flies that can reasonably be expected to take a fish. Also, ‘shuffling’ is to be completely avoided. There are species of upwing fly in the Eden which are now nationally rare. Appleby Angling members will be observing from time to time, while AT TEFF organisers will also be present. We have to be seen to be fishing this river in an environmentally responsible way – Details of practice day tickets and a map of the AAA waters will be published in due course. 2018 River Eden Qualifier Entry Form, Rules & Risk Assessment: 2018 River Eden Qualifier Entry Form, Rules & Risk Assessment (a)

July 2018

Saturday 21st July – River Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA Waters (rearranged qualifier) – Fished to a minimum 20cm size limit with fishing for grayling & trout in season – HQ: Hand Hotel, Llangollen – Organiser: Carl Nixon, Northern Federation – Entry Forms & £30 Cheques payable to FYFF to reach Carl Nixon at MatchmanFlies@gmail.com before July 15th. Limited to 24 anglers. Entry Form, Rules & Risk Assessment: 2018 River Dee 210718 Entry & RA (Beat Map with beat limits to follow).

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2018 Rivers National

We have been very fortunate to have been offered the Appleby Angling Association waters of the River Eden to hold a Qualifier and the National Final for 2018. It is our hope that we can use these waters for many years ahead, with Elite Performance Programme (EPP) sessions, Qualifiers and National Finals, and the possibility of the IFFA Rivers International in 2022. Rivers with such potential are extremely difficult to find in England, and to retain these, long term, has proved historically challenging. The experience we have in 2018 is crucial to keeping the Eden as one of our AT TEFF waters. The populations of trout and grayling are entirely wild.

Dates have been set as follows:

Qualifier: Friday, 20th April – R. Eden, Sandford – from Black Syke Bridge upstream to Warcop (trout only; from 12 to 20 competitors)

England River National Final: Thursday-Friday, 27th-28th September – R. Eden, Sandford – from Black Syke Bridge upstream to Warcop, plus Holme Farm/Crackenthorpe – from Colby Laithes (confluence of Hoff Beck with the Eden) upstream to Holme Farm Bridge  (32 competitors)

In both these events (and in any practice days), IFFA rules will apply. Additionally, there will be a strictly enforced rule to preclude the use of the ‘bung’. Any form of foam or cork bodied indicator fly will not be allowed. Dry flies used in methods such as trio and duo, should be flies that can reasonably be expected to take a fish. Also, ‘shuffling’ is to be completely avoided. There are species of upwing fly in the Eden which are now nationally rare. Appleby Angling members will be observing from time to time, while AT TEFF organisers will also be present. We have to be seen to be fishing this river in an environmentally responsible way.

Details of practice day tickets and a map of the AAA waters will be published in due course.

Jeremy Lucas, Rivers Team Manager

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Angling Trust launches new Loch-Style Team Championship fly fishing competition

The Angling Trust has teamed up with Scientific Anglers to introduce a new loch style fly fishing competition with an exciting new format and big prize fund.

The two-day competition will be for teams of six anglers and be held at Draycote Water  and Eyebrook Fishery on the 30th June and 1st July 2018. Based on a sell out of 30 teams, the prize pot will reach a whopping £8,500 and Scientific Anglers will provide prizes from their range of products.

The competition will be open to both Angling Trust and non-Angling Trust member clubs or match groups from the UK and abroad.

The competition will be fished to international rules and scored on a full catch, measure and release basis. Each angler will fish both Draycote and Eyebrook over the course of the event and the combined team length in centimetres over the two days will determine the overall result and winning team.

Entry fees are all inclusive and cover fishing permits and boat hire for two days, the cost of entering for Angling Trust member clubs is just £450, equivalent to £75 per person while non member clubs entry fee is £500. Individual membership is not a requirement to compete. In addition to the discounted entry fee, Angling Trust member clubs will also receive priority access to tickets. Angling Trust Club/Match Group membership starts at £60 and clubs can find more information on the Angling Trust website.

Entry to the competition for Angling Trust member clubs opens on 5th February 2018 and non members can enter from 5th March 2018, with the closing date on Sunday 10th June 2018. Entries for the competition will be via the Trust’s online booking system.

Ben Thompson, Angling Trust’s Senior Competitions Manager, said: “We want to actively promote and encourage team fly fishing but we understand it can be expensive when travel, accommodation, practice and entry fees are factored in. We have structured this new competition in such a way that it minimises those costs for competitors because there are no heats or qualifiers and teams go straight into a big money match.

“The format of the competition will enable anglers to fish in the same boat as their team mates but the use of boat stewards will allow us to regulate the match and protect the integrity of the competition which will ensure a fair and even playing field for all competitors.”

The Loch Style Team Championship is the first phase of the Angling Trust’s plan to create more competitive opportunities for grassroots game anglers. The Trust is also piloting a new approach to entry to its competitions by offering priority access and discounted entry to members while opening events to non Angling Trust members in an effort to increase participation.

More details: www.anglingtrust.net/lochstyleteamchampionship

Bookings at www.anglingtrustevents.net

Poster: Loch Style Team Champs poster v4.3

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2018 Loch-style Qualifiers


Entries for this year’s Qualifiers will open on 1st March at 8.00am. Entries will only be taken on-line and through the Angling Trust dedicated website – link below.

Significant changes have been made for 2018 and details can be found by clicking the Google Drive link below. This link will open a dedicated folder containing all the documents you will need to read.

The Angling Trust dedicated entry site is


Access to all the documents is at


Any problems please only email the Qualifiers Organiser Ian Colclough on  flyfisher1@btinternet.com

You can now see all major competitions on the link below. It is possible for you to set up alerts to you home PC, laptop or mobile. This way you will know when dates are added or deleted. Comp results will be posted in the calendar for the loch-style events soon after the day they are fished.

This is the link – save it to your favorites.


Poster: Loch Style National Poster 2018 v2


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AT TEFF Bank National Restructure

AT TEFF has undertaken a review of the Bank National and has produced the following document outlining our approach to the competition and changes will be implanted for the 2018/19 Bank National.

AT TEFF Bank National Restructure 2018-19 & beyond – FINAL

AT TEFF Bank National Restructure 2018-19 & beyond – FINAL

Ben Thompson, Senior Competitions & Performance Manager, AT TEFF

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AT TEFF National Bank Championships 2017/18

National Final – Chatton fishery – Sunday 6th May 2018

This competition consists of 3 stages:

  1. Local Qualifiers (4 North, 4 South)
  2. Regional Eliminators (1 North, 1 South)
  3. National Final

1. Qualifiers

8 qualifying events will be held around the country between June and November. Note: Entries for qualifiers will close on the Wednesday prior to the qualifier being fished. A maximum of 24 rods are available of each event. The top 6 anglers from each qualifier will progress to either a Northern or a Southern Regional Eliminator, depending on the venue from which they qualified. Entry fee is £15 per event, there are no restrictions on the number of events you can enter. Fishing fees are additional to your entry fee and are payable on the day of the event. Entries for the next qualifier will be opened the day after the previous qualifier.

Each stage of the competition will be fished to FIPS Mouche rules.


Enter via the Angling Trust Game Fishing Events website page here >>


Press Manor – Sunday 4th June 2017Results: 1. Rob Frame 2. Peter Davison 3. Colin Harris 4. Tim Gilchrist 5. Lee Cartmail 6. Jim Tuck (top 6 qualify)

Chatton – Sunday 9th July 2017 Results: 1. Gareth Tilley 2. Carl Nixon 3. Alec Harvey 4. Trevor Wadds 5. Craig Crompton 6. Rob Sharpe (top 6 qualify)

[Sharpley – Sunday 10th September 2017 – CANCELLED]

Knitsley Mill – Sunday 15th October 2017 Results: 1. David Neilson 2. Chris Micallef 3. Aaron Copeland 4. Conor Metcalf 5. Lee Wilkinson 6. Jack Hardy (Fish caught: 61 – rod av: 4.6 – Top 6 qualify)

Sharpley – Sunday 3rd December 2017 Results: 1. Steve Greathead 2. Andrew Taylor 3. Simon Lee 4. Ben Race 5. Iain Scott 6. James Stephenson (top 6 qualify)


Innis – Sunday 9th July 2017 Results: 1. Jed Stone 2. John Huckings 3. Paul Jones 4. Steve Wiggins 5. Alex Johnstone 6. Dave Johns (top 6 qualify)

Ellerdine – Sunday 12th November 2017 – Results: 1. Mark Harrison 2. Ollie Jenkinson 3. Graham Kennerley 4. Anthony Meadows 5. Ed Upton 6. Jimmy Edwards (top 6 qualify)

Rib Valley – Sunday 3rd December 2017 – Results: 1. Paul Heskey 2. Ed Foster 3. Bill McIllroy 4. Lee Bartlett 5. Ian Watts 6. Sean Brooks (top 6 qualify) 

Blackdyke – Sunday 28th January 2018 – Results: 1. Craig Barr 2. Brian Lillie 3. Dave Franklin 4. Richard Lindsey 5. Tom Finney 6. Jonathan Fromant (top 6 qualify)

Please note Tom Finney caught 8 fish during the match however his first 5 fish were disqualified after an official inspected his fly and found the barb was not fully crushed down. In line with AT TEFF rules, fish caught prior to and during the session where the official inspected the fly, were removed from Tom’s score card which reduced Tom’s overall catch of 8 fish to 3 fish which were caught in the afternoon. The local organiser reported the infringement to AT TEFF, the incident was reviewed by the AT TEFF executive and a final decision made. Tom’s score minus the disqualified fish was still sufficient for him to take 5th place, and to qualify from the heat and progress to the South Regional Eliminator.


2. Regional Eliminators

Northern: Thrunton Long Crag, Northumberland – Sunday 11th March 2018

Southern: Elinor Trout Fishery, Kettering – Sunday 18th March 2018

Entry fee to a Regional Eliminator is £15, with the top 12 placed anglers from each of the Regional Eliminators invited to fish in the National Final.


3. National Final

The AT TEFF National Final will be held at Chatton fishery on Sunday 6th May 2018. Entry fee is £15. 24 anglers will compete for the title of National Bank Champion and a place in the 2018 England Bank team.

Please note: To compete in the Bank National Final you must be a valid member of the Angling Trust. You can join here >>

National Final Rules: ATTEFF FINAL RULES

The Bank National co-ordinator is Jim Tuck. You can contact Jim Tuck with any queries on 07985232437.


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Team England FF announce 2018 World Squad selection

Angling Trust’s Team England Fly Fishing announced today its World squad for the 38th FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship which will be held in the North East of Italy, at Camano Terme, Trentino in September 2018. The Championship will be held over 5 sessions fished on the Sarca, Noce, Chiese Rivers, and Cornisello Reservoir.

The squad will be led by Paul Page as Captain and Manager with Team Members Andrew Scott, Simon Robinson, Phil Dixon, Howard Croston and Scott Nellins.

The Squad are expected to fly out to Milan a week before the Championship for practice and tactical development.

Press Release: 2018 World Team press release

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2018 AT Team England Home International Loch-style teams

Spring Home International Loch-style team 2018, Lough Mask, Friday 11th May

Stephen Peart (manager), Ron Gent (captain), Charlie Abrahams, Rob Allan, Iain Barr, Sam Bailey, Martin Burgess, Martin Introna, Tim Joyce, Mark Mathieson, Mark Thomas, Phil Thompson, Robert Toptalo, Graham Willis & Mark Withyman

Autumn Home International Loch-style team 2018, Llyn Brenig, Friday 7th September

Paul Angell (manager), John Horsey (captain), David Bromley, Ashley Davis, Tom Davis, Paul Golding, John Hardy, Paul Haskey, Malcolm Hunt, Mike Lightfoot, Eddie Mitchell, Stephen Peart, Leigh Pond, Ben Race & Paul Runec

Congratulations and the best of luck to everyone involved.

England Loch Style teams 2018: England Loch Style teams 2018

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2017 Bank Home International, Forbes of Kingennie, Scotland

The 2017 Bank Home International was held at Forbes of Kingennie country resort, near Dundee, Scotland, on Wednesday 25th October.


  1. England – 104 total placings – 65 fish – longest fish 57.6 – 67180 fish points
  2. Scotland – 144 total placings – 50 fish – longest fish 76.9 – 53460 fish points
  3. Wales – 154 total placings – 48 fish – longest fish 67.0 – 49900 fish points
  4. Ireland – 198 total placings – 37 fish – longest fish 66.8 – 38660 fish points

Individually, Glenn Appleby (England) was 1st, with Gareth Tilley (England) 2nd, and James Stephenson (England) 4th.

Full Results: 2017 Bank Inter Results

Representing AT Team England FF were: James Stephenson, Glenn Appleby (captain), Colin Harris, Gareth Tilley, Ed Upton, Ben Race, Lee Cartmail (reserve), and Alan Jenkins (manager). Congratulations on a great result!

The AT Team England FF Bank team would like to thank their sponsors:

Snowbee (shirts)

Craghoppers (fleeces)

Grantz (clothing)

Ed Upton of Ellerdine Lakes (fly-tying materials)

The best of luck to everyone involved.

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2017 Autumn Loch Style Home International, Lake of Menteith


Venue: Lake of Menteith

Dates: 12th to 16th September (incl.)

Match date: Friday 15th September

Accommodation: Buchanan Arms Hotel, Drymen

Another win for AT Team England FF! Following gold at the Spring Loch-style International at Chew, Team England FF achieved another convincing victory at the Lake of Menteith.


  1. England 101 fish 4214.2 pts 
  2. Wales 65 fish 2757.3 pts
  3. Ireland 64 fish 2730.8 pts
  4. Scotland 63 fish 2711.0 pts

Best Basket & Top English Rod: Iain Barr (England) 17 fish 712.0 pts

Best Fish: Iain Barr (England) 64.0 cms 

AT Team England was represented by: Stephen Peart (manager), Iain Barr (captain), Craig Barr, Tom Bird, Martin Burgess, Mike Dixon, Tony Donnelly, Ed Foster, Tony Fox, Tom Gott, Mark Rooney, Phil Shaw-Browne, Tom Speak, Andy Taylor & Mark Tremain-Coker.

Congratulations to all AT TEFF members for another great performance.

Full Results: iffa2017autumn

Manager Stephen Peart reports: Following on from the convincing win for AT Team England at the Spring Loch Style International held at Chew Valley, the Autumn team were feeling the pressure to replicate a similar result in Scotland. The Autumn AT England team had a youthful appearance with five of the fourteen team members under the age of 30, adding a youthful vibrancy which was complemented with seasoned Internationals and three first-time caps.  Iain Barr had been appointed captain due to his previous experience, energetic personality and ability to lead anglers in a match that historically has a highly charged competitive edge. 

Three days of variable weather conditions, ranging from moderate winds and sun to perfect balmy overcast conditions, meant that each day of practice provided very different challenges for anglers from the four home nations. The teams identified that a lot of fish were to be found in Gateside Bay around to Stable Point, and from Stable Point down to the Mallings.

During practice the England team quickly identified these areas fished differently depending on the conditions. When it was sunny and windy Di3 and Di5 lines fished with a four fly cast consisting of either two Fabs or Boobies with Diawl Bachs sandwiched between caught consistently. The Fabs were either Biscuit or Tequila in sizes 10 to 14, while the Boobies used were either a Cat Booby or a Candy Booby. The Diawl Bachs were quite flashy, with pearl and red holographic ribbed flies the main patterns, which were fished very slowly and hung deep.  When the winds dropped the England team fished the Snowbee 3ft Buzzer Tip line with the same combination of flies, fished washing line style.  

Team England also identified the shallow water from Reedy Bay down to the Hotel Bay holding a large head of fish which responded well to floating line techniques. During practice Tony Fox and Andrew Taylor caught well on small Orange F Fly, Yellow Owl and Hare’s Ear Culs finding favour with the obliging trout.  Otter Bay also responded well to dry fly tactics but as this area tended to hold residential trout, the area only fished for the England team when the conditions were favourable and the trout rising freely. Tom Bird enjoyed some fantastic sport during the Wednesday practice taking ten rainbows in a hectic two hour spell on Black Midas dries. 

Lochend was the final area that held a good head of fish and again this area responded well to both the Snowbee 3ft Buzzer Tip and Booby/Fab combination with Diawl Bachs, and Dries when the conditions allowed. 

As match day dawned the weather was cloudy and overcast. As is traditional in an England Squad, Iain Barr delivered the daily captain’s team meeting and briefing on match tactics and individual expectations. The match tactic was to get as many English rods into the area from Mallings to Gateside Bay and effectively block off the area from the other competing nations. To do this we would require luck in the toss of the coin for captaincy and control of the boat. As I talked to all of the team members prior to the match start it was apparent that the coin toss had been kind and at least 8 English boats had won control of the boat for the first two hours. 

At the off, half of the field headed towards Gateside Bay, with an even split of boats heading towards Lochend and Otter Bay, with a further 6 boats heading into Hotel Bay. The tactics that had worked well in practice were still working on match day. Tom Speak, fishing his first International Loch Style match, had two fish from Reedy Bay on Dries in the first ten minutes, which quickly settled any pre-match nerves. As the match wore on it was becoming obvious that the England team were catching consistently, with information being filtered around the team on who was fishing where and the best methods. The English team managed to execute their plan perfectively with eight boats spread from Mallings to Gateside Bay catching constantly, and with no other teams around to challenge, accumulated a match wining total.

Iain Barr had 17 fish for the match to claim the Brown Bowl. He concentrated his efforts from Mallings down to Gateside Bay for the entire match. He fished a Snowbee Buzzer Tip line for the first two hours with the Fab/Diawl Bach combination accounting for eight of his 17 trout. As the wind got up and the sun came out he changed between Di3 and Di5 lines with the same cast of flies to continue catching a superb bag of trout. Second placed angler in the match was England’s Martin Burgess who also had 17 trout for the match, narrowly missing out on the top individual spot. Martin also fished Gateside around to the Mallings using an Airflo 6ft Slow Tip with a Cat Booby/Diawl Bach combination. A brilliant catch by both anglers. England then blocked out the three top individual spots with Tony Fox landing 10 fish. He caught two from Otter Bay on his Orange F-Fly in the first hour of the match before also moving into Gateside Bay where he took another fish on his Orange F-Fly dry. A move to the Mallings drifting towards Dog Isle resulted in a further 5 fish in one drift on a Pink-arsed Fab /Cruncher combination.  The top three rods resulted in 44 trout towards the England final total of 101 and was the backbone of a fantastic team performance. 

England weighed in first, and it was quickly obvious that they would be the team to beat, with all the team having fish to measure. Their total of 101 trout turned out to be a huge 36 trout ahead of second placed Wales. My favourite analogy from England vice-Captain Ed Foster was that we had won by 15 meters if you had laid out the 36 fish in a straight line and measured them!!! In a sprint finish that is a country mile. By the end of the weigh in, England had claimed 4 of the top 5 places with Iain Barr adding the largest fish trophy to go with his Brown Bowl. Phil Shaw Brown fishing his first senior International match finished in 5th place.

This was a real team effort, pre match knowledge sharing on flies and tactics, backed up by dedicated and well organised practice and record keeping. Communication on the water was the key element to our success, and each and every team member, from experienced captain Iain Barr to new caps Phil Shaw Browne, Tony Donnelly and Mark Tremain Coker, all contributing to a performance to be proud of.

AT Team England FF would like to thank our sponsors: 

Craghoppers and Snowbee for their continued support with team clothing and Fulling Mill, Guide Flyfishing, Snowbee for tackle requirements and Costa for their help with sunglasses.

Menteith Fishery Manager Quint Glen and the staff for providing an exceptionally well stocked and run fishery. Over the two official practice days and match day, Team England caught and returned 280 trout. 

The Buchanan Arms Hotel for accommodating the teams and hosting the Gala dinner and prize giving.

Report & pics: AT Lake of Menteith Report 2017

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