2019 Angling Trust Loch Style Team Championships

Draycote Water – Sat 15th – Sun 16th June 2019 

The competition is open to both AT member clubs/groups and non members from the UK and abroad. AT member clubs will receive priority access and a discounted entry fee. The all in entry fee includes fishing permits, boat hire and competition entry fee for 2 days. The 2 day event will take place on 15th & 16th June 2019 at Draycote Fishery with a maximum of 24 team places available offered on a first come first served basis.

Six anglers will form a team, each team will be split into two sub teams of three on both days.

A briefing will be held at Draycote on Day 1 and the presentation held at the fishery at the end of day 2.

The match will be fished to international rules and full catch, measure and release. Boats must return to the jetty in time for the end of each session where score cards will be submitted to organisers. The combined team length in cm over two days will determine the overall result and winning team.

The match will consist of three 3 hour sessions each day. During each session, one angler from each sub team of three will act as a boat steward for another team while the fishing pair will fish together in the same boat with a boat steward from another team. Every angler must act as a boat steward for one session each day, each angler will fish for 6 hours each day and act as a boat steward for 3 hours.

48 Boats for practice on Thursday 13th & Friday 14th June have been reserved at Draycote. Should you wish to book a boat please contact the fishing lodge to book your boats before Friday 7th June. Boats for practice must be paid for direct with the fishery and are not included in the competition entry fees. We may have to limit the number of boats available for practice to 2 per team. This is still to be confirmed however if the number of entries increase as we hope, then there will only be 48 boats available and this restriction would ensure each team has equal opportunity to practice.

Clubs/groups can join the Angling Trust from £60 per year join here

**Guaranteed Prize Pool**
£6,500 total

1st – £3,500
2nd – £1,500
3rd – £1,000
4th – £500

*subject to minimum of 15 teams entering, prize fund will increase with an additional cash prize in event the competition is fully sold out. This will be confirmed after the entry closing date.

Ticket Information

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th June 2019
Minimum 15 teams of 6 anglers
Maximum 24 teams of 6 anglers

AT member clubs: £450 entry fee 10:00 on 12th November 2018
Non AT member clubs: £550 entry fee 10:00 on 14th January 2019
All in entry fee covers fishing permits, boat hire, admin costs and prize pot
Multiple teams from the same club or organisation may enter but ensure angler names are not duplicated in your other team

International rules apply and scored on full Catch, Measure & Release basis

Day 1
Session Times
Briefing: 08.00 held at Draycote
Session 1: 09.00-12.00
Session 2: 12.30-15.30
Session 3: 16.00-19.00

Day 2
Session Times
Session 1: 09.00-12.00
Session 2: 12.30-15.30
Session 3: 16.00-19.00

Presentation: 20.00-20.30 at Draycote Fishing Lodge

Entry closes at 23.59 on June 2nd 2019

Before progressing with your booking please have to hand

  1. Angling Trust club membership number (if purchasing Members ticket)
  2. All team member names, dates of birth, email addresses, contact numbers, post codes & Rod Licence numbers

48 Boats for practice on Thursday 13th & Friday 14th June have been reserved at Draycote. Should you wish to book a boat please contact the fishing lodge to book your boats. Please note: boats for practice must be paid for direct with the fishery and are not included in the competition entry fee.

Tickets go on sale: 12th November 2018 at 10.00am

Details available here

See the Official Film of the 2018 event!

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2019 Spring Loch-style Home International, Grafham Water

Country: ENGLAND
Venue: Grafham Water
Dates: 7th to 11th May (incl.)
Match date: Friday 10th May
Accommodation: Marriott Hotel, Huntingdon

GOLD for Loch-style Team England!!


1. England   109 fish   229 lbs 2 ozs

2. Scotland   84 fish   184lbs 13 ozs

3. Wales  78 fish   163lbs 7 ozs

4. Ireland   70 fish   148lbs 15 ozs

Best Basket: Alan Banwell (Wales)   17 fish   33 lbs 10 ozs

Heaviest Trout: Kevin McCabe (Scotland)   5 lbs 3 ozs 

AT Team England FF were represented by:  Stephen Peart (manager), Brad Gifford (captain), Sean Brooks, Andy Campbell, Andy Cottam, Tony Curtis, John Hardy, Mark Harrison, John Horsey, Kim Green, Paul Jones, Tim Joyce, Dom Sherrate, Frank Sumnall & Paul Wild.

Well done guys – an absolutely brilliant result to be proud of !

Full Results: iffa2019spring

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2019 AT Bank National Final, Ellerdine Lakes

Congratulations & well done to all those who fished in the AT TEFF Bank National Final on Sunday 5th May. The 24 had to work hard making it through the qualifiers and the eliminators to achieve a spot in the final! The top 7 anglers were selected to represent England in the Bank Home International in Ireland:

Andy Taylor
David Neilson
Phil Shaw-Browne
Gareth Tilley
Graham Willis
Andrew Taylor
Gary Morris

Best of luck in Ireland guys!

Thank you to Lee Cartmail who does all the hard work running all the matches & does all the organising & results – it’s much appreciated and it wouldn’t run without you! Thank you also to Ed & Jane Upton at Ellerdine Lakes for hosting the match.

Full Results (see table right for fish caught & points):

🏆 Champion – Andy Taylor
2. David Neilson
3. Phil Shaw-Browne
4. Gareth Tilley
5. Graham Willis
6. Andrew Taylor
7. Gary Morris
8. James Stephenson
9. Mark Harrison
10. Craig Barr
11. Colin Fitzjohn
12. Joel Bilner
13. Sean Brooks
14. Dave Johns
15. Graham Watts
16. Steve Cullen
17. Leigh Pond
18. Mark Haycock
19. Andrew Scott
20. Jim Burtle
21. Brian Lillie
22. Alec Harvey
23. Colin Harris
24. Ian Watts









[Photo credits: Lee Cartmail]

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AT Team England FF’s 5 Nations Team Announced

The Angling Trust has announced the England team to compete in the 2019 5N (5 Nations) competition. Scotland will host the event for the second time as teams from Scotland, England, Ireland, France and, for the first time, Norway will compete in the event. The competition will take place between 10th-15th June, and will be held on Carron Valley, Lintrathen Loch and Ledyatt Trout Fishery.

Following England’s successful campaign in 2018 which resulted in a silver medal, Mark Withyman will once again lead England as player/manager. The experienced Lee Bartlett will captain the team, and they will be joined by Gilliaum Vermeulen and the up and coming Sean Brooks.

You can follow Team England’s progress in the competition via the Angling Trust’s competitions Facebook page www.facebook.com/anglingtrustcompetitions

Mark Withyman

Gilliaum Vermeulen

Lee Bartlett



Sean Brooks


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2019 Rivers National Qualifiers

2018-2019 River Qualifiers Entries, Results & Allocations spreadsheet: 2019-2019 Rivers Qualifiers Entries Results (h)

October 2018

Saturday 20th October – Northern Federation – River Dee, Llangollen & Maelor AA – Organiser: Carl Nixon – Results: 1. Carl Nixon 2. Adam Stafford 3. Paul Fairhurst 4. Chris Micallef 5. Andy Taylor 6. David Bradley – Full Results: Northern Fed – Dee qualifier results 20-10-18

November 2018

Sunday 11th November – South East FF Federation – Lower Itchen fishery (Official Practice: Saturday 10th November) – Organiser: Tony Fox – Results: 1. Tony Fox 2. Mike Heritage 3. Cameron Craigs 4. Harry Fox 5. Gavin Walsh 6. Gilliaum Vermeulen – Full Results: Results 11:11:18

December 2018

Sunday 16th December – Northern Federation – River Dee, Llangollen & Maelor AA – Organiser: Carl Nixon – Results: 1. Simon Clarke 2. Andy Taylor 3. Mike Dixon 4. Simon Caddy 5. James Atkinson 6. Alex Adams – Full Results: Northern Fed – Dee qualifier results 16-12-18

February 2019

Saturday 2nd February – River Test, Wherwell – Organiser: Baz Reece – Results: 1. Ben Bangham 2. Adam Stafford 3. Andy Deacon 4. Alex Adams 5. Peter Buckey 6. Adam Sinclair – Full Results: Wherwell qualifier results 02-02-19 Report: WHERWELL QUALIFIER REPORT 2019

April 2019

Sunday 7th April – Northern Federation – River Ure, Wensley – Organiser: Paul Page – Results: 1. Stan Moore 2. Fred Bainbridge 3. Nick Craigs 4. Dan Scott-Paul 5. Keith McAdam 6. Tom Gott – Full Results: 2019 Score Card (River Ure) Results Summary 2019 Score Card (River Ure) Results Summary

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2019 National Rivers Final

Date: July 20/21 (Final Practice Date: 7th July)

Venue: River Dee. Llangollen & Maelor A.A

Admin Base: The Hand Hotel

Specifics on Session Timings will be posted once all finalists are confirmed.

Practice Day Tickets and Season Tickets Starting Jan 1st 2019, these can be now bought online here:


Beat A: “Llangollen”

(Upper Limit) Llangollen Top Pool downstream to Kings Bridge (Lower Limit) (*immediately upstream of Chainbridge Hotel)

Beat B: “Golf Course inc Sewage Works”

(Upper Limit) Fence post below Lingos Pool to Bottom of the Golf Course. (*Lower Limit) *Indicated by start of Woods

Beat C: “Ddol Isaf”

(Upper Limit) Start of Woods below Golf Course to Bottom of Ddol Isaf Stretch (*indicated by red post)

Beat D: “Country Park”

(Upper Limit) Double Bank from Road Bridge (upstream of Aquaduct) to the end of the Maelor AA water approximately two pools below Railway

The Hand Hotel have reserved 16 Twin Rooms & 4 Singles. These will need to be booked by qualifying Anglers no later than 1 month prior to the event (Final Qualifier expected to be early April so plenty of time).

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2018-19 Bank National Qualifiers


Maximum 20 anglers per heat. 

Minimum 10 to constitute a heat.

Top 6 qualify for semis, regardless of number of entries.

Entry Fee £15 per heat (to be paid in advance via online booking system – see below) + £15 Fishing Permit (to be paid on day at venue)

Maximum entries 160.

8 Heats

4 North – Sharpley, West House, Press Manor, Toft Newton

4 South – Innis, Walthamstow, Blackdyke, Ellerdine

2 Semi Finals

North Semi – Thrunton Long Crag, Northumberland – Sunday 10th March 2019 – Organiser: Lee Cartmail

South Semi – Elinor, Kettering – Sunday 17th March 2019 – Organiser: Lee Cartmail

24 anglers per Semi Final – top 12 progress to Final. 

Entry Fee £15 + £15 Fishing Permit (both to be paid in advance via online booking system – see below)


Ellerdine – 24 anglers – Sunday 5th May 2019 – Organiser: Lee Cartmail

Entry Fee £15 + £15 Fishing Permit (both to be paid in advance via online booking system – see below)

AT TEFF Bank National Semi-Final Results

The last few months have seen some of the top bank anglers qualifying through to the semi-finals, and into the grand final of the AT TEFF Bank National for 2018-19. The two semi-finals were held at Thrunton Long Crag Trout Fishery in the North, and Elinor Trout Fishery in the South, with 12 from each 24-angler match going through to the grand final in May at Ellerdine Lakes.

Thanks must always go to Lee Cartmail who does all the leg work for all the qualifiers, semi-finals & the final as well, and does a grand job of it.

Qualifiers are:
Dean Appleby, Jim Burtle, Alec Harvey, David Neilson, Brian Lillie, James Stephenson, Phil Shaw-Browne, Colin Harris, Sean Brooks, Gareth Tilley, Andrew Taylor, Mark Harrison.

Leigh Pond, Andrew Scott, Mark Haycock, Craig Barr, Dave Johns, Gary Morris, Andy Taylor, Graham Willis, Ian Watts, Colin Fitzjohn, Graham Watts, Joel Bilner

Invites & emails to follow today for everyone

Best of luck to all in the Final!

Heat Dates


Sunday 4th November 2018 – West House – Organiser: Lee Cartmail – Qualifiers: 1. Rob Frame 2. Colin Harris 3. Peter Crowe 4. Peter Davidson 5. Brian Lillie 6. Brian Davies – Qualifiers: West House Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 18th November 2018 – Sharpley Springs – Organiser: Lee Cartmail – Qualifiers: 1. David Neilson 2. Gareth Tilley 3. David Leeman 4. Ian Scott 5. Andrew Taylor 6. Paul Pratt – Qualifiers: Sharpley Springs Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 2nd December 2018 – Toft Newton – Organiser: Lee Cartmail – Qualifiers: 1. James Stephenson 2. Dean Appleby 3. Alec Harvey 4. Josh Piper 5. Phil Shaw-Browne 6. Ben James Fox – Qualifiers: Toft Newton Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 27th January 2019 – Press Manor – Organiser: Lee Cartmail – Qualifiers: 1. Richard Haines 2. Jim Burtle 3. Mark Harrison 4. Andy Taylor 5. Steve Cullen 6. Sean Brooks – Qualifiers: IMG_4132


Sunday 4th November 2018 – Innis – Organiser: Dave Johns – Qualifiers: 1. Stephen Wiggins 2. Alex Johnstone 3. Graham Watts 4. Andrew Willoughby 5. John Huckings 6. Matt Kingdon – Full Results: Innis Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 18th November 2018 – Ellerdine – Organiser: Ed Upton – Qualifiers: 1. Craig Barr 2. Dave Johns 3. Phil Dixon 4. Richard Lindsey 5. Ant Meadows 6=Andy Taylor 6=Mike Dixon – Qualifiers: Ellerdine Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 16th December 2018 – Walthamstow No5 – Organiser: Andrew Green – Qualifiers: 1. Andrew Scott 2. Sean Brooks 3. Steve Cullen 4. Mark Haycock 5. Billy Bridgeworth 6. Joel Beeney – Full Results: Walthamstow Bank Qualifier Results

Sunday 24th February 2019 – Blackdyke – Organiser: Mick Loy / Lee Cartmail

Rules & Standard Briefing

AT TEF Bank National 2018-19 Rules & Match Briefing


Tickets on sale from 8th October. All entries must be via the Angling Trust Events (Game)  booking system at  https://www.anglingtrustevents.net/game

Note: You must be an Angling Trust member to compete in the Bank National Final.

Bank National Coordinator

Lee Cartmail – mob: 07783 833803 

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Boatmen required for Grafham Loch-style International, May 10th

Spring Loch-style Home International

Grafham Water, May 10th 2019

Angling Trust Team England Fly Fishing have the pleasure of hosting the 2019 Spring Loch-style Home International on Friday 10th May 2019 at Grafham Water.

We will be requiring the services of 28 boatmen + 4 reserves for this event, and are asking for anyone interested in taking part to contact co-ordinator Derek Aunger for more information, or to apply. As a thank you for your time, we are offering boatmen £25 for the day.

Please contact Derek via email –

Derek Aunger, AT TEFF International Loch-style Co-ordinator

Email: derek.aunger@btinternet.com

Poster: Grafham Boatman Poster

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AT TEFF announce 2019 World & European team selections

Angling Trust’s Team England Fly Fishing announced today its World and European teams for the forthcoming 39th FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship and 25th FIPS Mouche European Fly Fishing Championship.

The World Fly Fishing Championship will be held in Tasmania in December 2019 and based at Launceston. The Championship will be held over 5 sessions fished at 5 venues; either at – Mersey, Meander or South Esk Rivers, Woods Lake, Little Pine or Penstock Lagoons.

The squad will be led by John Horsey as Captain and Manager with Team Members Howard Croston, Lee Bartlett, Michael Dixon, Tony Baldwin and Steve Cullen. The World squad are expected to fly out to Tasmania two weeks before the Championship for acclimatisation practice and tactical development.

John Horsey, Howard Croston, Michael Dixon, Lee Bartlett, Tony Baldwin & Steve Cullen

World Team Captain and Manager John Horsey stated: – “A World Championship in Tasmania is a mouth-watering prospect. For the first time since England won Gold in Scotland, there will be 3 stillwater sessions and only 2 river sessions. The emphasis is on lake fishing and the team reflects this. Our lads also have exceptional river skills so I am really confident we can bring back a medal from these Championships”.

The European Fly Fishing Championship will be held in Montenegro in July 2019 and based at Plav. The Championship will be held over 5 sessions fished on the Lim & Ljula Rivers, and Lake Plav. 

The squad will be led by Paul Page as Captain and Manager with Team Members; – Mark Harrison, Terry Phillips, Ben Bangham, Simon Kidd, Harry Fox and Bernie Maher as reserve. The European squad are expected to fly out to Montenegro a week before the Championship for practice and tactical development.

Paul Page, Mark Harrison, Terry Phillips, Ben Bangham, Simon Kidd, Harry Fox & Bernie Maher

European Team Captain and Manager Paul Page stated: “Montenegro is a newcomer to Fips Mouche Fly Fishing Championships and this is the first time they have hosted a European Championship. This is uncharted territory for most competing nations and gives the England team a great opportunity to use their varied skill sets at a new venue and to be among the medal winners”

2019 world & european team press release

2019 world & european team press release


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2019 Elite Performance Programme Invite List

Eligible Anglers: Fred Bainbridge, John Ball, Tony Baldwin, Ben Bangham, Iain Barr, Lee Bartlett, Alex Bobba, Dennis Buck, Andy Cliffe, Richard Cobbledick, Stuart Crofts, Andy Croucher, Howard Croston, Steve Cullen, Tony Curtis, Paul Davison, Andrew Dixon, Mike Dixon, Phil Dixon, Oliver Edwards, John Emerson, Harry Fox, Simon Gawsworth, Andrew Gooding, David Grove, Mark Harrison, Lewis Hendrie, Mike Heritage, Jeremy Herrmann, John Horsey, Chris Howitt, Simon Kidd, Paul Lee, John Lindsey, Jeremy Lucas, Bernie Maher, Keith McAdam, Bill McHarg, Scott Nellins, Carl Nixon, Davey Parker, Terry Phillips, Baz Reece, Simon Robinson, Andrew Scott, Brian Thomas, Mike Tinnion, John Tyzack & Gilliaum Vermeulen. 

Full List: 2019 Elite Performance Programme Invite List

Eligible anglers must declare their intention to join the programme before Sunday 16th December 2018 via email to kirsty.marshall@anglingtrust.net. Anyone not adhering to this deadline will not be accepted onto the programme.

Anglers must be a current member of the Angling Trust to participate.

Once all anglers have declared their interest an invitation will be issued to book your ticket via the events booking system: www.anglingtrustevents.net/game.

Entries open 7th January 2019 10:00am & close 8th February 2019 23:59pm. Entries will not be accepted after this date. Entry fee is £150.00 per angler.

Please see below for the confirmed dates, venues & costs for 2019. Event 3 price still tbc & Event 5 date & price tbc but will be announced as soon as we have them confirmed.

Event 1: River Dee, Llangollen – 1st & 2nd March 2019 – £15.00 per day (Free for members of Llangollen Maelor Angling. Reciprocal tickets & Hand Hotel complimentary tickets are not allowed to be used for matches.)
Event 2: Ellerdine Lakes – 3rd March 2019 – £20.00 per day
Event 3: River Ure, Bolton Hall – 26th & 27th April 2019 – £30 per rod for the two days
Event 4: Stocks Fly Fishery – 28th April 2019 – £30.00 per day
Event 5: River Annan, Hoddom – 18th & 19th May 2019 – £12 per day (dependent on 20 anglers participating, so may vary slightly)

Fishing fees payable on day 1 of each event

6 sets of results
3 x river events: Dee, Ure & Annan
1 x bank: Ellerdine
2 x boat: Stocks (2 x 3 hour sessions)

The top 10 anglers will qualify for selection to World or European teams for 2020, please view the Selection Policy for clarity on how teams are selected before entering the programme.

Full details here: https://www.anglingtrustevents.net/e/235/epp-2019

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