2017 Loch-style National Qualifiers – Results

April 2017

Sunday 23rd April – Northern Federation – Stocks – Organiser: Paul Page – Results: 1st Craig Barr 2nd Michael Laycock 3rd Steve Smalley 4th Dermot Speight 5th Mark Tyndall 6th Samuel Bailey 7th Peter Scholes 8th Neil Hodgson 9th Paul Runec 10th Ben Dobson – Full Results: 2017 Stocks 1 Qualifier Results 230417 2017 Stocks 1 Qualifier Results 230417

Sunday 23rd April – South East FF Federation – Bewl – Organiser: John Pearn – Results: 1st Harry Fox 2nd Andrew Green 3rd Ian Watts 4th Tony Fox 5th Joel Beeney 6th Robert Toptalo 7th Paul Canning 8th Sean Brooks 9th John Pearn 10th Gilliaum Vermeulen – Full Results: 170423 ATTEFF Results (2) Report & pics on South East Federation page

Sunday 23rd April – Peninsula Federation – Blagdon – Organiser: Denis Symonds – Results: 1st Dave Johns 2nd Tony Baldwin 3rd Paul Golding 4th Gary Morris 5th Mark Rooney 6th Martin Burgess 7th Matt Kingdon 8th David Bromley 9th Ben Bangham 10th Lee Ratcliffe 11th Paddy Mounter 12th Mark Thomas 13th Nick Hart 14th Tony George 15th Roger Truscott 16th John Horsey 17th Vince Howley – Full Results: Blagdon 2017 – TEFF Results Blagdon 2017 – TEFF Results

Friday 28th April – Grafham – Organiser: Peter Hartley – Results: 1st Tom Davis 2nd John Hancock 3rd Neil Cohen 4th Craig Smith 5th Norman Rushton 6th Pablo Mullings 7th Bradley Gifford 8th Neil Hodgson 9th Chris McLeod 10th David Franklin 11th John Hardy 12th Phil Thompson 13th Vince Brooks 14th Charlie Abrahams 15th Frank Sumnall 16th Lee Patten 17th Mark Haycock 18th Tim Joyce 19th Ian Whiteside 20th Peter Elliott 21st Ron Gent 22nd Leigh Pond 23rd Graham Willis 24th Lloyd Pallett 25th Ashley Davis – Full Results: TEFF 2017 Grafham Heat 28 April Results

May 2017

Sunday 7th May – Carsington – Organiser: Ian Colclough – Results: 1st Iain Barr 2nd Chris Guthrie 3rd John Hood 4th Frank Sumnall 5th Mike Laycock 6th David Currie 7th Ian Colclough 8th Martin Griffiths 9th Neil Thomas 10th Michael Dixon – Full Results: Carsington result

Sunday 21st May – Chew – Results: 1st Nigel Evans 2nd Andrew Haskins 3rd Dave Summers 4th Andy Cottam 5th Jem Dunn 6th John Horsey 7th Alex Johnstone 8th Mark Weaver 9th Nick Dunn 10th Lee Bartlett 11th Ryan Feber 12th Kevin Sellar 13th Dale Burgess 14th Lee Williams 15th=Mark Glass 15th=Stephen Peart – Full Results: ATTEFFCHEWVALLEYQUALIFIERRESULTS.docx

[Sunday 21st May – Kielder – CANCELLED]

Sunday 28th May – Pitsford – Results: 1st Del Spry 2nd Clive Collier 3rd Rob Allan 4th Peter Hartley 5th Jim Wright 6th Mark Matheson 7th Jamie Thomas 8th David Moore 9th Phil Shaw-Browne 10th Alexander Urquhart – Full Results: Pitsford result 

Sunday 28th May – Draycote – Results: 1st Vince Howley 2nd Mick McLintic 3rd Martin Introna 4th Stephen Peart 5th Paul Runec 6th Gareth Tilley 7th Dave Newing 8th Bart Farmer 9th Terry Phillips 10th Mark Harrison 11th Richard J Hood 12th Edward Mitchell 13th Paul Davison 14th Malcom Hunt 15th Andy Axon 16th Tony Curtis – Full Results: draycote Results sheet draycote Results sheet

June 2017

Friday 9th June – Blithfield – Results: 1st Mark Withyman 2nd Steve Cullen 3rd Mark Miles 4th Yousef Dar 5th Paul Davison 6th Ben Race 7th Andy Taylor 8th Julian Curry 9th Mark Harrison 10th Mark Rose 11th Mike Lightfoot 12th Thomas Robson 13th John Humphrey 14th Paul Haskey 15th Peter Crowe – Full Results: filename-1 Blithfield Qualifier Result

Saturday 17th-Sunday 18th June – Stocks – Overall Results: 1st Ian Gaskell 2nd Ben Dobson 3rd Peter Scholes 4th Bob Fitzpatrick 5th Derek Moore 6th Lee Cartmail 7th Christopher Micallef 8th Stephen Bland 9th Darren Bland 10th Nick Donald

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2017 Loch-style National Qualifiers

The ATTEFF loch-style qualifiers for 2017 will be open for entries on 1st March at 7pm. This year entries will be taken by Angling Trust through a newly developed web site where you can pay securely using a debit or credit card.


The usual documents (rules, guidance notes, FAQs) are available for you to download below. Please do so and read them in their entirety as changes have been made from last year. Risk Assessments are also available.

Names of those entered at each venue will be available via the usual on-line spreadsheet along with results. However, this spreadsheet will only be updated once a week after AT have reported the names of entrants to the Q&NC.

You can, as last year, enter up to 3 heats but please manage your entries carefully as NO REFUNDS will be made.

Please also note special rules for those entering at Blagdon.

Use the link below to enter.

Qualifier and National Coordinator

Dates, Venues & Entry Fees

(Word) dates-venues-and-entry-fees-2017

(pdf) dates-venues-and-entry-fees-2017

Link to Entry System: http://www.anglingtrustevents.net/

(Note: Entries will be taken through this new web site link from 7.00pm on 1st March)

List of Entrants

Click here to see a list of entrants so far (Note: This is updated roughly once a week). Google Drive required.


Guidance Notes

(Word) atteff-guidance-notes-for-loch-style-qualifier-entrants-2017

(pdf) atteff-guidance-notes-for-loch-style-qualifier-entrants-2017


(Word) atteff-rules-for-loch-style-qualifier-entrants-2017

(pdf) atteff-rules-for-loch-style-qualifier-entrants-2017


(Word) at-teff-loch-style-entrants-faqs-2017

(pdf) at-teff-loch-style-entrants-faqs-2017

Risk Assessments

Bewl: risks-bewl Blagdon: risks-blagdon Blithfield: risks-blithfield Carsington: risks-carsington Chew: risks-chew Grafham: risks-grafham Kielder: risks-keider Pitsford: risks-pitsford Stocks: risks-stocks

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2017 Spring Loch Style Home International, Chew Valley

Country: ENGLAND
Venue: Chew Valley Lake
Dates: 16th to 20th May (incl.)
Match date: Friday 19th May
Accommodation: Wookey Hole Hotel, Somerset



1.England  43 fish  112.85 lbs

2. Scotland  29 fish  84.110 lbs

3. Wales  21 fish  58.960 lbs

4. Ireland  15 fish  38.120 lbs

Best Basket: Andy Cottam (England) 8 fish 20.770 lbs

Top Rod Andy Cottam receiving the Brown Bowl from International President Wynnora Thomas.

Heaviest Trout: Stuart McLean (Scotland) 5.550 lbs

Top English Rod: Andy Cottam 8 fish 20.770 lbs

AT TEFF was represented by: Paul Angell (manager), Nikki Long (captain), John Braithwaite, Dave Bromley, Andy Cottam, Nick Dunn, Ryan Feber, Mark Haycock, Alex Johnstone, Matt Kingdon, Mark Miles, Mark Rose, Steve Smalley, Dave Summers & Roger Truscott.

Captain Nikki Long receiving the Graham Munro Hall Memorial Trophy (held by the winning team) from IFFA International President Wynnora Thomas.

Congratulations to all AT TEFF members for a convincing victory.

Full Results: iffa2017spring

Manager Paul Angell reports: Three days of variable weather conditions ranging from strong winds to torrential rain meant that each day of practice provided very different challenges for anglers from the four home nations. The teams identified that a lot of fish were to be found behind Denny Island, in Herons Green Bay and smaller pods of fish spread around the lake. Nymphs fished static or dries were the methods of choice for most anglers as the fish were high in the water.  

Match day dawned with bright sun and wind, conditions which traditionally mean that fishing at Chew would be challenging, and so it proved to be. At the off, the bulk of boats headed behind the island with most of the rest to Herons Green Bay. Anglers quickly found that tactics and flies which had worked well during practice might have to be rethought if they were to be successful. England had a code system which allowed team members to talk to one another and share successful flies and lines without making anglers from the other nations aware of what they were doing and this, together with key information found during practice meant that they were able to adapt to the conditions best, and it was noticeable form quite early in the match that English rods were bending with more regularity than those of the other nations. Key flies were Hares Ear and skinny Diawl Bach nymphs fished on a washing line set up on lines varying from full floaters to midge tips of various lengths.

As the match progressed most of the English team had managed to boat a fish or two with several doing much better. Captain and local angler Nikki Long was still fishless at 5 o’clock and decided that a move of area was needed. He and his boat partner headed to the top of Villice Bay where he had found fish earlier in the week, and where earlier in the match he had lost a fish, being smashed off. This move was to prove fortuitous as he picked up a rainbow trout before latching onto something much more substantial. After a prolonged fight he landed a brown trout of 15lb 3oz, the fish of a lifetime. Match rules stated that all Brown Trout were to be returned and would be counted as 2lb. Nikki spent a long time trying to revive the fish, but due to its extreme size and the prolonged length of the fight this proved impossible and, much to Nikki’s disappointment, the fish had to be dispatched and was brought in at the end of the match.

England weighed in first, and it was quickly obvious that they would be the team to beat, with all but one of the team having fish to weigh. By the end of the weigh in, England had claimed 4 of the top 5 places with West Country angler Andy Cottam as top rod and Brown Bowl Winner with 8 fish. Nick Dunn was not far behind on seven and first cap Matt Kingdon on six taking the top 3 spots.

 Paul Angell, team manager, stated that this had been a real team effort, with a nucleus of local anglers providing detailed knowledge of the water, backed up by dedicated and well organised practice and record keeping. Communication on the water was the key element to our success, and each and every team member, from experienced captain Nikki Long to new caps David Bromley, Alex Johnstone, Matt Kingdon, and Dave Summers all contributing to a performance to be proud of.

The team would like to thank:

Craghoppers and Snowbee for their continued support with team clothing and Fulling Mill, Guide Flyfishing, Snowbee, and Seapower UK  for their help with tackle and sunglasses.

Bristol Water Fishery Manager John Harris and the staff at Chew Valley lake with their help and support in hosting, organising and running these championships.

The Wookey Hole Hotel for accommodating the teams and hosting the Gala dinner and prizegiving.

Match report : Website match report

(Images courtesy of the Angling Trust)

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2017 Rivers National Qualifiers

Rivers Qualifiers Entries/Results/Allocations Spreadsheet: 2016-2017 Rivers Qualifiers Entries Results (h)

November 2016

Sunday 6th November – South East FF Federation – Lower Itchen fishery (Official Practice: Saturday 5th November) – Organiser: Tony Fox – Results: 1st Hector Rodriguez 2nd Cameron Craigs 3rd Mike Heritage 4th Lee Bartlett 5th Jay Curry 6th Tony Fox 7th Andrew Green 8th Mark Lynch – Full Results: rivers-results-letter-2016

Sunday 13th November – R.Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA waters – Fished to a minimum 20cm size limit with fishing for grayling & trout in season – HQ: Hand Hotel, Llangollen – Joint Organisers: Mike Mason & Martin Dixon – Results: 1st Gilliaum Vermeulen 2nd Mark Harrison 3rd Trevor Hayman 4th Tom Speak 5th Mike Mason 6th Scott Nellins 7th Ben Bangham 8th Mark Tyndall – Full Results: severn-trent-fed-dee-qualifier-results-13-11-16 img_1472 img_1471

January 2017

Sunday 22nd January – R.Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA waters – Fished to a minimum 20cm size limit with fishing for grayling & trout in season – HQ: Hand Hotel, Llangollen – Joint Organisers: Mike Mason & Martin Dixon – Results: 1st Scott Nellins 2nd Phil Dixon 3rd Martin Dixon 4th Mark Withyman 5th Andy Croucher 6th Daniel Hall 7th Kevin Moran 8th Mike Dixon – Full Results: severn-trent-fed-dee-qualifier-results-22-1-17

February 2017

Saturday 4th February – River Test, Wherwell – Organiser: Andy Croucher – Results: 1st Simon Robinson 2nd Mark Thomas 3rd Ben Bangham 4th Pete Buckey 5th Julian Erbsloeh 6th Tony Baldwin 7th Martin Burgess 8th Adam Stafford – Full Results: qualifer-wherwell-2017-results-sheet

March 2017

Sunday 12th March – R.Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA waters – Joint Organisers: Mike Mason & Martin Dixon – Results: 1st Trevor Hayman 2nd Stan Moore 3rd Martin Dixon 4th Gavin Walsh 5th Mike Dixon 6th Gary Hedges 7th Anthony McKenna 8th Simon Caddy – Full Results: Severn-Trent Fed – Dee qualifier results 12-3-17 Qualifier 12.03.17

May 2017

Sunday 7th May – R.Ure, Wensley, Bolton Castle Estate waters – Organiser: Paul Page –  Results: 1st Fred Bainbridge 2nd Paul Trafford 3rd Robbie Bell 4th Harry Fox 5th Tony Fox 6th Gavin Walsh 7th Bernie Maher 8th Del Spry – Full Results: 2017 Score Card (River Ure) Results Summary

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AT TEFF National Bank Championships 2016

National Finals – Chatton Trout Fishery

Saturday 6th May 2017 – AT TEFF National Bank Finals – Individuals


National Champion: Glen Appleby – 10 session pts – 17 fish pts – 27 total pts

2. Ben Race – 9 session pts – 15 fish pts – 24 total pts

3. Gareth Tilley – 9 session pts – 15 fish pts – 24 total pts

4. James Stephenson – 11 session pts – 13 fish pts – 24 total pts

5. Ed Upton – 9 session pts – 13 fish pts – 22 total pts

6. Colin Harris – 8 session pts – 13 fish pts – 21 total pts

7. Lee Cartmail – 7 session pts – 12 fish pts – 19 total pts


Sunday 7th May 2017 – Fritz n Flies Pairs National Bank Finals




Knitsley Mill heat – Sunday 12th June – Results: (Individual) 1.Jim Tuck 2.Gareth Tilley 3.Trevor Wadds – (Pairs) 1. Jim Tuck & Rob Frame – 14 fished – 48 fish caught – Rod av. 3.4

[Farmoor heat – Sunday 19th June – CANCELLED]

Sharpley heat – Saturday 25th June – Results: (Individual) 1.Anth Meadows 2.Deam Appleby 3.Rob Frame – (Pairs) 1. Dean & Glen Appleby

Innis heat – Sunday 26th June – Results: (Individual) 1.Roger Truscott 2.Gavin Perry 3.Len Nottle


[Westlow Mere heat – Saturday 2nd July – CANCELLED]

[Press Manor heat – Sunday 3rd July – CANCELLED]

Chatton heat – Saturday 9th July – Results: (Individual) 1.James Stephenson 2.Lee Wilkinson 3.Craig Crompton – (Pairs) 1. Lee Wilkinson & Conor Metcalf

Aldin Grange heat – Sunday 17th July – Entry Forms – Individual Aldin 17th july IND Pairs Aldin Grange 17th july pairs

Langley Dam heat – Saturday 23rd July – Results: (Individual) 1.Chris Micalleff 2.Conor Metcalf 3.Peter Davison – (Pairs) 1. Chris Micalleff & Peter Appleby

Thrunton heat – Saturday 30th July – Results: (Individual) 1.Simon Robinson 2.Howard Robison 3.Brian Davis – (Pairs) 1. Trevor Wadds & Brian Davis


Chatton heat – Sunday 21st August – Results: (Individual) 1.Carl Nixon 2.Brian Lillie 3.Robbie Bell – (Pairs) 1. Howard Robison & Jack Hardy


Thornwood heat – Saturday 24th September – Entry Forms – Individual Thornwood 24th sept IND Pairs Thornwood 24th sept pairs

Westlow Mere heat – Saturday 24th September – Entry Forms – Individual Westlow Mere sat 24th sept IND Pairs Westlow mere 24th sept pairs

Press Manor heat – Sunday 25th September – Results: (Individual) 1.Colin Harris 2.Tim Gilchrist 3.Bernie Maher


Knitley Mill heat – Saturday 5th November – Results: (Pairs) 1. Mal Robinson & John Pringle 2. Andrew Taylor & partner

Elinor heat – Saturday 5th November – Entry Forms – Individual Elinor IND 5th nov Pairs Elinor pairs 5th nov

Ellerdine heat – Saturday 26th November – Entry Forms – Individual Ellerdine 26th Nov IND Pairs Ellerdine 26th nov pairs

January 2017

Black Dyke heat – Sunday 15th January – Entry Forms – Individual Black Dyke 15th jan 2017 IND Pairs Black Dyke 15th Jan 2017 pairs

Aldin Grange heat – Sunday 22nd January – Entry Forms – Individual aldin-22nd-jan-ind-2017 Pairs aldin-grange-22nd-jan-pairs-2017

Rib Valley heat – Sunday 29th January – Entry Forms – Individual Rib Valley 4th dec IND Pairs Rib Valley 4th dec pairs

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AT Team England FF Vacancies

The Angling Trust reports: Team England Fly Fishing has a number of opportunities for volunteers to help support the delivery of competitive fly fishing activities, positions include;

  • Rivers International Co-ordinator
  • Coaching & Development Manager

To understand more about each of the roles above please download the relevant pdfs:



If you would like to discuss any of these roles in more detail, please contact Senior Competitions & Talent Manager Ben Thompson via email at ben.thompson@anglingtrust.net

You will also find an application form, guidance notes and equality monitoring form on the Angling Trust website page here

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Dry Fly Championship – TEFF Fundraising Event

16th September 2017, Draycote Water

Fishing: 10.00am-6.00pm

Support our Teams

Limited to 60 Entries

Cost: £59.50 per angler (£40 to AT TEFF funds. Our thanks go to Fishery Management Ltd for providing the fishing at just £19.50 per rod.)

Measure & Release match

Free Drifting Boats

Dry Fly only (max 3 flies)

Bring a Raffle Prize

Prize for Largest Fish (Length)

Prizes of £250, £150 £50 (subject to entries.)

To Enter call 07751 603031 or email ian.colclough@gmail.com

Poster: Dry Fly Champs Poster v2

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AT TEFF 5 Nations Policy

This policy statement outlines AT TEFF approach to eligibility and selection of team to represent England in the 5 Nations competition.

The 5 Nations competition presents an opportunity for England to enter multiple teams to compete in an event fished to FIPS-Mouche rules. AT TEFF will use this opportunity to further develop current international anglers and anglers under the age of 30 who are showing potential to go to represent England in European and World teams in the future.

The team(s) will contain a balance of current or past performers in World or European competition, anglers with experience of representing England in Home Internationals river, bank or loch style competitions and young anglers who are showing potential and competing in rivers nationals plus one of either bank or loch style.

Basic minimum eligibility criteria will govern selection to the team(s)

  1. Over age of 30
  • Must have minimum of 1 cap in either Rivers, Loch Style or Bank Home International plus current competitor in a minimum of one other National (different from the discipline they have achieved a cap).

2. Under age of 30

  • Must be competing in Rivers National plus either Loch Style National or Bank National

The 5 Nations manager will nominate team(s) to represent England in the forthcoming 5 Nations competition at the Team England Fly Fishing International Committee meeting at the start of the year. The manager will present the proposed selection to committee for scrutiny and approval.

Anglers selected to represent England in this competition will be awarded a cap however, this cap will not count towards eligibility or consideration for selection to World or European teams.

(Word) at-teff-5-nations-policy

(pdf) at-teff-5-nations-policy

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Ian Greenwood

igIan Greenwood, Captain of the England Fly Fishing team that won Gold at the 2009 World Championship, has died after a brief illness on Friday 27th January 2017.

Ian lived with his wife Marie in Birkdale, Southport and represented England over 20 times at World, European and Home International Fly Fishing Championships both as a competitor and as team captain. Ian gained his most recent England cap at the 2010 River International.

For many years Ian tirelessly supported Competitive fly fishing at Local, Regional and National level. During the last 15 years Ian took on the Management of England’s European and World Teams, retiring from this role in 2015 but still competing at National level right up to the end of his life.

Ian will be fondly remembered and missed by his Fly Fishing team mates and colleagues, particularly those who he supported and coached through their fishing careers.

Paul Page 

Ian’s funeral is on Friday 10th February at 11.20am, Southport Crematorium.

ian-greenwood-obituary ian-greenwood-obituary

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Paul Davison named Team England Five Nations Manager

 image-8060-452-auto-both-both-85-5The Angling Trust reports: The Angling Trust has announced that experienced international angler Paul Davison has been appointed as the manager of England’s 5 Nations team and will take up the role with immediate effect.

Paul has represented England on 12 occasions, once in FIPS Mouche World Championships, twice in FIPS Mouche European Championships, twice in the Commonwealth, twice in IFFA Rivers and on five occasions in IFFA Loch Style internationals.

Paul will bring a vast amount of expertise to the role and his first task as manager will be to prepare the team to compete in the 5 Nations, a competition England will host in June.

Paul Davison said “I’ve been a serious competition angler for the past 35 years and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve represented my country at most levels and I’m very proud of my achievements with Team England.

“I feel the time is right for me to put something back into a sport that has given me so much joy. I can’t wait to get started and I’m looking forward to helping team and individuals achieve their goals.”

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