AT TEFF Ellerdine Bank Qualifier

AT TEFF Bank Qualifier 8th December 2019 at Ellerdine Lakes, Shropshire.

Sixteen anglers fished the sixth bank qualifier of the 2019/20 season at Ellerdine Lakes, Shropshire. With south-westerly winds forecast in excess of 40mph the competitors would be tested to their limits on match day. Many anglers had practiced prior to the event and found good numbers of fish in the two bays on Meadow Lake where the match was to be held. The fish responded well to a variety of methods from pulling dark coloured lures to fishing a range of bright patterns under the bung.
Come match day the weather forecast was right with the strong south-westerly making it difficult to stand let alone fish on one the banks! It was a quiet start with many anglers struggling to get the fish going, with the anticipated morning bonanza never really materialising. Fish came steady throughout the morning session with fish caught all round the lake. At lunch 31 trout were caught with Mark Harrison out in front with six fish closely followed by a chasing pack of anglers who had managed three or four fish.
The afternoon session saw an increase in the number of fish caught with 35 trout coming to the bank. The fish came on the feed and those anglers who caught well in the afternoon session found that fishing Diawl Bachs, Buzzers on Cormorants on floaters or tip lines to be the most successful method.
Top rod on the day was local angler Mark Harrison with 8 fish for 13 points, runner-up was Craig Barr with 7 fish for 11 points, third place was Andy Taylor with 7 fish for 11 points. Ed Upton was fourth with 7 fish for 10 points with Phil Burgess fifth catching 5 fish for 9 points and Graham Willis sixth taking 4 trout for 8 points. Sixty-six fish were caught giving a healthy rod average of just over four fish. The top six now progress to the southern semi-final in March at Elinor Trout Fishery.
The AT TEFF would like to thank Ed and Jayne Upton at Ellerdine Lakes for hosting this qualifier and Lee Cartmail for running the event.
The next bank qualifier is the re-arranged Bessy Beck heat on Sunday 12th January followed by Bank House Fishery on Sunday 19th January.
Westlow Mere, Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Woolaston Court Trout Lakes and Press Manor Trout Fishery are the remaining venues for qualifiers in 2020. To book on to these bank qualifiers then go to the Angling Trust Events website at

Mark Harrison 8 fish 13 points
Craig Barr 7 fish 11 points
Andy Taylor 7 fish 11 points
Edward Upton 7 fish 10 points
Phil Burgess 5 fish 9 points
Graham Willis 4 fish 8 points

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AT TEFF Barnsfold Waters Bank Qualifier

AT TEFF Bank Qualifier 24th November 2019 at Barnsfold Waters Trout Fishery, Goosnargh, Chorley.

Eight anglers fished the fifth bank qualifier of the 2019/20 season at Barnsfold Waters Trout Fishery on Sunday 24th November. Overcast conditions and a soft easterly wind welcomed those anglers competing. There were many local anglers on the lakes who were catching steadily as the competitors set up. The fishing had been tricky of late and this was evident with the range of rods set up in the car park; floating lines with nymphs and FABs, the bung with a whole host of flies underneath, fast and slow glass lines with pulling tactics and DI3s with single lures.

The match was pegged on the causeway between Barns and Beacon lakes with anglers fishing both pools for the duration of the match. Darren Richardson got off to a flyer catching two fish off his first peg on a DI3 line and an Eggstacy Worm. Gwyneth Mooney, fishing her first qualifier, and the experienced small water angler Mark Harrison were soon into fish with Mark taking his first fish on a buzzer. By lunch all eight anglers had caught with Darren Richardson and Iain Scott out in front with five fish each.
After lunch Darren Richardson took a fish first cast to take his tally to six but it with was Mark Harrison, who had two fish at lunch, who found the right tactic to catch an amazing six fish in the afternoon session. Mark fished small eggs under the indicator along with FABs on a DI3 to finish with eight fish for 14 place points. This was an excellent session for Mark as the afternoons tend to see less fish caught than in the morning session in these matches.
Second place went to Darren Richardson who managed seven fish for 12 points, third was Iain Scott with seven fish for 12 points, being pipped by Darren who caught first. The fourth and final qualifying place went to Gwyneth Mooney, who caught three fish for six place points beating two other anglers who had the same score by catching early off her first peg. The top four now progress to the northern semi-final in March at Toft Newton Trout Fishery.
It was great to see a mix of new and experienced competition anglers at this heat.
The AT TEFF would like to thank Frank Casson at Barnsfold Waters Trout Fishery for hosting this qualifier and Lee Cartmail for running the event.
The next bank qualifier is on the 1st December at Bessy Beck Trout Fishery. Entries for this qualifier are now closed.
Ellerdine Lakes is the last qualifier of 2019 on the 8th December. There are five more qualifiers in 2020 at Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery, Westlow Mere – Congleton & District Fly Fishers LTD, Woolaston Trout Fishery, Bank House Fly Fishery and Press Manor Bernie Maher. To book on to any of these bank qualifiers then go to the Angling Trust Events website at

Mark Harrison 8 fish 14 points
Darren Richardson 7 fish 12 points
Iain Scott 7 fish 12 points
Gwyneth Mooney 3 fish 6 points

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2020 Angling Trust Loch Style Team Championships

The 2020 Angling Trust Loch Style Team Championships will be held on the 13/14th June 2020 at Draycote Water.
Entry details will follow soon!
To find out more about the event go to…
To express an interest in this Six Angler Team event please email Andy Taylor at

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AT TEFF Lower Itchen Rivers Qualifier

AT TEFF River Qualifier Sunday 3rd November 2019, Lower Itchen Fishery

Twenty-four anglers fished the “first” river qualifier of the 2019/20 season on the Lower Itchen Fishery after heavy rain put paid to the original first qualifier on the Welsh Dee. Once again the recent rains affected this match as the river was both high and coloured on the day of the competition. Despite the tricky fishing conditions the fish were willing to feed and the twenty-four anglers caught 75 fish, with only one fish splitting the two fishing sessions with 37 fish caught in the morning and 38 in the afternoon.
It was the morning session where the overall winner came from with Mike Heritage catching 14 fish! Runner-up was Sean Brooks who won the afternoon session with seven fish just beating Jim Dillon who also had seven fish. Fourth place was taken by Cameron Craigs who took seven fish in the morning session.
Mike Heritage and John Bowen both caught fish of 46cm to take the longest fish prize!
AT TEFF would like to thank the Lower Itchen Fishery for hosting this qualifier and Tony Fox for running the day.
Results: 1. Mike Heritage 2. Sean Brooks 3. Jim Dillon 4. Cameron Craigs 5. Mark Thomas 6. Jay Curry.

Full Results: Lower Itchen qualifier results 3-11-19

The fourth river qualifier is on the River Test at Wherwell on the 2nd February 2020. To book onto this and any of the other game angling qualifiers then go to
The rain affected Dee qualifiers will be rearranged – dates to be confirmed.

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AT TEFF Siblyback Bank Qualifier

AT-TEFF Bank Qualifier 3rd November 2019 at Siblyback Lake, Cornwall.

The South West Lakes Trust, Siblyback Lake hosted this weekend’s AT-TEFF Bank Qualifier. A light westerly wind and bright skies greeted the eight anglers competing for a place in the southern semi-final.
Burrator regular Nik Tompkins was first to catch just six minutes into the competition with three other anglers also taking their first fish within the first hour. However, as the morning progressed the action slowed down and after lunch the weather deteriorated with a strong north-westerly wind and torrential rain, making for very uncomfortable fishing conditions.
All eight anglers managed to catch with many fish lost during the match, however it was Nik Tompkins who continued his fine start who took first place. Nik caught six fish giving him 11 points. Second with five place points, catching three fish, was Mick Dodkins, a Siblyback regular. Ron Howard, travelling all the way from Chepstow to fish the qualifier, was rewarded with third position with four points with another local Siblyback regular, Ron Wilday, Chairman of Siblyback Fly Fishing, taking fourth position, also with four points. The timing of the first fish caught separated these two anglers.
It was a very bedraggled, wet and windswept bunch of anglers in the lecture room at the fishery for the results at the end of the match!
The AT-TEFF would like to thank Siblyback Lake for hosting this qualifier and Derek Aunger for running the event.

West House Trout Lakes (17th Nov) and Barnsfold Trout Fishery (24th Nov) are the next two qualifiers in November. To book on to these or any of the other bank qualifiers then go to the Angling Trust Events website at

1st Nik Tompkins 6 fish 11 points
2nd Michael Dodkins 3 fish 5points
3rd Ronald Howard 2 fish 4 points
4th Ronald Wilday 2 fish 4 points

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AT TEFF Fund Raising Auction


To help raise funds for the 2020 AT TEFF World Championship Squad

In August 2020 Angling Trust Team England Fly Fishers will travel to Kussamo in Finland to participate in the World Fly Fishing Championships. The team have arranged a number of fund-raising initiatives to help to meet the costs of competing in the championships. Attached are over 60 items with guide prices ranging from £2 > £500 that will be auctioned off on eBay.

Please have a look through the lots and support the team where you can, full details can be viewed online here:

All auction lots will go live from Friday 1st November at 18:00
The lots will be listed on Terry Phillips eBay page here:…

The team would also like to thank the following individuals, companies and organisations who have offered their support;

Upstream Dry Fly –
Famous Fishing –
Thames Water (Walthamstow & Farmoor Fisheries) –…/great-days-out/fishing
Anglian Water –
Bristol Water –
Rockbourne Trout Fishery –
Penrith Angling Association –
Higham Lakes –
Albury Estate Fishery –
Carsington Sport & Leisure Ltd. –
Ryburn & Halifax Angling Society –
Thrunton Long Crag Trout Fishery –
Sleningford Watermill –
Peter Cockwill –
Fly Fish North –
The Anglers Lodge –
Fulling Mill –
Tungsten Beads Plus –
Airflo Fishing –
Phillippa Hake Fly Fishing –
Dohiku –
Chatton Trout Fishery –
Ellerdine Lakes Trout Fishery –

Many thanks for your support!

Howard Croston, Harry Fox, Scott Nellins, Mike Dixon, Davey Parker and Terry Phillips (AT TEFF 2020 World Championship Squad)

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AT TEFF Chigborough Bank Qualifier

AT-TEFF Bank Qualifier 26th October 2019 Chigborough Fisheries, Essex.
Fifteen anglers fished the second bank qualifier of the 2019/20 season at Chigborough Fishery in Essex. Bright sunshine with a cold north easterly wind welcomed the anglers after 24 hours of heavy rain the previous day. Many anglers had practiced prior to the event and found the fish high in the water with floating lines and dries, or lures pulled subsurface, being the main line of attack.
The first fish was taken at 9:11 by Sean Brooks and during the course of the match 101 fish were caught for a healthy rod average of seven. Distance was the key on match day as the fish pushed out due to the angling pressure. Tactics varied from Apps Worms pulled on floating lines to the bung at distance.
Top rod on the day was local angler Tim Joyce with 25 fish for 33 points, runner-up was Charlie Abrahams with 15 fish for 21 points, third place was Dave Franklin with 11 fish for 17 points. Gary Morris was fourth with 11 fish for 17 points with Mark Haycock fifth catching 9 fish for 14 points and Ian Watts sixth taking 9 trout for 13 points. The top six now progress to the southern semi-final in March at Elinor Trout Fishery.
The AT-TEFF would like to thank Sam and Paul at Chigborough Fisheries for hosting this qualifier and Lee Cartmail for running the event.
The next bank qualifier is on 3rd November at Siblyback Lake. Entries for this qualifier are now closed.
West House Trout Lakes (17th Nov) and Barnsfold Trout Fishery (24th Nov) are the next two qualifiers in November. To book on to these or any of the other bank qualifiers then go to the Angling Trust Events website at

Tim Joyce 25 fish 33 points
Charlie Abrahams 15 fish 21 points
David Franklin 11 fish 17 points
Gary Morris 11 fish 17 points
Mark Haycock 9 fish 14 points
Ian Watts 9 fish 13 point

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2019 Bank Home International, Laios Angling Centre, Ireland

10th Bank Home International, Laios Angling Centre, Co Laios, Ireland, 23rd October

Gold for AT Team England FF !!

  1. England  112 placing pts  40 fish  58cms longest fish  41100 fish pts
  2. Wales  149 placing pts  34 fish  51.3cms longest fish  33900 fish pts
  3. Ireland  155 placing pts  33 fish  54.1cms longest fish  33760 fish pts
  4. Scotland  185 placing pts  22 fish 57.0cms longest fish  22280 fish pts

Individual Results

  1. Andy Taylor, England  12 fish  4 place pts
  2. David Neilson, England  9 fish  9 place pts
  3. Matthew Pate, Wales  7 fish  14 place pts 

Longest Fish: Andy Taylor & Philip Shaw-Browne – 58cms


The 2019 International Bank Fly Fishing Championship took place on Wednesday 23rd October at the Laois Angling Centre, County Laois, Ireland.

The four home nations fielded teams of six anglers, with a travelling reserve and manager to make up the squad of eight. Those representing England had come through the previous year’s qualifiers, semi-finals and final to make the team.
The AT-TEFF team, consisting of Gareth Tilley (Captain) Phil Shaw-Browne, David Neilson, Andy Taylor, Andrew Taylor, Graham Willis, Mark Harrison (Reserve) and manager Paul Page travelled out to Ireland on Saturday and managed to squeeze a few hours practice on the lakes prior to darkness. This short session proved to be a good starting point to the following three days of practice.

Tying and Guinness in the run-up to the event

Top Individual Andy Taylor takes a fish from the main lake in practice

Captain Gareth Tilley nets a fish in practice

David Neilson runner up on match day

The match was fished to full catch and release with barbless hooks to be used throughout. It was to be fished over two, three-hour sessions, AM/PM, with anglers fishing for forty minutes on a peg before moving five pegs, to ensure that they covered the two lakes to be used. Place points were to be used over each session with the overall winner decided by the team which had the lowest points score. The fish were measured by a controller and returned to the water with the length recorded on the angler’s scorecard.

During the practice sessions the teamed developed and refined their flies and techniques. It became clear that distance casting was going to be a major factor as the angling pressure moved the fish out into the middle of both lakes. This impacted on the choice of lines they used with 40+ floaters and slow glass lines being their preferred fly lines. The fish were keen to feed on the surface and just under and again this impacted on their fly choice and tactics. The team over the three days narrowed their tactics down to the slow glass lines and Zonkers, the bung with Shammies and Blobs fished at 3ft and dries with Shipman’s and small F-Flies catching those fish willing to feed late on in the day.

On match day the teams were piped in for a 10am start. As expected, the first two sessions were going to be critical and getting off to a good start was essential. Plenty of fish were taken in the first two moves with only a handful of fish caught in the final two. At the end of morning session England were slightly ahead of the other home nations by just seven place points. A superb lunch was provided by the staff at the Laois Angling Centre before the second session. The afternoon session also got off to a good start with rods bending across both lakes. However, the action soon slowed down, and it was the red hats of England who were now catching consistently as the match drew to its conclusion. The second session score cards were handed in and the results were announced.

In first place with 112 place points were England, Wales were runners-up with 149 place points with Ireland third with 155 place points. Scotland were fourth with 185 place points. England also had three anglers in the top five with Andy Taylor crowned International Bank Champion with 12 fish, with David Neilson runner-up with nine fish and Andrew Taylor fifth with eight fish. Andy Taylor and Phil Shaw-Browne shared the longest fish with both anglers catching a fish of 58cm.
In total 129 fish were caught for a rod average of just over five.

The AT-TEFF bank team would like to thank the Trout Federation of Ireland (TAFI) for organising and running this years international, John and Enda Phelan of the Laois Angling Centre for hosting the competition – the venue and hospitality were first class, the controllers who gave up their day to control the match, the staff and management of the Abbeyleix Hotel which was the base for all the teams, Lee Cartmail and those anglers who supported bonus ball raffles to raise funds for the team and Greys Fly Fishing for the shirts.

Paul Page, England Bank Manager said: “The team started well in practice and kept up the performance in all eight peg rotations, winning by a healthy 37 placing points. This was a tremendous performance and the first ever clean sweep of all trophies.”

Gareth Tilley, England Bank Captain said: “We had a great time representing England, we had a great set of lads in the team and we enjoyed our time as a team in Ireland. The fishing and hospitality at the Laois Angling Centre was first class. I would like to thank Ireland the hosts of the competition who made us feel very welcome. The week was complete when we won gold and took full honours with Andy Taylor as top rod and Andy and Phil Shaw-Browne with the longest fish.”

AT TEFF 2019 Bank International Team


Angling Trust Team England Fly Fishing today wishes success to its Team for the forthcoming 10th Bank International which will be held at the Laios Angling Centre, Coolrain, Co. Laios, Ireland next week.

Team Captain, Gareth Tilley has represented England at the Bank International for the last 2 years and having come 1st and 2nd individually, his track record makes him an excellent choice to captain the team.

The Championship match day will be held on the 23rd October when teams of 6 anglers from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland will compete for the Bank International’s Founders Trophy. This will be the third time that Ireland has hosted the Bank International and the first time at the Laios fishery.

The squad will be led by Manager Paul Page, along with Captain Gareth Tilley; Andy Taylor; Andrew Taylor; Graham Willis; Phil Shaw – Browne; David Neilson and Reserve Mark Harrison.

Manager Paul Page said “I’m looking forward to taking the Team to a new venue in Ireland in October and we have a good mix of skills and experience within the team to understand and develop the tactics and techniques that will be required”

The Bank International squad leave for Holyhead in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Press Release: 2019 Bank International Team press release

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AT TEFF Maran Lakes Bank Qualifier

Sunday 13th October at Maran Lakes trout fishery (Marston Wyse Trout Farm).

Fourteen anglers fished the first bank qualifier of the 2019/20 season at Maran Lakes Trout Fishery. Heavy rain greeted the anglers, and this stayed with them for the duration of the match. On practice days dries and nymphs featured, however the relentless rain soon ruled out any chances of catching fish off the surface.

The first fish was taken at 9:02 by Simon Lee and during the course of the match 100 fish were caught for a healthy rod average of just under 8. Tactics varied from pulling Cat’s Whiskers on intermediate lines, to the bung and twiddling small nymphs.

Top rod on the day was Rob Frame with 15 fish for 22 points, runner-up was Peter Davidson with 12 fish for 18 points, third place was Jim Burtle with 11 fish for 18 points. Colin Fitzjohn was fourth with 9 fish for 14 points with James Stephenson fifth catching 8 fish for 12 points and Brian Davis sixth taking 8 trout for 12 points. The top six now progress to the northern semi- final in March.

The next bank qualifier is on Sunday 27th October at Chigboro Fisheries. To book on to this or any of other bank qualifiers then go to the Angling Trust Events website at

Many thanks to Maran Lakes for hosting this qualifier and to Lee Cartmail and the controllers for giving their time to run the day.

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2019 AT TEFF Loch-style National Final

Chew Valley Lake, Saturday 28th-Sunday 29th September 2019

(Official Practice Days: Thursday 26th-Friday 27th September)

Day 1 Results (provisional)

100 anglers returned a rod average of 8.3 in overcast & blustery conditions. Great angling!

The top 28 anglers will be selected to represent England in the 2020 Loch-style Home Internationals, with the Spring event being held on Lough Melvin, Ireland, and the Autumn event taking place at Llyn Trawsfynydd, Wales.

2 day Event – 100 rods – Entry by Qualification & Invitation Only
Registration from: 08:30 & Closes 09:00
Briefing Day 1 only: 09.15
Match: 10:00 – 18:00
Organiser: Peter Hartley

Peter Hartley & Bristol Water staff will hold the draw for both days in the lodge at Chew at 6.15pm on Friday. All competitors are welcome to attend.

Ticket price: £99.00, to include hog roast after Day 2.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure they are familiar with the rules of the competition and fishery. Any questions should be raised at the briefing.

  • First 3 fish to be killed (to include one brown trout) and then catch & release with each fish released counting as 2lbs.
  • Any extra brown trout caught in the first 3 will be counted as catch & release fish to be recorded on the scorecard.
  • Barbless or debarbed flies to be used throughout the match. Boobies and FABs allowed.
  • Once on catch & release any bleeding fish to be dispatched, kept in a separate bag, and handed to fishery staff at the weigh-in.
  • Your boat partner will be responsible for monitoring your catch return, and they must sign your match card prior to the weigh-in.
  • You must weigh in with your boat partner – no exceptions.

Event Information:

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