Vacancies & Appointments


We have numerous vacancies – now is your chance to give something back to the sport you love! All roles are unpaid but receipt-backed expenses are payable.

As of January 2022 we are seeking the following volunteers:

  • General Secretary
  • Additional Executive Officer
  • Autumn Loch Style Team Manager
  • Bank Coordinator (for 2022-23 season and onwards)

Beyond 2022 we are seeking:

  • Rivers Team Manager (for 2023)
  • Bank International Coordinator (for 2023)
  • 5 Nations International Coordinator (for 2023)
  • Rivers International Coordinator (for the future)

AT TEFF Loch-Style Team Manager. Voluntary role

Note that there are two managers, one will manage the team for the Spring International and one for the Autumn International.

Main duties

  1. To be the primary point of contact for all loch-style team matters.
  2. To be the primary organiser for all loch-style team matters.
  3. To attend the relevant National Final and International.
  4. To communicate with team members on selection, responsibilities, finances and obligations (including for AT TEFF membership agreements).
  5. To organise practice and development sessions for the teams.
  6. To brief the team captains on their duties.
  7. To chair team meetings, and promote morale and team endeavour.
  8. To attend meetings as required (some online, others at the international venues).
  9. To represent AT TEFF at meetings with the IFFA.
  10. To provide reports and budgets, match results and press releases.
  11. To be a member of the Angling Trust.

When England host the Loch-style International the following duties will also be part of the role. These duties will be shared by both managers.

  1. Being the primary organiser and point of contact for all AT TEFF Loch-style International matters, responsible to the AT TEFF Executive.
  2. Acting as the primary organiser and point of contact for all matters relating to the organisation and hosting of the Loch-style International, responsible to AT TEFF Executive.
  3. Produce a budget forecast for the Loch-style International
  4. Attending the relevant international event. 
  5. Communication with the AT TEFF Executive and other International Officials e.g. advising them of the arrangements, responsibilities, financial commitments and obligations to sponsors.
  6. Liaison with Hotels, Fisheries, AT TEFF  National Coordinator, and the organising and booking of hotels, boats etc. 
  7. Briefing the International Committee, the AT TEFF Executive on the International arrangements, hospitality for guests and sponsors etc. 
  8. Providing responsive reports and information to the AT TEFF Executive. 

This role is for the 2022 International in the Autumn. Extension beyond 2022 will be subject to review.

Interested parties should email, in the first instance, to the Acting AT TEFF Secretary, Ian Colclough at

Closing date for expressions of interest is 31st January 2022

AT TEFF Secretary. Voluntary role

Main duties

  1. To be the primary point of contact for AT TEFF.
  2. To be the primary point of contact for other national and international bodies.
  3. To provide administrative backup to all the AT TEFF volunteers.
  4. To provide reports and gather information as required by AT TEFF.
  5. To attend meetings as required (usually online).
  6. To act as International Secretary when AT TEFF are hosting events.
  7. To be a member of the Angling Trust.

The role will mean the person is automatically a member of the AT TEFF Executive (currently 5 persons). Reasonable expenses are payable through the production of receipts.

Interested parties should email the Acting Secretary Ian Colclough –