2016 European Fly Fishing Championships, Poland, 3rd-9th October 2016

The 2016 FIPS-Mouche European Fly Fishing Championships is taking place from the 3rd-9th October in the Slupsk area of Central Pomerania, Poland, on the River Lupawa and Swan Pond.

Programme: logo2

3rd Oct – Opening Ceremony and Captains’ Meeting

4th Oct – Official Practice Sessions 1 & 2

5th Oct – Competition Sessions 1 & 2

6th Oct – Competition Session 3

7th Sept – Competition Sessions 4 & 5 14563527_1738552389742766_5155669377355855489_n

8th Sept – Award & Closing Ceremony & Farewell Dinner 14517358_1738946659703339_4933888806424819767_n

You will find more information at the official website here, and on their Facebook page here.



Team England FF is represented by Ben Bangham, Andrew Croucher, Mike Dixon, Scott Nellins, Andy Cliffe and Martin Dixon (manager).

Opening Ceremony


First Day

Session 1: England scored a 6th place in Sector 1 on the river (Scott Nellins), along with a 10th, 12th, and 14th place, plus a 6th place on the lake sector (Andy Cliffe), which put them in 9th place, behind Scotland in 8th and Ireland 5th. Poland were leading with 13 placing points, three ahead of Finland Men, with the Czech Republic 3rd with 26 points sess1team

Session 2: Ben Bangham came 8th on the lake, but on the river sectors England scored three 10th places and a 15th, dropping to 11th overall. After a good session the Czech Republic drew level with Poland on placing points with 37 each and are currently 2nd, with 68960 fish points, with Poland 1st on 80600 fish points. Finland Men are 3rd with 50 placing points, and Spain 4th with 62 sess2teamcumul Piotr Zieleniak (Poland) is leading individually, ahead of Ruben Santos Becerro (Spain) – both with two first places – with Lukas Jahn (Czech) third, with a 2nd and a 1st. Michael Drinan of Ireland is currently 9th sess2indivcumul


Second Day

Session 3: A 1st place by Scott Nellins, plus a 3rd by Ben Bangham, both on the river sectors, helped England get back to 6th place overall on 127 placing points, just behind Ireland on 121. The Czech Republic are currently in 1st place, on 55 points, five ahead of Poland in 2nd and Finland Men 3rd with 86 points, three ahead of Spain sess3teamcumul Individually, another 1st place saw Piotr Zieleniak (Poland) keep his lead, one point ahead of Lukas Jahn (Czech) and Ruben Santos Becerro (Spain), both on 4 placing points sess3indivcumul



Third Day

Session 4: England’s highest placed team member in this session was Ben Bangham with an 8th on one of the river sectors, with a 9th to Scott Nellins, and 11th to Andy Cliffe (also on the river), and an 11th to Mike Dixon on the lake. England slipped to 10th place overall, with Ireland 7th. Poland overtook the Czech Republic to gain 1st place, 73 points to 77, with Spain 3rd with 119 points sess4teamcumul Individually, Piotr Zieleniak (Poland) scored yet another 1st place to stay in the lead with 4 points, ahead of Lukas Jahn (Czech) on 6 points (two 1sts and and two 2nds), with Ruben Santos Becerro (Spain) on 7 points with two 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd sess4indivcumul

Session 5: England did better in the final session with Scott Nellins coming 3rd on the lake, and 8th places to Andy Croucher and Ban Bangham on the river sectors. They finished in 8th place with 219 points, just behind Ireland on 205 points. Poland increased their lead to become the 2016 European Champions with 81 total placing points, with the Czech Republic 2nd with 105 points, and Spain 3rd with 143 points, Finland Men 4th and France 5th sess5teamcumul Individually, Piotr Zieleniak (Poland) managed a clean sweep of 1st places, scoring just 5 placing points to become the 2016 Individual European Champion. Lukas Jahn (Czech) was 2nd with 8 points, and Piotr Armatys (Poland) 3rd with 12 points. Michael Drinan of Ireland scored a 3rd in his final session to finish 6th overall. England’s top performer was Scott Nellins at 21st, with Ben Bangham 33rd sess5indivcumul



European Championships 2015 – Italy September 21st-27th 

The 2015 FIPS-Mouche European Fly Fishing is being held on the 21st-27th September in Trentino, Italy, on the Sarca river and the Lake of Nembia. EhCVRvTt


21st Sept – Parade and Opening Ceremony

22nd Sept – Official Practice Sessions 1 & 2

23rd Sept – Competition Sessions 1 & 2

24th Sept – Competition Session 3

25th Sept – Competition Sessions 4 & 5

26th Sept – Closing Ceremony & Gala Dinner

Official Programme: PROGRAMM-DEPLIANT_EN

You will also find more information at the official website here, and on their Facebook page here. John Horsey is also covering this event on his Facebook page here, as is Ben Bangham here.

Team England FF is represented by John Horsey, Lewis Hendrie, Howard Croston, Tony Baldwin, Mike Dixon, Ben Bangham (reserve) and Ian Greenwood (captain/manager).




Session One

After the first session England were in 6th place, with the Czech Republic 1st, Italy 2nd, Finland 3rd, France 5th and Poland 6th. Howard Croston came 3rd in his session on Sector 4 on the Sarca river with 49 fish, while Lewis Hendrie came 4th with 3 fish in Sector 5 on Lake Nembia, just two fish behind the 1st place in this sector. Team Results after Session One: Session_1_Team_Results_provisional Individual Results after Session One: Session_1_Indiv_Results_Provisional

Session Two

After the second session England moved down to 7th place, with the Czech Republic 1st, Finland 2nd and France 3rd and Poland 4th. Team_results_after_session_2 Mike Dixon came 4th and Tony Baldwin 5th in their sessions on the Sarca river, while Howard Croston came 5th on Lake Nembia. Sebastian Delcor of France is currently the top individual, ahead of Roman Heimlich of the Czech Republic. Howard Croston is currently 15th and Mike Dixon 26th. Individual_results_after_session_2

Session Three

England were lying in 8th place after the third session, with the Czech Republic still in 1st, in front of France who moved into 2nd, ahead of Poland in 3rd, while Finland dropped to 4th. Team_results_after_session_3 John Horsey won his session on Lake Nembia, the only angler to catch four fish. Individually, Sebastian Delcor of France is still in 1st place, ahead of Roman Heimlich of the Czech Republic, with both anglers scoring three 1st places in their three sessions. Individual_results_after_session_3

Session Four

Following some good individual performances, England recovered to 7th place after the fourth session. The Czech Republic are still 1st with 61 points, ahead of France in 2nd with 84 points and Poland 3rd with 92 points. Team_results_after_session_4 Lewis Hendrie won his session on Sector 3 of the Sarca River with 26 fish, 15 more than the Czech competitor in second place, while Howard Croston got 2nd on Sector 2, also on the Sarca River. Individually, Sebastian Delcor of France is still in 1st place on 6 points, with three 1sts and a 3rd, ahead of Roman Heimlich of the Czech Republic on 7 points, with three 1sts and a 4th place. Individual_results_after_session_4

Session Five

England finished the Championships in 7th place. The Czech Republic are the new European Champions, with 74 placing points, some distance ahead of France in 2nd place with 102 points, and Poland 3rd with 112 points. TRENTINOEFFC_Team_results_after_session_5


Individually, Roman Heimlich of the Czech Republic is the European Champion, winning his last session on the Sarca River, with Sebastian Delcor of France taking the Silver after coming 3rd in session five. Bronze medallist was Tomas Adam of the Czech Republic. TRENTINOEFFC_Individual_results_after_session_5


Competition Sectors:


Sector One: Sarca River, Val Genova


Sector Two: Sarca River, Caderzone – Pinzolo


Sector Three: Sarca River, Tione


Sector Four: Sarca River, Terme di Comano


Sector Five: Lake Nembia










































European Championships 2014 – Sweden August 12th-18th 


The 2014 FIPS-Mouche European Fly Fishing Championships is being held on the 12th-18th August in the Jämtland region of Sweden, on the Ammerån river, and the Öravattnet and Ösjön lakes.


12th Aug – Opening Parade.

13th-14th Aug – Official Practice. DSC00138

15th-17th Aug – Competition Days

18th Aug – Closing Awards Ceremony

You will find more information at the official website here, and on their Facebook page here

Team England FF is represented by: Scott Nellins, Simon Robinson, Andy Croucher, Tony Baldwin, Lewis Hendrie, and Ian Greenwood (manager/captain/reserve)

In the first session Andrew Croucher came 4th, Scott Nellins 5th and Tony Baldwin 9th in their sections on the Ammerån river, with Simon Robinson 6th on Öravattnet lake (boat), and Lewis Hendrie one of thirteen anglers who suffered a blank on Ösjön lake (boat) where only one fish was caught. Individual results after first session: Ses1Indiv The Czech Republic was in the lead with 24 placing points, ahead of Spain with 30 points, with England in 3rd place with 35 points. Team results after first session: Ses1Team

In the second session Simon Robinson came 2nd, Scott Nellins came 4th and Tony Baldwin 11th in their sections on the Ammerån river, with Lewis Hendrie 4th on Öravattnet lake (boat). The Ösjön lake (boat) continued to be a hard section and saw only two fish caught in this session, with Andrew Croucher one of a dozen anglers who failed to catch. With two 1st places the Czech Tomas Adam was currently leading in the Individual results, with Simon Robinson 10th and Scott Nellins 11th: AfterSes2Indiv The Czech Republic was still the first placed team with 49 points, with Spain 2nd with 55 points, Poland 3rd with 62 points, and England 4th with 67 points: AfterSes2Team

In the third session Tony Baldwin came 3rd, Simon Robinson came 6th and Lewis Hendrie 11th in their sections on the Ammerån river, with Andrew Croucher 2nd on Öravattnet lake (boat). Scott Nellins did exceptionally well to win his session on the Ösjön lake (boat), which again only saw two fish caught, and this performance pushed him into 3rd place in the Individual rankings, behind Ander Perez (Spain) and Tomas Adam (Czech) who was still in 1st place with two firsts and a second. Simon Robinson was 9th: AfterSes3Indiv With 79 points Spain were just one point behind the Czech Republic on 78 points, with England back in 3rd place with 90 points, two ahead of Poland: AfterSes3Team

In the fourth session England put in another good performance which saw Lewis Hendrie winning his section on the the Ammerån river, with Simon Robinson 4th and Andrew Croucher 8th. Although Tony Baldwin failed to catch on the Ösjön lake (boat), which again only saw two fish caught, Scott Nellins scored another lake win on Öravattnet lake (boat), which helped him keep his 3rd place in the Individual rankings, behind Ander Perez (Spain) and Tomas Adam (Czech) both of whom caught in their Ösjön lake session. Simon Robinson is now 7th: AfterSes4Indiv With the Czech Republic dropping to 4th place, Spain have moved into 1st with 103 points, ahead of England in 2nd with 117 points, one point ahead of Poland on 118: AfterSes4Team

In the fifth and final session the provisional results show that England experienced mixed fortunes on the Ammerån river, with Lewis Hendrie coming 3rd and Andrew Croucher 8th in their sections, but Scott Nellins unable to score. Tony Baldwin finished 9th on Öravattnet lake (boat), while the Ösjön lake (boat) sector was another struggle, producing just one fish, with Simon Robinson failing to catch. Individually, Tomas Adam (Czech) finished with an exceptional run of four first places and a second for just 6 points to become European Champion, ahead of Ander Perez (Spain) with 15 points in 2nd, and former Champion Martin Droz (Czech) in 3rd with 22 points. Scott Nellins finished 7th, with Simon Robinson 17th, Lewis Hendrie 19th, Andrew Croucher 20th, and Tony Baldwin 39th: AfterSes5Indiv Having figured in a medal position for much of the competition, England finished in 4th place with 163 points, behind Poland in 3rd with 154 points, and Spain in 2nd with 146 points. After staging a dramatic recovery in the final session, the Czech Republic are the European Champions with 143 points: AfterSes5Team


European Championships 2013 – Slovakia  September 15th-22nd 

phoca_thumb_l_dscf4108w The FIPS-Mouche European Fly Fishing Championships was held from 17th-22nd September in Slovakia, on the Belá, Váh and Poprad rivers, venues which were previously used for the 1999 European and 2005 World Championships. phoca_thumb_l_dscf4120w

You will find more details on the championship website here

The competition took place solely on river sectors:

Sector 1. River Bela – Sector 2. River Vah no.21 – Sector 3. River Vah no.22 – Sector 4. River Poprad – Sector 5. River Vah no.19

You will find a complete guide to the sectors here. 16 countries took part.

The Team England FF team was: Paul Page (captain/manager), Iain Barr, John Tyzack, Baz Reece, Andrew Gooding, Andrew Scott & Andy Croucher (reserve)

Team CVs: 2013 team CV’s

First Session: Spain took the lead in the first session, ahead of the Czech Republic, with France in third place. England were 8th, with Terry Phillips and John Tyzack 22nd and 23rd. Team results after 1st session: Session1-Teams Individual results after 1st session: Session1-Individuals

Second Session: Spain have hung onto their lead, ahead of the Czech Republic and France. England have moved up to 6th, thanks to a section win by Andrew Scott and a 5th place by John Tyzack. Team results after 2nd session: After-Session2-Team Individual results after 2nd session: After-Sesion2-Indiv

Third Session: Andrew Scott had another good session, coming 2nd, and is now 7th in the Individual listings. Spain increased their lead over the Czechs, with Poland 3rd, one point ahead of France in 4th place. England dropped back to 8th. With two firsts and a second place, the Individual leader is currently Pablo Castro Pinos (Spain). Team results after 3rd session: After-Session3-Team Individual results after 3rd session: After-Session3-Indiv

Fourth Session: Spain did well again, extending their lead over the Czech Republic, with France overtaking Poland to 3rd place. England dropped to 11th place, but Andrew Scott is currently lying 9th in the Individual listings. Pablo Castro Pinos (Spain) scored another second place to remain the Individual leader by five points. Team results after 4th session: After-Session4-Team Individual results after 4th session: After-Session4-Indiv

Fifth Session: The Czech Republic had a good session, scoring two firsts, a third and a fourth, to overtake Spain for first place, with France in 3rd. Andrew Scott did well again, with another 2nd place, and was lying 5th in the overall Individual rankings. This helped England to recover to 9th place. Team results after 5th session: After-Session5-Team Individual results after 5th session: After-Session5-Indiv

Final Session: Although Spain put in a good performance, the Czechs hung onto their lead to take the Team Championship, with Spain 2nd and France 3rd. Despite a 5th place by Terry Phillips, England finished 10th. Pablo Castro Pinos (Spain) recorded another 1st place to become Individual Champion, ahead of Martin Bachleda (Slovakia A) and David Chumsky (Czech). Andrew Scott was our best individual, finishing 12th. Team results after final session: After-Session6-Team Individual results after final session: After-Session6-indiv

Report by Paul Page: 2013 European report

European Championships 2012 – Portugal  May 13th-20th 2012

At the Team England FF AGM last November (See Report TEFF AGM 27-11-11) it was decided not to enter a team into the European Championships (a competition we would have very little chance of doing well in) and instead organise a training trip to Norway, the venue of next year’s World Championships, to be better prepared for this event. Even so, TEFF still covered this year’s European event.

12 teams took part in this year’s event, which was held from the 13th-20th May, near to the Montebelo Aguieira resort. (See more details here: 18th European Fly Fishing Championship – Portugal(1)) It was held over five river sessions, on the Rio Mondeggo, Rio Alva and Rio Ceira.

France took an early lead after the first session, ahead of Spain, Romania, Italy and the Czech Republic. Ireland were 7th with Scotland 10th. TEAMS

Individually, Ludovic Chaomleffel of France led the first session, with Thomas O’Connor of Ireland in 4th place and Kenny Riddell of Scotland 19th. INDIVIDUAL

The Portugal 2 team won the second session, ahead of the Czech Republic and Italy. Scotland were 9th and Ireland 11th. TEAMS-1 Individually, three Portugese, an Italian and a Finnish competitor were in the top five places. INDIV

After two sessions, the Czech Republic were leading, with Portugal 2 second and France third. Ireland were lying 9th and Scotland 11th. TEAMS 1&2(1)

In the Individuals, former World and European Champion Pavel Chyba (Czech Republic) was 1st, with Ludovic Chaomleffel (France) 2nd and Laurent Gagneux (France) 3rd. Thomas O’Connor (Ireland) was 13th and Keith Renton (Scotland) 27th. INDIV 1&2

Spain won the third session Teams Individuals which put them into 1st place overall, with the Czech Republic 2nd and Portugal 2 3rd. Ireland were lying 10th and Scotland 11th Teams cummulative.

Individually, former World Champion Martin Droz (Czech Republic) was now lying 1st, with Ludovic Chaomleffel (France) 2nd and David Garcia (Spain) 3rd. Thomas O’Connor (Ireland) was 20th and Keith Renton (Scotland) 34th. Individuals cummulative

The Czech Republic won the fourth session TEAM INDIV and overtook Spain to lead with 74 points to third 76, with Italy 3rd on 86 points, and France and Portugal both on 97 points. TEAM CUMUL(1)

After winning his session Martin Droz (Czech Republic) remained top Individual, two place points ahead of David Garcia (Spain) in 2nd, Valerio Santi Amantini (Italy) 3rd, and Pavel Chyba (Czech Republic) 4th. Thomas O’Connor (Ireland) was 20th and Kenny Riddell (Scotland) 37th. INDIV CUMUL

Spain also won the fifth and final session TEAMS while Martin Droz recorded another session win, as did Valerio Santi Amantini INDIVS.

Final Results are: 1. Spain 89 pts 2. Czech Republic 98 pts 3. Italy 107 pts 4. Portugal 2 125 pts 5. France 129 pts 6. Poland 153 pts 7. Portugal 1 163 pts 8. Romania 179 pts 9. Finland 213 pts 10. Scotland 221 pts 11. Ireland 237 pts 12. Netherlands 258 pts TEAMS CUMULATIVE

Individuals: European Champion: Martin Droz (Czech Republic) 2. Valerio Santi Amantini (Italy) 3. David Garcia (Spain). Thomas O’Connor (Ireland) finished 31st and Kenny Riddell (Scotland) 39th. INVID CUMULATIVE.

European Championship 2011

Czech Republic 31 May – 6 June

Manager / Captain – Paul Page

Davey Parker – All sessions

Andrew Gooding – All sessions

Scott Nellins – All sessions

John Emerson – All sessions

Alex Bobba – 3 River Sessions

Baz Reece – 1 lake boat seesion, 1 lake bank session and team reserve

For detailed information click here

Full Match Report