Executive Updates

Latest AT TEFF Executive Structure

AT TEFF have updated their Executive Structure. Here is the latest organisation chart, with some vacancies still outstanding.


Ian Colclough to step down from AT TEFF Executive

Ian Colclough is to step down from his role on the AT TEFF Executive as Executive Officer – Loch Style, with Paul Angell taking his place.

Ian has confirmed he will remain as Loch Style Qualifier Event Organiser, supporting Peter Hartley as Loch Style National Final Event Organiser, and the other Loch Style Organisers. He will also stay on as Loch Style Team Manager (Autumn) for now, with Paul Angell as Loch Style Team Manager (Spring).

New AT TEFF Executive Structure

AT TEFF have formed a new Executive Structure, with some vacancies still outstanding.


Alex Adams is new TEFF General Secretary

AT TEFF has appointed a new volunteer into the role of General Secretary. His name is Alex Adams, and his email is alex.adams1969@gmail.com

New TEFF Structure

TEFF would like to welcome on board the following volunteers, all of whom will be Executive members:

Chris Bobby who will look after Finances
Keith Wallace who will look after Marketing and Sponsorship
Peter Scholes who will look after Rivers

Contact details for all the above will be posted shortly, along with a diagram of the new structure.
Remaining on the Exec are Scott Nellins and Ian Colclough (for now).
We have parties interested in the Secretary role, and are working on the details.
We still have a vacancy on the Exec for someone to take on the Bank fishing role.
If you are interested please send me a PM.

Ian Colclough

AT TEFF 2021/22 Season Budget

The AT TEFF Executive has recently concluded its budget for the 2021/22 Season which projects that the cost of England representation in World, European, 5 Nations, Loch, River and Bank Internationals in 2022 will be approximately £70,000 in total. The majority of this cost, approximately £57,500, will be borne by the Team Members and Managers. The remaining cost will be funded from AT TEFF grants distributed from the proceeds of the EPP League, Qualifiers and National Finals organised by AT TEFF Volunteers as part of the England Team selection process.

Entry fees for the 2021/22 season have been set at £27.50 per event (a reduction on previous years). Around 700 entries are anticipated from the League, Qualifiers and National finals.

The budgeted Income from entry fees is £29,500, of which £15,500 will be used to cover £5,000 of Volunteer organisers out-of-pocket expenses; £7,000 Loch and River National Final fishing and supper costs; and £3,500 other expenses. The remaining £14,000 will be available to support our competitive activities.

For 2022, the AT TEFF grants will be applied to the Teams at a rate of £200 pp.

In summary, AT TEFF’s total budget for the season is £87,000 income, £85,500 expenditure, with £1,500 being held in reserve.

AT TEFF Executive

11th December 2021

Stephen Peart stands down as Loch-style Team Manager

AT TEFF has been informed by Stephen that he has stood down from his volunteer role as manager of one of the loch-style teams. 

His track record was second to none, as he managed the team on six occasions, gaining gold medals at Lough Owel in 2014, Menteith in 2017, and Grafham in 2019. He was also involved in organising the recent Pro/Am events at Chew and Draycote, raising over £1200 to go towards team funds. 

I’m sure you will join us in thanking Stephen for his dedication to our sport over the years he has been involved, not only as manager but also as a volunteer of many years. He will be sorely missed. We wish him well for the future, and hopefully we shall see him again around the loch-style competition scene in future years…

On behalf of Angling Trust Team England Fly Fishing Thank You!

Ian Colclough
Acting Secretary AT TEFF

Bank National Championship Update

The Covid Pandemic has disrupted the normal timetable and progression of events that lead to the identification of a Team to represent England in Bank Internationals. As a consequence, the recent Bank National Final has produced an England Team for October 2022 from Qualifiers etc. that started back in 2019.

The usual timetable and progression of events is for:

Qualifiers to be held November – March.

Semis to be held April.  

Final to be held in May, for the winners to represent England in October that year.

To restore this timetable, the 2022 Bank National Championship will start with Qualifiers in November 2022 leading to a final in May 2023. This will result in the Team to represent England in the 2023 Bank International to be hosted by England.

To support the Bank International Team, we are considering to take the opportunity during January – April 2022 to organise Cash Prized Bank Fundraising events, with the proceeds being ringfenced for the benefit of Bank International Team Members. This is still work in progress and the details will be posted by the Executive when confirmed.

5NFFC/EPP Team Selection Update

After reviewing the progress of the proposed 2021 5N League, the selection of individuals to form future England 5N Teams will be incorporated into the Elite Performance Programme (EPP).

The impact of COVID restrictions has inevitably disrupted the normal timetables for selection and representation of World and European teams. We now need to bring these back in synch and incorporate the 5NFFC team selection.

For 2022 Teams:

World – selected from recent 2021 EPP

European – carried over from 2019 EPP selection

5NFFC – selection options being considered by ATTEFF exec

For 2023 Teams:

World – to be selected from 2022 EPP

European – selected from the recent 2021 EPP

5NFFC – 1 or 2 teams to be selected from 2022 EPP

For 2024, all team selections will be made from the 2023 EPP.

A Huge ‘Thank You’ to Lee Cartmail

The AT TEFF Executive would like to thank Lee Cartmail for his dedicated service as a volunteer. Lee began organising the Bank Qualifiers back in 2018/19, and also introduced a series of fundraising events to help support the team financially. I’m sure that all those that knew Lee will join us in thanking him for all this hard work and wish him well for the future.

AT TEFF Executive

AT TEFF Executive Memo – Policy & Financial Budgeting

Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook added:

“The Angling Trust are committed to enhancing our support of Team England in all disciplines and delivering success in the form of medals. As a not for profit organisation we commit to re-investing revenues generated from TEFF events directly into the England fly fishing teams – as an amateur sport who do not receive elite UK Sport funding by making this commitment we can reduce the burden on anglers self-funding their own participation and aspire to ensure that cost is never a barrier to participation at the highest level. I hope this will provide confidence and transparency to our members that the money they put in to Team England Fly Fishing is going directly to support the teams’ success.”