2022 Rivers National, R. Tees



1. Carl Nixon   20 Fish Caught   898 Fish Points   4 Place Points
[2022 Rivers National Champion]
2. Stan Moore   20 Fish Caught   828 Fish Points   7 Place Points
3. Gavin Walsh   13 Fish Caught   545 Fish Points   8 Place Points
4. Cameron Craigs   21 Fish Caught   885 Fish Points   10 Place Points
5. Dan Scott Paul   19 Fish Caught   774 Fish Points   10 Place Points
6. Brian Lillie   12 Fish Caught   509 Fish Points   10 Place Points



The Angling Trust reports: Thirty qualifying anglers arrived at High Force Hotel, River Tees on Saturday 3rd for two days of competition. Each angler had four timed sessions over the weekend, during which they must catch as many 18cm-plus trout and grayling as they can. Consistency is paramount and quite a task as each session lasts no more than ninety minutes.

With little rain or steady conditions running up to, and forecast of low pressure and high winds over the weekend, pre-match musing was of a difficult comp ahead, expecting low numbers of fish, and finding them early would be imperative. Luckily, the weather was better than expected, with a helpful predominantly upstream wind with cloud cover on the Saturday, and a drop in wind with mixed cloud cover on the Sunday.


Fish fell to both dry fly and tight line nymphing tactics, once located. Look out for a full report on this on the AT Comps webpage shortly and a couple of debrief reports from selected competitors.

Congratulations to the 2022 National Rivers Campion Carl Nixon, runner-up Stan Moore, and Bronze-placed Gavin Walsh. Well done Cameron Craigs, Dan Scott, and Brian Lillie for achieving their squad places too. Well done all the anglers who qualified, and a final thanks to Paul Page & Peter Scholes for organising a splendid event.







2021 AT TEFF River Fundraiser Programme



Due to the 2021 AT TEFF River Qualifiers and National Final being cancelled and the 2019 team rolling over to 2022, there will instead be a series of River Fundraisers held this year.

The proposal is to hold a series of individual River matches to raise funds for TEFF Teams and hence support financially all our team members going forward. The matches are proposed to be held on the rivers listed below. River venues will be confirmed as and when the tickets are made available for purchase.

Each Qualifying Event will have cash First Prize to a max value of £100 based on 16 Entrants, otherwise prize value will be pro rata depending upon the entry levels.

The National Final will have 3 cash prizes to a max value of; First Prize £300; Second Prize £200; and Third Prize £100. based on 64 Entrants overall, otherwise prize pot will be pro rata depending upon the overall entry level.

Prize money will be sent via BACS from the Angling Trust after the event – AT will be in touch the week following the event via email.

The top 8 from each of the 4 qualifying events will be eligible to go forward to the National final. The maximum number of rods for each qualifying event is 24.

Matches will be fished to full international rules and AT TEFF River Qualifier scoring system. Measure, Catch & release basis. Only in season fish 20cm and above will be eligible for measuring / scoring / awarding fish points.

Entrants will be split into 2 groups:

  • Morning Group fishing am & controlling pm.
  • Afternoon group fishing pm & controlling am.

There is no requirement to be an AT member to enter these events.

There is no requirement to be an AT member to enter these events.

Entry Fee: £35.00


Sunday 16th May 2021 – River Dee, Llangollen (max rods 24)

Sunday 13th June 2021 – River Wear, Willington (max rods 24)

Sunday 27th June 2021 – River Ure, Wensley (max rods 24)

Tuesday 10th August 2021 – River Derwent, Chatsworth (max rods 24) TBC

There is no limit on the number of qualifiers that you can enter. 


Sunday 22nd August 2021 – River Dee, Llangollen (max rods 32)

How to Enter

Go to the Angling Trust web site, click on ‘Competitions’, click on ‘BOOK TICKETS’, and select your desired event.

Follow the link below for entry into the Sunday 16th May River Dee fundraiser. (The other events will become open for entry soon.)


AT TEFF Rivers Fundraiser – River Dee, Llangollen – 16th May

16th May 2021 10:00am – 6:30pm

HQ: Hand Hotel, Bridge Street, Llangollen, LL20 8PL

Open to all

Entries open: Monday 26th April 10:30am

Entries close: Thursday 13th May 23:59pm

Fishing Times: Morning group 10:00am-13:00pm Afternoon group 14:30-17:30pm

NB: Llangollen Maelor AA members are not required to pay a day ticket price. Anyone who is not a member of LMAA will need to purchase a full price ticket.

Fishing Fee: £Free (Llangollen/Maelor AA members)

Fishing Fee: £20.00 (non-LMAA members)

Register: By 8:00am

2020 River Qualifiers and National Final

Due to the current Covid-19 virus outbreak, the AT TEFF Executive have agreed the following courses of action:

The outstanding River Avon, Ure and Dee Qualifiers are cancelled and entrants will receive a refund of the entry fee. A refund process will be set up next week. The Rivers National Final is also cancelled. The Qualifier and National Final programme will restart when circumstances allow. The River Itchen and Test Qualifier results will stand.

2019 Rivers National

Day One – Carl Nixon briefs the 32 competitors

Sean Brooks tackles the River Dee

Beat C – ‘Dollies’

Chris Micallef nets a grayling at the top of Beat A, Llangollen

The weekend of the 20th & 21st July saw the top 32 anglers from the regional river qualifiers head to the River Dee at Llangollen to fish for a place in the rivers international team for 2020.

With no practice after the 7th July, the anglers who practiced up to the cut-off date found the fishing to be tricky; the resident brownies were willing to feed whilst the grayling were not as cooperative. Heavy rain the day before the match weekend also saw the river rise and colour slightly, forcing many of the competitors to have a late rethink on their tactics.

After the first day briefing the morning sessions were fished on Beat A, top of Llangollen, and Beat C “Dollies”. As predicted the fishing was challenging. Harry Fox won his section at Llangollen and Cameron Craigs his at “Dollies”. The afternoon session saw anglers fish Beat B, the Golf Course, and Beat D, the Country Park. With the river dropping and starting to clear, those fishing the afternoon found the fish willing to feed with James Atkinson taking top spot in the Country Park section, and current rivers champion Mark Lynch winning the Golf Course section. At the end of day one things were very close with at least half the field still in contention for a top six spot.

Day two saw the river drop further and clear. Hopes were high that dries might come into play as the river clarity improved. The first session saw anglers head to the Country Park and Golf Course. James Atkinson found fish again catching seven and one in his two 1.5hr sessions at the Golf Course, whilst at the Country Park there was a mixed bag of results with some anglers faring well whilst others struggled. The final sessions took place at Llangollen and Dollies. Dries were now starting to work as the grayling looked up for food. Chris Micallef took his final three fish on dries as he covered rising fish in the Fridge and Top Pools. As the anglers returned to the Hand Hotel in Llangollen with their score cards it looked like the match was going to be a close-run affair.

After a superb buffet at the hotel the results were announced. It was close with just four place points separating the top ten anglers. In first position was James Atkinson who caught 17 fish for 10 place points and was crowned the England National Rivers Champion for 2019. Second was Chris Micallef with 10 fish for 11 place points and third was Cameron Craigs with 12 fish for 12 place points. Harry Fox was fourth and Carl Nixon fifth with Mike Dixon finishing sixth taking the reserve spot. These six anglers will now form the England team for the Rivers International in June 2020.

2019 National Rivers Champion James Atkinson receiving his trophy
(Photo: From left to right; Carl Nixon, Andy Taylor & James Atkinson)

Runner up – Chris Micallef
(Photo: From left to right; Andy Taylor & Chris Micallef)

Third place – Cameron Craigs
(Photo: From left to right; Andy Taylor & Cameron Craigs)

2019 National Rivers Champion James Atkinson

Top six anglers along with AT Competition Support Officer Andy Taylor

 James Atkinson said, “This year’s national final was always going to be tough. The river was not giving up large numbers of fish in the weeks leading up to the competition and coupled with a field of strong anglers, it was going to be a tight finish. I had been practicing leading up to the final, fishing the river on several occasions locating the best pools and flies. It became clear that a lot of fish were held up in the fast water at the heads of the pools with a long French leader and two tungsten nymphs either black or hare’s ear working well for me.

I drew the Country Park in the first session and had preference three. From practice I knew there were a lot of fish below the Aqueduct and started there. Armed with my French leader I managed six fish quite quickly, knowing this would be enough fish to do well in the session I opted to stop fishing for 15 minutes to save the water for my second session. This paid off by allowing me to get another five out of the same water.

Session 2 on the Golf Course was going to be tough with only a few fish been caught the previous afternoon. With a low start number, I let the rest of angler’s head to their sections. With no angler’s going to the very top pool, so I opted to start there. Fishing the same way as the previous day with a long leader and two heavy but small nymphets (size 14 with 4mm and 3.5mm beads) I fished the head of the top pool for five fish. I then decided to leave the rest for later and head to the riffle above the sewage works. I quickly got another two and decided to leave what I thought was the best pool for the second session, so I again stopped fishing. Unfortunately, there seemed to be no more fish in this pool, much to my surprise, so I headed back to my starting position and managed one more fish. Thankfully this was enough for me!

I would like to thank Carl Nixon for organising the event and the Angling Trust for their continued work to allow these competitions to happen. Also, a massive well done to the other qualifiers and anglers. Bring on the River Don!”

Andy Taylor Competitions Support Officer, Angling Trust said, “This was a great two-day final on a superb piece of river. We would like to thank Llangollen and Maelor Angling Association for allowing us to use their waters. Congratulations to James Atkinson, the new National Rivers Champion, and to the other anglers who finished in the top six.  This was a great performance from James over the two days. We wish the team well in their search for gold in the 2020 International in Scotland.

The AT TEFF would also like to thank Carl Nixon for organising this year’s final and two qualifiers, Mike Dixon for compiling the results, the volunteers who organised and ran the river qualifiers, and Kirsty Marshall for her work behind the scenes at the Angling Trust. The Hand Hotel was the perfect base for the event. Finally, a big thank you to all those anglers who entered the rivers qualifiers this year and to the 32 who competed in the final. The camaraderie and banter make this event a must for any river angler. It really is a great competition where you can learn so much.”

Overall Results:

2018 Rivers National


1st (2018 National Rivers Champion) Mark Lynch – 10 fish – 446 fish points – 7 place points

2nd Cameron Craigs – 10 fish – 442 fish points – 8 place points

3rd Paul Fairhurst – 9 fish – 403 fish points – 9 place points

4th Fred Bainbridge – 18 fish – 795 fish points – 11 place points

5th Derek Spry – 13 fish – 559 fish points – 11 place points

6th (reserve) Simon Clarke – 7 fish – 302 fish points – 12 place points

Biggest Fish: Andy Ford – 43.4 cms brown trout

Total Fish Caught: 174       Rod Average: 5.44

2018 Rivers National Champion – Mark Lynch

2nd Cameron Craigs

3rd Paul Fairhurst

4th Fred Bainbridge

5th Del Spry

6th Simon Clarke

Full Results: 2018 River National Final Draw & Results final

Angling Trust Team England FF would like to thank: 

Jeremy Lucas, Baz Reece, and Paul Page for organising and delivering the event.

Our hosts Appleby Angling Association for use of their water & Tufton Arms Hotel and Conservatory Restaurant for hosting the evening dinner.

And finally a big thanks to all those who ran the series of qualifiers over the last 12 months, wouldn’t happen without your support!


32 anglers will compete in the AT TEFF River National Final, which will be held on the River Eden on Thursday 27th & Friday 28th September. 

The match will be held on Appleby Angling Association water over two beats. Beat 1 from Crooks Beck to Mill Beck in the Sandford area. Beat 2 will begin at Holme Farm and end at Hoff Beck, Appleby.

In both these events (and in any practice days) TEFF rules will apply (see below). The top 5 anglers will form the team, with 6th place as reserve, to represent England in the 2019 Rivers Home International on the River Agivey in Ireland from 3rd to 6th July 2019.

Participation is by qualification only (through Rivers National Qualifiers), and full details of entry procedure and timetable have been sent to all participants.

Confirmed Participants

Alex Adams – Fred Bainbridge – Andrew Baker – Tony Baldwin – Jonathan Barnes – Simon Caddy – Simon Clarke – Cameron Craigs – Andrew Croucher – Julian Curry – Andrew Deacon – Michael Dixon – Paul Fairhurst – Andy Ford – Tony Fox – Andrew Green – Michael Heritage – Tom Hunt – Graham Kennerley – Mark Lynch – Christopher Micallef – Kevin Moran – Carl Nixon – Baz Reece – Christopher Richardson – Paul Runec – Peter Scholes – Adam Sinclair – Derek Spry – Adam Stafford – Mark Thomas – Mark Withyman


Peter Cook – Harry Fox – Stan Moore – Andy Taylor – Dave Wiltshire

Cost & Practice Tickets

Entry fee £95 (includes fishing fees, food and admin. Appleby AA members can apply for a refund of the £40 fishing tickets.)

Practice permits: £10 from Pigneys Hardware Store, Chapel Street, Appleby-in-Westmorland

Note: Final day for practice is Sunday 16th September (inclusive). No further fishing on National beats by finalists is allowed.

Entry Information

All entries via the online Angling Trust Booking System at


Tickets Open: 10:00 on 23rd August

Tickets Close: 16:00 on 14th September

Note: 1. Entries after the closing date will not be accepted and your place will be allocated to a reserve

2. You must be an individual member of AT before 16th September, or you will not be allowed to compete

There are two different ways to book your ticket, depending on whether you are an individual Angling Trust member at the point of booking. (Full details in correspondence sent to all qualifiers).

In any event, in order to fish this National Final, participants must become a member of Angling Trust before 16th September, and agree to abide by the competition rules of AT-TEFF & fishery rules.


Tuesday 25th September

18:00 Draw for Groups and Priority Number at Tufton Arms – all welcome

Thursday 27th September

07:30-07:45 Registration at Broad Close Car Park

07.45 Briefing

08:00 Departure for am sessions

09:30-11:00 Session 1

11:00-12:30 Session 2

13:00-13:30 Return to Broad Close Car Park. Submit score cards and change over

13:30 Depart for pm sessions

15:00-16:30 Session 3

16:30-18:00 Session 4

18:30-19:30 Return to Broad Close Car Park. Submit score cards

19:45 – Day 1 Results available Tufton Arms

Friday 28th September

07:30-07:45 Check in at Broad Close Car Park

07.45 Briefing

08:00 Departure for am sessions

09:30-11:00 Session 5

11:00-12:30 Session 6

13:00-13:30 Return to Broad Close Car Park. Submit score cards and change over

13:30 Depart for pm sessions

15:00-16:30 Session 7

16:30-18:00 Session 8

18:30-19:30 Return to Broad Close Car Park. Submit score cards

19:45 – Supper at Tufton Arms

19:45 – Day 2 & Final Results


The Draw splits the 32 finalists into 4 groups – A, B, C, D. These groups then fish two sessions and control two sessions on each day. The Draw also identifies a Priority Number, which establishes the precedence that a finalist has over his fellow group members at the start of sessions 1, 3, 5 & 7 to select his start position within his beat. This Priority Number can be used up to 20 mins of the start time for these sessions.

Beat Map & Rules

Fishing will be to ATTEFF International Competition Rules and those Rule Modifications listed below. Copies of the rules are available on this website, but the main points will be briefed on the day.  Fishery rules, beat info and parking areas available via interactive map at:


Rule Modifications

1. Trout and Grayling

2. Size Limit – minimum 18cm

3. In both the Final (and in any practice days), ATTEFF rules and these Modifications apply.

4. The use of the ‘bung’ is strictly banned, any form of foam or cork bodied indicator fly is not allowed.

5. Dry flies used in methods such as trio and duo should be flies that can reasonably be expected to take a fish.

6. ‘Shuffling’ is to be completely avoided.

7. Controllers and Competitors are allowed to cross the river at the official crossing points only. i.e. Blacksyke bridge at Sandford; Stepping Stones at Crackenthorpe; and the cattle grid upstream of the Stepping Stones.

8. Fish have to be netted whilst the fish is in the water. Under no circumstances should a fish be “Aerialised”.

This event will be run and administered by Jeremy Lucas, Paul Page and Baz Reece. If you have any questions please contact Baz on 07811 560383.

2017 Rivers National

R.Ure, Bolton Estate, Wensley – Mon 31 Aug-Tues 1 Sept


  1. Fred Bainbridge – 26 fish – 1154 total fish points – 5 total place points (2017 National Rivers Champion) 

    Fred Bainbridge, 2017 National Rivers Champion, with Manager Jeremy Lucas. Won a 10ft #2 Bellator fly rod by sponsors Master Nymph (see certificate below).

  2. Gilliaum Vermeulen – 16 fish – 763 total fish points – 11 total place points
  3. Ben Bangham – 16 fish – 743 total fish points – 11 total place points
  4. Mark Harrison – 8 fish – 394 total fish points – 14 total place points
  5. Del Spry – 16 fish – 750 total fish points – 15 total place points
  6. Jonathan Barnes – 9 fish – 429 total fish points – 15 total place points (reserve) 

    L-R: 2018 Home International Rivers Team: Jonathan Barnes (reserve), Fred Bainbridge (2017 National Rivers Champion), Jeremy Lucas (manager), Ban Bangham, Mark Harrison, Del Spry, Gilliaum Vermeulen

Biggest Fish: Robbie Bell – 50.4cms Brown Trout. Won a 9ft #5 Gamma Alpha fly rod by sponsors Edge Rods (see certificate below).

Biggest Fish – Robbie Bell – 50.4cms Brown Trout

Total fish Caught: 284

Rod Average: 8.88

Full Results: 2017 River National Final Results

Jeremy Lucas also covers this event here>>

AT TEFF would like to thank our 2017 Rivers National Sponsors – Master Nymph, North Fork Composites and EDGE Rods:

“Master Nymph, North Fork Composites, and EDGE Rods and are delighted to be the first companies in this Championship’s recent history, to sponsor the English National Rivers Final.  It makes sense to pair the finest anglers in the Country with the finest, Made in USA, fishing products on the market.  Thank you for letting us share our innovations, steeped in decades of experience, with such a stellar collection of athletes. Congratulations to all the winners on their achievements!”

Nicole Darland 

– VP Marketing and Brand Development, NFC/EDGE Rods

– Managing Director, Master Nymph

Jason Lieverst

– VP of Design and Product Development, Master Nymph

2017 Rivers Champion Fred Bainbridge with the 10ft #2 Bellator

Largest Fish captor Robbie Bell with the 9ft #5 Gamma Alpha

2016 Rivers National 

This was fished on Llangollen/Maelor AA water of the River Dee, Llangollen.

1st. Andrew Scott – Total Fish 40 – Total Fish Points 1913 – Total Placing Points 4

(2016 National Rivers Champion) 

2016 National Rivers Champion: Andrew Scott

2016 National Rivers Champion: Andrew Scott

2nd. Phil Dixon – Total Fish 29 – Total Fish Points 1416 – Total Placing Points 6

3rd. Steve Cullen – Total Fish 18 – Total Fish Points 901 – Total Placing Points 7

4th. Andy Ford – Total Fish 12 – Total Fish Points 643 – Total Placing Points 9

5th. Fred Bainbridge – Total Fish 26 – Total Fish Points 1267 – Total Placing Points 10

6th. Simon Robinson – Total Fish 25 – Total Fish Points 1193 – Total Placing Points 10


2nd: Phil Dixon

2nd: Phil Dixon

3rd: Steve Cullen

3rd: Steve Cullen

Full Results: RIVERS FINAL 2016

Report by Martin Dixon, Organiser:

With the river well rested and settled water conditions at last! I was confident that the Dee would fish well, and so it proved.

The Monday was dry and still, and from the off anglers were catching on a variety of methods. Beat A, above Llangollen, was expected to produce the most fish, and though grayling, browns and the odd sea trout were caught consistently, it was Beat B around the Golf Course which produced the most fish, with Andrew Scott taking two first placings in the afternoon. 

Again large numbers of fish were caught on the Tuesday. Over the competition over 400 fish of 20cms+ were caught, measured and safely returned. By far the greatest numbers came off Beat D, the Country Park. In the morning Andrew Scott had another two firsts, so that Phil Dixon in the afternoon knew that his excellent, consistent performance could only be good enough for second place. Beat C, the dreaded Ddol Isaf was inconsistent, though large numbers were caught in the wood where Steve Cullen and Andy Ford enjoyed excellent returns. 

4th: Andy Ford

4th: Andy Ford

Thanks to the Hand Hotel who always look after anglers very well, especially in our qualifiers and this final. Many thanks to the Llangollen/Maelor club for the use of their excellent waters.  

5th: Fred Bainbridge

5th: Fred Bainbridge

Reserve: Simon Robinson

Reserve: Simon Robinson

Final Rivers Qualifier Results & Allocations: 2015-2016 Rivers Qualifiers Entries Results (j)

NB: There were seven cases of Pre-Qualifying, where entrants who had already qualified, finished in a qualifying position a second or third time. When this happened, their qualifying place was given to the next highest finishing entrant in that Qualifier. These were: 1. Cameron Craigs: Having already qualified on the 24th Oct 2015, his reserve place on the 8th Nov 2015 went to Andrew Green, and his qualifying place on the 6th Feb 2016 went to Martin Burgess – 2. Martin Dixon: Having already qualified on the 24th Jan 2016, his qualifying place on the 3rd April 2016 went to Mark Withyman – 3. Phil Dixon: Having already qualified on the 24th Jan 2016, his qualifying place on the 13th Mar 2016 went to Tom Speak – 4. Andy Cliffe: Having already qualified on the 13th Mar 2016, his qualifying place on the 3rd April 2016 went to Chris Richardson – 5. Tom Gott: Having already qualified on the 13th Mar 2016, his qualifying place on the 3rd April 2016 went to Ian Greenwood – 6. Chris Richardson: Having qualified on the 3rd April 2016, his reserve place on the 13th Mar 2016 went to Carl Nixon – 7. Ian Greenwood: Having already qualified on the 3rd April 2016, his qualifying place on the 24th April 2016 went to Stan Moore.    

Finalists Pack – for all Rivers National Final Qualifiers: 


Llangollen/Maelor AA Map Maelor Angling WHOLE STRETCH

Rivers National Beat Rotation NATFINBEATROTATION2016

Rivers National Event Timetable NATFINEVENTTIMETABLE2016

Rivers National Risk Assessment NATFINRISKASSESSMENT2016

Organiser – Martin Dixon

2015 Rivers National 

Llangollen Maelor AA water, R.Dee – 27th-28th July 2015

1st. Andrew Scott – Total Fish 24 – Total Fish Points 1125 – Total Placing Points 4

(2015 National Rivers Champion)

2nd. Simon Robinson – Total Fish 20 – Total Fish Points 945 – Total Placing Points 5

3rd. Phil Dixon – Total Fish 25 – Total Fish Points 1228 – Total Placing Points 10

4th. Chris Richardson – Total Fish 15 – Total Fish Points 748 – Total Placing Points 10

5th. Lewis Hendrie – Total Fish 21 – Total Fish Points 956 – Total Placing Points 11

6th. Andy Cliffe – Total Fish 20 – Total Fish Points 930 – Total Placing Points 12



Final Rivers Qualifier Results & Allocations: 2014-2015 Rivers Qualifiers Entries Results (j)

NB: There were four cases of Pre-qualifying, where entrants who had already qualified, finished in a qualifying position a second time. When this happened, their qualifying place was given to the next highest finishing entrant in that Qualifier. These were: 1. Robert Brown: Having already qualified on the 25th Oct 2014, his qualifying place on the 7th Feb 2015 went to Martin Burgess – 2. Krysztof Ragin: Having already qualified on the 1st Feb 2015, his qualifying place on the 22nd Feb 2015 went to Mark Harrison – 3. Sylwester Mantyrwicz: Having already qualified on the 7th Feb 2015, his qualifying place on the 7th Mar 2015 went to T Evans – 4. Mark Harrison: Having already qualified on the 22nd Feb 2015, his qualifying place on the 7th Mar 2015 went to Gilliam Vermeulen.  

Finalists Pack – for all Rivers National Final Qualifiers: 


Llangollen/Maelor AA Map Maelor Angling WHOLE STRETCH

Rivers National Beat Rotation NATFINBEATROTATION

Rivers National Event Timetable NATFINEVENTTIMETABLE

Rivers National Risk Assessment NATFINRISKASSESSMENT

Organiser – Martin Dixon

2014 Rivers National – Report & Results

R. Dee – Llangollen/Maelor waters

1. Mike Heritage          22 fish 1038 fish pts 7 place pts  

2. Howard Croston     35 fish 1588 fish pts 8 place pts

3. Andrew Scott           23 fish 1050 fish pts 8 place pts

4. Mike Dixon               19 fish 904 fish pts 11 place pts

5. Simon Robinson    27 fish 1265 fish pts 12 place pts

6. Lewis Hendrie            20 fish 931 fish pts 12 place pts  


Mike Heritage, 2014 National Rivers Champion

Organiser Martin Dixon reports: The final was fished in settled conditions after a very dry month. The nature of the Dee meant that the river level was held up, and after a two week close down hopes were high for a good competition.

Over the two days all the four beats produced around 100 measurable fish (over 20 cms). The successful anglers employees a full range of tactics: dries, nymphs, wets, duo and mini-lures were all successful for both trout and grayling.

New National Champion Mike Heritage fished the Golf Course area on Day 1 and the Bathers Beat on Day 2. On the first day he targeted mostly browns, and grayling on the second day.

The team to represent England in the 2015 Home International in Ireland is: Mike Heritage, Howard Croston, Andrew Scott, Mike Dixon, Simon Robinson and Lewis Hendrie.

I am most grateful for the host club, Llangollen Maelor Angling, who welcomed us to their superb waters, and to my main assistance, Mike Mason and Roger Johnson.

Full Results: Results

2013 Rivers National – Report & Results OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The National Rivers Final fished on the East Dart and West Dart on Dartmoor was a supercharged event with competitors competing not just between themselves and the fish, but also with the extreme heat and low water!

The length of the beats were considerable and involved long distance walking which in waders was no joke in 27 degrees.

Clive Collier Chairman Team England Fly Fishing, Terry Phillips 2013 National Rivers Champion, Russell Weston Snowbee UK Ltd Managing Director

Clive Collier Chairman Team England Fly Fishing, Terry Phillips 2013 National Rivers Champion, Russell Weston Snowbee UK Ltd Managing Director

Pre match banter was about it being a very tough match with possibly few fish caught, the actual day proved that wrong and highlighted the quality of the anglers involved, the rod average was 12 which was stunning. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The organisation of the event was superb and my congratulations go to Penisula Federation and all the people involved in organising the event and big thanks to all of the controllers.

The following are the match qualifiers. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Terry Phillips 1st (National Champion)
Andy Cliffe 2nd
Robert Brown 3rd
Simon Robinson 4th
John Tyzack 5th
Lee Bartlett 6th (Reserve) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My congratulations to the qualifiers, well deserved in such tough conditions.

On a personal note I competed in this event, and found it a real eye opener to fish this style of fishing the pots, more than challenging! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My excuse was that I fished like a real Plonker!

Clive Collier

Report: 2013 Press Release

Full Results: 2013 Rivers National results

More Pictures: Rivers National 2013 Gallery

2013 Rivers National Allocation

The 2013 Rivers National will be held on the River Dart, on the weekend of 13th-14th July 2013. Federation of Peninsular Flyfishers.

Rivers National Organiser Denis Symonds (Peninsular Federation) has announced the allocated number of qualifiers from each federation qualifier.

Numbers of qualifiers from each federation are based on a percentage of their entry as regards the overall entry numbers (98), calculated against the total number of National participants (32). As an example, the North 1 qualifier was fished by 7 anglers. 98 (overall entry numbers) divided by 7 = 14 (7.14%). 32 (number in National) divided by 14, or 7.14%, = 2.29, so 2 anglers qualify for the National from the North 1 qualifier. (Note: Half+ fractions are rounded up.)

2013 Rivers Allocation

2012 Rivers National

Venue: River Dart, 15th July 2012

The Rivers National took place on the upper beats  of the East and West Dart (courtesy of the Duchy of Cornwall and the West Country Rivers Trust). Heavy rain and unseasonally low temperatures made practice sessions testing, but on the day the sun shone and the fishing excelled, with a total of 540 measurable fish caught.

The winner, Andy Croucher (Southern Fly Fishers) won each of the four sessions, scoring an unbeatable 4 points. In 2nd and 3rd places were Lewis Hendrie and Alex Bobba (Peninsula Federation), 4th was Andrew Scott (Northern Federation) and 5th Paul Lee (Southern Fly Fishers). The top five go on to represent England in next year’s Home Rivers International against Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Full report 2012 National Rivers Final

Results 2012 Rivers National results sheet

2011 Rivers National

Venue: River Dee Wales (Maelor AA Water)

Date: 15th & 16th August.

Vist Maelor AA website

Report by Martin Dixon, Organiser.

The river had taken severe pressure in practice, so that despite a week’s closure and good water conditions the fishing was bound to be more difficult than last year.

This situation seemed likely to favour the local anglers, and this is what happened, with some notable exceptions.

Over the two days a total of 162 fish over 20cms were landed, a rod average of 5+, with grayling, brown trout and sea trout caught and returned unharmed. The largest fish were a 45cms grayling to Tom Gott and a 41cms brown trout by Andy Cliffe.

The  results were very close with only 1cm of fish length separating first and second. The qualifiers were:

1st Terry Phillips             11 fish             10 place points

2nd Phil Dixon                  9 fish             10 place points

3rd John Tyzack              11 fish             11 place points

4th Tony Baldwin             8 fish             12 place points

5th Mike Dixon                 6 fish             12 place points

6th Scott Nellins               6 fish             16 place points (Reserve)

The qualifiers employed a range of tactics. The winner fished nymphs and dries, whereas the Dixon brothers caught all their fish on weighted nymphs. Messrs Tyzack and Baldwin, however, used dry flies throughout.

Many thanks to the Maelor and Llangollen clubs for the use of their excellent waters.

Full Results