2018 Bank Home International, Chatton trout fishery, England

Date: Wednesday 24th October

Venue: Chatton Trout Fishery

Hotel: The White Swan Hotel


  1. Scotland   107 placing points   23 fish    56.7cms longest fish   22960 fish points
  2. England   148 placing points   16 fish   59.0cms longest fish   16340 fish points
  3. Wales   193 placing points    9 fish   55.0cms longest fish    9360 fish points
  4. Ireland 195 placing points   12 fish   57.0cms longest fish   11980 fish points

Congratulations to Scotland on winning the 2018 Fly Fishing Bank International on Wednesday 24th.
Congrats to England’s Gareth Tilley on individual 1st place, and Mark Harrison on 2nd and to Ireland’s Connor Cunningham for 3rd place.
Finally congrats to Andrew Taylor for catching the biggest fish, 59cm.
Big thanks to all the stewards who gave up their time to make it happen, to the organisers, hotel staff and the team Chatton Trout Fishery and sponsors Hunt’s Original

Representing AT Team England FF were (L-R): Brian Lillie (reserve), Andy (George) Taylor, Alec Harvey, Ed Upton, Gareth Tilley, Mark Harrison, Lee Cartmail (captain), and Alan Jenkins (manager).

The team would like to express their gratitude to their sponsors – West Side Design, Grantz custom fishing clothing, Snowbee fishing tackle, and Craghoppers world travel clothing, with special thanks to Tom Hunt of Hunts Original Products and the Angling Trust.

Full Results: 43636111_750718715282258_4665825258014507008_n

2017 Bank Home International, Forbes of Kingennie, Scotland

The 2017 Bank Home International was held at Forbes of Kingennie country resort, near Dundee, Scotland, on Wednesday 25th October.


  1. England – 104 total placings – 65 fish – longest fish 57.6 – 67180 fish points
  2. Scotland – 144 total placings – 50 fish – longest fish 76.9 – 53460 fish points
  3. Wales – 154 total placings – 48 fish – longest fish 67.0 – 49900 fish points
  4. Ireland – 198 total placings – 37 fish – longest fish 66.8 – 38660 fish points

Individually, Glenn Appleby (England) was 1st, with Gareth Tilley (England) 2nd, and James Stephenson (England) 4th.

Full Results: 2017 Bank Inter Results

Representing AT Team England FF were: James Stephenson, Glenn Appleby (captain), Colin Harris, Gareth Tilley, Ed Upton, Ben Race, Lee Cartmail (reserve), and Alan Jenkins (manager). Congratulations on a great result!

The AT Team England FF Bank team would like to thank their sponsors:

Snowbee (shirts)

Craghoppers (fleeces)

Grantz (clothing)

Ed Upton of Ellerdine Lakes (fly-tying materials)

The best of luck to everyone involved.


2016 Bank Home International, Garnffrwd fishery, Wales

The 2016 Bank Home International was held at Garnffrwd fishery, Wales on Wednesday 2nd November, between teams from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Hosted by the Welsh Salmon & Trout Angling Association (WSTAA), with accommodation provided by the Diplomat Hotel, Llanelli, the programme for this event was:

Monday 31st October: Official Practice Sessions (morning & afternoon)

Tuesday 1st November: Official Practice Session (morning). Followed by Photographs at Fishery, Managers & Captains’ Meeting & Match Draw

Wednesday 2nd October: Championship Day (morning & afternoon sessions). Followed by Formal Team Photographs, International Dinner & Presentations.


  1. Scotland – 43 fish – 98 place points – 40720 total points
  2. Ireland – 35 fish – 156 place points – 31580 total points
  3. England – 27 fish – 165 place points – 25200 total points
  4. Wales – 20 fish – 190 place points – 18520 total points

Congratulations to Scotland on a convincing victory.


Representing AT TEFF were: Iain Barr, Rob Frame, Dave Johns, Paul Runec, Andrew Scott, Jim Tuck (Captain), Charlie Abrahams (Reserve) and Alan Jenkins (Manager). 


Match Booklet: 2016-ibffc-prog-3


2015 Bank Home International, Woodford, Carrickfergus, N. Ireland

Scotland win a close contest

  1. Scotland – 14 fish – 133 place pts – 15140 fish pts
  2. England – 13 fish – 152 place pts – 13180 fish pts
  3. Ireland – 12 fish – 163 place pts – 11760 fish pts
  4. Wales – 5 fish – 235 place pts – 5060 fish pts 

Top Individual: James Stephenson (England) 4 fish – 5 place pts – 4400 fish pts

The 2015 Bank Home International was fished at Woodford Fly Fishery, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland between Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales on Wednesday 14th October.

This event was hosted by the Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland (TAFI), with support from the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL), Stena Line, and the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.


Sunday 11th October – Arrival and Registration of Teams at The Loughshore Hotel, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim

Monday 12th October –  Official Morning & Afternoon Practice Sessions

Tuesday 13th October – Official Morning Practice Session

Wednesday 14th October – Morning Session (3 hours) + Afternoon Session (3 hours), followed by International Dinner & Presentations

Match Booklet 20150928 2015_Bank_International_Final

L-R: (Back row) Paul Page (official), Alan Jenkins (manager), Phil Dixon, James Stephenson, Simon Robinson - Front Row: Ed Foster, Craig Barr, Conor Metcalfe, Richard slater

L-R: (Back row) Paul Page (official), Alan Jenkins (manager), Phil Dixon, James Stephenson, Simon Robinson – Front Row: Ed Foster, Craig Barr, Conor Metcalfe, Richard slater

AT Team England FF was represented by Simon Robinson (Captain), Craig Barr, Phil Dixon, Conor Metcalf, James Stephenson, Richard Slater, Ed Foster (Reserve) & Alan Jenkins (Manager).

Manager Alan Jenkins reports: England got off to a fast start in the afternoon, with eventual individual winner James Stevenson, into 2 fish quickly. It was going to be tight with every fish so valuable. However Ireland had a better afternoon but the morning lead was enough to see Scotland home. The results were announced after what seemed a long wait and then it was official, Scotland first with 14 fish, England 13 fish, Ireland 12 fish and Wales 5 fish. John Brown had longest fish at 57.1 cms, top individual was James Stephenson followed by Alan Hill and Phil Dixon England. Fewer blanks and a superb size of fish helped Scotland achieve its 3rd Gold medal in 6 years at these Championships. Team plan of sticking to flies in the team box ensured all team members contributed to result. Next year we go back to Garnffrwd Fishery in South Wales. 

Team England would like to thank our sponser John Grantz www. Grantz for providing the team clothing.

Full Match Report by Alan Jenkins: Angling Trust Report template for Competitions


2014 Bank Home International, Chatton, Northumberland

Ireland won the recent 2014 Bank International fished on Ross and Dunnydeer Lakes at Chatton Trout Fishery, Alnwick, Northumberland, just nine placing points ahead of England. A good start by Ireland in the morning session was followed by England narrowing the gap in the afternoon. Top individual and captor of the largest fish at 63cms was AT Team England FF’s Ryan Matthews.

1. Ireland                111 placing pts    36 fish   58.0 longest fish   37340 fish pts

2. England             120 placing pts    39 fish   63.0 longest fish   39740 fish pts

3. Wales                 176 placing pts    23 fish   56.4 longest fish   23540 fish pts

4. Scotland            193 placing pts    22 fish   59.0 longest fish   22500 fish pts

Full Results: 2014 Bank International Results IMG_1966a

The AT Team England FF Bank Team was: Proper Grantz Logo

Chris Micallef (Captain); Rob Frame; Ryan Matthews, Bernie Maher; Mark Harrison; Steve Cochrane; and Alan Jenkins (Manager).

The team was supported by Team Clothing sponsor John Grant of Grantz Custom Fishing Clothing

AT TEFF Manager Alan Jenkins reports:

Ireland held off a strong challenge from England to claim victory in the 5th Bank International. Ireland secured Team Gold. Top Individual and Longest fish, was Ryan Mathews from England. IMG_1982b

Teams had been practising since the weekend at the superb Chatton fishery. Using Dunnydeer and Ross Lakes the fishing was very consistent and challenging. 120 fish were caught in total on competition day, rod average 5 fish per rod.  Weather had been blustery during practice and the fishing challenging, until competition day and the wind dropped, temperatures rose and the teams targeted rising fish. After the morning session Ireland had a narrow lead over England with Scotland and Wales a little distance behind.  A consistent team effort saw Ireland maintain their lead to secure the ‘Founding Nations Cup’. IMG_1985b

Team Ireland Campbell Baird (Captain) Brian Kerr, Harry McAteer, Joe Quinn, Conor Cunningham, Hubert Smith and Manager Darren Wallace. Individual Winner Ryan Matthews England – 10 fish  – 5 Place Points  – 10,640 Fish Points Longest Fish: Ryan Matthews England with a fish of 63cms

Chatton fishery proved to be excellent hosts with superb facilities complimenting the close competition, and my sincere thanks to Roger and his wife Ali. 


2014 Bank International Team

The AT Team England FF Bank Team for 2014 will be (right)Bank Team Montage

Terry Phillips (Captain); Rob Frame; Ryan Matthews, Bernie Maher; Mark Harrison, Chris Micallef; Steve Cochrane; and Alan Jenkins (Manager).

They will represent AT Team England FF at the Bank International in October at Chatton Trout Fishery, Alnwick, Northumberland.

Bank Team Manager Alan Jenkins with Team Clothing sponsor John Grant and Team Captain Terry Phillips

Bank Team Manager Alan Jenkins with Team Clothing sponsor John Grant and Team Captain Terry Phillips

In preparation for the International a squad day was held at Chatton on Saturday 29th March. Roger Brown, owner and host of Chatton Fishery, and his wife Ali, hosted the day and kept us supplied with bacon & egg sandwiches, team & coffee. The Team fished Ross lake and Dunnydeer lake, with all the team catching. The biggest fish was caught by Graham Robinson, who accompanied the team and supplied the photographs. Proper Grantz Logo


The 2014 England Bank Team with Roger Brown, owner of Chatton Fishery

The 2014 England Bank Team with Roger Brown, owner of Chatton Fishery



2013 Bank Home International

23rd October, Lochter fishery, Inveruie, Aberdeenshire

1st Scotland – 100 total placings – 56 fish – 64.0 longest fish – 53740 fish points

2nd England – 111 total placings – 51 fish – 68.8 longest fish – 48460 fish points

3rd Ireland – 193 total placings – 24 fish – 51.5 longest fish – 23180 fish points

4th Wales – 199 total placings – 24 fish – 46.1 longest fish – 21840 fish points

Top rod: Steve Corsar (Scotland) 12 fish – 10920 fish points

Team England Grantz Scotland 2013

Team England Grantz Scotland 2013

Team England FF were represented by: Phil Dixon (Captain); Glen Appleby; Howard Croston; Rob Frame; Tim Gilchrist (Reserve); Gordon Swain; Andy Taylor; and Alan Jenkins (Manager).

Team outfits were supplied by clothing sponsor John Grant of Grantz Clothing.

Congratulations once again to Scotland for another Home International victory.

Report by Manager Alan Jenkins: Stillwater Bank International 23rd October 2013

Full Results: 2013 International Bank Results

2013 Bank International Team Bank Team Montage

The Team England FF Bank Team for 2013 will be (right):

Phil Dixon (Captain); Glen Appleby; Howard Croston; Rob Frame; Tim Gilchrist (Reserve); Gordon Swain; Andy Taylor; and Alan Jenkins (Manager). Proper Grantz Logo

They will represent Team England FF at the Bank International in October at Lochter fishery, Inveruie, Aberdeenshire. Here they are (below) at a recent team squad day at Seighford Lakes, along with Jim Tuck, Bank Organiser, and Clothing Sponsor John Grant from Grantz Clothing,  who supplied the team outfits.


England win 2012 Bank International in Wales

England convincingly won the Bank International at Garnffrwd fishery in South Wales by a record margin with a tremendously consistent team performance over two sessions. The team consisted of Simon Robinson as captain with team members Terry Phillips, Dean Appleby, Phil Dixon, Jim Tuck and Mark Harrison, with Andy Taylor as reserve and Alan Jenkins as team manager.

Full report: Bank International 2012

Full results: 2012 Bank International Results


1st England   total placings – 88 (76 fish)

2nd Scotland   total placings – 158 (51 fish)

3rd Wales   total placings – 163 (50 fish)

4th Ireland   total placings – 194 (41 fish)


1st Terry Phillips (England) – total placings – 3 (19 fish)

2nd Dean Appleby (England) – total placings – 3 (17 fish)

3rd Stephen Corsar (Scotland) – total placings – 9 (13 fish)

4th Brian Kerr (Ireland) – total placings – 10 (14 fish)

5th Matthew Jones (Wales) – total placings – 12 (13 fish)

6th Simon Robinson (England) – total placings – 12 (12 fish)

7th Phil Dixon (England) – total placings – 14 (12 fish)

8th Jim Tuck (England) – total placings – 14 (11 fish)

2012 Bank International Team

The Team England FF Bank Team for 2012 will be:

Alan Jenkins (Manager); Simon Robinson (Captain) from Whickham, Tyne & Wear; Dean Appleby, Peterlee, Co Durham; Terry Phillips, Bursclough, Lancashire; Jim Tuck, Ashington, Northumberland; Phil Dixon, Seighford, Staffordshire; Mark Harrison, Walsall, West Midlands; and Andy Taylor (Reserve), Stafford, Staffordshire.

2011 Bank International, Barfinnihy Lake, Kenmare, Ireland

Final results are:

1. Scotland        146 placing points

2. Ireland          179

3. England        190

4. Wales           203

Total Fish caught: 45

Top Individual: Terry Kelly (Ireland) 8 place points

Best Fish: Lee Patten (Wales) 50cms

Top England rod: Davey Parker 6th (25 placing points)

Team England Bank Squad Day

A day was organised for a get-together to familiarise the team taking part in the Bank International at Barfinnihy Lake, Kenmare, Ireland in October.

Ed Foster, a late replacement to the team, was unable to join us, as was Dave Parker who was representing England in the Czech Republic.

The day started with strong winds but, not to be deterred, after some strong coffee a briefing was given on the best possible areas and methods to fish.

Soon we all set out to try for the hard-fighting brown trout stocked in the reservoirs. First to find a good fish of a pound and a half was Mike Dixon, who had travelled up from Crewe that morning.

Unfortunately, for the rest of the squad the morning proved fruitless, with the exception of a few pulls and a lost fish to Glen Appleby.

At lunch time we all headed off to the Moorcock Inn, where we were greeted by the welcome sight of juicy bacon rolls and thick homemade chips. After the excellent lunch a brief team talk as given by Team Manager Alan Jenkins, followed by a presentation of Team England shirts and badges to the new Internationals Bart Farmer and Rob Frame.

Smiddyshaw Reservoir was our afternoon venue, when we were again greeted with strong sunshine and even stronger winds. However, we persevered for a few hours longer before deciding to call it a day.

England Youth World Team member Carl Malpass, who joined us after lunch, decided to stick with the conditions and managed a nice fish for his efforts.

Preparations are now well in hand for the second Bank International, which will be held on the 19th October 2011 in Ireland. The organisers are the Trout Anglers Federation Ireland (TAFI), who will be our hosts for this event.

Team Profile

Glen Appleby

22 years old, from Peterlee in the North East of England, Glen’s interest in fly fishing began when he was 10, and he has always received encouragement from his father Peter. He qualified for the England bank team last year for the first Bank International, and is back in the side again for 2011. “I love all types of fly-fishing methods and my tip is to try to find the depth the fish are at, and to adapt.”

Mike Dixon

Since he started fishing in 2000, Mike has belonged to the same 6-man team, qualifying for the finals of every competition bar three! He’s also represented England in Loch Style Internationals 5 times, and made it to two Rivers Nationals. “As you know, we won the Airflo Team final last year, and I finished as the top individual. I’ve also won the Hanningfield Masters.”

Ed Foster

Ed is well known for owning and operating Elinor Trout Fishery, voted in Trout Fisherman as the best medium-sized water in the UK, and a regular venue for the Airflo Classic Final. He has represented his country four times in Loch-style Internationals (at Lough Owel, Trawsfyndd – twice – and Loch Leven), and will be captaining the side in the Autumn International at Grafham.

Bart Farmer

In Bart’s own words, he “Never stops fishing”. Despite only starting in 2004, he’s put the hours in, getting out at least twice a week, on the small waters through the winter and the reservoirs the rest of the time. A member of the Rib Valley and Hanningfield clubs, he is usually well placed in most of their competitions. As for international experience, “From 1988 to 1998 I competed at the highest level in the sport of pro paintball”.

Rob Frame

An electrical estimator from Newcastle upon Tyne, Rob has 41 years’ experience to call on, and is currently a member of the 3-man North East Fly Fishers Team. His ambition has always been to fish for England with some of the top anglers in the country, to learn and become a better angler. “My favourite style of fishing? Top of the water with dries or straight lining a team of buzzers or nymphs.”

Dave Parker

Dave started competition fishing in 1991, winning lots of local events before landing the team gold in the 2001 Airflo Classic. In the same year he won team gold in the European and team silver at Loch Leven. He’s since followed this by winning the Rivers National, along with more appearances in Rivers Internationals, Europeans, and his first World Championships in Finland 2007. “I started with my Dad and Uncle, at the age of 6, fishing my local rivers – Tweed, Till, Teviot, Coquet and Pont.”  

Team Manager: Alan Jenkins

(Images supplied courtesy of Graham Robinson of GRP)