TEFF Officials

(AT TEFF Officials as of August 2020.)

Executive Committee

Ben Thompson (Angling Trust)

Alan Tonge

Ian Colclough

TEFF International Committee (TEFFIC)

John Horsey

Paul Page

Paul Angell

Stephen Peart

Jeremy Lucas


President John Ball

Secretary Alan Tonge

Email: Alan.tonge@tiscali.co.uk

World Team Manager Howard Croston

European Team Manager (vacant)

Five Nations Manager (vacant)

Loch-style Team Managers Paul Angell & Stephen Peart

Rivers Team Manager Jeremy Lucas

Bank Team Manager (vacant)

International Loch-style Co-ordinator Derek Aunger

International Rivers Co-ordinator (vacant – only required when hosting)

International Bank Co-ordinator (vacant)

Loch-style National Co-ordinator (vacant)

Loch-style Qualifiers Co-ordinator Ian Colclough

Bank National and Qualifiers Co-ordinator Lee Cartmail

Rivers National and Qualifiers Co-ordinator (vacant)

Coaching and Development Manager (vacant)

Press Officer Andrew Green

Email: andrewgreencopy@gmail.com