2015 Rivers National Qualifiers

2015 Rivers National: Llangollen Maelor AA water, R.Dee – 27th-28th July 2015

Some dates have already been arranged, others will be added in due course. Note that following a vote taken at the 2013 TEFF AGM, you can enter as many Rivers Qualifiers as you like, and are no longer restricted to just the one.

To clarify:

1. An individual will be allowed to enter and fish as many River Qualifiers as they wish, as long as they have recognised the unique cut-off date for each of the various River Qualifiers, and providing they have paid for each Qualifier they have entered, including the TEFF Entry Fee, the Federation Surcharge, and the Fishery Charge.

2. It is up to each entrant to decide and manage which Qualifier they enter. However, if they successfully qualify at more than one Qualifier, the earliest qualification will stand, and any subsequent qualifications will be awarded to the next in line at that particular Qualifier.

3. The number of entrants that fished each Federation Qualifier will be used to decide the number of places in the National Final awarded to each Federation Qualifier on a pro rata basis.

Entries & Results Spreadsheet: 2014-2015 Rivers Qualifiers Entries Results (j)

October 2014

Sun 19th October – South East Federation – Lower Itchen fishery – Organiser: Andrew Green andrewgreen@agreencopy.freeserve.co.uk – Overall Results: 1. Mike Heritage 2. Harry Fox 3. Cameron Craigs 4. Lee Bartlett 5. Robert Brown 6. Andy Ford – River Results Letter: Rivers results letter 2014 – Qualifier Report: 2014 SEFFF Rivers Qualifier – More details on South East Federation web page

Sat 25th October – Southern Fly Fishers – River Test, Broadlands Estate – Overall Results: 1. Ben Bangham 2. Adam Stafford 3. Julian Erbsloeh 4. Robert Brown 5. Lewis Hendrie 6. Sylwester Mantyrwicz – Overall Results: overall placings 2014 – More details on the Southern FF web page

February 2015

Sun 1st February – Severn Trent Federation – River Dee, Llangollen (grayling only) – Organiser: Mike Mason m.a.mason@btinternet.com – Overall Results: 1. Scott Nellins 2. Mike Dixon 3. Phil Dixon 4. Fred Bainbridge 5. Krysztof Ragin 6. Andrew Scott – Results: Severn Trent Qualifier 01.02.15 More details on the Severn Trent Federation web page

Sat 7th February – Southern Fly Fishers – River Test, Wherwell – Overall Results (AT TEFF confirmed): 1. Andy Croucher 2. Sylwester Mantyrwicz 3. Peter Buckey 4. Robert Brown 5. Martin Burgess 6. Howard Croston – Results (Southern FF): Wherwell Results 7th feb 2015 Overall Results (AT TEFF confirmed): Qualifier south More details on the Southern FF web page

Sun 22nd February – Northern Federation – River Dee – Overall Results: 1. Andrew Scott 2. Krysztof Ragin 3. K Moran 4. M Harrison 5. M Dixon 6. Carl Nixon – Group Results: River Dee Final results_0001 Overall Results: River Dee Final results More details on the Northern Federation web page

March 2015

Sat 7th March – Severn Trent Federation – River Dee, Llangollen (trout & grayling) – Organiser: Mike Mason m.a.mason@btinternet.com – Overall Results: 1.  Sylwester Mantyrwicz 2. M Harrison 3. Carl Nixon 4. O Boatfield 5. T Speak 6. T Evans – Results: Qualifier 2 More details on the Severn Trent Federation web page

April 2015

Sun 26th April – Northern Federation – River Ure – Overall Results: 1.  Simon Robinson 2. Robbie Bell 3. Chris Richardson 4. Dave Hudson 5. Andy Cliffe 6. Peter Scholes – Results: 2015 River Ure Results 260415 – More details on the Northern Federation web page

May 2015

Sat 23rd May – Federation of Peninsula FF – River Teign  – CANCELLED

Sat 31st May – Extra Rivers Qualifier – Northern Federation – River Dee, Maelor, Clwyd – Overall Results: 1.  Steve Cullen 2. Tony Baldwin 3. Ian Greenwood 4. Andy Cliffe 5. Keith McAdam 6. Mark Tyndall – Results: 2015 Score Card (River Dee31 May ) Results Summary – More details on the Northern Federation web page

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