South East Federation


2018 Loch-style Qualifier

Sunday 22nd April – Bewl – Organiser: John Pearn – Results: 1st Sean Brooks 2nd Ian Whiteside 3rd Kim Green 4th Phil Thompson 5th John Pearn 6th David Franklin (through to National Final)

7th Rob Toptalo 8th Ray French 9th= Robert Barden 9th= Paul Canning 11th Mike Heritage 12th Jim Letham (through to Repechage)

Full Results: bewl


2017 Rivers Qualifier (for 2018 Rivers National)

Sunday 5th November – South East FF Federation – Lower Itchen fishery (Official Practice: Saturday 4th November) – Organiser: Tony Fox – Results: 1. Mike Heritage 2. Andrew Green 3. Jay Curry 4. Baz Reece 5. Andy Ford 6. Tony Fox – Full Results: Lower Itchen results 2017


2017 Loch-style Qualifier 


Sunday 23rd April – Bewl – Organiser: John Pearn – Results: 1st Harry Fox 2nd Andrew Green 3rd Ian Watts 4th Tony Fox 5th Joel Beeney 6th Robert Toptalo 7th Paul Canning 8th Sean Brooks 9th John Pearn 10th Gilliaum Vermeulen 

The field waiting eagerly for the start of the match!

Full Results: 170423 ATTEFF Results (2)

Organiser John Pearn reports:

Local experts Rob Barden and Jim Letham both decided to have a ‘relaxing day’!

The fishing for most anglers had been difficult during the week before the Team England loch-style qualifier on Sunday 23rd April, but on the day there were some good catches recorded. Top rod, with 7 trout for 20lb 15oz, was Harry Fox, and the best fish was a 5lb 7oz rainbow caught by Michael Heritage. 76 trout were caught by the 28 anglers for a rod average of 2.7. Successful methods on the day included Blobs and lures pulled through steadily on a DI3 line, and small Boobies and Diawl Bachs fished on a Fast Glass line.  

John Pearn presents Harry Fox with his prize of a fly line and leader spool for his best bag of the day (at 20lb 15oz)

The top 10 rods on the day, who are all likely to qualify for the National Loch-style Final at Rutland in September, are as follows. More rods may also qualify from the Bewl heat but this will depend on the number of entries across the rest of the country. 

1. Harry Fox 2. Andrew Green 3. Ian Watts 4. Tony Fox 5. Joel Beeney 6. Robert Toptalo 7. Paul Canning 8. Sean Brooks 9. John Pearn 10. Gilliaum Vermeulen 

A very happy Mike Heritage with the biggest fish of the day at 5lb 7oz












2016 Rivers Qualifier (f0r 2017 Rivers National)

Lower Itchen fishery

Saturday 5th November – Official Practice

Sunday 6th November – Qualifier

Organiser: Tony Fox – Email: Mobile: 07885 411654 – 17 St Johns Road Loughton Essex IG10 1RZ

Entry Form & Letter: riversqualifierletter2016

Results: 1st Hector Rodriguez 2nd Cameron Craigs 3rd Mike Heritage 4th Lee Bartlett 5th Jay Curry 6th Tony Fox 7th Andrew Green 8th Mark Lynch

Full Results: rivers-results-letter-2016


2016 Loch-style Qualifiers

Two day  (points total from both days determines qualifiers)

(1) 12th June – Bewl Water

Results:1. Tony Fox 2. Mike Heritage 3. Rob Barden 4. Ray French 5. Ian Watts 6. Matt Bosher 7. John Hancock 8. Joel Beeney

Weeks of Northerly winds finally gave way to a Southerly, but only on the day of the match. This, and the preoccupation of Bewl’s rainbows with pin-fry, probably accounted for a lower rod average than might have been expected. Tony Fox and Mike Heritage, drawn together, made the most of a good spell of moving fish in the afternoon to return the only 8-fish limits of the competition, mostly caught on dries. Rob Barden was not far behind with 6 fish, ahead of a lot of 4 and 3-fish bags. While the Main Basin was popular in the morning, Hook Straight, in front of Hook House, was a better bet for moving fish, especially in the afternoon.

(2) 3rd July – Bewl Water IMG_2691 copy

Results:1. Rob Barden 2. Mark Tremaine-Coker 3. Joel Beeney 4. Baz Reece 5. Mike Heritage 6. Ray French 7. John Hancock 8. Bob Shaw IMG_2695 - Version 2

Moderate winds and an overcast sky saw ideal fishing conditions at the start of the South East federation’s second qualifier at Bewl Water. Boats fishing the Main Basin in front of the Playground reported seeing a lot of fish activity and hectic sport, even if some of these fish were on the small side, as Ray French, the first to finish on the day, found. Rob Barden, winner on the day, and overall winner on points, took a while to get an 8th fish to complete his limit bag, but found bigger fish, including a 4lbs blue trout, off Ferry Point. While Mike Heritage put in another consistent performance to finish 2nd overall on points. Organiser Brian Beeney announced that he would be stepping down from running future SEFFF loch-style qualifiers. The South East FF Federation would like to thank him for his many years of service to the federation.

Overall Results:1. Rob Barden 2. Mike Heritage 3. Ray French 4. Joel Beeney 5. Tony Fox 6. John Hancock 7. Baz Reece 8. Mark Tremaine-Coker


2015 Rivers Qualifier (f0r 2016 Rivers National)

Lower Itchen fishery

Saturday 7th November – Official Practice

Sunday 8th November – Qualifier

Organisers: Tony Fox & Mike Heritage

Overall Results (Top 6): 1. Harry Fox 2. Harry Green 3. Lee Bartlett 4. Tony Fox 5. Mike Heritage 6. Cameron Craigs – Results Letter: Rivers results letter 2015


2015 Loch-style Qualifiers

Fished over two days at Bewl Water, points total from both days determines qualifiers.

(1) 1st June – Bewl Water 

Results: 1. Andrew Green 2. Ian Watts 3. Peter Thomason 4. John Hancock 5. Tony Fox 6. Bob Barden 7. Baz Reece 8. Mark Thomas

The squally conditions experienced during practice the day before persisted on match day, with just occasional periods when the weather relented. During these softer spells fish could be seen moving upwind, which anglers like Tony Fox were able to target successfully on dries. While Bewl Straight was popular, around half the field caught at the top of Hook Straight, where Andrew Green got half a dozen on Intermediate and washing-line, one fish ahead of Ian Watts and Bob Barden, who also caught in the same area.

Full Results: 150601 SEFF First Leg

(2) 15th June – Bewl Water  IMG_1088 copy

Results: 1. Phil Thompson 2. Mike Heritage 3. Bob Shaw 4. Harry Fox 5. Richard Denney 6. Tony Fox 7. Gilliaum Vermeulen 8. Vince Brooks

Overcast conditions with a light N-NE wind gave good conditions for sport in the second leg. Before the cloud cover broke, anglers like Mike Heritage, Tony and Harry Fox were able to score early on dries, switching to nymphs with Blobs or Boobies as less fish were seen moving upwind. While Canoe Club Corner was popular early on, producing limits for Phil Thompson and Bob Shaw, fish appeared to get more spooky here as the day wrote on, with some completing their limits on the Chingley Wood side of the Dam. Overall, Mike Heritage took the Shield just 14 ozs ahead on Tony Fox, although they were level on points, with Andrew Green third, in front of Bob Shaw, John Hancock and Phil Thompson.

Full Results: 150615 SEFF Second Leg 2015 Results

Combined Results: 150615 SEFF Combined results

1. Mike Heritage 2. Tony Fox 3. Andrew Green 4. Bob Shaw 5. Bob Barden 6. John Hancock 7. Phil Thompson 8. Mark Tremaine-Coker 9. Richard Denney

2014 Rivers Qualifier (f0r 2015 Rivers National)

Lower Itchen fishery

Saturday 18th October – Official Practice

Sunday 19th October – Qualifier

Organiser: Andrew Green

Overall Results: 1. Mike Heritage 2. Harry Fox 3. Cameron Craigs 4. Lee Bartlett 5. Robert Brown 6. Andy Ford

Rivers Results Letter: Rivers results letter 2014

Qualifier Report: 2014 SEFFF Rivers Qualifier

An article that the Bewl Angle carried on this event a couple of years ago (courtesy of Ray French):  Grayling article


2014 Loch-style Qualifiers

Fished over two days at Bewl Water, points total from both days determines qualifiers.

(1) 18th May – Bewl Water IMG_1557NF - Version 2

Results: 1. Bill Rankin 2. Baz Reece 3. Gilliaum Vermeulen 4. Steve Collins 5. John Hancock 6. Martin Wright 7. Bob Holland 8. Dave Crouch

Overcast skies on the previous two practice days gave way to much brighter conditions on match day. Bill and Baz brought in the only two bag limits recorded, with Bill finishing by 1.30pm, and Baz all done by 2.15pm, after which it was mostly 5’s and 4’s. Chingley Point and the side of Chngley Wood down to the Dam were the main hot-spots, with DI5s and DI7s taking over from the Fast Glass lines which had been more effective earlier in the day.

Full Results: 140518 2014 SEFF First Leg Results

(2) 29th June – Bewl Water

Results: 1. Vince Brooks 2. Iain Watts 3. John Hancock 4. Paul Canning 5. Steve Collins 6. Joel Beeney 7. Clive Perkins 8. Ray French

Full results: 140629 2014 SEFF second leg results

Much warmer conditions in the intervening period had driven the bulk of the fish deep, although occasional fish were seen moving throughout the day in the Main Basin where most of the boats were concentrated. Winner Vince Brooks got off to great start with three in his first drift, to finish by 4.00pm, behind Steve Collins (3.30pm) and John Hancock (3.45pm) who both had smaller bags. Iain Watts (4.15pm) and Paul Canning (5.30pm) were the other two to bag up, out of a field of 28, which saw seven blanks.

Combined Results: 1. John Hancock 2. Steve Collins 3. Baz Reece 4. Iain Watts 5. Joel Beeney 6. Vince Brooks 7. Bill Rankin 8. Martin Wright 9. Harry Fox 10. Mike Heritage 11. Clive Collier

Full Combined Results: 140629 SEFF Qualifier Combined Results


2013 Rivers Qualifier (f0r 2014 Rivers National)

Lower Itchen fishery

Saturday 12th October – Official Practice

Sunday 13th October – Qualifier

Overall Results (Top 6): 1st Cameron Craigs 2nd Tony Fox 3rd Lindsay Simpson 4th Bill Rankin 5th Graham Lumsdon 6th Terry Mann

Results Letter: Rivers results letter 2013

Qualifier Report: 2013 SEFFF Rivers Qualifier

An article that the Bewl Angle carried on this event a couple of years ago (courtesy of Ray French):  Grayling article

2013 AGM

The South East FF Federation AGM was held in the Brown TroutInn, The Down, Lamberhurst,  nr Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN3 8HA, on Sunday 24th February 2013.

2013 Loch-style Qualifiers

Fished over two days, points total from both days determines qualifiers.

(1) 26th May – Bewl Water Vince Brooks pic

Vince Brooks made the most of a tactical move from Monty’s Seat to Rosemary Lane to take the top spot in the first of the South East Federation’s loch-style qualifiers on Bewl Water, ahead of boat partner Nick Cox. On a day that saw light winds and mostly bright conditions, 28 anglers returned an impressive average of more than 5 fish per head, with 8 finishers. Clear water conditions saw buzzers and nymphs take a lot of fish, although Boobies and Blobs also worked, fished on a variety of lines including floater, midge-tip, intermediates and DI3. A promising start saw sport slow for many as the haze burnt off, but fish started moving again when this returned in the afternoon. The second qualifier will be fished on 23rd June, with the points total from both days determining who goes through.

Full Results: 130526 SEFF First Leg(1)

(Image courtesy of Ray French, South East FF & Bewl Bridge FFC Bewl Angle)

(2) 23rd June – Bewl Water Low res. Vince 1st

Windy conditions had made practice difficult the day before, and the wind only lightened slightly for the match. Fish were also preoccupied with small green midge and half-inch jelly fry in some areas, so that although they were often seen moving, they were tricky to catch.

Gilliam Vermeulen finished the clear winner with an exceptional bag of 7 fish, followed by Joel Beeney on 5 fish, and Vince Brooks, Andrew Green and Mike Heritage, all on 4 fish. Vince and Andrew caught the bulk of their fish at the top of Hook Straight, which was Low Resrelatively sheltered.

Some good fish were moving here, with Vinces’s best going over 4lbs. This took him all round the boat, and was only landed with the co-operation of boat partner Pete Thomason.

With a combined score of 4 points, Vince Brooks took the overall top spot, followed by Joel Beeney (9pts), Nick Cox (9pts), Gilliam Vermeulen (12pts), Len Childs (14pts), Ray French (15pts), Andrew Green (16pts), Mike Heritage (21pts) and Clive Collier (22pts).

Qualifier 2 Results: 130623 SEFF Second Leg(1)Low Res Nick Cox 3rd

Overall Results: 130623 SEFF1&2 Combined

(Pictures courtesy of Ray French, Bewl Angle)

2012 South East Rivers Qualifier – Lower Itchen

4th November, Lower Itchen

Baz Reece won the recent South East Fly Fishers Federation Rivers Qualifier, scoring five fish in the morning session, which included a 41cms grayling, the largest of the match. This was just six points ahead of Tony Fox, who also scored five fish.

The afternoon session saw an already coloured river deteriorate further, with just three fish scored. The top six were: 1. Baz Reece 2. Gavin Walsh 3. Tony Fox 4. David Drake 5. Lindsay Simpson 6. Bill Rankin

Full results & report 2012 SEFFF Rivers Qualifier

(Images courtesy of Lindsay Simpson, who also has a report here)

Article from Bewl Angle (courtesy of Ray French)Grayling article

2012 Loch-style Qualifiers

Fished over two days, points total from both days determines qualifiers.

(1) Sunday 27th May – Bewl Water

(2) Sunday 1st July – Bewl Water

Entry Fee £25 (includes £5 SEFFF admin fee – all cheques payable to SEFFF)

Fishing & Half Day Boat Ticket – Pay on Day

Accumulation of points over the two days to decide qualifiers. Entry Forms by 20th May. SEFFF Secretary: Brian Beeney, 11 Western Rd, Sparrows Green, Wadhurst, East Sussex TN5 6TX Mob 07760 184833

Entry Forms: SEFFF Loch-style Entry Form

Loch-style Qualifier 1, Sunday 27th May

Hot, virtually windless conditions welcomed the 33 competitors taking part in the first of the South East FFF’s two qualifiers at Bewl Water. Even so, one or two quick fish were taken before any sort of a consistent wind got up. Thereafter the pattern appeared to be quick bursts of action for the occasional boat with long spells of grind-it-out for the rest. The Dam appeared the favourite starting-spot for many, and it was here that Bewl club chairman Peter Radula-Scott got off to an excellent start with half a dozen fish on buzzers. This bag was only topped by Harry Fox’s five fish, mostly taken in a hectic spell on the slime line when sport appeared to have slowed up for most others. Bob Barden, Pete’s boat partner came third thanks to a near-four pounder, followed by more five fish bags to Hugh Frew, Steve Collins, Vince Brooks (making the most of a late spell) and Mike Heritage, one of the few to risk the trip down to Rosemary Lane, which paid off well for him. The second of this two-part qualifier will be on Sunday 1st July, when for many there’ll still be everything to play for.

Full Results: 120527 SEFF Qualifier

2011 South East Rivers Qualifier – Lower Itchen

(for 2012 Rivers National)

Sunday 13th November                                                                         

Mike Heritage followed his victory in the Commonwealth fund-raiser on the same venue with a stunning 34 fish score in the afternoon, miles ahead of others fishing in the same session.

Overall results were: 1. Michael Heritage 2. Harry Fox             3. Tony Fox 4. Ray Burt 5. Terry Mann 6. Hector Rodriguez  7. Bill Rankin 8. Sean Brooks 9. Clive Collier 10. Andrew Green 11. Vince Brooks 12. Gavin Walsh 13. Paul Canning   14. Wesley Boyd

Full details: 2011 SEFFF Rivers Qualifier report

Bewl Bridge FF newsletter feature BBFFC article (courtesy of Ray French, editor, Bewl Angle magazine)

Loch-style Qualifiers 2011

Qualifier 1, Sunday 22nd May, Bewl Water
Conditions had changed from the previous day’s light winds to a strong South Westerly blowing onto the Dam. For most, pulling replaced twiddling as an effective method but, apart from a few who caught on DI5s, preferred lines generally remained in the floater to medium sinker range.

Winner Sean Brooks was the first to finish at 12.20, drifting from Ferry Point to Chingley, and catching his 8 fish on a team of Claret Hopper, Nemo, Black Cruncher and a Two-tone Blob Booby fished on a DI2, a line that was apparently only available for a short period.

Bill Rankin made the most of a sheltered patch off Beaumans to pick off rising fish on dries before a change in the wind put them down, but generally variations on the washing-line seemed more popular. As the wind dropped later in the afternoon, a fig-of-8 retrieve became more practical and some fish came to nymphs. Popular areas included the Main Basin, Ferry Point, and the Cages.

The weigh-in revealed limits for more than a third of the field, with a healthy rod average of 6 fish a head. Realistically, anyone in the top half of the field has a good chance of reaching the National as long as they don’t blow it in the second leg…

SEFF Results Leg 1

Qualifier 2, Sunday 19th June, Bewl Water

Some had found the previous day tricky, with patchy returns from most areas of the reservoir, but on match day the fish were more co-operative and well spread out. Overall winner Len Childs and Vince Brooks were part of a handful who finished just after mid-day, catching in the Nose area.

Another was Paul Canning drifting across Bewl Straight just down from Ferry Point, while winner on the day Ian Watts finished half an hour later in front of the Cages.

Steve Collins, Mike Heritage and Bill Rankin bagged up an hour or so later, followed by Ray French and Andrew Green after 3.00pm. Decent sized fry were evident in most places, especially close to the banks, in fact one 2-8-0 fish was seen to cough up a six inch roach during play, but daphnia and midges were also later found inside fish.

Unlike the first leg, the Main Basin was relatively unpopular, with most boats split between the Cages, the Nose and Bewl Straight as far as Dunsters.

Rod average for the match was another good 6.11. Top overall positions saw Len Childs in first place, Mike Heritage second, with the ever-consistent Steve Collins in third place.

SEFF Results Leg 2

Overall Results