Severn Trent Federation

Rivers Qualifiers (for 2017 National)

November 2016

Sunday 13th November – R.Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA waters – Fished to a minimum 20cm size limit with fishing for grayling & trout in season – HQ: Hand Hotel, Llangollen – Joint Organisers: Mike Mason & Martin Dixon Results: 1st Gilliaum Vermeulen 2nd Mark Harrison 3rd Trevor Hayman 4th Tom Speak 5th Mike Mason 6th Scott Nellins 7th Ben Bangham 8th Mark Tyndall – Full Results: severn-trent-fed-dee-qualifier-results-13-11-16 img_1472 img_1471

Report by organiser Martin Dixon: This was our first Qualifier held before Christmas. In previous weeks the river had fished very well, but the recent unsettled weather made the fishing tough, though 18 of the 20 competitors caught recordable grayling.

There was a clear winner in the morning session. Gilliaum Vermeulen caught most of his 12 fish in one shallow riffle. Second place was hotly disputed between Tom Speak and Mike Mason, both of whom caught 5 grayling. Tom’s fish were slightly larger, so he took second in the group.

The fishing was even tougher in the afternoon. Most anglers fished the normally prolific Country Park, and all struggled except for Mark Harrison. Mark fished similar water to Gilliaum in the morning and got off to a flyer with 6 fish in the first 30 minutes. Second in the Group was Trevor Hayman, who took a calculated gamble to fish the wood at Ddol Isaf. A good choice as Trevor recorded 8 grayling.

I would like to thank the Llangollen Maelor club and the Hand for their excellent hospitality, but mostly the anglers for the exemplary spirit throughout the weekend.

We will recomence on 22nd January, and I hope for some proper winter fishing and a well supported event.

January 2017

Sunday 22nd January – R.Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA waters – Fished to a minimum 20cm size limit with fishing for grayling & trout in season – HQ: Hand Hotel, Llangollen – Joint Organisers: Mike Mason & Martin Dixon – Results: 1st Gilliaum Vermeulen 2nd Mark Harrison 3rd Trevor Hayman 4th Tom Speak 5th Mike Mason 6th Scott Nellins 7th Ben Bangham 8th Mark Tyndall – Full Results: severn-trent-fed-dee-qualifier-results-13-11-16 img_1472 img_1471

Report by organiser Martin Dixon: The second ATTEFF Rivers Qualifier on the Dee was fished on 22nd January 2017. The weather was cold and the river lowish and crystal clear, which meant that conditions were bound to be tricky for the 15 anglers taking part.

Despite the weather the afternoon saw a trickle of large dark olives hatching, and some fish responded to them. No angler was brave enough to swap his nymphs for dries, however.

In the morning Scott Nellins was the only angler to fish the uppermost water, and it paid off for him. His 13 grayling included some superb fish, with the best at 42cm. In the area of the Golf Course Daniel Hall from the Isle of Man, fishing the qualifier for the first time had 6 fish, mostly from the Broken Bridge pool.

The afternoon on the Country Park usually produces the highest fish numbers, but the lower levels did not suit this beat and everyone found the fishing hard, though anglers fished with great persistence and no little skill. Many were rewarded with late success, none more so than Andy Croucher who had all his 5 fish in the last 15 minutes of the 3 hour session. The results here were very close with 3 anglers catching 5, but the top rod was Phil Dixon with 6, though that fell well short of his own expectations.

The day was a tough, fair competition fished in a superb spirit. The organiser compliments all on their skill and persistence and for making his job easy.

The final Dee qualifier of the season is a trout and grayling competition on 5th March. All are welcome.

March 2017

Sunday 12th March – R.Dee, Llangollen/Maelor AA waters – Joint Organisers: Mike Mason & Martin Dixon –  – Results: 1st Trevor Hayman 2nd Stan Moore 3rd Martin Dixon 4th Gavin Walsh 5th Mike Dixon 6th Gary Hedges 7th Anthony McKenna 8th Simon Caddy – Full Results: Severn-Trent Fed – Dee qualifier results 12-3-17 Qualifier 12.03.17

Report by organiser Martin Dixon: After a postponement due to high water, Spring had arrived when the 15 anglers convened at the Hand Hotel for a good breakfast.

Despite a high level, fly hatched all day and the fish responded, though most anglers stuck to their normal nymphing methods.

In the morning session Trevor Hayman was the top rod with 9 fish caught from the top of the Llangollen beat. He caught some super grayling, his best being a 38cm fish.

Things remained tricky in the afternoon, though Simon Caddy caught all of his 4 fish on dries. The winner of the group also fished the Pumphouse. Stan Moore having 6 fish. The other placings were very tight. Both Gavin Walsh and Mike Dixon caught 5 fish, but Gavin’s were slightly larger overall.


2016 Loch-style Qualifiers

7th May – Carsington – Entries open: 1st April – Entries close: 30th April – Max no. of rods: 22 – Organiser: I Colclough – Cost of fishing: £29.35 – Cost of admin: £1.65 – Total Cost inc £30 Entry Fee: £61.00

11th June – Blithfield – Entries open: 1st May – Entries close: 4th June – Max no. of rods: 50 – Organiser: I Colclough – Cost of fishing: £32.00 – Cost of admin: £2.00 – Total Cost inc £30 Entry Fee: £64.00

3rd July – Draycote – Entries open: 1st June – Entries close: 27th July – Max no. of rods: 50 – Organiser: I Colclough – Cost of fishing: £28.20 – Cost of admin: £1.80 – Total Cost inc £30 Entry Fee: £60.00

2016 Rivers Qualifiers

Sunday 24th January (Reserve date: Sunday 31st January) – R. Dee, Llangollen/Maelor Angling waters – Overall Results: 1. Martin Dixon 2. Phil Dixon 3. Scott Nellins 4. Gilliaum Vermeulen 5. Steve Cullen 6. Chris Richardson

Overall Results – Qualifier 24.01.16

Martin Dixon reports: “The qualifier was fished in good water and weather conditions. The Dee had previously been unfishable for weeks so the 20 competitors were unsure what to expect.
The morning session was very tight. Phil Dixon had 10 fish from the Golf Course, and Scott Nellins the same number from the top of the Llangollen beat. Third in a very strong group was Steve Cullen with 9 fish off the Golf Course.
It was anticipated that the afternoon beat, particularly the Country Park, would produce more fish. The winner of the session, and overall victor was Martin Dixon with 12 fish caught in a number of pools. Again, the scores were very close with Gilliaum Vermeulen, Chris Richardson and Mark Harrison all catching 9 grayling.
Overall, a very successful event, which saw well in excess of 100 grayling caught and only one blank return.”

Sunday 13th March – R. Dee, Llangollen/Maelor Angling waters. – Overall Results: 1. Tony Baldwin 2. Phil Dixon 3. Tom Speak 4. M Tyndall 5. Andy Cliffe 6. S Clarke 7. Tom Gott – Full Results: Severn-Trent Fed – Dee qualifier results 13-3-16


2015 Rivers Qualifiers

Sunday 1st February – River Dee, Llangollen (grayling only) – Organiser: Mike Mason – Eligible fish: 20cms Grayling

Overall Results: 1. Scott Nellins 2. Mike Dixon 3. Phil Dixon 4. Fred Bainbridge 5. C Ragin 6. Andrew Scott

The first Midlands Rivers Qualifier was held on 1st February. The location was the superb fishing on the Dee controlled by Llangollen/Maelor Angling. The weather on the day was bitter cold, the river high but clear. The 30 anglers were split into two groups.

The morning group found things generally tricky, catching 55 fish in their three hours. The top rod was Mike Dixon, fishing the Broken Bridge area, catching 11 grayling. Second-placed angler Fred Bainbridge also fished the same area for 8 fish.

It was expected that the afternoon group would catch more fish, and 109 fish were caught by the 15 anglers. Top rod and overall winner on the day was World Team member Scott Nellins who fished superbly for 26 grayling. Fellow World Team member Phil Dixon took second place with a very creditable 19 fish.

Organiser Mike Mason was delighted with the success of the event, and acknowledged the invaluable support of Llangollen/Maelor Angling.

The second qualifier on 7th March will be a trout and grayling match. Only a few places remain, please contact Mike Mason if you wish to take part.

Results: Severn Trent Qualifier 01.02.15

Note: The two River Dee qualifiers on 1st February and 7th March are proving very popular. In order to avoid overcrowding, Mike Mason can only accept the first 32 entries. Once the limit is exceeded a reserve list will be set up. If you wish to confirm your place, please get your entry in ASAP.

Saturday 7th March – River Dee, Llangollen (trout & grayling) – Organiser: Mike Mason – Eligible fish: 20cms Trout & Grayling

Overall Results: 1.  Sylwester Mantyrwicz 2. M Harrison 3. Carl Nixon 4. O Boatfield 5. T Speak 6. T Evans

Results: Qualifier 2


2014 Severn Trent Loch-style Qualifier

Draycote – 8th June 2014.

Results – 1. Andrew Taylor 2. Stephen Peart 3. Lee Patten 4. Mick McLintic 5. Bart Farmer 6. Craig Barr 7. Gary Owen 8. Ian Colclough 9. Martin Griffiths 10. Steve Cullen

Full Results: SevernTrentResults

2014 Severn Trent Rivers Championship & England Qualifier

River Dee, Llangollen – 25th & 26th January 2014

This grayling-only annual event is fly-only catch and release, and will be fished on the River Dee, Llangollen over the weekend of 25th and 26th January 2014.

The top anglers over the two days will qualify to fish the England Rivers National, which will be held on the same venue, and beats, next July.

Fees: Team England FF £20 + Fishing £15 (for non-members) + Food £6 + Federation £4 = Maximum Total £45 (Please make cheques payable to ‘Federation of Severn Trent Fly Fishers’

Entry Form: Entry form2014

Organiser: Mike Mason – Oaklea, 4 Patshull Road, Albrighton, Wolverhampton WV7 3BH – email:

2013 Severn Trent Loch-style Qualifier

Blithfield on 16th June 2013.

Results: Top 12

1. Steve Peart               14 fish   32-15-0

2. Martin Dixon           14 fish   30-14-0

3. Malcom Sargeant    14 fish   30-3-0

4. John Calvert            14 fish    28-8-0

5. Gary Owen               14 fish   28-7-0

6. Eddie Upton             14 fish  27-12-0

7. Phil Dixon                 14 fish  27-6-0

8. Lee Patten                12 fish   26-13-0

9. Mark Harrison         13 fish  26-2-0

10.Mike Laycock          13 fish   26-1-0

11.Phil Longstaff          13 fish   24-8-0

12.Mike Lightfoot        13 fish  24-2-0

46 anglers caught 367 fish for a rod average of 7.98

Best fish: 3-10-0 caught by Mick McLintic

The match was fished to 6 fish kill limit then 8 fish catch & release then time bonus

Organiser: Ian Colclough –

Full Results: Severn Trent Loch-style Qualifier

2013 Severn Trent Rivers Championship & England Qualifier

River Dee – 26th & 27th January 2013

Entry Form: ENTRY FORM

Results: Top 6

1. Phil Dixon                 9 fish  400 fish points    3 place points

2. Martin Dixon           3 fish   158 fish points    4 place points

3. Mark Harrison        3 fish   151 fish points    4 place points

4. Ron Ayers                2 fish    88 fish points    7 place points

5. Adrian Carless         2 fish   85 fish points   10 place points

6. Graham Kennerley 4 fish  216 fish points   11 place points

Organiser: Michael Mason, Oaklea, 4 Patshull Road, Albrighton, Wolverhampton WV7 3BH

2012 Midlands Rivers Championship – Grayling Comp

This annual event is fly-only catch and release, and will be fished on the River Dee over the weekend of 28th and 29th January 2012.

The top anglers over the two days will qualify to fish the England Rivers National next summer.

Full details: 2012riverspressrelease

2012 Severn Trent Loch-style Qualifier

This will again be held at Blithfield on Sunday 10th June.

2012 ‘Blithfield Invitation’

For those of you who are interested, this will held on Thursday 7th June, with the usual prize fund of £500.

2011 Midlands Rivers Championship

The competition was fished on 22nd and 23rd January 2011 on the River Dee, Maelor AA waters.

Despite the recent inclement weather a total of 97 grayling of more than 20cm were measured and returned. The largest fish of 43cm was shared by Dick Turpin and Mike Dixon.

The winner was organiser Martin Dixon with 13 fish for 5 place points. The qualifiers for the England National Final, to be fished on the Dee on 15 & 16th August were as follows:

Mike Dixon 10 fish – 5 place points
Terry Phillips 11 fish – 7 place points
Steve Cullen 7 fish – 8 place points
Bob Worts 8 fish – 9 place points
Gavin Walsh 7 fish – 11 place points
Phil Dixon 9 fish – 12 place points
John Emerson 7 fish – 12 place points (federation reserve)

Special praise must go to Gavin Walsh, qualifying on only his second visit to the Dee, and to Brian Greenaway whose car was written off on route to the river but could not be stopped from taking part!

For any further information –
Competition Format

Following the success of last year’s event, the competition will be fished over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd January 2011.
Each competitor will fish and control on each day, the same format as used in National Finals. There will thus be no need for independent controllers.
National Final

The Final will be on the Dee again in 2011, with provisional dates of Monday and Tuesday 15th & 16th August.

There is no requirement for any competitor to stay over during the Saturday night.

However if you wish to make the event into a weekend away, I have negotiated a special rate for competitors with the Hand Hotel in Llangollen (phone 01978 860303) for the Friday and/or Saturday night.
Last year a number of competitors stayed over and I think a good time was had by all! I can heartily recommend the Hand, which will be the base for the 2011 National.

If you wish to stay at the Hand, PLEASE contact them direct, mentioning my name and the reason for your stay.

An entry form is attached. Please return this ASAP with your cheque after which I will confirm your entry and provide further details.

Tight lines,

Martin Dixon