2019 Spring Loch-style Home International, Grafham Water

Country: ENGLAND
Venue: Grafham Water
Dates: 7th to 11th May (incl.)
Match date: Friday 10th May
Accommodation: Marriott Hotel, Huntingdon

GOLD for Loch-style Team England!!


1. England   109 fish   229 lbs 2 ozs

2. Scotland   84 fish   184lbs 13 ozs

3. Wales  78 fish   163lbs 7 ozs

4. Ireland   70 fish   148lbs 15 ozs

Best Basket: Alan Banwell (Wales)   17 fish   33 lbs 10 ozs

Heaviest Trout: Kevin McCabe (Scotland)   5 lbs 3 ozs 

AT Team England FF were represented by:  Stephen Peart (manager), Brad Gifford (captain), Sean Brooks, Andy Campbell, Andy Cottam, Tony Curtis, John Hardy, Mark Harrison, John Horsey, Kim Green, Paul Jones, Tim Joyce, Dom Sherrate, Frank Sumnall & Paul Wild.

Well done guys – an absolutely brilliant result to be proud of !

Full Results: iffa2019spring

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