2019 AT Bank National Final, Ellerdine Lakes

Congratulations & well done to all those who fished in the AT TEFF Bank National Final on Sunday 5th May. The 24 had to work hard making it through the qualifiers and the eliminators to achieve a spot in the final! The top 7 anglers were selected to represent England in the Bank Home International in Ireland:

Andy Taylor
David Neilson
Phil Shaw-Browne
Gareth Tilley
Graham Willis
Andrew Taylor
Gary Morris

Best of luck in Ireland guys!

Thank you to Lee Cartmail who does all the hard work running all the matches & does all the organising & results – it’s much appreciated and it wouldn’t run without you! Thank you also to Ed & Jane Upton at Ellerdine Lakes for hosting the match.

Full Results (see table right for fish caught & points):

🏆 Champion – Andy Taylor
2. David Neilson
3. Phil Shaw-Browne
4. Gareth Tilley
5. Graham Willis
6. Andrew Taylor
7. Gary Morris
8. James Stephenson
9. Mark Harrison
10. Craig Barr
11. Colin Fitzjohn
12. Joel Bilner
13. Sean Brooks
14. Dave Johns
15. Graham Watts
16. Steve Cullen
17. Leigh Pond
18. Mark Haycock
19. Andrew Scott
20. Jim Burtle
21. Brian Lillie
22. Alec Harvey
23. Colin Harris
24. Ian Watts









[Photo credits: Lee Cartmail]

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