Angling Trust Loch-Style Team Championship fly fishing competition – 30th June-1st July

The new Angling Trust Loch Style Team Championship competition, sponsored by Scientific Anglers was hosted at Eyebrook Trout Fishery. Televised by BT Sport, the teams competing were: 

1. BRFFA Team Cortland
2. The Ospreys
3. FNF Nymphomaniacs
4. Elinor
5. Fish Hawks
6. Flash Attack Reservoir Dogs
7. The Renegades
8. Pitsford Pirates
9. Draycote Rio Masters
10. H.F.A
11. Tannerhill Raiders

First Day

The first session saw challenging conditions with a clear sky, warm temperatures and a brisk wind. This was likely to be a low scoring affair but fish were being caught.

Day 1 Results:

  1. FNF Nymphomaniacs 517cms
  2. Elinor 513cms
  3. BRFFA Team Cortland 414cms
  4. The Renegades 335cms
  5. Flash Attack Reservoir Dogs 241cms
  6. Fish Hawks 208cms
  7. Draycote Rio Masters 175cms
  8. The Ospreys 163cms
  9. Pitsford Pirates 121cms
  10. Tannerhill Raiders 93cms
  11. H.F.A 78cms

Second Day

This looked like another challenging day with similar conditions but a lighter wind.

(Photos courtesy of Paul Davison Photography – see more at

Final Results

  1. FNF Nymphomaniacs
  2. Flash Attack Reservoir Dogs
  3. Fish Hawks

Congratulations to FNF Nymphomaniac’s on winning the first Loch Style Team Championship and securing a cheque for £4,000 in the process!
Congrats also go to Flash Attack Reservoir Dogs on finishing 2nd and to Fish Hawks finishing 3rd, winning £1,500 & £1,000 respectively.
Huge thanks to all who took part, to the team at Eyebrook Trout Fishery and our competition sponsors Scientific Anglers. Andy Ford has confirmed that an hour long special covering the event will be broadcast on BT Sport on July 16.

Andy Ford comments: “I’ve been wanting to cover a Loch Style event for TV for years. And now I have. 

Just got back from filming the Angling Trust Loch Style Team Championships. It was a fantastic competition, brilliantly run and at a stunning location.

The weather did its best to stuff things for the anglers, with water temperatures at Eyebrook up to 20 degrees at times, bright sunshine, zero colour cover – but the class of the field ensured we got loads of action. I reckon there were well over a hundred international caps shared between the 66 anglers on show. 

Great to meet up with so many people at a location that was simply fantastic. Properly supported, this has potential to be a huge competition. I reckon there will be an awful lot more than 11 teams wanting to take part next year. I sense there won’t be many of those who were in it this year who won’t be back!

We’ve filmed for an hour-long show, which will be on BT Sport on Monday July 16th. I’ll advise times and channel as soon as the schedulers let us know. Please like and share this post to get the word around.

In the meantime, I’ve put together a short promo film to give you a taste. Great pictures from James Roberts.”


Official Film

The Angling Trust reports:

FNF Nymphomaniacs Win the Angling Trust Loch Style Team Championships

Saturday 30th June, 11 teams of six anglers from around the UK gathered at Eyebrook Trout Fishery in Leicestershire to compete in the new Angling Trust Loch Style Team Championship which was to be held over two days. The event was filmed by BT Sport, bringing loch style angling to the main stream and raising the general profile of angling in the process.

There was a lot at stake over the weekend as anglers had the opportunity to land a huge cash payout of £6,500, product packs from competition sponsors Scientific Anglers and the top five teams would receive an invite to the Airflo Invitational event in spring 2019.

A new format in Loch Style match fishing featured three 3-hour sessions each day, fished on a full catch, measure and release basis with the cumulative total over two days determining the winning team. Four anglers from a team fished each session while the other two team mates were boat stewards for another team. One familiar feature for the competitors was the match being fished to international rules however a general feeling of excitement and trepidation greeted the organisers on day one, would the format work, would the conditions spoil the event?

The weather in the week leading up had been relentless sunshine with a stiff breeze and the weather looked set to continue over the weekend of the event and so it proved but, any concerns about the format soon disappeared after the first session when anglers were afforded the opportunity to regroup to discuss their tactics, change boats and disappear off for the second session without a hitch.

The conditions on day one were harsh to say the least, water temperature began at 16C and rose to 20C by the time the final session ended, clear skies dominated the day, air temperatures peaked at 28C and the brisk breeze meant boats drifted quickly. With the majority of fish sitting deep in the main basin and reluctant to take a fly fished quickly, anglers were presented with the challenge of getting and keeping their flies deep enough without fishing behind the boat. FNF Nymphomaniacs, Flash Attack Reservoir Dogs and Elinor got out of the block fast with six, five and five fish respectively and set the tone for what appeared to be a three-way battle at the top of the leader board until the end of the competition. A total of 68 fish were caught on Day 1, catches peaking in session one and as expected, gradually deteriorating as the day unfolded. FNF Nymphomaniacs led the way but only just, 4cm ahead of Elinor in second place.

Anglers arrived on Sunday to a forecast much the same but importantly the brisk wind that had caused issues on day one had eased and this made a big difference to the tactics and approach that would be adopted and ultimately the catches. Boats didn’t drift as quickly meaning anglers could stay at the correct depth for longer but the fish appeared to come up in the water as fish were seen both feeding and splashing around, presumably trying to remove any little critters that had settled on the fish after a few days in the depths. This gave anglers the opportunity to change their approach and still add to their tally, dry fly proved successful while others persisted with sinking lines and continued to catch throughout the day. FNF Nymphomaniacs, Elinor and Flash Attack Reservoir Dogs continued to lead the way in session one and two and it looked a three-way battle however Fish Hawks caught steadily and a stunning final session resulted in nine fish landed and propelled the Fish Hawks into the mix. As the final session came to an end, uncertainty about the result was evident and the wait for the official results began. A total of 123 fish were caught on Day 2 giving a total catch of 191 for the weekend, a great result in such hostile conditions and testament to the quality of anglers on show.

As the results were read out it became evident that things were tight at the top and the Fish Hawks final session proved vital as they leapfrogged Elinor into 3rd place by a margin of just 23cm, enough to secure a cheque for £1,000, on such fine margins are competitions decided. The consistency of both FNF Nymphomaniacs and Flash Attack Reservoir Dogs from start to finish meant they were competing for first place and a cheque for £4,000. It was the Nymphomaniacs who triumphed with 34 fish and a total length of 1488cm and the top prize, beating the Dog’s 29 fish which gave them 1241cm and a cheque for £1,500.

FNF Nymphomaniacs team captain Gareth Jones said: “When the AT Loch Style was announced, our team couldn’t wait to enter and we joined the AT immediately to ensure we got an early entry. We just love going away as a team and feel that as a group we need to support all the events we can during the course of the season.

“The fishing was tough and in very difficult conditions we expected the fish to be deep. With very limited practice we hatched a plan to fish water depths of 20ft-25ft where we stood the best chance of keeping our flies on the deck for longer. Matt Griffiths played a blinder and his 15 fish deep on the Booby Basher was an incredible feat over the two days, when most other competitors just looked on in awe.”

“As a team, we feel incredibly privileged to have won the inaugural event and the cash prize of £4,000 will go a long way to funding our fishing during the rest of the season. So, a massive thanks to all involved in running the event and we’re looking forward to defending the title next season.”

Ben Thompson, Senior Competitions & Performance Manager at Angling Trust, said: “I am delighted with how the competition went and the feedback from anglers has been incredible. Conditions were tough to say the least but the sheer determination, perseverance and skills on show were immense, demonstrating just how high the standard of the competitor is in the UK.

“This is the first step we are taking to improve and increase our offer to competitive fly fishers and it has been a successful first step. We have a competition that we hope will now become a flagship event and only grow bigger in future years. Plans for 2019 are well underway and judging by the feedback we have received, the competition will be even more popular next year and we hope to be able to announce the dates soon.”

He added: “On behalf of the Angling Trust I would like to thank all the competitors for entering and supporting the event, the fishery staff at Eyebrook for their hospitality and commitment to providing an excellent event and to competition sponsors Scientific Anglers for their support. Make sure you tune into BT Sport on July 16th to see the action unfold.”


A New Loch-style Team Fly Fishing Competition

With a top cash prize of £4,000, there is a guaranteed minimum pay out of £6,500 in total spread between the top 3 teams and product packs for 4th – 6th placed teams from competition sponsors Scientific Anglers. The 2 day competition will be broadcast on BT Sport and you can book your ticket via the link below

Unique format and structure, something totally new in Loch Style team fishing, a televised major fly fishing competition and a big cash pay out. Hopefully the start of something that will grow year on year!

The Angling Trust has teamed up with Scientific Anglers to introduce a new loch style fly fishing competition with an exciting new format and big prize fund.

The two-day competition will be for teams of six anglers and be held at Draycote Water  and Eyebrook Fishery on the 30th June and 1st July 2018. Based on a sell out of 30 teams, the prize pot will reach a whopping £8,500 and Scientific Anglers will provide prizes from their range of products.

The competition will be open to both Angling Trust and non-Angling Trust member clubs or match groups from the UK and abroad.

The competition will be fished to international rules and scored on a full catch, measure and release basis. Each angler will fish both Draycote and Eyebrook over the course of the event and the combined team length in centimetres over the two days will determine the overall result and winning team.

Entry fees are all inclusive and cover fishing permits and boat hire for two days, the cost of entering for Angling Trust member clubs is just £450, equivalent to £75 per person while non member clubs entry fee is £500. Individual membership is not a requirement to compete. In addition to the discounted entry fee, Angling Trust member clubs will also receive priority access to tickets. Angling Trust Club/Match Group membership starts at £60 and clubs can find more information on the Angling Trust website.

Entry to the competition for Angling Trust member clubs opens on 5th February 2018 and non members can enter from 5th March 2018, with the closing date on Sunday 10th June 2018. Entries for the competition will be via the Trust’s online booking system.

Ben Thompson, Angling Trust’s Senior Competitions Manager, said: “We want to actively promote and encourage team fly fishing but we understand it can be expensive when travel, accommodation, practice and entry fees are factored in. We have structured this new competition in such a way that it minimises those costs for competitors because there are no heats or qualifiers and teams go straight into a big money match.

“The format of the competition will enable anglers to fish in the same boat as their team mates but the use of boat stewards will allow us to regulate the match and protect the integrity of the competition which will ensure a fair and even playing field for all competitors.”

The Loch Style Team Championship is the first phase of the Angling Trust’s plan to create more competitive opportunities for grassroots game anglers. The Trust is also piloting a new approach to entry to its competitions by offering priority access and discounted entry to members while opening events to non Angling Trust members in an effort to increase participation.

More details:

Bookings at

Poster: Loch Style Team Champs poster v4.3

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