2014 AT TEFF Greys National Bank Finals

Individual National Saturday 11th April SAM_0544

1. Craig Barr (National Bank Champion) 8 fish from 6 sessions – 14pts

2. Dean Appleby – 8 fish from 4 sessions – 12pts

3. Phil Dixon – 6 fish from 3 sessions – 9pts

4. Simon Robinson – 5 fish from 3 sessions – 8pts

5. James Stephenson – 5 fish from 3 sessions – 8pts

6. Conor Metcalf – 4 fish from 2 sessions – 6pts


7. Peter Appleby – 4 fish from 2 sessions – 6pts

8. Richard Slater – 3 fish from 3 sessions – 6pts


Team Finals Sunday 12th April

1. Team Loomis (Andrew Scott, Phil Dixon & Simon Robinson)

Alan Jenkins, AT TEFF Bank Team Manager, reports: Elinor Trout Fishery in Kettering hosted the England Bank Stillwater Final on 11th April 2015 for competitors hoping to make the England team and fish the International at Woodford Fly Fishery, Carrickfergus, N. Ireland, in October.

Forty six anglers fished in blustery conditions around the fishery from allocated pegs – four in the morning, and four in the afternoon.

The overall winner, and National Bank Champion, was Craig Barr, catching eight fish, using a floating line with a Damsel fly being the most successful method, followed by Dean Appleby, Phil Dixon, Simon Robinson, James Stephenson, and Conor Metcalf. Reserves are Peter Appleby and Richard Slater.

The three-man Team event was fished the following day with Team Loomis taking the honours – Andrew Scott, Phil Dixon and Simon Robinson.

My thanks to Jim Tuck for organising the event, and to Ed Foster for the use of Elinor Trout Fishery.

Alan Jenkins, AT TEFF Manager

Results: ELINOR 2015 IND Final Results

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