Rivers Qualifiers Multiple Entry Rules

2014 – 2015 River Qualifier Season

AT TEFF have undertaken a review of the first year of Multi Entries in River Qualifiers and as a consequence have agreed to the establishment of common authorised structures, methods of scoring and compilation of results for the River Qualifiers.

The introduction of multi-entries this year has been a success with a 20% increase in the number of individuals entering, nearly 50 individuals multi entering and a doubling of qualifier places.

Attached are the “River Multi Entry Qualifier Rules” which the AT TEFF will be
introducing. It is recognised that this will lead to minor changes for some Federations, however the AT TEFF request all

Federations to implement the changes for the forthcoming River Qualifier Season. (2014-2015). It is noted that the Southern and South Eastern Federations are holding Qualifiers in October and due to the advance state of their arrangements they may not be able to implement all the changes required.

Entrants for these are advised to check what rules will be applied. This will not compromise the integrity of those or any other qualifiers

Part of the review identified the need for entrants to have up-to-date information as to how many entrants were competing in the various Federation Qualifiers and their results, so they could plan their multi entry strategy and identify potential qualification for National Final places. To facilitate this, a pilot programme was developed and successfully run during 2014 and will be formally introduced, published and maintained on the AT TEFF web site for this forthcoming Qualifier Season.

Clive Collier
Chairman AT TEFF

We have published the rules for multiple entry, these can be viewed here

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