2014 European Fly Fishing Championships, Sweden

Eurologo The 2014 FIPS-Mouche European Fly Fishing Championships is being held on the 12th-18th August in the Jämtland region of Sweden, on the Ammerån river, and the Öravattnet and Ösjön lakes.


12th Aug – Opening Parade.

13th-14th Aug – Official Practice. DSC00138

15th-17th Aug – Competition Days

18th Aug – Closing Awards Ceremony

You will find more information at the official website here, and on their Facebook page here

Team England FF is represented by: Scott Nellins, Simon Robinson, Andy Croucher, Tony Baldwin, Lewis Hendrie, and Ian Greenwood (manager/captain/reserve)

In the first session Andrew Croucher came 4th, Scott Nellins 5th and Tony Baldwin 9th in their sections on the Ammerån river, with Simon Robinson 6th on Öravattnet lake (boat), and Lewis Hendrie one of thirteen anglers who suffered a blank on Ösjön lake (boat) where only one fish was caught. Individual results after first session: Ses1Indiv The Czech Republic was in the lead with 24 placing points, ahead of Spain with 30 points, with England in 3rd place with 35 points. Team results after first session: Ses1Team

In the second session Simon Robinson came 2nd, Scott Nellins came 4th and Tony Baldwin 11th in their sections on the Ammerån river, with Lewis Hendrie 4th on Öravattnet lake (boat). The Ösjön lake (boat) continued to be a hard section and saw only two fish caught in this session, with Andrew Croucher one of a dozen anglers who failed to catch. With two 1st places the Czech Tomas Adam was currently leading in the Individual results, with Simon Robinson 10th and Scott Nellins 11th: AfterSes2Indiv The Czech Republic was still the first placed team with 49 points, with Spain 2nd with 55 points, Poland 3rd with 62 points, and England 4th with 67 points: AfterSes2Team

In the third session Tony Baldwin came 3rd, Simon Robinson came 6th and Lewis Hendrie 11th in their sections on the Ammerån river, with Andrew Croucher 2nd on Öravattnet lake (boat). Scott Nellins did exceptionally well to win his session on the Ösjön lake (boat), which again only saw two fish caught, and this performance pushed him into 3rd place in the Individual rankings, behind Ander Perez (Spain) and Tomas Adam (Czech) who was still in 1st place with two firsts and a second. Simon Robinson was 9th: AfterSes3Indiv With 79 points Spain were just one point behind the Czech Republic on 78 points, with England back in 3rd place with 90 points, two ahead of Poland: AfterSes3Team

In the fourth session England put in another good performance which saw Lewis Hendrie winning his section on the the Ammerån river, with Simon Robinson 4th and Andrew Croucher 8th. Although Tony Baldwin failed to catch on the Ösjön lake (boat), which again only saw two fish caught, Scott Nellins scored another lake win on Öravattnet lake (boat), which helped him keep his 3rd place in the Individual rankings, behind Ander Perez (Spain) and Tomas Adam (Czech) both of whom caught in their Ösjön lake session. Simon Robinson is now 7th: AfterSes4Indiv With the Czech Republic dropping to 4th place, Spain have moved into 1st with 103 points, ahead of England in 2nd with 117 points, one point ahead of Poland on 118: AfterSes4Team

In the fifth and final session England experienced mixed fortunes on the Ammerån river, with Lewis Hendrie coming 3rd and Andrew Croucher 8th in their sections, but Scott Nellins unable to score. Tony Baldwin finished 9th on Öravattnet lake (boat), while the Ösjön lake (boat) sector was another struggle, producing just one fish, with Simon Robinson failing to catch. Individually, Tomas Adam (Czech) finished with an exceptional run of four first places and a second for just 6 points to become European Champion, ahead of Ander Perez (Spain) with 15 points in 2nd, and former Champion Martin Droz (Czech) in 3rd with 22 points. Scott Nellins finished 7th, with Simon Robinson 17th, Lewis Hendrie 19th, Andrew Croucher 20th, and Tony Baldwin 39th: AfterSes5Indiv Having figured in a medal position for much of the competition, England finished in 4th place with 163 points, behind Poland in 3rd with 154 points, and Spain in 2nd with 146 points. After staging a dramatic recovery in the final session, the Czech Republic are the European Champions with 143 points: AfterSes5Team

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