World Youth Championships

8th-14th July, Lozere, France 

James Atkinson, Oliver Avis, Oscar Boatfield, Carl Malpass and Fen Oakley represented Team England FF in the recent World Youth Championships in Lozere, France.

Championship Website

Apparently this was an extremely tough competition, fishing for pressurised wild fish. The final results were: 1st Czech Republic 2nd USA 3rd France, with Ireland 5th and England 8th. Individually, Martin Musil (Czech) was World Youth Champion, 2nd Lukas Starychfojtu and 3rd Austen Randecker (USA).

Full Results by Session

Session-1-Team-Results Session-1-Individual-Results

Session-2-Cumulative-Team-Results Session-2-Cumulative-Individual-Results

Session-3-Cumulative-Team-Results Session-3-Cumulative-Individual-Results

Session-4-Cumulative-Team-Results Session-4-Cumulative-Individual-Results

Session-5-Final-Team-Results Session-5-Final-Individual-Results

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