AT TEFF Loch-style Qualifiers 2023

Dates, Venues and Brief Rules are here>>

Note: After listening to competitors’ comments and feedback the TEFF Exec has decided to introduce a seventh heat in 2023. Unfortunately, this will mean that less will progress from each heat rather than 50% as originally stated. The additional heat will be at Blithfield on Friday 9th June with a max of 40 anglers.

AT TEFF Loch-style Qualifiers & National Final – Brief Entry Rules

  1. Enter either one Qualifier heat only in Block ‘A’ – less than 50% of those that fish rounded go through to the National Final, depending on entries.
  2. Or having failed in a Block ‘A’ entry, you can enter the Block ‘B’ Qualifier heat where the chances are lower.
  3. Or just enter the Block ‘B’ Qualifier heat where where the chances are lower.
  4. Those progressing from the Block ‘B’ Qualifier heat will be enough to make the National Final a 100-rod event.
  5. The National Final will be 100 anglers maximum, but may, if entry numbers are reduced, be less – at the discretion of the TEFF Executive.
  6. When entering Qualifier heats please indicate your willingness to be a boatman if you do not make it into the National Final.
  7. The National Final will be either a one or two day event – yet to be decided.
  8. Catch rules for all Qualifier heats will be:
    Kill first 2 fish then Catch & Release at 2lbs per fish for the rest of the day.
    Record time of capture of first 2 fish – this will determine finish position in the event of a tie.
    Score cards will be used and must be completed by your boat partner and signed.
  9. All entries to Qualifier heats in Block ‘A’ open at 8.00pm on 1st March 2023 and close on 31st March.
  10. Block ‘B’ Qualifier heat opens for entries on 10th June 2023.

Reasoning behind this decision: Last year saw only 156 unique anglers entering the heats. Many heats were undersubscribed. This led to an overload at the repechage meaning that we had to restrict numbers going to the final to make it fair. Next season we will not know how many will enter – it could be less than 156 due to the financial climate. We have no new organisers offering to help so decided to cut venues to reduce the administrative load. We’ve always had a good entry in the SW (around 70 anglers) and the East (60 or so). The heats in the Midland were not so well supported this year and with the entries next year being reduced from 3 per angler to 2 we didn’t see the need to hold several heats in the Midlands. Why have we reduced the number of attempts? Again in response to anglers who made the accusation that those who could afford it could buy a place in the final. If anyone feels they have the time to help TEFF in running any events or simply helping in some other way please come forward.

Loch-Style Rules – updated for 2023. v1.2

Frequently Asked Questions – Loch-Style Qualifier Entrants 2023

Risk Assessment

AT TEFF Loch-style Qualifiers & National Final – Provisional Dates


April 2023

Sunday 23rd April – Blagdon – South West area – Max Entry 40

Sunday 30th April – Bewl Water – South East area – Max Entry 12

May 2023

Sunday 7th May – Draycote – Midlands area – Max Entry 40

Sunday 28th May – Sweethope – North East area – Max Entry 10
Sunday 28th May – Chew
– South West area – Max Entry 30

June 2023

Saturday 3rd June – Graham – East area – Min Entry 30 – Max Entry 60

Friday 9th June – Blithfield – Midlands area – Max Entry 40


July 2023

Sunday 2nd July – Rutland – ‘Catch-all’ – Min Entry 40 – Max Entry 100


Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th September 2023 – Grafham (Official Practice – Friday 22nd September)

NB: After much consideration the TEFF Exec has decided the only suitable weekend to hold next year’s National Final is on 23rd and 24th September. Many other dates were considered but all clashed with other major competitions or the Autumn International. Official practice day will be Sept 22nd. The venue will be Grafham Water.

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