Loch-style Working Group Meeting – 2nd November

The loch-style working group met on 2nd November to discuss some major issues facing us over the coming months / years.
Top of the agenda was the format for the 2023 National Final.
Much discussion took place and as was expected, several ideas were tabled with differing opinions over one or two day finals and the catch rules.
A ‘vote’ was taken and it was apparent that a two day final is still preferred. As for catch rules a small majority of those that wanted a 2 day final also favoured catch and release in some form.
The Exec has looked at the proposal and agreed that next year’s final will be held over 2 days to a ‘kill 3 fish then catch and release a further 13 then a time bonus’. Returned fish will count as 2lbs and the bonus will be set at 8ozs per full quarter hour.

Other items discussed included the use of boatmen at the final. It was felt that this option was not feasible.

Discussion took place around those anglers that might be tempted to falsify their match cards. The cards for next season will be redesigned and both anglers in the boats will be required to complete the card simultaneously – one angler records his catch on one side of the card and also his partner’s catch on the other side.

Other subjects briefly discussed included:
How to increase entries especially amongst younger anglers.
How does TEEF generate more income to support its teams through grant allocations (fundraising below).
Is it necessary to always have a 100 rod final.
Perceived angler issues with Angling Trust.
The cost of representing your country.
How to counter possible cheating.
If ‘carry overs’ should be reintroduced – there was a resounding ‘no’ to this idea.
Fundraising – this will be looked into by some group members.
The above will be addressed at a future date.

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