2022 Loch-Style National

  1. Mark Miles 7 Total Position Points
    [2022 Loch-style National Champion]
  2. John Hood 17 Total Position Points
  3. Jake Wenman 21 Total Position Points

Best Fish award: Tony Curtis 4-5-0 rainbow

Other qualifiers: Leigh Pond 25pts – Lloyd Pallett 27pts – Richard Denney 27pts – Ben Race 28pts – Tony Baldwin 28pts – Dave Reynolds 30pts – John Horsey 30pts – Bart Farmer 33pts – Dale Burgess 34pts – Daniel Tranter 35pts – Tony Curtis 37pts – Alex Johnstone 38pts – Graeme Bell 41pts – David Currie 43pts – Mark Mcleod 44pts – Ryan Feber 44pts – Robert Middleton 47pts – Tony Fox 49pts – David Johns 50pts – Mark Rose 53pts – Martin Burgess 53pts – Andy Cottam 54pts – Kevin Glenn 57pts – Rob Allan 58pts – Philip Thompson 59pts

Mark Miles became the Loch-style National Champion for the second time, having first achieved this at Bewl in 2015. He also landed the best fish of the competition, a 4-6-0 rainbow, so the Best Fish award went to Tony Curtis for his 4-5-0 rainbow.
The 28 top anglers will form the two England Teams for next year, and will fish at either Draycote Water in the Spring or the Lake of Menteith, Scotland in the Autumn.

Match Report: This year’s National Final was held on the weekend of 10th and 11th of September at Draycote Water.

The fishing was challenging with a two-day rod average of just four fish. Conditions on both days were good with light winds and sunshine/cloud cover, but the surface water temperature remained high after the hot summer and the trout remained reluctant to feed for long periods. Many anglers reported ‘taps’ and ‘light pulls’, or fish hooked and lost within a few seconds.

Methods varied but most fish fell to flies fished in the top 2 or 3 feet, many taking small lures or nymphs fished slowly. Dry flies also accounted for some trout.

Top rod and National Champion for the second time was South West angler Mark Miles. He will gain his eighth cap next year – a magnificent achievement.

Mark’s success came by fishing a 12ft fast tip with a size 12 Cut Throat Cat Booby with 3mm eyes on the point fly then, on the two middle droppers, a red holographic Diawl Bach and a Claret Hopper. An Orange Foam Daddy was on the top dropper. Retrieve was a fast figure of eight. In practice he found a lot of fish between M and N buoys. Mark started there on Day 1 and steadily caught all day, but Day 2 was ‘like fishing a different lake’, the fish stopped feeding and it was a grind! Mark managed four fish but was lucky to land three decent-sized fish which helped him maintain his first place finish.

TEFF would like to thank Fishery Management Ltd for their support and administration of this event. Also a huge thank you to all the volunteers who give up their time freely to run this event throughout the country. Without their time and dedication there simple would not be a Team England.

Please give your support to this event next season.

Ian Colclough
AT TEFF Loch Style Heats and National Coordinator

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