AT Loch Style Team Championships 2022

Day One, Session One

We are here at Draycote Water, Rugby for the 4th Angling Trust Loch Style Team Championship. The weekend of high octane focused, nip and tuck competition started at 09:00 this morning.
Here are some of the images from the morning prep and Le Mans style start, as our competitors line up boats ready for the off.
09:00 was the off, as all the boats but one shot off in search of the Shoals, and feeding fish. Boat 13, carrying Richard Slater and Ian Donaldson of Elinor slipped back out of the melee. They slowed up off the back of the pack to have a couple of exploratory drifts onto J buoy, just off the jetty.
More updates thoughout the day

Day One, Session One Results

We’ve had our first session change, and processed the results for update one, the current standing is Renegades on 17 fish for 765 points, Greenwell Persuaders 14 fish for 651, Rio Draycote 14 for 635 & Fish Hawks 14 for 633. So the morning session sees the teams off to flying starts, we’ll have our second update in about three hours from now.

Day One, Mid Session Update

Mid session update – 14:00.
The half hour window, when the team members fishing and stewards change over, is also an opportunity for the various teams to get together and discuss tactics. Word is, the fish are up in the first six foot and this is where anglers are concentrating their effort.
Though this is very much a team comp, it’s always interesting to note the individuals who are pushing the field.
1 David Eames RAF Fish Hawks 7 fish 316 points
2 Lee Henfrey RIO Draycote 6 fish 265 points
3 Mark MacLeod Greenwell Persuaders 5 fish 234 points

Day One, Second Session

Update from the 2nd session of the day. We find out teams swapping positions on the leader board with Renegades still in 1st place on 44 fish – 1971 pts, RAF Fish Hawks moving into 2nd 40 fish – 1794 pts, Rio Draycote 3rd 35 fish – 1571 pts and one fish separating the next two teams.
Teams swapped anglers and stewards, as well as information and tactics, for the 3rd and final session from 16:00 to 19:00.

Day One Results

Day Two, First Session

Day two session one. We popped out to petrol the boats and see if we could catch some of the action.
Here’s Mark Rose of Renegades landing one of his four fish, adding 216 points to his team’s total.

Day Two, First Session Results

Results from the first of today’s sessions. This morning’s fishing has seen Fulling Mill Team Tequila squeeze in between current leaders Renegades and yesterday’s runners-up RAF Fish Hawks.
The accompanying picture is of some of the teams motoring out for session two.

Day Two, Second Session

2nd session of Day Two.
Things are heating up as the teams begin dialling in to where the fish are.
Rainbow Corner is still the most popular, yet it’s getting crowded and some of the teams are taking the gamble of finding new water to drift and fresh shoals that have not been pressured.
While out patrolling the boats we saw one boat with two fish on at the same time as other boats around them also began bending into fish.

Day Two, Second Session Results

Results, Second Day, Second Session.
Just like last year, it’s really got close at the top and for the first time Renegades are off the top spot. It would still be a brave bet to say it’s all over with three hours left to fish.
The boats are off at 19:00 and results won’t be far behind

Mid Session, Day Two

Mid session update, the boats are off the water in 10 minutes.
We popped over to take a look at the action from Barn Bank, the boats were fishing short drifts off the shallows, within ten minutes we saw a double-up as one boat landed two trout at the same time. Boat 15, substitute for Boat 1 from yesterday with anglers from Renegades bending into fish as were Fulling Mill TT.

Final Results

The weekend of competition is over and the results are in for 2022.
An amazing two days of top flight elite competition over and here are this year’s placings and top places.
Third – picking up £600 RAF Fish Hawks
Runners Up – taking £800 Renegades
This year’s winners and turning around yesterday’s results:
Fulling Mill Team Tequila
Well done on all on a fantastic performance and great match!


1st Fulling Mill Tequila 133 fish 5988 pts £1,200
2nd Renegades 105 fish 4683 pts £800
3rd RAF Fish Hawks 103 fish 4641 pts £600

The AT reports: The Angling Trust’s 4th Loch Style Team Championship, contested over the weekend, was as exciting and dynamic as ever. The very first session’s results read: Renegades 17 fish, Greenwell Persuaders, Rio Draycote & RAF Fish Hawks all on 14 fish, with just 132 points separating the top four places.
Leaving Fulling Mill Tequila with 8 fish, Elinor 4 fish and Fly Boys 2 fish, after the first three hours. All comfortably on the score sheet but certainly playing catch-up, over the next five sessions the team placings would swap again and again. As during each angler change-over, teams would meet in huddles to discuss tweaks to tactics and methods employed. As Sherlock Holmes would say to Watson “The game’s afoot”!
By the second session, RAF Fish Hawks, FM Tequila, and Rio Draycote had slipped in between Renegades and Greenwells. For the next two sessions (PM Sat & AM Sunday) the teams would vary, both in position and points. Only the bravest pundit would place a bet on any specific outcome.
Then during the midday session on Sunday, Fulling Mill Tequila made a break for the lead, going into the final session with 16 fish on Renegades and Fish Hawks. But as we witnessed last year teams can drop and gain placings by 20 fish or more, and the size of fish targeted can also have a huge impact on results.
The final tally saw Fulling Mill Team Tequila lift this year’s trophy, and only two fish separating third place from the runners-up, Renegades and RAF Fish Hawks.
Matthew Griffiths, FM Tequila’s captain, explained how they changed tactics and the fortune of their campaign this year.

“On Day One we fished a Fast Glass from the outset, pulling as we had during practice. We also tried fishing Booby Bashers if struggling, as this had also brought fish the boats whilst practising too.
Realising this wasn’t working, we took advantage of our time stewarding, noting other teams were fishing higher in the column, generally on the washing line. For us we got our best result in the last session with Tequila FABs hanging a pair of Superglue Buzzes.
Sunday, we kept this going from the off, finally dialling into the use of six-foot Slow Tips, fished on short drifts over relatively shallow water around Rainbow Bay, action was swift at times and occasionally frustrating. On one session I bumped and lost eight fish, before netting a further eight to the boat.
It was great being back in this compition, as FNF Nymphomaniacs we picked up this trophy in 2018 & 2019. It’s great to be fishing the AT Loch Style Team Champs again. Even better to lift the trophy for a third time, with a fresh team and new team mates and our first major win as a new team too. We’re off the Loop Inversion from our next comp with the confidence this win brings under our belt”
Angling Trust wishes to thank, Fly Fish Store and Draycote Fishery and the team for hosting this event, New Leaf Catering for providing the Sunday fare for our hungry anglers, and Chris Bobby of Greenwell Persuaders for support with our technical scoring system. Most importantly of all, to all our teams and anglers whose dedication to the competition makes it such a great competition.

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