AT TEFF 2021/22 Season Budget

The AT TEFF Executive has recently concluded its budget for the 2021/22 Season which projects that the cost of England representation in World, European, 5 Nations, Loch, River and Bank Internationals in 2022 will be approximately £70,000 in total. The majority of this cost, approximately £57,500, will be borne by the Team Members and Managers. The remaining cost will be funded from AT TEFF grants distributed from the proceeds of the EPP League, Qualifiers and National Finals organised by AT TEFF Volunteers as part of the England Team selection process.

Entry fees for the 2021/22 season have been set at £27.50 per event (a reduction on previous years). Around 700 entries are anticipated from the League, Qualifiers and National finals.

The budgeted Income from entry fees is £29,500, of which £15,500 will be used to cover £5,000 of Volunteer organisers out-of-pocket expenses; £7,000 Loch and River National Final fishing and supper costs; and £3,500 other expenses. The remaining £14,000 will be available to support our competitive activities.

For 2022, the AT TEFF grants will be applied to the Teams at a rate of £200 pp.

In summary, AT TEFF’s total budget for the season is £87,000 income, £85,500 expenditure, with £1,500 being held in reserve.

AT TEFF Executive

11th December 2021

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