Elite Performance Programme (EPP) 2021 – Event 3, River Tees (River)

EPP Event 3 saw the anglers head to Teesdale to fish on the spectacular River Tees. Harry Fox was unable to make the event and was replaced by Tom Gott.

The River Tees is one of the hardest rivers to wade in the UK, the boulder-ridden riverbed resulting in several of the anglers getting wetter than they had expected. It is the rocky nature of this river which makes it such a prolific breeding ground for predatory wild trout.

Scott Nellins took an early lead in the match
Gillaum Vermeulen also caught on dries and nymphs

Scott Nellins took an early lead in the match, picking up good numbers of fish on a Duo set-up, with James Atkinson and Gillaum Vermeulen using dries and nymphs to also catch good numbers of fish.

Terry Phillips caught steadily on all his pegs

In the afternoon session Terry Phillips caught steadily on all his pegs to challenge for the overall lead. Terry continued in the same vein on Day 2, catching throughout the morning session, and one of the afternoon anglers would need to catch on every peg if they were to take the victory.

As the day drew on, the fishing pressure took its toll and more and more blank sessions were being recorded. Terry Phillips finished as the only angler to catch on all the pegs and took the event victory.

The results from Event 3 are below:

EPP league standings (after three events):

Report: Scott Nellins

Images: Terry Phillips & AT TEFF Press Officer

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