40th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship, Finland – Results

Session 1

AT TEFF England ended the first session 10th out of 13 teams, with Terry Phillips coming 5th on the lower Kitkajoki, Scott Nellins 7th on the Kuusinki, and Davey Parker 10th on the upper Kitkajoki. On the lakes, Howard Croston saved a blank on Koverrusjarvi to come 7th, while Harry Fox was one of five competitors to end up fishless on Kylmaluoma. Finland are currently leading the team rankings with 16 placing points, ahead of Italy on 20 and France on 23.

Session 2

After a better performance in Session 2 AT TEFF England moved up to 5th place overall, thanks to a 1st place by Howard Croston with 31 fish on the Kuusinki river, and a 2nd by Harry Fox on the lower Kitkajoki. Terry Phillips scored an 8th place on the upper Kitkajoki, while on the lakes Scott Nellins landed 2 fish for 5th place on Kylmaluoma, with Davey Parker one of 8 competitors to blank on Koverrusjarvi. Individually, Valdimir Linda of Slovakia, Pierre Kuntz of France and Mikki Rasanen of Finland are the top three, all with 3 points, while Howard Croston is currently 9th.

Session 3

Harry Fox followed his 2nd on the lower Kitkajoki in the previous session with another 2nd on the upper Kitkajoki with 24 fish. Davey Parker came 7th on the Kuusinki river, while Terry Phillips saved a blank on the Koverrusjarvi lake to also finish 7th. Scott Nellins came 13th on the lower Kitkajoki river, while Howard Croston was one of 11 blanks on the Kylmaluona lake where only 2 competitors caught one fish each, concerning as there are still two sessions to go. AT TEFF England are currently in 7th place, with Finland, France and Slovakia still in the top three places. Heikki Kurtti of Finland currently leads the Individual rankings with 5 points, followed by Pierre Kuntz, France, on 8, and Pablo Castro, Spain, and Kristian Sveda, Slovakia on 9 points. However, anyone who has already fished both lake sectors and avoided a blank, like Sebastien Delcor of France, must be in a strong position.

Session 4

AT TEFF England held on to 7th place overall, with Terry Phillips getting a 6th place on the Kuusinki river, Howard Croston 8th on the lower Kitkajoki, and Scott Nellins 13th on the upper Kitkajoki. On the lake sectors, Harry Fox was one of the 7 competitors who failed to catch on the Koverrusjarvi, while despite an improvement in returns on lake Kylmaluoma, with 8 competitors scoring, Davey Parker was one of the 5 who failed to catch. Finland have consolidated their position in 1st place, 23 points ahead of France in 2nd, while Spain have overtaken Italy and Slovakia to move into 3rd. Individually, Heikki Kurtti of Finland retained his lead with 7 points, 3 points ahead of Jari Heikkinen of Finland and Pablo Castro of Spain.

Final Session

A good performance by the Czech Republic in the final session saw them overtake AT TEFF England to leave England in 8th place. Harry Fox continued his good run on the river sectors to score a 3rd place on the Kuusinki with 21 fish, while Howard Croston was 7th on the upper Kitkajoki, and Dave Parker 12th= on the lower Kitkajoki. On the lake sectors Scott Nellins landed 2 fish on the Koverrusjarvi to come 6th, while Terry Phillips was one of 7 anglers to blank on the Kylmaluoma. With 4 of their team members in the top 5, Finland were the top team by a convincing margin, with 80 points, ahead of France on 127 points, and Spain with 141 points. Heikki Kurtti of Finland took the top Individual spot, with 8 placing points, with Jari Heikkinen of Finland 2nd with 13 points, and David Arcay of Spain 3rd with 15 points, ahead of Santeri Kinnunen of Finland, also on 15 points. Harry Fox was England’s top performer, finishing 22nd, with Howard Croston 28th, and Terry Phillips 31st.

The AT TEFF England World team is sponsored by Envirofil Ltd – Contamination Control

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