AT TEFF Rivers Fundraiser – River Ure, Bolton Castle Estate

Organiser Paul Page reports: The river was at its summer low, but despite that, the Ure produced some good results. The river is full of fry and parr, and we caught a good size range of both Trout and Grayling during the competition, which bodes well for the river’s future as a wild fishery.

In the 3 hour morning session on the Wensley beat, the 5 competitors recorded 28 fish (5 Trout and 23 Grayling), the largest being a Grayling of 39.8cm. In the 3 hour afternoon session  on the Bolton Hall beat, 4 competitors recorded 27 fish (15 Trout and 12 Grayling), with the largest being a Brown Trout of 36.2cm. All competitors caught measurable fish.

Brian Lillie won the morning session with 9 fish for 406 fish points, and Chris Richardson won the afternoon session with 15 fish for 630 fish points.

Our thanks go to the Bolton Castle Estate for allowing us to use their river beats for our competition and for their excellent management of the river.

Results – Morning Session

1. Brian Lillie 9 fish – 406 fish pts

2. Keith McAdam 6 fish – 291 fish pts

3. Gavin Walsh 6 fish – 272 fish pts

4. Richard Baxendale 5 fish – 245 fish pts

5. Paul Baker 2 fish – 91 fish pts

Results – Afternoon Session

1. Chris Richardson 15 fish – 630 fish pts

2. Del Spry 7 fish – 370 fish pts

3. Anthony McKenna 3 fish – 116 fish pts

4. Danny Williams 2 fish – 102 fish pts

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