2021 Spring & Autumn Loch-style Internationals, plus Rivers International, postponed to 2022

Spring and Autumn Loch-Style 2021 Internationals and Rivers 2021 International.

The Angling Trust reports: The International Fly Fishing Association (IFFA) have announced that there will be no Loch-style or Rivers Internationals in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that the Spring and Autumn Loch-style teams, and Rivers team, who qualified in 2019 will now rollover to form the teams for 2022. The host nations for each international remain as they were for 2020; Ireland hosting the Spring Loch-style International, Wales hosting the Autumn Loch-style International, and Scotland hosting the Rivers International.

AT TEFF are now formulating an exciting competition programme across all fly fishing disciplines for 2021. Further details will follow early in the new year.

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