Coronavirus Update: Competition fishing & Phase One Guidelines

The Angling Trust reports: Competition fishing: As public gatherings/events are currently banned by the Government, competitions are not permitted as they would be in breach of legal requirements under COVID-19 legislation. This is legally enforceable and by holding competitions, fisheries and clubs risk fines for themselves and participating anglers. In addition, committing a criminal offence will invalidate insurance policies.

The Angling Trust will continue to press for competition fishing to be allowed in further easing of lockdown restrictions, provided it is safe to do so and fully compliant with Government guidelines on containing COVID-19.

The Angling Trust has produced Phase One Guidelines for Individual Anglers, and for Clubs & Fisheries, on how to start fishing safely again.

Phase One Guidelines for Individual Anglers: Phase-One-Individual-11

Phase One Guidelines for Clubs and Fisheries: Phase-one-guidelines-Clubs-Fisheries-16

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