2020 Rivers Qualifiers, Rivers National Final & Rivers Home International

Due to the current Covid-19 virus outbreak, the AT TEFF Executive have agreed the following courses of action:

2020 River Qualifiers and National Final

The outstanding River Avon, Ure and Dee Qualifiers are cancelled and entrants will receive a refund of the entry fee. A refund process will be set up next week. The Rivers National Final is also cancelled. The Qualifier and National Final programme will restart when circumstances allow. The River Itchen and Test Qualifier results will stand.

2020/21 Rivers Home Internationals

If the 2020 Rivers Home International is cancelled, the 2020 team will be rolled over to compete in 2021. The outcome of the delayed Qualifier and National programme (as per above) will form the Team to fish in 2022.

If the 2020 Rivers Home International goes ahead, the 2020 Team will fish it. Assuming the Qualifier and National Final programme can be restarted to complete before the end of April 2021, there should be time to form a team for 2021.

Further information will follow in due course

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