39th 2019 FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship, Tasmania

30th November – 8th December, State of Tasmania, Australia

The competition was held over five days, one session per day, to enable sessions to be staged at the optimal fishing time for each day (e.g. to coincide with anticipated Mayfly hatches) and to enable a more relaxed programme.

There was no official practice, instead the whole of Tasmania’s inland lakes and rivers (except those in use for the competition) was available for practice, at no extra charge, for as long as required.

Draft Programme

Saturday 30th November: Check-in, Team Captains event briefing, Opening Parade & Opening Dinner

Sunday 1st December: Team practice on any waters other than the competition sectors

Monday 2nd December: Competition Session 1 – Lake & River

Tuesday 3rd December: Competition Session 2 – Lake & River

Wednesday 4th December: Competition Session 3 – Lake & River

Thursday 5th December: Competition Session 4 – Lake & River

Friday 6th December: Competition Session 5 – Lake & River

Saturday 7th December: Conservation Symposium, Medal Presentation, Gala Dinner & Prizes Presentation

Competition Sectors

Sector 1: Penstock Lagoon – Lake Boat Fishing

Sector 2: Meander River – River Fishing (wading)

Sector 3: Woods Lake – Lake Boat Fishing

Sector 4: Mersey River – River Fishing (wading)

Sector 5: Little Pine Lagoon – Lake Boat Fishing

You can find out more about this event on the official website here>>, and on their Facebook page here>>

Opening Ceremony


Howard Croston, Tony Baldwin, Lee Bartlett, Steve Cullen, Mike Dixon & Bernie Maher

AT TEFF was represented by Howard Croston (captain), Tony Baldwin, Lee Bartlett, Steve Cullen, Mike Dixon & Bernie Maher (reserve)

Session One

(Daily Update video – Day 1 – FlyLife Magazine – here>>)

England made a good start to the Championships, ending the first session in 4th place with 38 placing points, behind the Czech Republic 1st with 16 points, Finland 2nd with 29 points, and Slovakia 3rd with 36 points session 1 teams. Howard Croston won his boat session on Penstock Lagoon with 11 fish session 1 sector I, while Tony Baldwin finished 6th on Little Pine Lagoon, another boat sector, with 4 fish session 1 sector V, with Steve Cullen 12th on Woods Lake session 1 sector III. On the river sectors Lee Bartlett finished 9th on the Meander River session 1 sector II, with Mike Dixon 11th on the Mersey River session 1 sector IV.

Session Two

(Daily Update video – Day 2 – FlyLife Magazine – here>>)

England built on their good start to end the second session in second place with 61 placing points, just one behind the Czech Republic on 60 points, and ahead of Australia and Slovakia session 2 teams after session. Mike Dixon won his boat session on Little Pine Lagoon with 7 fish session 2 sector V, with Tony Baldwin 7th on Penstock Lagoon session 2 sector I and Lee Bartlett 9th on Woods Lake session 2 sector III. This was backed by a 2nd place for Steve Cullen on the Mersey River session 2 sector IV, and a 4th for Howard Croston on the Meander River session 2 sector II, putting him third in the overall Individual placings, behind Jonathan Stagg (Australia) and Pavel Chyba (Czech Republic) session 2 individuals after session.

Session 3

(Daily Update video – Day 3 – FlyLife Magazine – here>>)

As the competition sectors came under increasing pressure, England slipped to 5th place with 127 placing points, behind Spain 4th with 123 points, France 3rd with 119 points, the Czech Republic 2nd with 116 points and Australia 1st with 115 points session 3 teams after session. Howard Croston came 7th on the boat sector Woods Lake session 3 sector III, and is currently lying in 4th place in the overall Individual placings session 3 individuals after session. Elsewhere on the lake sectors, Mike Dixon came 9th on Penstock Lagoon session 3 sector I, while Steve Cullen was one of nine who failed to catch on Little Pine Lagoon session 3 sector V. On the rivers, Tony Baldwin came 8th on the Meander River session 3 sector II, with Lee Bartlett 20th on the Mersey River session 3 sector IV.

Session 4

(Daily Update video – Day 4 – FlyLife Magazine – here>>)

Howard Croston continued his excellent captain’s performance with a second place on the Mersey River session 4 sector IV and now lies top of the current Individual rankings with 14 placing points, one ahead of Federico Santi Amantini (Italy) in 2nd, with David Garcia (Spain) 3rd with 17 points session 4 individuals after session corrected. Despite this, England slipped to 8th overall with 185 points, as France moved into 1st place with 146, with Spain 2nd on 147, and Italy 3rd on 161 session 4 teams after session corrected. Lee Bartlett avoided a blank on Little Pine Lagoon (where nine anglers blanked) session 4 sector V, as did Steve Cullen on Penstock Lagoon session 4 sector I corrected, while Mike Dixon came 10th on the Meander River session 4 sector II, and Tony Baldwin 13th on Woods Lake session 4 sector III.

Session 5

(Daily Update video – Final Day 5 – FlyLife Magazine – here>>)

Howard Croston is now the 2019 World Individual Champion ! After a 5th place in his final session on Little Pine Lagoon session 5 sec V  he finished with 19 placing points, the same total as David Garcia (Spain) but secured the gold thanks to a higher fish points total, with Kristian Sveda (Slovakia) getting bronze with 22 points, ahead of Sebastien Delcor (France) session-5-individuals-after-session. Well done Howard and a real captain’s performance ! On the other sectors Mike Dixon came 5th on Woods Lake session 5 sec III, Lee Bartlett was 9th on Penstock Lagoon session 5 sec I, with Tony Baldwin 13th on the Mersey River session 5 sec IV, and Steve Cullen 16th on the Meander River session 5 sec II,   In the team championships England hung on to 8th place, finishing with 233 placing points. It was close at the top. France are the 2019 World Team Champions with 190 points, with the Czech Republic getting the silver with 191 points, and Spain winning the bronze with 192 points session-5-teams-after-session.


(Wrap-up video – Highlights of the Championship – FlyLife Magazine – see Howard Croston, Steve Cullen, Mike Dixon etc in action here>>)

Change at the top for Team England Fly Fishing ahead of the World Championships 

Howard Croston commentedI have always been very proud to represent England as a competitor and am relishing the challenge of also taking on the role of fishing captain/manager for Tasmania, as with any WFFC it will be fiercely contested and down to the finest of margins. The host nation has made exceptional progress over the last few years in all aspects and will be favourites on their home waters along with the likely suspects of the top European teams and the constantly improving USA. That being said England’s strengths lie in boat fishing and this year’s format should suit our skill set well. We have a motivated team of skilled anglers, all bringing something different to the table that should hopefully let us push for a medal at this event.”

Ben Thompson of the Angling Trust said “Howard brings a wealth of experience and we have no doubt that the team are in the best possible hands. We have high hopes that under Howard’s leadership the team can head to Tasmania and compete for medals and we wish Howard, Lee and the squad the very best of luck.”

Veniard Support The AT TEFF World Fly Fishing Team

The AT TEFF team, who will be competing in the World Fly Fishing Championships in Tasmania later this year, have been given huge helping hand courtesy of Veniard.
The English company, one the oldest fly tying brands in the UK, have put together a massive box of fly tying materials in order to give the team all their fly tying supplies ready for the event.
Everything has been covered to ensure that the team has all the necessary materials to hand, from hooks to hair and everything in between. Veniard has supplied the lot and in big numbers so that the team don’t run low on all the essentials.
The bumper package has even been shipped over for the team with all documentation done and dusted by the fly tying wholesaler.
The World Fly Fishing Championships run from 30th November – 8th December in State of Tasmania, Australia. The competition will be held over five days, one session per day, to enable sessions to be staged at the optimal fishing time for each day.
AT TEFF will be represented by Howard Croston (captain/manager), Tony Baldwin, Lee Bartlett, Steve Cullen, Mike Dixon & Bernie Maher (reserve).

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