2017 Rivers National, R.Ure

R.Ure, Bolton Estate, Wensley – Mon 31 Aug-Tues 1 Sept


  1. Fred Bainbridge – 26 fish – 1154 total fish points – 5 total place points (2017 National Rivers Champion) 

    Fred Bainbridge, 2017 National Rivers Champion, with Manager Jeremy Lucas. Won a 10ft #2 Bellator fly rod by sponsors Master Nymph (see certificate below).

  2. Gilliaum Vermeulen – 16 fish – 763 total fish points – 11 total place points
  3. Ben Bangham – 16 fish – 743 total fish points – 11 total place points
  4. Mark Harrison – 8 fish – 394 total fish points – 14 total place points
  5. Del Spry – 16 fish – 750 total fish points – 15 total place points
  6. Jonathan Barnes – 9 fish – 429 total fish points – 15 total place points (reserve) 

    L-R: 2018 Home International Rivers Team: Jonathan Barnes (reserve), Fred Bainbridge (2017 National Rivers Champion), Jeremy Lucas (manager), Ban Bangham, Mark Harrison, Del Spry, Gilliaum Vermeulen

Biggest Fish: Robbie Bell – 50.4cms Brown Trout. Won a 9ft #5 Gamma Alpha fly rod by sponsors Edge Rods (see certificate below).

Biggest Fish – Robbie Bell – 50.4cms Brown Trout

Total fish Caught: 284

Rod Average: 8.88

Full Results: 2017 River National Final Results

Jeremy Lucas also covers this event here>> and here>>

AT TEFF would like to thank our 2017 Rivers National Sponsors – Master Nymph, North Fork Composites and EDGE Rods:







“Master Nymph, North Fork Composites, and EDGE Rods and are delighted to be the first companies in this Championship’s recent history, to sponsor the English National Rivers Final.  It makes sense to pair the finest anglers in the Country with the finest, Made in USA, fishing products on the market.  Thank you for letting us share our innovations, steeped in decades of experience, with such a stellar collection of athletes. Congratulations to all the winners on their achievements!”

Nicole Darland 

– VP Marketing and Brand Development, NFC/EDGE Rods

– Managing Director, Master Nymph


Jason Lieverst

– VP of Design and Product Development, Master Nymph


2017 Rivers Champion Fred Bainbridge with the 10ft #2 Master Nymph Bellator

Largest Fish captor Robbie Bell with the 9ft #5 Edge Gamma Alpha



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