2016 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada: 28th August-1st September CWFFC_Logo_Bilingue

15 teams are competing in this non-AT TEFF event, including South Africa (Women & Men), England (Women & Men), Australia (Gold & Green), Canada (White & Red), Scotland (Women & Men), the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, and Wales.

The event consists of 5 sessions over two and a half days on three lakes and two river sectors. The three lake sectors are Lac Barrière, Lac Renversi and Lac des Îles. The river sessions are on the Rivière du Diable.

England is represented by:

Women – Sheena Goode (Manager), Andrea Smith & Lynda Steele.

Men – David Grove (Captain/Manager), Stephen Ebdon, Andrew Gooding, Bernie Maher, John Tyzack & Stuart Wardle.

After the first session, Australia Gold were leading, ahead of Canada Red, with England Men in third place. Dave Grove won his session, with Stuart Wardle and Bernie Maher both getting 3rd places.

After some good performances by the Canadian teams in the second session, Canada Red moved into the lead with 37 points, with Canada White second on 51, and New Zealand third on 56 points. England Men dropped to 6th place. Canadians made up the top six individual places, with Dave Grove 8th.

In the third session Canada White moved into first place, with 71 points, with Australia Gold second on 78, and Canada Gold third on 79 points. England Gold remained at 6th with 92 points. Keefer Pitfield of Canada White was the top individual with 5 points, while Dave Grove moved up to second with 6 points, one point ahead of Michael Nolan of Australia Gold. Bernie Maher was 14th.

Canada White continued to do well in the fourth and final sessions, winning the team championship with 112 points, well ahead of Scotland Men who finished 2nd with 154 points, four ahead of Australia Gold in third place. England Men finished in 6th place. Individually, Canadian anglers took the top four places, with Dave Grove finishing in 7th place. Kenneth Ferguson and Campbell Baird from Northern Ireland were 5th and 6th, while Robert Irvine of Scotland Men finished 10th.

You can find out more about this event here, and on their Facebook page here

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