AT TEFF Committee – Meeting Summary 5/3/16

Summary of Key Points & Actions – 5th March 2016 

1. Key Positions Filled 

a. World Team Manager: Paul Page

b. European Team Manager: Martin Dixon

c. Rivers International Manager: Mike Tinnion

d. Bank International Manager: Alan Jenkins

e. Loch Style National Coordinator: John Mees

f. Loch Style Qualifiers Coordinator: Ian Colclough


2. Interim Executive 

a. Paul Page

b. Stuart Wardle

c. Ben Thompson (Angling Trust)

Proposal for next committee meeting that exec should contain 1 x International Manager, 1 x Domestic Coordinator, 1 x independent member and 1 x Angling Trust representative


3. Action Plan & Priorities

The committee recognise there are a number of key priorities that need to be addressed within AT TEFF activities. The committee will develop an Action Plan outlining key areas of work. The plan will contain objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound


4. A number of key positions on committee remain vacant 

a. Secretary

b. Loch Style International Coordinator

c. 5 Nations Manager

d. Coaching & Development Manager

e. Bank International coordinator

f. Bank National Qualifiers Coordinator

g. Bank National Coordinator

h. Rivers Team Manager post 2016

i. Bank Team Manager post 2016

AT TEFF to continue to promote vacancies and encourage applications at any time


5. John Ball to stand down from fundraising activities as of 1st April 2016 


6. Sponsorship identified as key area moving forward 

AT TEFF to develop a sponsorship strategy


7. AT TEFF propose to submit a European Team for 2016 subject to team being self funded. Insufficient funds to contribute to teams participation


8. No team to be submitted to Masters due to lack of interest at this point however AT TEFF will continue to pursue the opportunity to submit to team to the Masters in Ireland 2016


9. No team to be submitted to 5 Nations event due to vacant managerial position. England will not host the 2016 competition. ambition is to submit a team for future competitions


10. AT TEFF to consider methods to improve communication with anglers and increase the profile of Team England Fly Fishing


Summary of Key Points & Actions from meeting 5th March 2016 FINAL

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