2015 European Fly Fishing Championships, Italy

The 2015 FIPS-Mouche European Fly Fishing is being held on the 21st-27th September in Trentino, Italy, on the Sarca river and the Lake of Nembia. EhCVRvTt


21st Sept – Parade and Opening Ceremony

22nd Sept – Official Practice Sessions 1 & 2

23rd Sept – Competition Sessions 1 & 2

24th Sept – Competition Session 3

25th Sept – Competition Sessions 4 & 5

26th Sept – Closing Ceremony & Gala Dinner

Official Programme: PROGRAMM-DEPLIANT_EN

You will also find more information at the official website here, and on their Facebook page here. John Horsey is also covering this event on his Facebook page here, as is Ben Bangham here.

Team England FF is represented by John Horsey, Lewis Hendrie, Howard Croston, Tony Baldwin, Mike Dixon, Ben Bangham (reserve) and Ian Greenwood (captain/manager).




Session One

After the first session England were in 6th place, with the Czech Republic 1st, Italy 2nd, Finland 3rd, France 5th and Poland 6th. Howard Croston came 3rd in his session on Sector 4 on the Sarca river with 49 fish, while Lewis Hendrie came 4th with 3 fish in Sector 5 on Lake Nembia, just two fish behind the 1st place in this sector. Team Results after Session One: Session_1_Team_Results_provisional Individual Results after Session One: Session_1_Indiv_Results_Provisional

Session Two

After the second session England moved down to 7th place, with the Czech Republic 1st, Finland 2nd and France 3rd and Poland 4th. Team_results_after_session_2 Mike Dixon came 4th and Tony Baldwin 5th in their sessions on the Sarca river, while Howard Croston came 5th on Lake Nembia. Sebastian Delcor of France is currently the top individual, ahead of Roman Heimlich of the Czech Republic. Howard Croston is currently 15th and Mike Dixon 26th. Individual_results_after_session_2

Session Three

England were lying in 8th place after the third session, with the Czech Republic still in 1st, in front of France who moved into 2nd, ahead of Poland in 3rd, while Finland dropped to 4th. Team_results_after_session_3 John Horsey won his session on Lake Nembia, the only angler to catch four fish. Individually, Sebastian Delcor of France is still in 1st place, ahead of Roman Heimlich of the Czech Republic, with both anglers scoring three 1st places in their three sessions. Individual_results_after_session_3

Session Four

Following some good individual performances, England recovered to 7th place after the fourth session. The Czech Republic are still 1st with 61 points, ahead of France in 2nd with 84 points and Poland 3rd with 92 points. Team_results_after_session_4 Lewis Hendrie won his session on Sector 3 of the Sarca River with 26 fish, 15 more than the Czech competitor in second place, while Howard Croston got 2nd on Sector 2, also on the Sarca River. Individually, Sebastian Delcor of France is still in 1st place on 6 points, with three 1sts and a 3rd, ahead of Roman Heimlich of the Czech Republic on 7 points, with three 1sts and a 4th place. Individual_results_after_session_4

Session Five

England finished the Championships in 7th place. The Czech Republic are the new European Champions, with 74 placing points, some distance ahead of France in 2nd place with 102 points, and Poland 3rd with 112 points. TRENTINOEFFC_Team_results_after_session_5


Individually, Roman Heimlich of the Czech Republic is the European Champion, winning his last session on the Sarca River, with Sebastian Delcor of France taking the Silver after coming 3rd in session five. Bronze medallist was Tomas Adam of the Czech Republic. TRENTINOEFFC_Individual_results_after_session_5


Competition Sectors:


Sector One: Sarca River, Val Genova









Sector Two: Sarca River, Caderzone – Pinzolo









Sector Three: Sarca River, Tione









Sector Four: Sarca River, Terme di Comano









Sector Five: Lake Nembia













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