Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships 2014

2011 AW Template A4The Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships are currently being held in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.  The venues are: Lake sessions: Siblyback Lake, Fernworthy, Kennick & Wimbleball Reservoirs – River sessions: East & West Dart, with Burrator, Avon Dam and Roadford being used as practice venues.

15 teams are taking part, including Mens’ and Ladies’ teams from Australia, Scotland, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales, Canada, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

The England Ladies’ Commonwealth Team is: Sheena Goode, Lisa Isles, Janice Sharp, Janet Till, Heather Lamacraft and Lynda Carthew.

The England Mens’ Commonwealth Team is: Andrew Gooding, Stuart Wardle, Bernie Maher, Simon Kidd, John Tyzack, Steve Ebdon (Reserve), and Captain & Manager Dave Grove.

The best of luck to everyone taking part.

You can find more information on their website

Day One – First Session

Simon Kidd scored a 2nd place for England Men on Wimbleball, with John Tyzack 10th on Kennick, Stuart Wardle 10th on Siblyback, Andrew Gooding 11th on Fernworthy, and Bernie Maher 7th on the River Dart. Out of 15 teams, England Men were lying in 9th place, with England Ladies 12th. Australia Gold Hoppers were in 1st place: TEAM-SESS-1

Day One – Second Session

Andrew Gooding won his session on Wimbleball for England Men, with Simon Kidd 7th on Kennick, John Tyzack 6th on Siblyback, Bernie Maher 5th on Fernworthy, and Stuart Wardle 2nd on the River Dart. England Men moved up to 4th place, with England Ladies 13th. Scotland Men are in 1st place: TEAM-SESS-2 Individually, Glen Eggleton (Australia Green Hoppers) is 1st, with David Chalmers (Scotland Men) 2nd: IND-SESS-2

Day Two – Third Session

England Men had another good session, with Bernie Maher coming 3rd on Wimbleball, Andrew Gooding 11th on Kennick, Simon Kidd 3rd on Siblyback, Stuart Wardle 9th on Fernworthy, and John Tyzack winning his session on the River Dart. England Men moved up to 2nd place, behind Scotland Men at 1st, with England Ladies 12th: TEAM-SESS-3 Individually, David Chalmers (Scotland Men) moved into 1st place, with Mick McKay (Australia Green Hoppers) 2nd: IND-SESS-3

Day Two – Fourth Session

England Men continued to do well, with Stuart Wardle coming 12th on Wimbleball, Bernie Maher 1st on Kennick, Andrew Gooding 2nd on Siblyback, John Tyzack 2nd on Fernworthy (behind England Ladies winner Lisa Isles), and Simon Kidd 6th on the River Dart. England Men kept their 2nd place with 115 pts, behind Scotland Men at 1st on 97 pts, with England Ladies 10th: TEAM-SESS-4 Individually, the top two changed placed, with Mick McKay (Australia Green Hoppers) moving into 1st place on 6 place pts, ahead of David Chalmers (Scotland Men) 2nd with 12 place pts: IND-SESS-4

Day Three – Final Session 005ab

In the fifth session, John Tyzack won his session on Wimbleball, Stuart Wardle came 7th= on Kennick, Bernie Maher was 2nd on Siblyback, Simon Kidd 2nd on Fernworthy, with Andrew Gooding 3rd on the River Dart. Final Positions: England Men held onto Silver medal with 138 pts, behind Scotland Men getting the Gold on 125 pts. England Ladies finished 11th: TEAM-SESS-5 Mick McKay (Australia Green Hoppers) was the Individual Commonwealth Champion with 8 place pts, with Kenneth Ferguson (Northern Ireland) 2nd with 15 pts, and Glenn Eggleton  (Australia Green Hoppers) 3rd with 16 pts: IND-SESS-5

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