34th FIPS-Mouche World Championships, Czech Republic, 25th May-2nd June 2014

WFFCH 2014 CZ logoThe 34th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships is being held from 25th May-2nd June, at Frymburk in the Czech Republic.

You will find more information at the official website and their Facebook page

The competition will be fished on three river sectors, one boat sector, and one bank sector. The sectors will be: Sector 1 – Vltava 29 P (river); Sector 2 – Vltava 29, Lake Lipno (boat); Sector 3 – Vltava 28 (river); Sector 4 – Malse 6, lake Kvetonov (bank); Sector 5 – Vltava 27 (river). Practice waters include Vltava 28, 27, 25, 26, Malse & Cerna. 10300698_239836659539328_1221179945443895875_n

Tues 27th May: Arrival of teams at Official Hotel, Captain’s Meeting, Opening Ceremony – Wed 28th May: Official Practice (two sessions) – Thurs 29th May: Official Practice (two sessions) – Fri 30th May: First & Second Sessions – Sat 31st May: Third & Fourth Sessions – Sun 1st June: Fifth Session, Prize Giving & Closing Ceremony, Closing Banquet

Team England FF is represented by: John Horsey, Phil Dixon, Howard Croston, John Tyzack, Andrew Scott, Mike Dixon (reserve) & Paul Page (captain/manager) 1958325_246473482208979_7592899978769130051_n

Team CVs: 2014 team CV’s

Opening Ceremony

Official Practice – Day One

Official Practice – Day Two

Competition – Day One

Session One: Andrew Scott was 7th, Phil Dixon was 4th, and John Horsey 6th on the river sections, with John Tyzack 7th on the lake (boat), and Howard Croston 20th on the lake (bank). England are currently 5th, behind the Czech Republic 1st, Belgium 2nd, USA 3rd, and Finland 4th. Team positions after 1st session: session-1-teams

Session Two: Phil Dixon won his session on the lake (bank), while Andrew Scott also did well on the lake (boat) finishing 3rd. On the river sections Howard Croston was 6th, John Tyzack was 7th, while John Horsey was 16th. England have moved up into 3rd place on 75 pts, behind the Czech Republic 1st (49 pts) and France 2nd (70 pts): TEAMS-AFTER-SESSION-2. Jean Guillaume Mathieu (France) is currently top Individual, with two first places, with Phil Dixon lying 5th, and Andrew Scott 14th: INDIV-AFTER-2-SESSIONS1

Competition – Day Two

Session Three: England was the top team in Session Three. On the river sections Andrew Scott came 2nd, Howard Croston 5th and Phil Dixon 7th. On the lake (boat) John Horsey came 3rd, with John Tyzack 7th on the lake (bank). England had moved up to 2nd place (99 pts), 20 points behind the Czech Republic 1st (79 pts), and ahead of France in 3rd (102 pts): TEAMS-AFTER-SESSION-3. Lubos Roza (Czech) was currently top Individual on 7 pts, with Phil Dixon 5th and Andrew Scott 6th (both 12 pts): INDIV-AFTER-SESSION-3.

Session Four: On the rivers sections John Tyzack was 1st, Phil Dixon was 6th, and John Horsey 9th, with Howard Croston 15th on the lake (boat), and Andrew Scott 4th on the lake (bank). England were now 3rd with 134 pts behind France 2nd (125 pts) and the Czech Republic 1st (109 pts): TEAMS-AFTER-SESSION-4. In the Individual rankings, Lubos Roza (Czech) hung onto his 1st place with 12 pts, with Andrew Scott 4th (16 pts) and Phil Dixon 5th (18 pts): INDIV-AFTER-SESSION-4.

Competition – Day Three

Session Five: Andrew Scott was 6th, John Tyzack 15th, and Howard Croston 17th on the river sections. John Horsey was 5th on the lake (bank), with Phil Dixon 9th on the lake (boat). England finished in 3rd place with 184 pts, behind France 2nd with 166 pts, and the Czech Republic World Champions with 149 pats: TEAMS-AFTER-SESSION-51. Lubos Roza (Czech) is the new Individual World Champion with 14 pts. ahead of Piotr Armatys (Poland) 2nd with 22 pts, and Andrew Scott (England) 3rd, also with 22 pts: INDIV-AFTER-SESSION-51. Well done AT Team England FF and Andrew Scott!!


Medal Ceremony

John Horsey is also covering this event on his Facebook page

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