2013 Loch-style National

Grafham Water, Saturday 14th September

Invitations have been sent out to all qualifiers to the Team England FF 2013 Loch-style National. Cheques for £60 (covering costs of boats, fishing, food and administration for the day) must be sent to organiser John Mees no later than Monday 5th August.

Commemorative Greys shirts are also available at £30 for qualifiers and officials from John Ball. All boats have been reserved for the official practice days on the 12th and 13th of September. There will be enough places for everyone who books before Friday 30th August (after this date spare boats may be allocated to other anglers). Also, on each practice day, if any booked boats are not manned by 10.00am, they may be re-allocated by Grafham lodge staff to other anglers.

To book a practice boat or to ask for information on local accommodation, telephone 01480 810531. Note: Both you and your boat partner must have qualified for the 2013 National. If you do not already have a boat partner who has qualified, then you will be allocated a place in a boat with another qualifier by fishery staff on the morning of that particular day’s practice.

2013 Loch-style Allocation

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