South East FF Loch-style Qualifier 2, Bewl Water

Sunday 23rd June Low res. Vince 1st

Windy conditions had made practice difficult the day before, and the wind only lightened slightly for the match. Fish were also preoccupied with small green midge and half-inch jelly fry in some areas, so that although they were often seen moving, they were tricky to catch. Gilliam Vermeulen finished the clear winner with an exceptional bag of 7 fish, followed by Joel Beeney on 5 fish, and Vince Brooks, Andrew Green and Mike Heritage, all on 4 fish. Vince and Andrew caught the bulk of their fish at the top of Hook Straight, which was relatively sheltered. Some good fish were moving here, with Vinces’s best going over 4lbs. This took him all round the boat, and was only landed with the co-operation of boat partner Pete Thomason.

With a combined score of 4 points, Vince Brooks took the overall top spot, followed by Joel Beeney (9pts), Nick Cox (9pts), Gilliam Vermeulen (12pts), Len Childs (14pts), Ray French (15pts), Andrew Green (16pts), Mike Heritage (21pts) and Clive Collier (22pts).

Qualifier 2 Results: 130623 SEFF Second Leg(1)

Overall Results: 130623 SEFF1&2 Combined

(Picture courtesy of Ray French, Bewl Angle)

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