The TEFFIC committee has been working for some time to establish a performance based system that would assess an individuals suitability to enter into a selection process for the European and World teams.

This will have the benefit, that any competitor will be able to understand what points they need to achieve across all doctrines of fly fishing to gain entry to the selection process.

It is intended that final selection of the teams will be established by trials which will start next year in the spring.  We will be in a position to provide more details on the trials once we have secured permission to hold these at appropriate venues.

This is not a new concept, we have researched how the pre-eminent countries such as Czech Republic, France, Italy, and Poland select their teams, they all use performance based selection, there are regional differences but the concept is basically the same.

It is important that we strive to get better as an organisation, this is an example by bringing transparency to the selection process we will encourage more fly fishermen to aspire to fish at European and World levels and they in turn will push themselves to get the qualifications that they need.

We are not naive enough to think we will get this right first time so we expect this whole process to evolve over a period of time, with this in mind we would appreciate any comments and suggestions from the competitor community on the performance eligibility document.

Click here to read the document

Please email your comments and suggestions to crc@qsiuk.com

Clive Collier

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Chairman of Team England Fly Fishers
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