2012 Loch-style National, Bewl Water

The top 28 qualifiers are:

1. Steve Cullen             8 fish    17lbs 61/2ozs
2. Tony Fox                  8 fish    16lbs 9ozs
3. Harry Fox                7 fish    14lbs 31/2ozs
4. John Tyzack             6 fish    12lbs 81/2ozs
5. John Hardy              6 fish    12lbs 2ozs
6. Paul Canning           5 fish    11lbs 12ozs 
7. Tom Bird                  6 fish    11lbs 81/2ozs
8. Martin Griffiths      6 fish    11lbs 8ozs
9. John Ball                  6 fish    11lbs 71/2ozs
10. Gary Hedges          5 fish    10lbs 1ozs
11. Martin Burgess      4 fish    9lbs 15ozs
12. Andrew Croucher  5 fish    9lbs 9ozs
13. Howard Croston    5 fish    9lbs 7ozs
14. Mark MacLeod      5 fish    9lbs 41/2ozs 
15. Paul Davison          4 fish    8lbs 9ozs
16. Paul Lee                  4 fish    8lbs 8ozs
17. John Hood              5 fish    8bs 51/2ozs
18. Richard Slater       3 fish    8lbs 51/2ozs
19. Paul Kitchen          5 fish    8lbs 3ozs
20. Thomas Davis       4 fish    8lbs 21/2ozs
21. Steve Smalley        5 fish    8lbs 1ozs
22. Roger Truscott     4 fish    7lbs 14ozs
23. Simon Kidd           4 fish    7lbs 7ozs
24. Denis Symonds     3 fish    7lbs 5ozs
25. Paul Angel             3 fish    7lbs 4ozs
26. Glen Appleby        4 fish    7lbs 2ozs
27. John Horsey          3 fish    7lbs 01/2ozs
28. Rob Barden           3 fish    6lbs 15ozs

(Results & images courtesy of Cliff Waters, Fishypics)

Full results: England National 2012(3)

These will represent Team England FF at the Home Loch-style Internationals for 2013, which will be the Spring International at Bewl Water, and the Autumn International at the Lake of Menteith in Scotland. 

Martin Introna, Team England FF Boat Manager, adds, “Many congratulations to everyone who qualified for next year’s teams. It was a very difficult and frustrating day for many anglers who just couldn’t get that single take/fish that may have seen them in the top 28 places. Bewl is a wonderful water but can be rather ‘moody’…If I can for the moment single out one particular angler, Steve Cullen, this man is on fire claiming the top English bag at the recent Autumn International held at Llyn Brenig and now National Champion. To all the other qualifiers, I look forward to working with you next year, we have a very strong squad.”

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