Bewl Water Goes Any Method Trout Fishing

Bewl Water has announced that they have introduced any method trout fishing, this is due to falling revenues which have made the fishery non profitable and hence the need to generate more income.

Though this is regrettable, it is a fact that many businesses are struggling in these difficult times, I personally applaud them for taking action to save the fishery from closing.

I have received a number of phone calls complaining about this course of action and questioning whether the Loch Style National and the Spring International should be held at Bewl.  It is a known fact that without competitions most of our reservoirs would find it difficult to make ends meet, so for TEFF to withdraw would be counter productive and would cause the fishery further problems, so TEFF will continue to support Bewl Water in whatever way we can so that the fishing is preserved.

I would also like to point out that in the past I have fished an International on Trawsfynydd in Wales which is an any method trout fishery and noticed no difference to the fly fishing.  Also I have spoken to some of the Hanningfield guys who say it makes no difference to them that it is an any method fishery.

What I would like is that our fly fishing community support Bewl by making a bit of effort to go fishing there, it is a stunningly beautiful fishery full of hard fighting blues, normal rainbows and brown trout.

So please help.




Clive Collier

Chairman TEFF

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