FIPS-Mouche European Fly Fishing Championships, Portugal

At the Team England FF AGM last November (See Report TEFF AGM 27-11-11) it was decided not to enter a team into the European Championships (a competition we would have very little chance of doing well in) and instead organise a training trip to Norway, the venue of next year’s World Championships, to be better prepared for this event. Even so, TEFF still covered this year’s European event.

12 teams took part in this year’s event, which was held from the 13th-20th May, near to the Montebelo Aguieira resort. (See more details here: 18th European Fly Fishing Championship – Portugal(1)) It was held over five river sessions, on the Rio Mondeggo, Rio Alva and Rio Ceira.

France took an early lead after the first session, ahead of Spain, Romania, Italy and the Czech Republic. Ireland were 7th with Scotland 10th. TEAMS

Individually, Ludovic Chaomleffel of France led the first session, with Thomas O’Connor of Ireland in 4th place and Kenny Riddell of Scotland 19th. INDIVIDUAL

The Portugal 2 team won the second session, ahead of the Czech Republic and Italy. Scotland were 9th and Ireland 11th. TEAMS-1 Individually, three Portugese, an Italian and a Finnish competitor were in the top five places. INDIV

After two sessions, the Czech Republic were leading, with Portugal 2 second and France third. Ireland were lying 9th and Scotland 11th. TEAMS 1&2(1)

In the Individuals, former World and European Champion Pavel Chyba (Czech Republic) was 1st, with Ludovic Chaomleffel (France) 2nd and Laurent Gagneux (France) 3rd. Thomas O’Connor (Ireland) was 13th and Keith Renton (Scotland) 27th. INDIV 1&2

Spain won the third session Teams Individuals which put them into 1st place overall, with the Czech Republic 2nd and Portugal 2 3rd. Ireland were lying 10th and Scotland 11th Teams cummulative.

Individually, former World Champion Martin Droz (Czech Republic) was now lying 1st, with Ludovic Chaomleffel (France) 2nd and David Garcia (Spain) 3rd. Thomas O’Connor (Ireland) was 20th and Keith Renton (Scotland) 34th. Individuals cummulative

The Czech Republic won the fourth session TEAM INDIV and overtook Spain to lead with 74 points to third 76, with Italy 3rd on 86 points, and France and Portugal both on 97 points. TEAM CUMUL(1)

After winning his session Martin Droz (Czech Republic) remained top Individual, two place points ahead of David Garcia (Spain) in 2nd, Valerio Santi Amantini (Italy) 3rd, and Pavel Chyba (Czech Republic) 4th. Thomas O’Connor (Ireland) was 20th and Kenny Riddell (Scotland) 37th. INDIV CUMUL

Spain also won the fifth and final session TEAMS while Martin Droz recorded another session win, as did Valerio Santi Amantini INDIVS.

Final Results are: 1. Spain 89 pts 2. Czech Republic 98 pts 3. Italy 107 pts 4. Portugal 2 125 pts 5. France 129 pts 6. Poland 153 pts 7. Portugal 1 163 pts 8. Romania 179 pts 9. Finland 213 pts 10. Scotland 221 pts 11. Ireland 237 pts 12. Netherlands 258 pts TEAMS CUMULATIVE

Individuals: European Champion: Martin Droz (Czech Republic) 2. Valerio Santi Amantini (Italy) 3. David Garcia (Spain). Thomas O’Connor (Ireland) finished 31st and Kenny Riddell (Scotland) 39th. INVID CUMULATIVE.

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