2011 Rivers National

Report by Martin Dixon, Organiser.

The National was fished on the R.Dee on the 15th & 16th August. The river had taken severe pressure in practice, so that despite a week’s closure and good water conditions the fishing was bound to be more difficult than last year.

This situation seemed likely to favour the local anglers, and this is what happened, with some notable exceptions.

Over the two days a total of 162 fish over 20cms were landed, a rod average of 5+, with grayling, brown trout and sea trout caught and returned unharmed. The largest fish were a 45cms grayling to Tom Gott and a 41cms brown trout by Andy Cliffe.

The  results were very close with only 1cm of fish length separating first and second. The qualifiers were:

1st Terry Phillips             11 fish             10 place points

2nd Phil Dixon                  9 fish             10 place points

3rd John Tyzack              11 fish             11 place points

4th Tony Baldwin             8 fish             12 place points

5th Mike Dixon                 6 fish             12 place points

6th Scott Nellins               6 fish             16 place points (Reserve)

The qualifiers employed a range of tactics. The winner fished nymphs and dries, whereas the Dixon brothers caught all their fish on weighted nymphs. Messrs Tyzack and Baldwin, however, used dry flies throughout.

Many thanks to the Maelor and Llangollen clubs for the use of their excellent waters.

Full Results

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