2021 AT Loch-style Team Championships – Day 1

Provisional results from Day 1 of the Loch-style Team Championship at Draycote Water.
Overcast and a little cooler than of late and the stiff breeze presented a number of challenges but the fishing improved as the day went on…
1st session produced 20 fish, 2nd session 35 and 41 fish landed in the final session of the day, 96 fish in total and a 3.2 rod average.
Great performance by the Renegades today, it’s still all to play for and best of luck to everyone fishing tomorrow
Tight lines

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Elite Performance Programme (EPP) 2021 – Event 2, River Ebbw (River)

For this event the anglers were split into two groups, with each angler fishing the same eight pegs as everyone else over two days. All fish over 20cm in length counted. The match was fully catch & release, with each fish safely measured and returned to the water.
The river had been high in the weeks leading up to the event, but cleared and dropped just in time to allow the competition to go ahead safely.

Only Del, Howard and Mark managed fish in the first session

After Session One it was clear that the fishing was going to be difficult in the cold-water temperatures. Only three out of the eight anglers fishing Session One managed to register fish on the scorecard, with Del Spry having three, current World Champion Howard Croston landing two, and Mark Withyman one. The fish quickly became aware of the anglers, and headed for the safety of deeper water and underneath structures on the riverbed. Therefore, it was inevitable that nymphs and streamers were the main methods deployed by the anglers. Each session became increasingly more difficult, as is often the case with wild trout competitions, and by the end of Day One Howard Croston was the only angler to catch in all of his sessions, and built up a commanding lead.

Howard Croston was the only one to catch in every session in Day 1
Harry Fox led the way in the morning of Day 2

The overnight rest brought the fish back out from their hiding spots, with the morning session on Day Two producing twelve fish across all the match beats. Harry Fox led the way, catching seven of them, including the biggest fish of the match at 39.5cm, to put himself into contention. In the afternoon session only three anglers managed to add to their overnight tally (Mark Withyman, Howard Croston, and Andy Taylor) meaning that Howard Croston took a well-deserved victory. 

Mark Withyman, Howard Croston, and Andy Taylor added to their tally in the afternoon of Day 2,
with Howard taking a well-deserved victory
Islwyn and District Anglers offers some incredible value fly fishing

Over the two days the local anglers from Islwyn and District Anglers popped along to welcome the EPP anglers and ensure there were no issues. It was great to see these guys, who have a very well-run fishing club on their doorstep, offering some incredible value fly fishing. Thanks to everyone who helped.

The results from Event 2 are below:

Current league standings (after two events):

Report: Terry Phillips

Images: Simon Clarke & Danny Williams, Angling Trust

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Elite Performance Programme (EPP) 2021 – Event 1, Garnffrwd (Lake Bank)

For this event the anglers were split into two groups, with each angler fishing the same eight pegs as every other angler in their group. Each session lasted 60 mins, with anglers moving along two pegs at the end of each session. The match was fully catch & release, with each angler controlling for the angler on the peg next to them. Some adjustments were made to accommodate Covid safety.

James Atkinson and Andy Taylor got off to a flying start

The 2021 EPP got off to a flying start, with fish moving on the surface fish right across the lake. Anglers targeted the rising fish with dry flies, lures, and nymphs in the early sessions with some good results. New EPP anglers James Atkinson and Andy Taylor got off to a flying start with five fish each on their 1st peg of the day, James on dries and Andy mixing tactics up regularly (a method he used to good effect throughout the day).

Sam Bailey covered the water well

In session 2 the anglers started to settle into their stride, many using the first session to try out methods that had been productive during practise. Tony Baldwin followed up a solid four fish in session 1 with a further three in session 2, taking an early lead in the match. New to the EPP Sam Bailey covered the water well, switching between tactics and was also rewarded with three fish which followed his three from session 1.

Phil Shaw-Browne picked up fish on every peg

Current England World team members Scott Nellins and Harry Fox dominated in session 3 as the fish started to become hook shy with four & three fish respectively. Unfortunately, Tony Baldwin’s luck took a turn for the worse on peg 3, breaking not just one but two of the rods he had set up to use, most anglers having between three to six different rods set-ups, ready to quickly switch between tactics. Quietly working away in the background, picking up fish on every peg was Phil Shaw-Browne. The key to these events is to catch fish in every session, and avoid receiving the maximum points awarded for a blank session.  

By Session 7 Terry Phillips was one of four to avoid a blank

Fishing became gradually tougher during the day because of angling pressure, but the anglers were still being rewarded with chances on each peg. By the time session 7 was reached, four anglers had managed to catch in every session (Joel Beeney, Phil Shaw-Browne, Scott Nellins and Terry Phillips), and the last two sessions would decide who would come out on top. Only Phil and Joel managed to complete the set, catching in every session, and surely one of them had done enough to take the event victory. 

Phil Shaw-Browne took victory with 19 session points

A late night tallying up the scores, checking and double-checking, and the results were announced on Facebook (in true Covid fashion). Phil Shaw-Browne taking the victory with a very impressive 19 session points. Four out of the top 5 spots were taken by anglers new to the EPP, fishing in their first match to FIPS-Mouche rules. Defending champion Harry Fox put in a strong start to his defence, finishing in 4th place overall.

Fish were caught on every peg around the lake

All of the anglers were brilliantly looked after on match day and during practise sessions by Jamie and the rest of the team at Garnffrwd fishery, fish were caught on every peg around the lake. I heard so many positive comments about this venue from the anglers over the last couple of months, it’s a venue well worth a visit! Thanks from us all.

The results from Event 1 are below:

Report: Terry Phillips

Images: Danny Williams, Angling Trust

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AT TEFF Loch-style Fundraisers – New dates

AT TEFF has decided to cancel the scheduled Fundraisers at Rutland on 12th September and Draycote on 26th September.

These will be replaced by newly formatted events at Chew on 16th / 17th October and at Draycote on 24th October – watch this space for full details.

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Date announced for Loch-style Team Championship 2021

The Angling Trust has announced the Loch Style Team Championship 2021 will be held at Draycote Water on the weekend of 24th & 25th July.

A maximum of 16 places will be available for teams from the UK and abroad to compete in the popular two-day competition fished to international rules. Angling Trust member clubs and match groups receive a £100 discount on their entry fee at just £550, while non-member clubs are also welcome with the entry fee at £650. All match day fishing fees and boat hire fees are included in the entry fee.

The Loch Style Team Championship boasts to have the biggest cash prize fund for a fly-fishing competition in the UK. The Angling Trust expect the minimum amount on offer to be £3,850 but could rise to £5,000 subject to the number of teams that enter the competition.

The competition has been added to the match calendar following recent easing of the government’s covid restrictions and consultation with the captains of those teams who have fished the competition in previous years. The Angling Trust will have additional safety protocols in place to ensure the competition is compliant with Covid-19 best practice guidelines, further information can be found HERE.

Entries are open from 30th June at 10:30am and will close on 18th July at 23:59pm. For more information and to book your place CLICK HERE.

You can also contact Daniel Williams, the Angling Trust’s Competition Development Manager, for further information on 07854 240 368 or email at daniel.williams@anglingtrust.net 

Chris Bobby, Captain of Greenwell Persuaders said: “We all really enjoyed the last AT Loch-Style Championship two years ago at Draycote.  It is the most dynamic reservoir-based event as after each 3-hour session you meet up and share info with your team. Each day you fish two sessions with one of your teammates and in the other session you are a boatman and so get the chance to see what other teams are doing. Draycote has been fishing really well recently and I am looking forward to some great top of the water sport.”  

Daniel Williams  said: “It was so reassuring speaking with prospective team captains and competitors as we began rearranging the date for this event. Everyone is so enthusiastic to get back out on the water, it has been a pleasure listening to many recollections as to why so many competitors love this event.

“We have had to scale back a little as part of our duty of care to competitors and prerequisite of keeping everything within Covid-19 guidelines. However, we are now fully up and running with the event, so good luck and tight lines to all who compete.”  

You can watch the On The Bank episode of the Loch Style Team Championships 2018 held at Eyebrook below:

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AT TEFF Rivers Fundraiser – River Ure, Bolton Castle Estate

Organiser Paul Page reports: The river was at its summer low, but despite that, the Ure produced some good results. The river is full of fry and parr, and we caught a good size range of both Trout and Grayling during the competition, which bodes well for the river’s future as a wild fishery.

In the 3 hour morning session on the Wensley beat, the 5 competitors recorded 28 fish (5 Trout and 23 Grayling), the largest being a Grayling of 39.8cm. In the 3 hour afternoon session  on the Bolton Hall beat, 4 competitors recorded 27 fish (15 Trout and 12 Grayling), with the largest being a Brown Trout of 36.2cm. All competitors caught measurable fish.

Brian Lillie won the morning session with 9 fish for 406 fish points, and Chris Richardson won the afternoon session with 15 fish for 630 fish points.

Our thanks go to the Bolton Castle Estate for allowing us to use their river beats for our competition and for their excellent management of the river.

Results – Morning Session

1. Brian Lillie 9 fish – 406 fish pts

2. Keith McAdam 6 fish – 291 fish pts

3. Gavin Walsh 6 fish – 272 fish pts

4. Richard Baxendale 5 fish – 245 fish pts

5. Paul Baker 2 fish – 91 fish pts

Results – Afternoon Session

1. Chris Richardson 15 fish – 630 fish pts

2. Del Spry 7 fish – 370 fish pts

3. Anthony McKenna 3 fish – 116 fish pts

4. Danny Williams 2 fish – 102 fish pts

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Angling Trust Position Statement on Team England travel to World & European Championships in 2021

The Angling Trust reports: The global pandemic resulted in most home nations and international championships being either cancelled or postponed during 2020 and while many restrictions are being eased in the UK, Covid-19 continues to have an impact on the ability for our national teams to travel and participate in this year’s World and European championships.

Having consulted with team managers recently, it became clear that some national teams have already taken the decision not to compete this year. However, a number have indicated their desire to compete in their respective events and we have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to clarify the position on travel restrictions and Covid-19 insurance cover for group travel, to enable these teams to compete.

The government’s Elite Sports Exemption Policy enables professional, Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth athletes and teams to travel overseas to train and compete in international competitions. Unfortunately, angling does not qualify for this exemption and is therefore subject to the same travel restrictions faced by other amateur sports and UK citizens.

The government’s Foreign Office currently advise against all but essential travel to countries placed on the amber or red list and travelling to compete in an amateur sporting event is not considered essential. This means that as of today’s date, our national teams can only travel to compete in countries on the green list. In addition to the difficulties around travel restrictions, providing adequate travel insurance that includes Covid-19 cover is currently very problematic.

Throughout the pandemic and the When We Fish Again campaign, the Angling Trust has worked with the government to ensure that angling is viewed as part of the solution and not part of the problem and as the recognised Governing Body for Angling in England, maintaining the health and wellbeing of international team members on international duty is an absolute priority.

However, we must emphasise that we consider this a very fluid situation and remain committed to sending teams to compete in international competitions where government travel restrictions allow, appropriate travel insurance is available, and the host nation has adequate Covid-19 safety protocols in place.

Following an extremely positive, open and constructive consultation meeting held last night (June 14th) with national team managers from all disciplines, we have agreed to monitor the emerging international event calendar and work with individual managers to establish bespoke “go or no go” timelines for their events and to continue with our efforts to source appropriate travel insurance and monitor government travel restrictions to permit entry and travel.

Ultimately, when the criteria on travel and insurance can be satisfied, the Angling Trust will give each team the freedom to make its own decision on whether they wish to travel or not. Managers, coaches, anglers and support personnel must feel safe and comfortable with the situation.

Rob Hughes, Carp Team England Manager, said: “Obviously we really want to compete in the Ukraine this year, but we are very mindful of the challenges faced in a number of areas, especially those regarding travel and our and the host nation’s government regulations. It’s a time to be fluid, and if we can go, we will. If not, we’re happy to respect the decision of both the government and the Trust.”

Paul Page, of Team England Fly Fishing, said: “As soon as we are allowed to enter international championships this year, we have teams eager and ready to get back to competitive fly fishing.

Mark Downes, Team England Nations, Euros and U25 Manager, said: “Competing on the international circuit is massively important for the integrity of match fishing here in the UK. Sadly, in these difficult times, where international travel has been severely curtailed and many world events are in jeopardy, we must make sure that when the opportunity arises, we take every step to return to the international arena.

“Obviously, all events are governed by travel restrictions both to and from the host countries and we must always ensure that we do not break the host government’s or our government’s advice. However, the situation is extremely fluid and changes on a weekly basis, so as soon as the opportunity arises, we will be ready and prepared to move at a moment’s notice.”

Jamie Cook, Angling Trust CEO. said: “We all wish to see the return of international competitions and will continue to monitor the situation regarding travel and government restrictions and work closely with our team managers. We have worked extremely hard to ensure anglers adhere to government guidance and we were able to maintain both participation and competitions though lockdowns as a result. We must continue to act responsibly and when permitted, the Angling Trust will do all it can to support our teams to enable them to compete safely abroad in their quest for World and European medals.”

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AT TEFF Loch-style Fundraiser – Grafham Qualifier – Entry Fee reduced!

Sunday 6th June 2021 – Grafham Water

This event now has a reduced entry fee of £15. The total to pay will now be £49.65 with a reduced prize pot.

We need at least 30 entries to run this Qualifier.

Here is your direct link to the entry page:


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AT TEFF Rivers Fundraiser Programme – Update


Due to the 2021 AT TEFF River Qualifiers and National Final being cancelled and the 2019 team rolling over to 2022, there will instead be a series of River Fundraisers held this year.

The proposal is to hold a series of individual River matches to raise funds for TEFF Teams and hence support financially all our team members going forward. The matches are proposed to be held on the rivers listed below. River venues will be confirmed as and when the tickets are made available for purchase.

Each Qualifying Event will have cash First Prize to a max value of £100 based on 16 Entrants, otherwise prize value will be pro rata depending upon the entry levels.

The National Final will have 3 cash prizes to a max value of; First Prize £300; Second Prize £200; and Third Prize £100, based on 64 Entrants overall, otherwise prize pot will be pro rata depending upon the overall entry level.

Prize money will be sent via BACS from the Angling Trust after the event – AT will be in touch the week following the event via email.

The top 8 from each of the 4 qualifying events will be eligible to go forward to the National Final. The maximum number of rods for each qualifying event is 24.

Matches will be fished to full international rules and AT TEFF River Qualifier scoring system. Measure, Catch & Release basis. Only in season fish 20cm and above will be eligible for measuring / scoring / awarding fish points.

Entrants will be split into 2 groups:

  • Morning Group – fishing am & controlling pm.
  • Afternoon Group – fishing pm & controlling am.

There is no requirement to be an AT member to enter these events.

Entry Fee: £35.00


Sunday 16th May 2021 – River Dee, Llangollen (max rods 24)

Sunday 13th June 2021 – River Wear, Willington (max rods 24)

Sunday 27th June 2021 – River Ure, Wensley (max rods 24)

Tuesday 10th August 2021 – River Derwent, Chatsworth (max rods 24) TBC

There is no limit on the number of qualifiers that you can enter. 

Final (note new date)

Sunday 29th August 2021 – River Dee, Llangollen (max rods 32)

How to Enter

Go to the Angling Trust web site, click on ‘Competitions’, click on ‘BOOK TICKETS’, and select your desired event.

Follow the link below for entry into the Sunday 13th June River Wear fundraiser.


Note: We have 5 entries for our River Wear competition and need 3 more to make it viable. We have changed the cash prize structure so that both the morning and afternoon groups winners get £75 each. So with 8 entries that is a 1 in 4 chance.

We are hoping to use the Wear as a venue for next year’s Qualifiers and would like to test it out as a venue, so if you could possibly make the event on Sunday 13th June 2021 – River Wear, Willington we would be most grateful.

Booking pages for other events:

(Booking pages will be added as events become open for entry.)

River Ure, Wensley, Sunday 27th June 2021:

AT-TEFF Rivers Fundraiser – River Ure, Wensley – 27th June

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AT TEFF Rivers Fundraiser – River Dee, 16th May 2021

Sunday 16th May saw the start of the 2021 AT TEFF Rivers Fundraisers, held in lieu of the usual National Qualifiers & Final and set up to raise money towards Team England Fly Fishing. The first match was held on the River Dee at Llangollen with 10 entrants. All were fishing for a £75.00 prize for first place in either of the morning or afternoon sessions. With variable weather conditions the preceding week, the anglers’ talk was of tricky fishing conditions with not many trout gracing the nets. This played out in the competition with only 9 trout between 10 anglers.

In the morning session David Bradley took top honours with 2 fish of 30cm and 26cm, giving him the top spot with 106 points. The afternoon session’s top honours went to competition newcomer Richard Baxendale who caught 2 trout for 83 points.

Morning Session

David Bradley 2 fish 106 pts

Kevin Moran 2 fish 99 pts

James Rice 1 fish 50 pts

Simon Clarke Nil

Bernie Maher Nil

Afternoon Session

Richard Baxendale 2 fish 83 pts

Daniel Williams 1 fish 47 pts

Gavin Walsh 1 fish 41 pts

Keith McAdam Nil

Mark Tyndall Nil

The next event is on the River Wear at Willington on Sunday 13th June. You can book tickets here: https://anglingtrust.net/competitions/at-teff-rivers-fundraiser-river-wear-willington-13th-june/

The Angling Trust would like to thank everyone who supported the match & TEFF. Thank you to Peter Scholes for doing a wonderful job running his inaugural match, and to Paul Page in helping set up the Qualifiers.

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