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25 Key Areas where Angling Trust & Fish Legal are working for fish and fishing

The Angling Trust and Fish Legal continue to make great progress on behalf of anglers. The work they do benefits everyone who goes fishing or works in the angling industry, but they need more members so that they can do even more to fight for fish and fishing.

The Angling Trust has recently been successful in securing a major contract, funded by the Environment Agency rod licence, to continue to expand the work it does, but all their campaigns and Fish Legal’s work depend on membership revenue alone.

In this new document they list 25 of the areas in which they are working and highlight some of the successes they’ve had recently:


Please use these as reasons to persuade as many people as possible to sign up at for just £25 a year or £2.50 a month and support the organisation that is dedicated to helping the sport we all love.

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Message from the Chairman

The Confederation of English Fly Fishers has merged with the Angling Trust who are the new, single organisation that represents all game, coarse and sea angling in England. The formation of the Angling Trust brings with it a positive new future for angling. For the first time ever, there is a single body to take cohesive action to solve all the problems that affect our sport.
The Angling Trust is the governing body for all angling, and as such seeks government funding to develop the sport from grass roots participation through to the pinnacle of fishing for your country. Even more important they protect your rights to do what you love most Fishing!
Why are CEFF merging with the Angling Trust because after careful scrutiny of what has been achieved by AT over the last two years it is clear that they are representing the interests of all the anglers within England, and will continue to do so into the future.
We also believe that by pulling all of the national teams together under the Team England banner they will in time attract more sponsorship for the teams.

With their contacts and activities within government circles we also believe that when the economy eventually improves sports grants will be available to fund our teams and to provide real development for both the teams and fishing clubs around the country.

The ultimate goal would be to get into a position where any Team England competitor can represent their country without having to dig deeply into their pockets.

The Angling Trust with its governing body status and the fact that the game, sea fishing, and course angling associations have all merged with the Angling Trust make this the only organization that can protect and nurture our sport.

Our new name under the Angling Trust is Team England Fly Fishing.

Clive Collier