2018 Loch-style Qualifiers – Results

 Sunday 22nd April – Bewl – Organiser: John Pearn – Results: 1st Sean Brooks 2nd Ian Whiteside 3rd Kim Green 4th Phil Thompson 5th John Pearn 6th David Franklin (through to National Final) 7th Rob Toptalo 8th Ray French* 9th= Robert Barden 9th= Paul Canning 11th Mike Heritage 12th Jim Letham (invited to Repechage)

*Unable to fish Draycote. Place at Repechage will be lost.

Full Results: bewl

Sunday 22nd April – Stocks – Organiser: Paul Page – Results: 1st Phil Burgess 2nd Sam Bailey 3rd Craig Barr 4th Geoff Thomas 5th Andy Axon 6th Matt Nuttall (through to National Final) 7th Andy Campbell 8th Ryan Feber 9th Ian Gaskell 10th Pete Scholes 11th Neil Hodgson 12th Lee Cartmail (invited to Repechage)

Full Results: Stocks Qualifier

Sunday 22nd April – Blagdon – Organiser: John Horsey – Results: 1st Alex Johnstone 2nd Martin Burgess 3rd Dave Johnstone 4th Paul Golding 5th Gary Morris 6th Andy Haskins 7th Dale Burgess 8th Lloyd Pallet 9th Tony Baldwin 10th Roger Truscott 11th Paul Jones 12th Paul Roach (through to National Final) 13th John Horsey* 14th Andrew Weeks 15th Graham Currie 16th John Braithwaite 17th Mark Withyman* 18th Peter Runnals 19th David Bromley 20th Julian Weddle 21st Tony George 22nd Vince Howley 23rd Malcom Hunt 24th Jeff Mason (invited to Repechage)

*Now qualified at Chew – place at Repechage will be lost

Full Results: blagdon

Sunday 29th April – Rutland – Organiser: Peter Hartley – Results: 1st Steve Smalley 2nd Tony Curtis 3rd Paul Runec 4th Norman Rushton 5th Pablo Mullings 6th Nick Dunn 7th Ed Smith 8th David Newing 9th Paul Wild 10th Stephen Peart 11th Mark McLeod 12th Graham Hayward 13th Lloyd Thompson 14th Mark Patten 15th Mark Rose 16th Phil Shaw-Brown 17th Ryan Feber 18th Charlie Abrahams 19th Mark Haycock 20th Ian Whiteside* (through to National Final) 21st Ian Donaldson** 22nd Frank Sumnall*** 23rd Edward Mitchell 24th Andy Axon**** 25th David Eames 26th Paul Haskey 27th Iain Barr 28th Martin Introna 29th Gareth Tilley 30th Paul Calvert 31st Bradley Gifford 32nd Ashley Davis 33rd William Rankin 34th Ron Gent 35th Kim Green***** 36th Robert Rudd 37th Eamon Mounter 38th Paul Tweddle 39th Sean Hanlon 40th Jamie Thomas (invited to Repechage)

*Already qualified at Bewl – his place at National will go to 21st angler at Rutland – Ian Donaldson

**Replaced a dual qualifier – place at Repechage will be lost

***Now qualified at Carsington – place at Repechage will be lost

****Already qualified at Stocks – place at Repechage will be lost

*****Already qualified at Bewl – place at Repechage will be lost

Sunday 13th May – Carsington – Organiser: Ian Colclough – Results: 1st Mark Harrison 2nd David Currie 3rd Michael Laycock 4th Frank Sumnall 5th Ben Fox 6th Nick Donald 7th John Henshall (through to National Final) 8th Lester Booth 9th Leigh Pond 10th Mick McLintic 11th Mike Dixon 12th Richard Hood 13th John Hood 14th Warren Langridge (invited to Repechage)

Full Results: carsington

Sunday 20th May – Chew – Organiser: John Horsey – Results: 1st John Horsey 2nd Mark Withyman 3rd Mark Miles 4th Matt Kingdon 5th Michael Walker 6th John Bowen 7th Tim Wellman 8th Andy Cottam (through to National Final) 9th Alan Williams 10th Gary Haskins 11th Jay Curry 12th John Braithwaite* 13th Malcom Hunt* 14th Keith Gollop 15th Andre Gysler 16th Jim Letham* (invited to Repechage)

*Already has Repechage place – this place will be lost

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