2015 Rivers National 

Llangollen Maelor AA water, R.Dee – 27th-28th July 2015

1st. Andrew Scott – Total Fish 24 – Total Fish Points 1125 – Total Placing Points 4

(2015 National Rivers Champion)

2nd. Simon Robinson – Total Fish 20 – Total Fish Points 945 – Total Placing Points 5

3rd. Phil Dixon – Total Fish 25 – Total Fish Points 1228 – Total Placing Points 10

4th. Chris Richardson – Total Fish 15 – Total Fish Points 748 – Total Placing Points 10

5th. Lewis Hendrie – Total Fish 21 – Total Fish Points 956 – Total Placing Points 11

6th. Andy Cliffe – Total Fish 20 – Total Fish Points 930 – Total Placing Points 12



Final Rivers Qualifier Results & Allocations: 2014-2015 Rivers Qualifiers Entries Results (j)

NB: There were four cases of Pre-qualifying, where entrants who had already qualified, finished in a qualifying position a second time. When this happened, their qualifying place was given to the next highest finishing entrant in that Qualifier. These were: 1. Robert Brown: Having already qualified on the 25th Oct 2014, his qualifying place on the 7th Feb 2015 went to Martin Burgess – 2. Krysztof Ragin: Having already qualified on the 1st Feb 2015, his qualifying place on the 22nd Feb 2015 went to Mark Harrison – 3. Sylwester Mantyrwicz: Having already qualified on the 7th Feb 2015, his qualifying place on the 7th Mar 2015 went to T Evans – 4. Mark Harrison: Having already qualified on the 22nd Feb 2015, his qualifying place on the 7th Mar 2015 went to Gilliam Vermeulen.  

Finalists Pack – for all Rivers National Final Qualifiers: 


Llangollen/Maelor AA Map Maelor Angling WHOLE STRETCH

Rivers National Beat Rotation NATFINBEATROTATION

Rivers National Event Timetable NATFINEVENTTIMETABLE

Rivers National Risk Assessment NATFINRISKASSESSMENT

Organiser – Martin Dixon


2014 Rivers National – Report & Results

R. Dee – Llangollen/Maelor waters

1. Mike Heritage          22 fish 1038 fish pts 7 place pts  

2. Howard Croston     35 fish 1588 fish pts 8 place pts

3. Andrew Scott           23 fish 1050 fish pts 8 place pts

4. Mike Dixon               19 fish 904 fish pts 11 place pts

5. Simon Robinson    27 fish 1265 fish pts 12 place pts

6. Lewis Hendrie            20 fish 931 fish pts 12 place pts  


Mike Heritage, 2014 National Rivers Champion

Organiser Martin Dixon reports: The final was fished in settled conditions after a very dry month. The nature of the Dee meant that the river level was held up, and after a two week close down hopes were high for a good competition.

Over the two days all the four beats produced around 100 measurable fish (over 20 cms). The successful anglers employees a full range of tactics: dries, nymphs, wets, duo and mini-lures were all successful for both trout and grayling.

New National Champion Mike Heritage fished the Golf Course area on Day 1 and the Bathers Beat on Day 2. On the first day he targeted mostly browns, and grayling on the second day.

The team to represent England in the 2015 Home International in Ireland is: Mike Heritage, Howard Croston, Andrew Scott, Mike Dixon, Simon Robinson and Lewis Hendrie.

I am most grateful for the host club, Llangollen Maelor Angling, who welcomed us to their superb waters, and to my main assistance, Mike Mason and Roger Johnson.

Full Results: Results


2013 Rivers National – Report & Results OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The National Rivers Final fished on the East Dart and West Dart on Dartmoor was a supercharged event with competitors competing not just between themselves and the fish, but also with the extreme heat and low water!

The length of the beats were considerable and involved long distance walking which in waders was no joke in 27 degrees.

Clive Collier Chairman Team England Fly Fishing, Terry Phillips 2013 National Rivers Champion, Russell Weston Snowbee UK Ltd Managing Director

Clive Collier Chairman Team England Fly Fishing, Terry Phillips 2013 National Rivers Champion, Russell Weston Snowbee UK Ltd Managing Director

Pre match banter was about it being a very tough match with possibly few fish caught, the actual day proved that wrong and highlighted the quality of the anglers involved, the rod average was 12 which was stunning. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The organisation of the event was superb and my congratulations go to Penisula Federation and all the people involved in organising the event and big thanks to all of the controllers.

The following are the match qualifiers. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Terry Phillips 1st (National Champion)
Andy Cliffe 2nd
Robert Brown 3rd
Simon Robinson 4th
John Tyzack 5th
Lee Bartlett 6th (Reserve) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My congratulations to the qualifiers, well deserved in such tough conditions.

On a personal note I competed in this event, and found it a real eye opener to fish this style of fishing the pots, more than challenging! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My excuse was that I fished like a real Plonker!

Clive Collier

Report: 2013 Press Release

Full Results: 2013 Rivers National results

More Pictures: Rivers National 2013 Gallery

2013 Rivers National Allocation

The 2013 Rivers National will be held on the River Dart, on the weekend of 13th-14th July 2013. Federation of Peninsular Flyfishers.

Rivers National Organiser Denis Symonds (Peninsular Federation) has announced the allocated number of qualifiers from each federation qualifier.

Numbers of qualifiers from each federation are based on a percentage of their entry as regards the overall entry numbers (98), calculated against the total number of National participants (32). As an example, the North 1 qualifier was fished by 7 anglers. 98 (overall entry numbers) divided by 7 = 14 (7.14%). 32 (number in National) divided by 14, or 7.14%, = 2.29, so 2 anglers qualify for the National from the North 1 qualifier. (Note: Half+ fractions are rounded up.)

2013 Rivers Allocation

2012 Rivers National

Venue: River Dart, 15th July 2012

The Rivers National took place on the upper beats  of the East and West Dart (courtesy of the Duchy of Cornwall and the West Country Rivers Trust). Heavy rain and unseasonally low temperatures made practice sessions testing, but on the day the sun shone and the fishing excelled, with a total of 540 measurable fish caught.

The winner, Andy Croucher (Southern Fly Fishers) won each of the four sessions, scoring an unbeatable 4 points. In 2nd and 3rd places were Lewis Hendrie and Alex Bobba (Peninsula Federation), 4th was Andrew Scott (Northern Federation) and 5th Paul Lee (Southern Fly Fishers). The top five go on to represent England in next year’s Home Rivers International against Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Full report 2012 National Rivers Final

Results 2012 Rivers National results sheet

2011 Rivers National

Venue: River Dee Wales (Maelor AA Water)

Date: 15th & 16th August.

Vist Maelor AA website

Report by Martin Dixon, Organiser.

The river had taken severe pressure in practice, so that despite a week’s closure and good water conditions the fishing was bound to be more difficult than last year.

This situation seemed likely to favour the local anglers, and this is what happened, with some notable exceptions.

Over the two days a total of 162 fish over 20cms were landed, a rod average of 5+, with grayling, brown trout and sea trout caught and returned unharmed. The largest fish were a 45cms grayling to Tom Gott and a 41cms brown trout by Andy Cliffe.

The  results were very close with only 1cm of fish length separating first and second. The qualifiers were:

1st Terry Phillips             11 fish             10 place points

2nd Phil Dixon                  9 fish             10 place points

3rd John Tyzack              11 fish             11 place points

4th Tony Baldwin             8 fish             12 place points

5th Mike Dixon                 6 fish             12 place points

6th Scott Nellins               6 fish             16 place points (Reserve)

The qualifiers employed a range of tactics. The winner fished nymphs and dries, whereas the Dixon brothers caught all their fish on weighted nymphs. Messrs Tyzack and Baldwin, however, used dry flies throughout.

Many thanks to the Maelor and Llangollen clubs for the use of their excellent waters.

Full Results